To Attract Customers to a Business or Visitors to a Home

To Attract Customers to a Business or Visitors to a Home

Make a fine powder out of some basil leaves and sprinkle them around the main entrance to the home or place of business. It is believed that only good and friendly people will enter, since it supposedly repels those who intend harm toward the workers of a business or the occupants of a home.

Have A Very Relaxing & Peaceful Labor Day Weekend!


I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I love long weekends. They are so nice, quiet and peaceful. Today, however, is a gloomy day. It has rained all morning. It has finally stopped but it looks like it could start at any minute. I gave Lady A an umbrella and shoved her out the door.  Today we are going to do things “old school.” Like we use to in our group setting. I have it pulled up so I can steal some information from it too. That is a treasure trove of information and knowledge. We are very determined to get it moved over here as quickly as possible.

I am going to get busy. I hope you enjoy the postings. Let us hear from you on them.

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,


Technical Difficulty Today

WordPress was so kind to put us in a new image up loader. Well the up loader has a mind of its own. It does not want to upload today’s cartoon. Instead I am going ahead and posting the Yule lessons. I got to thinking about what I said earlier.  And had a change of mind, it would be much more nicer and simpler if the Yule courses were in one place. That is what I am getting ready to do now. Again, I hope you find them useful and also enjoy them.

Lady A


Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes for June 6


If you slow down and let yourself think about things calmly you may find that you come up with a strong and positive way to make a solid improvement in your financial ambitions today. You have a lot of creative ideas today, but may not believe in them.


You may be finding that your popularity today depends a great deal on where you stand right now, especially where it comes to your family. Half of them love your ideas, but the other half seem to be intent on giving you a radical makeover that you don’t want.


There are strange energies in the air today. You may feel confused or distracted, yet you know there is great potential for change. The biggest area of change is in your family structure or loved ones. Someone may express the need for emotional support or help with a drug or alcohol problem.


Your mate or partner is the rock in a storm you are seeking today. They will have just the words of comfort you are seeking. People you work with, and family members you live with, will be a source of arguments, disagreements and distractions right now.


Your social or career connections could be a liability today. You may find yourself losing your temper with a boss, employer or authority figure. If so, remember your astrological warning – venting right now would almost certainly backfire, badly.


You will want to get away for certain right now because the stresses of your career or social commitments are just a little too strong. Some of you could have problems with a parent or older loved one who is making unfair or unreasonable demands on your time.


Your mind is on values and religion today. You may have made a judgement on someone else’s spiritual beliefs, and are finding to your embarrassment that you have made an error in judgement. It won’t hurt to admit you were wrong, and you may find it brings you closer together in the end.


Your love life is confusing and frustrating, and while you struggle to make sense of your friends and companions, it seems like they are doing their level best to be inscrutable. A financial or business partnership is more promising and less frustrating today.


You may have troubles with digestion or stress-related health troubles today. It is simply your body’s way of telling you to slow down and take a break. You are pushing yourself too hard. If you take any medications be sure to double check to ensure they don’t react against each other.


You want to get out and away for some fun, but cash may be a bit tight. You may also find that the people you want to play with all have different ideas about what to do and where to go. Money may be tight now, but the long-term picture is looking better. Keep your chin up.


A friend may help you adjust to some challenging changes in your family. You may not like everything you have to do, but once the chores are over, you may find “it” wasn’t as bad as you thought. Your friend may well point out that some things are worth compromising or sacrificing for.


Can you think of a good reason to have an argument? Maybe, and maybe not, but you may find yourself getting into a “War au Verbiage” today, and believe it or not, it could actually be empowering. If you normally “fight”, try listening. If you normally “flee” … then stand your ground.

Daily Motivator for April 10 – Small improvements

Small improvements

Small improvements matter, because they can add up to big changes. If you add just one percent to your efforts each day, day after day, in only seventy days your effectiveness will double.

Small improvements are easy to make, and they can make a big difference. The key is to keep making them, to continue improving on the improvements.

Are you frustrated because you’re not as effective as you’d like to be? You can begin to change that right now, and put an end to your frustration.

Accept that you can’t instantly get all the way to maximum effectiveness. Yet you can very realistically make one small, easy improvement after another.

Don’t worry about how you will get a whole lot better. Just find a way, right now, to get a little bit better.

Make a small, easily accessible improvement, and then make another, and another. Soon, you’ll be much further ahead than you ever could have imagined.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator