I Came Back For The Coffee

I Came Back For The Coffee
Author: Dracowolf

As a Pagan and Witch, I must say, I do not readily believe or even think much of reincarnation. If it does exist, it happened in the past…I don’t know about everyone else, but I need all my energies focused in the now, and giving a lot of attention to something that happened in another time and place kind of counteracts that. I will not say reincarnation does not happen…just that it matters in this life as much as knowing where Great Uncle Bob came from. If I will do any deep introspective discovery, it might be more along the lines of why I turned up in this here and now and why there are the influences there are in my life, regardless of who people were in my past life or even who I was.

Why did I come back to this plane or any other plane than that of the “Summerlands”? I usually do not really go into much thought with this kind of question. I know a few things; the first is that there is a plan. The Divine has a plan. Do I know that entire plan, or exactly how I fit…no, and I don’t think anyone really ever does, nor do we have to. We are here, yes to learn lessons, but also as Tigernach says in his November 16th article (Choosing to be Alive), “It is only through individual finite existence that we can truly experience the world. Through us Goddess feels pleasure, pain, and love. Without us, the gods would lack eyes to see and a voice to speak. To me this is why we are here; to give beauty, justice and love a face, but it comes at the price of being temporarily separated from the infinite, and the possibility of pain, violence and loss.”

Creation is an ever on-going process, there is a reason just to be “alive”, to be on this plane or another, to give Creation meaning and perhaps direction. To delve into the question of what is our personal meaning in life or any life, is one of perhaps vocation and direction. It is certainly not a who’s who list of those who have come back from the afterlife.

I am a person who talks with Spirits of all sort and varieties. I am more likely to think that some of the experiences people talk about as past lives are those past experiences that the spirits around have lived, and are now relating to us. Perhaps because of how the law of attraction works, certain spirits and life stories are attracted to us because of a similarity of life lived or similarity of lesson or point. Whether true incarnation or spirit communication, it is all the same: information. And we need to search out what information has value and/or meaning to us individually.

As to the question of what free will is… I think that certain beings (angels, for instance) were not given the choice to live their lives for themselves, but are compelled to service or to duty to Creation. I think, in effect, Creator delegated, and made specific beings for specific purposes. A little later in creation, Creator said….hmmmm, what would happen if I did this? Now mind you, I am perfectly comfortable in having mystery in my life, and have some faith in that I will understand what I need to understand, and I could let the rest go, because, in essence, it’s not my part to play. I know this is something not everyone could accept, nor does it mean that I will not try to grow and expand my spirit and knowledge and experience.

Bear with me here… We are only a small part of Creator and Creation, those reasons for Creation are beyond me. I think the question before us is to serve something greater than ourselves, or not. In life, there are many opportunities, and certain opportunities are presented more predominately in one lifetime than others. I think it is our free will to step up to the plate and serve or not, or how much we serve, or to stay centered and functional while serving, depending on the degree to which we serve. This is a partnership of service; we are not obligated to do anything we don’t want to do, nor can we expect favors or training from the rest of Creation, if we do not hold up our end – quid pro quo, I guess. Nor do I mean to put a standard on the term service. If we cannot really know all of Creator, we do not know that making dinner every night and serving one’s family is not the best kind of service…I think we know intuitively what to do, and we must follow our hearts.

The Russian Orthodox faith has a belief called “Sobornost”, which means everything has a place and there is a place for everything. In effect, they also believe that “Satan” still serves God, just not by the most benevolent of means. We do not always know if the meanest of persons is not serving Creation by being what he or she is at heart: the meanest person. I try and stick to the simple faith that it takes all types to make this plane go ’round. Mind you, I will never be caught saying it isn’t frustrating as all Hell that sometimes there are those people who get stuck on one lesson and won’t move on!

After having said all this, why would I come back? I would come back because I have hope and faith in people, in the Spirits and Gods, in Creation, and the Creator/trix. I love life. I love the simple things about life, the feel of being all comfy and cozy in bed in the mornings, a good cup of coffee, having a laugh with a friend, making love, experiencing the seasons come and go. I would come back, because I am part of creation no matter what I do. I want to take part in it, and step up to the plate of life. To honor those who leave this plane, and those who are newly born into it, to teach, and be taught, to love, and struggle, this is all life and to be part of that is one of greatest things I could do.

This being said, I feel I must also put in my thoughts about what the afterlife or Summerland is like. Like this plane, the Summerland is what you make of it. It’s just as easy to fall into an emotional rut here as it is there. The afterlife is not all roses and gold streets; it’s another stage of life and being. It’s not an end or reward; it just is. It may be an end to physical pain, but it is certainly not always an end to emotional or spiritual pain. This is why suicide in general (not always in specific cases) is not the best idea. The emotional pain doesn’t always end after death. In the original context of reincarnation, one reincarnates until they have reached Nirvana, the state of enlightenment. If one has reached the state of enlightenment, they are God-like, they are a Buddha, and there is no reason to “reincarnate” because you are one with all of Creation and no longer a regular old human being, but now a force of Creation, in all times and places. But even Buddha likes to come back to the physical plane…maybe Buddha likes the coffee here too!

Life’s A Bitch And Then You Die…Again?!?

Life’s A Bitch And Then You Die…Again?!? image Author: Reni
It’s true: life can be hard and cruel.
An intelligent person might wonder why anyone would ever want to go around again-perhaps for endless lifetimes. Ouch!
You’d think the hard facts of our birth and death alone would tend to deter most energy Beings from ever wanting a body again. Of course, there are rewards . . .
But in order to answer the why of reincarnation we must first answer the wherefore:
Is there such a thing and how does it work?
Answer these questions and you have answered the eternal question: The Secret of Life.
Know now, from the beginning, that the answer comes down to belief.
Yet, some beliefs are better than others. Or put another way, we can’t say for certain what the meaning of life is but we can get a pretty good idea what it is not.
We start by applying reason, that glorious/terrible faculty that, above all else, sets us apart from all Creation. Without reason one belief is no better or worse than any other. As Pagans and Wiccans we know that just isn’t true, at least not for us.
First, I believe it’s rational and reasonable to assume, for the moment, the probability that there is a purpose for our existence and the existence of the worlds around us.
Science does not generally share this view. Science dictates that reason forbids anything not provable by science, that spiritual beliefs of any kind are not reasonable. This mandates a mechanistic existence that blinks out like a light bulb when it’s over-man and woman the same DNA as the worms that eat us in the end.
However, if this were the case I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you at all but at best, locked in a life and death struggle with another bacteria or hostile slime mold. Probably wouldn’t exist at all. None of us.
Okay, so what about the Theory of Evolution?
You know, take an infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters and one of them will come up with the complete works of Shakespeare.
Doesn’t Evolution prove that the biggest baddest meanest microorganism gets to pass on its genes and that’s the real reason why we’re here? Isn’t that what the law of the jungle is all about? And as such isn’t it logical that this truth is the only truth worth knowing and that the only reason we’ve banded together as clever monkeys is to further the advancement of our genes at the expense of all others? That’s what science teaches.
And in that case, isn’t reincarnation or an afterlife in any form is just wishful thinking?
Fact is, though evolution is generally correct it has its problems. I’m not saying that the earth is 7318 years old (in 2005) as the Bible (Septuagint) would have it and that the devil plants fossils in the ground to fool the gullible. But there just hasn’t-by science’s own admission-been enough time for random mutation and natural selection to produce the miracle that is you and I and the world we live in. Essentially, we don’t actually have an infinite number of typewriting monkeys; not by a long shot.
Nor is any explanation forthcoming for why we would even care if we passed on our genes. Procreation is often the biggest burden an organism can undertake. If you doubt this you probably haven’t tried to raise a teenager.
Without a burning need to pass on its genes an organism could not, would not evolve.
What would likely happen if a bunch of inorganic chemicals started reproducing for some unlikely reason is that the primitive life forms that resulted-having the basic need to consume other life forms for fuel-would have the earth’s first and last donnybrook until the one remaining starved to death.
Evolution requires both a mechanism to play itself out-natural selection-and a driving force, without which we go nowhere. It’s like having the means to produce a boat or a car but no earthly reason to go anywhere. Why build it? Why build us?
Okay then, have we at least given ourselves some room to reason that doesn’t fly in the face of the truths of the physical sciences? If not, I suggest reading Richard Dawkins wonderful books, The Ancestors Tale and Climbing Mount Improbable. Dawkins is a brilliant Social Biologist who holds to the mechanistic model of life, the one that precludes an afterlife in any form. Evolution is the whole truth with no need for any other power to make it happen. See if he makes his case for you.
If, on the other hand, you are ready to move onward and upward let’s consider that the life that is you and I carries an esoteric spark of some kind-if only as an irresistible drive to transcend the needs of the individual organism. That’s what’s needed.
Perhaps there may even be a plan at work, though what that plan is remains to be seen, even to whether or not it can really be a plan in the strict sense of the word if there is no specific Creator acknowledged, since some belief systems do and some systems don’t have a God/dess in charge-not even a Sacred “IT”. Though I find that impossible to imagine-like trying to think of Nothing.
Therefore, Whatever is out there pulling the strings may or may not be sentient-in the way we perceive but something unimaginably powerful nonetheless. Something that may even require a higher order of Being than all of us Twenty-First Century humanoids could muster with our combined reason to comprehend.
All we can assume at this point is that we don’t have the answers, and probably never will. Perhaps even if there is or is not something positively absolutely definitely going on behind the Cosmic Scenes-or Not.
About the only thing we can say for sure is that we can’t say anything for sure.
. . . The mind wobbles…
Just the same, we’ve reasoned together this far and come up with one fact: science does not have all the answers. That’s the part to remember.
It’s also worth remembering, that neither do we.
In that vein let’s take a look at the other side of the Mobius strip: The Divine Spark.
But let’s skip over lightly the information that’s already out there. Namely, that the vast majority of religions do or did at one time believe in reincarnation, though the eastern philosophies speak of “Metamorphosis”, in that life can emerge anew in any living form, up or down the evolutionary ladder. While we tend to think of climbing only in an upwards direction, which may well be true considering the general direction of Evolution, from the elegant simplicity of the helium atom to all of this around us both, you and I this minute having evolved out of pure Energy-truly awesome! Just a couple of quick ideas:
Jesus most likely presumed reincarnation, as did the Kabalists. Starting with Matthew 22:23 Jesus debates the Sadducees (who deny the immortality of the soul) with the Pharisees who held the majority opinion, that of reincarnation. It’s a Pharisee who asks Jesus if he is Elijah come again. In addition, the Apostles continued to preach the immortality and rebirth of the soul for nearly four hundred years.
Then Emperor Constantine, after his conversion to Christianity (and his subsequent conversion of Christianity to a predator religion Jesus would not recognize) abandoned the concept of reincarnation (Google: “Emperor+Constantine”).
Constantine did this when he instigated the “heaven or hell” model that Pagans so soundly disagree with. The problem was that once Constantine insisted that he was the “voice of god” and that they had better do what he said or burn in hell he had to abolish reincarnation. You can’t very well be burning in hell and show up alive again.
So we’ve seen that science cannot even start to disprove reincarnation and that the majority of peoples throughout all time before that believed in reincarnation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prove reincarnation exists or why. We’d be done now if it did.
Nor does it prove anything that actor John Ford and historical martyr Jane Evans, to name just two of many, had highly credible past life regressions.
But let me tell of my personal experiences with past life regressions. They aren’t as flashy as John Ford’s but credible in a different way. One I wouldn’t have guessed at the onset.
It started when I took a class in Parapsychology at Northeastern. Our group proposed to test reincarnation using hypnosis and a subject that was informed that she had other lives. I was to do the hypnosis.
First we took the subject to the head of the Psych Dept. to provide tests and evaluation as to how likely it was that she would fabricate past lives. He assured me that it was not in her nature to consciously lie.
At first I found it hard to induce a trance in her. Then she showed me how wrong I could be about people-an important lesson to learn young-and dived down like she had been pulled under by a dark wave of sleep.
I turned on the tape recorder and cast her further back and down, back to her past lives.
She started to tell me what was going on in front of her and to mention every item in a ratty back yard of undetermined origin. He was sitting on a mud wall watching a bug (yes, “he;” people can apparently change sex in past lives). I won’t tell you all he said (unless you’re an insomniac and want to be bored to sleep). Just that he described every little detail in real time. When I would prompt him to tell what else was happening he would turn his head in a new direction and describe something equally mundane.
Finally I got him to fast forward to something important that was happening. I didn’t have all day to waste looking at someone else’s idea of beautiful.
Turns out the only important thing that ever happened to this person after he was born was his death. Even that was boring: an infected wound. I was tempted to regress her even further to see if being totally boring was maybe a trend or if she had been shot out of a cannon three times daily in one life, or something, and wanted things to be very, very quiet for a few lives.
So he died and his soul floated up towards the ceiling with a woman crying and praying below in the light of four candles at the head and foot of his little death bed-never made it out of childhood.
Up he goes, through the ceiling and into the night. Cut! New Scene.
But instead of arriving in the lifetime we share she’s giving birth in a clump of brush in some Asian country, probably hundreds of years ago still. This is where I get off, I thought. What chance does an ancient Asian woman have of being fulfilled in her lifetime? Unless her idea of fulfillment is giving birth in the rough.
But what impressed me most was not what she had to say. The words were simple, those a child would use-I would have expected that. What got me was the one-to-one time frame. Every minute of her telling was a minute of her living the past life (and a minute of mine unfortunately). I doubt in my wildest dream as a writer I could capture every detail of a scene I wasn’t actually looking at without once tripping up. I don’t know any who can (or would want to).
For instance, planting a new scrubby cactus where one had already been described. I found myself believing her. And that’s something I hardly did in those days (question everything!) along with my usual impatience.
I still question everything but I’ve learned that the journey requires much patience as well.
The next and last experience was with a dear friend of mine who always went into a heavy death fixation every year after Christmas.
One day I hypnotized her into a past life. I thought that maybe if she realized she’d be back she wouldn’t fear going so much.
This kind of backfired because her last life had an unpleasant end. But what I hadn’t expected was catching something between her lives. I had known this woman for years but had never heard her speak in such a serene voice full of confidence and grace. It was definitely her . . . but perfected. Wow!
And when I brought her back to the present, she no longer feared death in the slightest-despite the nasty death she had discovered for herself the time before.
Did I somehow use hypnosis to con her? If I did, her new attitude gave her the welcome addition of three more months to enjoy every winter of her life. Nor was her apprehension of a terrible death to come true.
