I Have to Apologize…………..

WordPress is messing up so bad that we can’t post. We put our material on and the posts eats it. Then the graphic for the Tarot, Rune and etc., will not even go on the page.

I am going to contact WordPress and see if they can fix this problem. Please have patience with us.

Thank you,

Lady A

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Wishing You A Very Blessed Wednesday Morn, my dear family!

Good Morning Images
Sorry I am running late but I had a few items I had to take care of. I really started out this morning on the computer at 9:00, can you believe that? Now it is after 11:00 and I finally made it. My life’s story, I will be late to my own funeral, lol!

Well the government shut down has finally hit home. I said the other day I didn’t want to mix religion and the government. But the government has politely interfered with our happy little lives. I know we aren’t the only ones and I apologize for what I am getting ready to do. I really don’t have any other choice though. I have called all the resources we have for getting funds when we are running low. Everyone of them depends on the government (which some I didn’t know they did) and they have no money. Right now, I am sitting and staring at a light bill that has to be paid and we have no money either.

The raffle this month has been a flop. I figure that is because of the government. We have had two individuals sign up for it and I appreciate you both so much. But till I can get a store going, yes a store. WordPress has fixed it were we can actually have a store on here now. Yahoo, Way to Go, WordPress! But if the government don’t get it act together, we won’t sell anything. See I am in a lovely mood today. A real optimist, ha!

So my last hope is turning to my family on the net. I hate like heck to but I have too. If the power doesn’t stay on, there is no daily WOTC. So if you could please spare a dime or two, we would be most grateful. You have never let us down in the past and I am hoping that is true this time. Like I said I hate to ask but you all are my last resort. Please help us out, any amount will be great appreciate.

Thank you so much,

Lady A & The WOTC

Technical Difficulty Today

WordPress was so kind to put us in a new image up loader. Well the up loader has a mind of its own. It does not want to upload today’s cartoon. Instead I am going ahead and posting the Yule lessons. I got to thinking about what I said earlier.  And had a change of mind, it would be much more nicer and simpler if the Yule courses were in one place. That is what I am getting ready to do now. Again, I hope you find them useful and also enjoy them.

Lady A


Good Tuesday Morning, Lads & Lasses! Our Troubles Are Drifting In The Wind! Thank The Goddess!

Friendship Comments & Graphics
Good Morning, my dear, dear, friends! I believe the above quote says it all, “Thank you for your love, patience and support.”

I will keep this short. We (WordPress and I) have been getting the problem fixed on the blog. I am hoping it is fixed and everything will work the way it is suppose to. If not, we might be forced to change templates. I hope this is not the case, because I haven’t gotten use to this one yet, lol!

Anyway, have a super fantastic Tuesday, sweeties!

 *I’ll leave you with a blessing that will make you go, huh?*

Here’s to you and yours

And to mine and ours.

And if mine and ours

Ever come across to you and yours,

I hope you and yours will do

As much for mine and ours

As mine and ours have done

For you and yours!

~Magickal Graphics~

A Word Please…..

Just wanted to let you know WordPress is having a hissy this morning.  I am having difficulty get my info to post. And as far as a pic on the front page, forget it. I have tried it four times and it takes minutes and minutes and nothing. So there won’t be a front pic today. But there will be info, one way or the other, lol!

Just wanted to let you know,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Who knows what is going on? I don’t 😦 . But I did want to let you know that WordPress is currently experiencing technical issues on some of its blogs. They are working hard to resolve this matter. So please, dear friends, have patience and surely this problem will be fixed shortly.

Thank you so much,

Lady A

Wishing You All A Very Relaxing Saturday! Take a break you deserve it!

Definitely looks like my mischievous Razzy, lol!

I hope your Saturday is starting off very relaxing and enjoyable. Mine is just a little noisy. Razzy (the kitten) is playing with her toy on the bed. Also on the bed is Kiki (the noisy, grouchy Pomeranian) who apparently has forgotten what playing is all about. Kiki has barked and did a small growl every time Razzy has jumped at her toy. I tell you this cat, I have never seen anything like her. She jumps and carries on like a frog. She even makes me dizzy, lol!

Talking about my animals is not what I wanted to write about today. I wanted to try something new. I receive comments from individuals that have the same concerns and questions. So I decided I would publish their comments and hopefully answers all of your concerns at once. I feel bad because there are so many comments with the same questions or concerns and I can’t answer all of them. I figured this would be a great way to address them and hopefully help you with your problem or answer your question. Here goes, today’s questions come from…….

Link wrote:

“Hey there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster than most.”

News wrote:

“Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at an honest price? Thank you, I appreciate it!”

Thank you Link and News for both your questions. When I first considered opening a blog, I did numerous searches for hosting sites. I found a few that did interest me because they had free offers for 30 days. After that 30 day period was up, the monthly prices were higher than what I was wanting to pay. In fact, I didn’t want to pay anything. I thought about the hosting sites, I would already have to have my own blog or website. Then I would have to upload it to their site. To me, this just seemed like too much work. Especially since I didn’t know a thing about blogging. I then did a search for a site that would give me a free blog and also host it for free. I can tell you now, I try out a many of these sites. I would imagine there are “Witches Of The Craft’s” blogs all over the net that I forgot to delete. I finally got fed up with the sites I was pulling up in my Yahoo search. I did a Norton search and the first one I pulled up was “WordPress.” I figured I hadn’t tried this one, so I would give it a shot. WordPress give you a free blog and also hosts it for you. This is who hosts my blog. I cannot recommend WordPress highly enough. If you are just starting out, it is fantastic. WordPress has forums for help. You can go there and get your questions answered by administrators of this site. You can also do searches for any question or problem you might encounter if you don’t see it in the forums. Then when you actually register a blog, the tools you have are utterly amazing. WordPress offers you a dashboard on the sideboard. There you have everything involving your blog right at your fingertips. It is great. They offer templates. You can use them as they are but some are able to be customized just like this one here.

WordPress is who hosts this blog. The reason is loads fasts is because of the excellent service WordPress provides. I must mention there are two WordPress’s. There is a WordPress.com and there is a WordPress.org. WordPress.com is the one this blog is associated with. The WordPress.com provides you with the blog and then hosts it. WordPress.org from what I understand is a pay service. They provide you with templates also and everything you need to build that blog. The .org service offers quite a few more features but you have to download it to your computer. Then you build your blog offline. When the blog is ready, you upload it to WordPress.org and they host it for you. I don’t know how much they charge. Since the two WordPress’s are associated I would imagine the .org one would be a great place to host a blog. You would have to check their price.

To keep me from confusing you:

This blog is hosted by WordPress.com. WordPress.com offers a free blog and then also hosts it.

WordPress.org offers you all the supplies you need to build your own blog offline. It has to be downloaded and then when the blog is ready, you upload it to their site. WordPress.org is a pay site that hosts blogs.

Now for internet providers, I believe I have tried them all. The one I was happiest with was Comcast high-speed internet. But Comcast kept raising their prices every other month till I had to eventually drop them. Now I am with a local telephone co-op. It is a DSL service. When I use to work, I had BellSouth DSL installed there. BellSouth was super fast and also very reasonable. I think for a residence it was about $32.00 a month. Of course, for a business it is much higher. The DSL service I have was great when I first got it. The man who installed it told me the more computers you add to the service the slower it gets. My husband added a router and also added his two computers to the service. He tells me he has problems with the speed and downloads. But I have the main line run to my computer and laptop and I can’t tell a difference. It is still fast for me. The DSL service with the co-op runs about $32.00 a month. I have found most DSL services charge about the same for their services. I know with Comcast when I finally dropped them my bill was close to almost $200 a month (a big, big difference). I also had a few friends recommend Yahoo DSL but I had problems with logging in constantly. Yahoo DSL is not available in all areas yet. If you check with them, that could be a problem for you. But check with your local phone company. If they offer an AT&T service or another national long distance service, they probably offer DSL. Just remember get the main line going to your computer, lol!

I hope I have answered quite a few of your questions. If you have anymore, keep them a’coming.

Have a great weekend,

Lady A

Blessings To You & Yours On This Glorious Wednesday!

Good Morning, dear friends! I hope you enjoy the butterflies. It is a shame summer is almost over and these beautiful creatures will be gone to next year. Where does time go? It seems like it flies by for me. I get up at 5:00 a.m., and the next thing I know it is time to cook supper and go to bed. My, my, my, time flies when you are having fun, lol!

I was going through the comments in the back today and there were a few issues I wanted to address. First, I have had a couple of individuals that want to unsubscribe to the blog. The reason being, they are receiving too many emails in their accounts. I probably should have emphasized that this blog generates about 25 to 35 (if not more) posts a day. I am use to posting a lot. In my group that I use to have, I was known as a power poster. Now whether that is a compliment or not, I ain’t for sure, lol! But I like to post. It gets my mind off of my problems and I consider it my free therapy. So I do put out a lot of posts. And if you don’t want to receive this many in your email, then it is best to read the blog. I also had these individuals ask me to unsubscribe them, I cannot do this. You have to do this yourself. In your WordPress account, you have a section called “My Subscriptions.” This is the place you need to go to unsubscribe to this blog or any other blog.

Next, I had quite a few individuals that wanted to exchange links with me. I gladly exchange links with anyone that puts this blog’s link on their blog or website first. You might be wondering why I am that picky. It isn’t really being picky at all. I have had individuals in the past that say they have put the WOTC link on their site. Now here is there link, please put it on your site NOW! When I would go to check to see if my link was there, guess what? It wasn’t! So now I have a policy, that a link to the WOTC must first be on your site. Then I go and check and if it is there, I will be more than happy to put you on this blog. When you ask to exchange links, please include your blog’s or website’s name and then the addy. I love to add new site to the link section. So if you would like to exchange links, I would love too.

Next, I have had several individuals want to know if I would guest write on their sites. Of course, I would be more than happy too.  I am hoping these sites deal with Witchcraft or a similar topic in this field. I would prefer to decide what I am going to write about. Then I would submit it to you for your approval. Or if you have a topic in mind, then let me know. If I am familiar with the subject and can write about it, I will. If not, then you will have to pick another one. The ones that asked this favor, I have your email addys and will be contacting you soon.

And last but not least, I have had a million and one questions about this blog’s format, who is my host and my service provider (I am going to try to group this all together, lol!). The blog format is from a template that WordPress provides. When I had my group, I had my assistant managers do most of the posting while I played with the graphics. I love to do graphics and I am a graphic nut. I am always hunting for new pics, backgrounds and any thing else I can use. When I first started this blog, I knew nothing about blogging. One night, I was bored with the way the blog looked very plain. I got to hunting in the template section. I noticed some of the blogs said you could change the background and the headers, plus a few other things. Well I picked one out that you could change the header and background on. I didn’t know what I was doing so I when to the new template and started playing. I uploaded a starry background that I had and checked and there it was. Then I moved over to the header section (that was a little scary!). This section gives you the option to upload three pics. So I uploaded the three pics that I liked. Then you have the option of cropping one to be your header. Oh, brother, let me tell you my cropping skills sucked, lol! I finally got the hang of it and put up my first new header (which is not the one now). Then I darken the whole thing and I was finished. I took a look at the blog and like to have fallen out in the floor. I couldn’t believe I had done it, but I had. So the blog format here is nothing special. It is a regular WordPress template that I have customized myself.  A few individuals are also curious about who my host is and who do I recommend. I recommend WordPress very highly. The options they offer are unbelievable. The blog owner is in blog heaven here. You just have to try it to see what I mean. WordPress gives you everything you need to do a blog. Then they host it themself.  Lastly, who is my internet provider because the blog loads so fast. Well I don’t believe it has a thing to do with my server because I am with a small county co-op that provides DSL. I believe the blog loads fast because of WordPress and their excellent service.

Oh, I almost forgot I got one that said I was whining again. Yes, I confess I whine all the time. In fact, I am whining now, lmao! It amazes me, if I am so whiny then why does this person stop by the blog. You know, if I knew a person was whiny, I wouldn’t keep stopping by. Would you? I guess they must be stopping by to see what I am whining about today. Hmmmm…….

I hope I have covered most of your questions. I am sorry I cannot answer you personal but I am pushing 2000 comments again. I cleaned it out over the weekend and was down to 800. Then I check today and it is almost 2000 again. I love to read all of your wonderful comments. I must say thank you for all the words of encouragement and good wishes. I couldn’t ask for a better group of readers and friends. You are all fantastic and I sincerely wish I did have the time to communicate with all of you and get to know you better. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Remember this is your blog too. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know. Till then……

Much love to all,

Lady A