The Witches Spell of the Day for Sept. 18th – A Spell To Create Prosperity


 A Spell to Create Prosperity

This spell can be used for any kind of prosperity, but it works best for the prosperity of inner peace, the source of all true prosperity. Sage is a good herb for getting rid of negativity and cinnamon is excellent for boosting your energy and creativity.


Sprig of sage

A green candle

Empty bowl

Pinch of cinnamon

When: During the new moon

On the night of the new moon, put the green candle in the empty bowl with the sage. Light them both. As you sprinkle cinnamon into the flame, say: “I embrace prosperity and inner peace.”

Repeat these words and keep sprinkling cinnamon into the flame until the cinnamon is gone. Let the candle and the sage burn down, then bury them in your garden or yard. If you do this during the winter, you can bury the remains in the dirt of an indoor plant.


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