Years later she died instantly, painlessly, totally unexpectedly-if horribly-as I watched the World Trade Towers burn and crumble. No trace was ever found but I hope to see her again someday.
Anyway, that’s it. Two of my personal experiences and a synopsis of what’s available online and in books. All the evidence is anecdotal, of course.
It’s up to you: does it ring truer than the ‘evolution just happened’ theory of science that makes life out to be nothing more than animated chemicals? Or the “life is a test” dogma of the Christian faiths, that makes us begging sinners on our knees? Or whether the clues point more towards a divine explanation? I won’t hold you to it.
But if you’re still with me it’s a good time to see what we can learn from popular religions and which ones make the most sense. Again, there is a great deal of theology and doctrine available everywhere since the dawn of recorded history (and beyond) so we won’t go into details here.
Basically, what all the beliefs in reincarnation have in common is that they all believe that our true selves are energy Beings, without physical existence, that leave the body to find a new home upon our deaths.
Wiccans and Pagans generally believe that there is a rest stop on the cycle of life and death called the Summerlands where we go to await our next life.
The Summerlands are where we’re on sabbatical, out to pasture (but not permanently). We are only there to rest and visit with our friends and family (and cherished animal pals) that have passed before us and to be on hand to welcome new arrivals. Often, the first thing we feel after death-not as a physical sensation but as an emotion-is the loving comfort of someone we’ve lost, a mother, a father, a wife, or a child-often more than one lost lover all at once-holding us in their astral arms, until we are no longer afraid-especially if our death had been a bumpy ride.
The first thing we “see” after our death is the parting of the gray rain clouds of the mortal world opening on a silver-blue ocean. Then, far off in the distance, the white cliffs shining in the sunlight. Above the shoreline green, green grass and rolling hills lay beneath us. Here we come to rest; here we will find our loved ones standing near an orchard in full bloom, petals falling like pure white snow.
Then we may “walk” arm and arm down the lane of whatever our personal heaven feels like and more loved ones come and greet us. And everybody is arriving and embracing, laughing and crying, cheering. It has been a long haul but we’re finally here, in Summerlands. Joy!
From this point on I can only give you my personal vision of Summerlands. You will probably have a different scenario in mind.
First you smell it, the green everywhere, the new mown hay. But not really smell or see as you did with your old body. Now you are the essence of green, its truest nature beyond spectral radiation exciting optic nerves. I am one with green! And one with the Beings of my kith and kin at the same time (if time had meaning in the Summerlands). It’s as if we’re leaves in the forest when the wind blows warm from the south, rustling ever so softly, knowing it all in the only way possible: Pure Universal Unity.
Suddenly, everything becomes crystal clear; it all makes sense-finally! And now we are the soft breeze as it swirls through the starry night, caressing every living thing with our life. Yes, we are life, all life, a part and the whole all at once. Not the flesh but the life within.
And here, in Summerlands, we get the ultimate do-over with the very person we may have clashed with when we were flesh. Yes, it was, after all, the flesh that had blinded us to who we really are and who we are to each other always. We should have known better. Ah, but there’s always next time-perhaps up a rung or two on that old evolutionary ladder-evolving towards what/where/who we cannot say from our vantage point here today. We know only where we came from, not where we are heading.
Perhaps we had an unsuccessful life and we end up a rung or two down. It’s a possibility.
But my personal belief is that judging solely by the direction of our evolution we must generally evolve to a higher order Slime mold doesn’t get to be president in one lifetime (well, sometimes). We have to keep living over and over again until we get our existence and the existence of our fellow beings to where we’re going. Some say we are reborn until our souls are purified. But I believe we are doing the best we can for who we are so far. There’s nothing impure about it. True transcendence is in the journey as well as the destination.
Finally, we’re ready to take another crack at it-Life-to have a body again, to feel instead of just remembering it all, the joy and the pain.
Not only is rebirth irresistible it’s the only game in town. There’s only so much you can learn from remembering the past. You have to get mortal to transcend.
And that’s the answer. I warned you, it’s speculative and highly personal.
We live more than one life to refine the process, in one way or another, time and time again.
We are on the path to we know not where, only that it’s somehow the Will of Creation-if only ipso facto.
If you doubt this, check in with your own heart. We know emotionally when we are headed in the right direction, though we are often lost in the convolutions of our mind.
The proof is that in looking back it’s easy to see that if we had listened to that little song in our heart we would have been much better off. When we are on the right path we feel it. When we are off track we feel bad, somehow, even if what we are doing is something we want.
In that way, happiness tells us we are doing the Divine Will of the Universe.
Why then would anyone what to live more than one life? Again, it comes down to the personal:
Why would you want to live even once? (Always presuming you have a choice)
What makes you happy?
Only you can answer that, and only for yourself.
So, may it be.

Footnotes: P.S. My muse wants me to tell you that She wrote this . . . with my hand. 

Reincarnation, Free Will And The Future

Reincarnation, Free Will And The Future image Author: Lonewind
In following the course of the current discussion on reincarnation and free will a thought has been persistently nagging away in the back of my mind. What if we are simply not looking at the whole picture – missing a critically large part of the concept while spending too much time looking back and not nearly enough, as in none at all, looking forward? Quite probably overlooking the surprisingly obvious should we step back and view the subject from a different perspective.
I have noticed that virtually all of the sources I have read over the years spent their time discussing past lives, karma, lessons to be relearned, old debts to be repaid, unfinished business to be taken care of, etc, etc. But there was a virtually complete lack of discussion concerning the future, and our personal preparation for it. I have since developed the very deep seated impression that the vast majority of us seem to regard a future life as some grey area of little importance which is casually allowed to be pushed aside by the pompously important and pervasive press of the here and now. That future being too remote and insubstantial to worry about at the moment. And I also believe that this is a fundamentally misguided approach – one that we all take unwittingly to a greater or lesser degree. Thereby ensuring that our next life my be surprisingly like this one – including all of the associated heartburn and frustration factors attached to not being or accomplishing something which is very important to our evolution as individuals.
Only a rare few among us seem to have a different perspective which guides them, occasionally consciously but predominantly otherwise, along a much different path. A path that, if you think about it for a moment, has a precedent in a relatively recent period of Western history. (I’ll expand on this point in a bit.)
I recently heard a comment on my favorite classical music radio station* that Mozart believed that he had been a musician in a great many previous lives and this was what gave him the ability to create his remarkable body of work with such ease and to perform it so adroitly. Interestingly, there have been a surprising number of composers of classical music who were brilliantly creative and demonstrated it at extremely young ages. And while I have never heard of one of them sharing Mozart’s opinion (remember the times they lived in!), it leads me to the conclusion that – quite probably – Mozart was absolutely right.
Think back along your life path and ask yourself this question: How many times have I met someone that seemed to have a natural, possibly even uncanny, “feel” for the way things need to be done in a given situation in their chosen field – or on occasion in a completely unrelated area? Those “go to” people who have an indefinable and unique talent for getting whatever done quickly and efficiently while the “degree people” or “management staff”** are thrashing around ineffectively. Where does this unique ability to know and understand instinctively things that so many of the rest of us struggle with come from?
In my current life I have had the privilege of knowing a small few of these people, working with and around them. And, while not all of them had the most pleasant of personalities, the experience has been both fascinating and very enlightening. These individuals have also seemed to be fairly evenly split on their ability to articulate the whys and wherefores of their creativity or were tongue tied and inclined to just a mumbled “that’s the way it needs to be” with no further explanation.
Based on these experiences and an awareness of cyclic patterns I have come to the conclusion that we all spend some indeterminate number of lifetimes, the number varying with the individual, exploring some specific field of interest or body of knowledge that appeals to our essential spirit. And that when we pass over into the summerlands that interest, curiosity and acquired knowledge travels with us and on our return to this plane of existence some of the essence of what we learned in that previous life returns with us. That knowledge may not manifest itself in an obvious manner, as in the example I used concerning the classical music composers earlier, but it will be there. It may appear as subtly as an innate ability to seemingly effortlessly grasp the fundamentals of a specific subject or group of subjects in school or the offhanded application of unexpected out-of-the-box thinking to solve some problem. Or it may be an unusual ability to master an extremely difficult and wide array of interrelated disciplines in a complex and dynamic field. Then again it may manifest as an “obsession”, i.e. an unexplainable and intense interest in travel, sports, art, science, a competitive environment or some other activity unrelated to what the insensitive, or insecure, think you should be doing.
And perhaps that is the clue that Mozart left behind for us to trip over in broad daylight – that some measure of the essence of what we know, as well as the essence of what we are, travels forward with us from life to life as we evolve as individuals into the future.
To accept that life is like a great wheel is to accept that as we go around the circle of life we are also completing a life cycle with each turn. Then by definition, each turn of the wheel is an individual lifetime. When we are born we are at the beginning of the day so to speak. When evening comes, our appropriately called twilight years, we prepare to rest for the evening so we may get a fresh start in the morning. And so it goes. From my perspective, a given lifetime is but a day in an indeterminately longer lifetime. And following this line of reasoning leads me to the conclusion that some essence of what we know follows us from life to life just as it does from day to day in a given life. The difference being that our knowledge on a daily basis in a given lifetime is vastly more detailed than the more general essence of specific knowledge that follows us through consecutive lifetimes.
And this leads me to another thought. I strongly suspect that most of us are dissatisfied with some portion of the direction of our lives to some degree and are looking for some way to do something about it at some level. And that’s where we need to follow our instincts, get to know and hopefully understand our “passion”, get friendly with all of those things we have had a long term interest in but kept putting on the back burner for some reason. While it’s probably not even remotely reasonable or practical for most of us to chuck it all and “do what you really want to do” that doesn’t mean that you can’t devote some time to studying those interests. Maybe take a few classes at the local college or adult education center, join a club of like minded people, go to the library or used bookstore and pick up a few recommended volumes. Immerse yourself in your newfound knowledge and see how well it fits. And if you’re not comfortable with what you’ve learned in your explorations then that body of knowledge is not for you at this time. Just be careful that you do not move on too soon or linger too long – keep in mind that the world is full of lousy teachers, opportunistic frauds, poorly written books and the most remarkable diamonds in the rough lurking in unexpected places (one of which might be hiding right in front of your eyes).
And here is where free will enters the picture. A bit earlier I mentioned that “rare few” who seem to be guided by a different perspective. I surmise that perhaps these people experienced a dynamic lifetime during the Renaissance Period when Europe was painfully shaking itself out of its self-inflicted dark ages, recently referred to as The Age of Religion, following the fall of Rome. A remarkable period with an explosive growth of knowledge, both rediscovered and new, infusing the European mind and immersing many influential people in some form of continuous education and discovery throughout their lives, or at least a substantial portion thereof. Following this line of thought to its obvious conclusion it appears to me that these people may have consciously, or more likely subconsciously, made the decision, a powerful exercise of free will in that period, to make the pursuit of knowledge a major influencing factor in their future lives.
And that is where free will is such a critical element of our individuality and growth. Free will is where the rubber meets the road.
If we choose to make continuous learning and education an intrinsic part of this life and all of our future lives we can confidently look forward to more fulfilling incarnations arching rainbow-like across our individual futures as we continue to follow our paths of growth around the ever-changing circle of life. Or you can choose to continue stumbling along blindly, not knowing your passion or purpose, and at some point in your next life you will ask, “Why me – what did I do wrong?” Just like you did in your last incarnation.

Footnotes: * My favorite classical music radio station – you can find them at http://www.KCME.org and they do webcast. A member supported source of classical music and jazz that operates 24/7. No, I don’t work there, just love the music.
** “Degree people” or “management staff” – not intended as a slap at those who have earned a degree and are serious about doing a good job. But is definitely and intentionally aimed at the insubstantial degree wavers and pointy hair bosses we all have suffered under.

Following Our Ancestors' Path

Following Our Ancestors’ Path image Author: Gloria Gypsy
Modern Druids must research what Druidism was or is and apply it to our modern times. A modern Druid’s role does not differ much from that of his or her ancient ancestors, although Druids of today face many more challenges in teaching and giving service to the world. Many people have forgotten the ways of they’re ancestors. They are not at one with nature or their spiritual selves. Many people live in crowded urban areas and have lost touch with their bonds to nature. Today’s Druid I believe would spend more time working toward caring for our planet and nature since pollution, over-population and technology have begun to destroy our very life force. Today more than ever we need the Wisdom of the Druid.
One important role for a Druid today would be in preserving our wildlife. So much of our natural woodlands, prairies, etc., have been lost to pave the way for more urban areas. When we destroy a forest or field or what have you we are also destroying the wildlife that lives in that area. As an example, in certain parts of the United States, Wolves, Coyotes and Bears are seen more and more in urban areas looking for food. This is because we are taking away they’re natural habitats and they have nowhere left to go.
And so a modern Druid may join a committee that is dedicated to saving our wildlife or forests. He or she may work toward animal sanctuaries or for a national forest. In preserving and caring for nature we are giving back to our life force. Without it we would not exist.
The Druids were a people of integrity and service. In the past they were healers, judges, priests, poets. But unlike most people today they were all these things and also in tune with spirituality and honor. Today we still seek wisdom and must strive to give as well as receive knowledge, to lend our services to our communities and families (tribe); to nature/the gods; to our planet and also to our self.
Society today lacks much integrity and truth. People are not honest with themselves let alone as a culture or community. The modern Druid has a responsibility not only to him or herself but to they’re community as well to practice and teach the lessons of truth, honor, integrity and love. Without these virtues we are not true to ourselves, each other and our god/s. Passing this knowledge on gives us hope for the next generation and those generations yet to come. “We must give of our selves so that we may receive of ourselves.” (Searles O’Dubhain)
A Druid as teacher could be a father or mother teaching they’re children, judges or law enforcement teaching these lessons by example, and teachers themselves in schools teaching in they’re specialized fields. If we learn and live as the ancient Druids did we are able to communicate on all levels of human awareness, we are the caretakers of nature, and the teachers of wisdom and spirituality. We are enlightening others and ourselves, we are making our lives and our world a better place. We are improving the quality of life and our spirituality. We must research what Druidism was or is and apply it to our modern time.
“The value of a life is great but it is small next to the value of a spirit.” (Searles O’Dubhain)
Following I offer a meditation for speaking with the spirit of place as an example on how to get started becoming one with the earth and learning from the wisdom of the earth.
Meditation: Speaking with the Spirit of Place…

  • Sit down near, preferably touching, that with which you plan to speak with. If it is a tree, perhaps  face it, placing your hands on it. Try to avoid animate things such as animals and moving bodies of water until you get better at this. Otherwise the  movement will likely break your concentration.
  • Close your eyes or keep them open, depending on what works best and how you feel most  comfortable.
  • Calm your mind, and quiet it in an attitude of meditation. Any thoughts that enter, simply  acknowledge them as a thought, and push them aside, returning to your concentration.
  • Focus on your breathing. If you find it difficult to quiet your mind, perhaps try chanting (to  yourself or aloud) a mantra, play some soft music if you can. Anything to focus your attention.
  • Breath in for a count of four, hold it for two, then out for a count of four. Keep doing this until  you feel that your mind is peaceful and calm enough.
  • Focus on moving your consciousness into what you’re trying to speak with. I’ll use the  example of a tree. It is easier if you are touching it, and I will assume your hands will be on it. Adapt this as you see fit, however. Move your awareness  down into your arms, allowing it to travel to your hands, and then your finger tips. You will find it will slip into the tree with as much ease as it went  down your body. Always remember to get permission before moving your consciousness into something that is not your own. If you feel that you are being  allowed in, then proceed; otherwise do not.
  • Allow yourself to orient in the tree. When you feel ready attempt to speak with it. If you do not  yet feel ready, simply sit with it and hold off until you do feel ready.
  • Think about your own relationship with the Land, what you feel is appropriate, and what you feel  needs to be changed. Think on why you should change these things, and why certain things are in right relationship.

Footnotes: Sources
1.The Traditional Roles of Druids, Searles O’Dubhain
2.The Nine Strands of Druidism, Jason Kirkey

The Three Magic Powers You May Never Possess


The Three Magic Powers You May Never Possess
Author: R.D. Robbins

Magical powers exist in the world of the imagination. Of course, some magical powers spill over into the real world, but you probably don’t have enough imagination to use them. Sorry.

It’s time to face facts: There are mysteries in this world that are beyond understanding, but some mysteries are just beyond your understanding. Now, don’t start crying like I broke your favorite holly and dragon heart string wand. I’m not saying you are a muggle, exactly, or a squib; but frankly, if you aren’t regularly using the powers of transfiguration, Time Turning and charms then you may be a little lacking in the imagination department. Now, to be fair, I come from a sort of wizarding family so this stuff is easier for me. Maybe you just don’t know the magic words yet, but I’ve got to tell you, when you can learn to harness and use these three powers, they will transform your life!


“Shape Shifting” has been a mythological staple in cultures all over the world: An Indian medicine man “becomes” a bison to find the heard; Zeus becomes a beggar to test the hospitality of a mortal king. I have yet to see a real person who could physically change their shape and become an animal, or another human being. However, it can be a profoundly moving experience to use your imagination to project yourself inside the mind of someone else, to see an issue from their perspective, to get inside their skin and ask what motivates them.

In real life, detectives and criminal profilers try to get inside the minds of serial killers and arsonists as a tool to understand what drives the criminal’s emotional states, what mistakes they are apt to make and where to find them. The rest of us can use our transfiguration skills to help us understand a teenager’s dark mood, a spouse’s secret Yule time wishes, and how we look in our boss’s eyes. The magic words here are, “I wonder how they feel,” and “I wonder what they think.”

Is this kind of imaginary-mind-reading? Yup. Is it apt to be wrong? Yup. Is it useful anyway? Sure! When our own suffering and pain or joy and happiness allows us to look into the eyes of another person and make a connection, we are using transfiguration to become one with them, to gain compassion for them and for us; and to know better how to care for each other.

Of course, if you don’t have the imaginative chops or skills to project yourself into someone else’s life, well, I’m sorry. Maybe you can learn to be happy dressing up as a Witch or Wizard. Buying some midnight blue robes with little stars and moons inside will probably help.


H. G. Wells wrote about time travel in “The Time Machine.” Hermione Granger used a Time Turner pendent in J. K. Rowling’s wonderful novel, “The Prisoner of Azakaban.” Physicist Albert Einstein claimed time travel was theoretically possible. I have yet to meet a single person who can physically travel backward through time, although I have met lots and lots of people who spend almost every moment of their here-and-now time mentally projected into the past or future. I know from personal experience that almost all that time is a desperate waste of imagination!

The question isn’t, “Can you use your imagination to travel through time?” We can all remember favorite childhood friends, horrible job interviews and almost forgotten smells. We can all imagine future conversations, plan vacations and just about taste an ice cream brownie Sunday as they make it. We can all do it. The question is, “Can you stop?” and “Can you do anything useful with your time travels?”

Before you can tell if your mind is in the here and now, you will need some awareness of what’s happening inside your head. For the gifted few, a moment of quiet reflection will immediately reveal your mental state. It’s not like we can get away from our thoughts, but we hear this mental chatter so much that we tune it almost completely out of our awareness. If you try to breath and count mentally from one to ten and keep “waking up” on the number 15, 32 or 63 (!), that is a clear indication that you weren’t mentally present during the counting. You were thinking of something else while you are supposed to be counting. Keep trying. You’ll get it. If you find you can’t count at all because of the constant mental chatter, start naming the thoughts: “Arguing with my mom,” or “Asking for a raise–again.” This is sometimes called Demon Taming because those pesky little thoughts can cause so much trouble in our heads.

When your mind is calm, you can begin to use your imagination to intentionally project into the future and examine the potential consequences of your actions, or reach into the past and hold onto your life with more love and compassion than you were able to muster the first time through.

Unless, of course, counting to ten is just too tough for you! Yeah, it probably is. You are probably afraid that if you stop dwelling on the past or focusing on the future, your whole world will fall apart–talk about superstitious! I’ll bet you don’t even have what it takes to sit quietly in the moment for, oh, say, one minute every day for a week! Best you just get used to drifting aimlessly through the jumbled moments of your life and leave Time Turning to the real Witches and Wizards!


If you still have any sense of humor left, it’ll probably be gone after we talk about charms. By charms I don’t mean pretty jewelry reported to possess a bit of magical power, like pentacles, rune stones or a rabbit’s foot. I mean charms more like enchantments: Those little things we say or do that make other people more inclined to do our bidding. What’s that? You are a “Good Witch” and would never do a spell to make someone “do your bidding?” Ha. Double ha-ha! Let’s see, guy buys girl flowers because he wants…what? Girl bakes cake for guy because she wants…what? Salesman offers basketball tickets to potential clients because he wants…what? Something! We all want something!

The problem is, we often are not willing to take the smallest step toward getting what we want. We want friends, but we never buy anyone at work a soda or cup of joe. We want good marital relations, but we refuse to bring home flowers. We want a new car loan, but we are too good to dress nicely when we go to the bank, to proud to make small talk and to shy to complement the loan officer. There are such things as magic words folks. Here are a few that work like a charm: please, thank you, I love you, well done, I’m sorry, can we try again, just called so you wouldn’t worry, that was the greatest, and let’s do that again tomorrow night!

There is magic in being charming. I would think that if goblin bankers could do it, you could too, but I’m probably wrong.


I want to thank you for reading this far, but there is just not much hope for some of you poor squibs, er, readers. You’ll never have enough imagination to get inside anyone else’s head and begin to feel the power of compassion or sympathetic joy. You probably can’t count to ten without moving your lips, so you are doomed to sail aimlessly through time instead of harnessing your imagination as a tool for inner peace and self discovery. As for charms, well, a good charm starts with toothpaste and deodorant and I can smell a few of you from here, so there is little chance you will ever build a loving team of companions to help you through life. On the other hand, maybe you are one of the Chosen Ones, a magical thinker, a Modern Magi or a Techno Druid. Maybe all you needed today was a light hearted reminder of the magic power of your imagination. I hope you found what you needed, dear reader.

The Witch's Spell for Sept. 2 is Basic Location Spell

Basic Location Spell



  • 4 blue candles
  • a goblet filled 3/4 of the way with water
  • jasmine incense


This is a basic spell to locate a missing item (or person). Put the four candles around you: one north, one south, one east, one west. Light the candles and the incense. Sit in the center of the candles, facing west. Put the goblet in front of you. Invoke the element of water. Repeat 4 times: “Let the water show the location of (item name).” Look into the water until a picture forms in your mind of a location. That’s where the you should start looking for the missing item.

Note: If you are not a “visual” person, you might not see a location, but you should get a feeling of some type for a location.

Today's Herb for September 1 is Wormwood

Today’s Herb for September 1


Wormwood can be burnt to summon the spirits of the dead. The balsam is used in black magickal workings for wrath and revenge. Wormwood also induces strong dreams. It is poisonous and should only be ingested in very small amounts. Placing Wormwood in the path of a hated one will cause them bad luck. Wormwood should be infused with the earth element when the planet Saturn should be strongly placed and waxing. The Moon should be waning.

Today's Gem for September 1 is Garnet

Today’s Gemstone for Sept. 1


•Common Name: Garnet
•Appearance: Deep red to purple
•Element(s): Fire
•Deity connection: Persephone
•Healing powers: Connected to the root chakra, garnets can be used in healing of reproductive disorders and regulating the menstrual cycle
•Magical uses: Strongly tied to women’s bodies, the garnet is associated with moon magic; also used in rituals to balance the spiritual with the physical body
•Other info: In some traditions, a garnet obtained through deceit brings a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to the legal owner

Today's Deity for September 1 is BRAN

Today’s Deity for September 1


Also known as BRAN-THE-BLESSED

Mighty Celtic ruler who had his head cut off in battle.

But thanks to his mighty Cauldron of Rebirth it lived on. Could this be the origin of the phrase ‘Go and boil your head’? After a stint in Wales the head was taken to the Tower of London to keep England safe from invasion.

His name means ‘Raven’ and the job has been passed to the Ravens of the Tower of London. We would like to talk to the Godhead but need to head in the right direction which is not known at present.


Today's Moon Phase for Sept. 1 is Waning Crescent

Crescent Moon

(waning /13% illumination)

This is a time to rest, reevaluate and reflect, pulling back into yourself to reconnect with inner sources of strength. Now is not a time to initiate anything new. It’s a phase suited to spending time with friends and getting in touch with the “big picture.” A window of opportunity exists for seeing your life objectively and becoming aware of what is important to you. At this point, what are your dreams and aspirations? What larger goals can you aspire to that will bring vitality and excitement into your life? This is a time for resting and gaining inner strength to prepare for a new cycle.

Today's Runes for September 1 is Ansuz


bw-ansuzYour Rune For Today  


Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.

Today's I Ching for September 1 is Hexagram 63 – Chi Chi

Today’s I Ching

       Yin (New)       Yang (New)       Yin (New)       Yang (New)       Yin (New)       Yang (New) The present is embodied in Hexagram 63 – Chi Chi (After Completion): We see progress and success in small      matters. There will be advantage in being firm and correct. There has been good fortune in the beginning, but there may be disorder in the end.

Today's Tarot Card for Sept. 1 is The Empress

The Empress

Sunday, Sep 1st, 2013









Traditionally entitled “Empress,” this major arcana or “trump” card portrays the energy of the Great Mother. She is Nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding Source of life-giving power. She is often pictured as a pre-Christian Goddess, as the one whom the High Priestess is channeling down to earth for the rest of us.

In medieval Europe, the Empress card was painted to represent whatever Queen currently ruled the land, probably to satisfy the Inquisitors. But the scholars of the Renaissance and beyond had no doubt of her true identity, although she could not be fully revealed on Tarot cards as the “woman clothed with the sun” until after the French Revolution.

This supreme archetype of femininity also symbolizes fertility. It is She who provides us nourishment and security. She is also sometimes seen as delighting us with flowers and fruit. A potentially terrifying aspect of this archetype manifests itself whenever karmic mood swings wipe out our plans, like a storm that has come upon us. Whatever happens, the Empress is the Source of our Embodiment and of Natural Law. She might even be called “the Great Recycler.”

I Need To Apologize……..

We had a small circle of friends over last night. We were celebrating Labor Day early. We had a good time. The only problem I have today is I celebrated too much 😦 . That is the reason the posts are so slow. I figured I needed to tell you. I am hopefully I will start to come out of this stupor in a just a little bit.

Stick with me. I will get them done one way or another, lol!