Following Our Ancestors' Path

Following Our Ancestors’ Path image Author: Gloria Gypsy
Modern Druids must research what Druidism was or is and apply it to our modern times. A modern Druid’s role does not differ much from that of his or her ancient ancestors, although Druids of today face many more challenges in teaching and giving service to the world. Many people have forgotten the ways of they’re ancestors. They are not at one with nature or their spiritual selves. Many people live in crowded urban areas and have lost touch with their bonds to nature. Today’s Druid I believe would spend more time working toward caring for our planet and nature since pollution, over-population and technology have begun to destroy our very life force. Today more than ever we need the Wisdom of the Druid.
One important role for a Druid today would be in preserving our wildlife. So much of our natural woodlands, prairies, etc., have been lost to pave the way for more urban areas. When we destroy a forest or field or what have you we are also destroying the wildlife that lives in that area. As an example, in certain parts of the United States, Wolves, Coyotes and Bears are seen more and more in urban areas looking for food. This is because we are taking away they’re natural habitats and they have nowhere left to go.
And so a modern Druid may join a committee that is dedicated to saving our wildlife or forests. He or she may work toward animal sanctuaries or for a national forest. In preserving and caring for nature we are giving back to our life force. Without it we would not exist.
The Druids were a people of integrity and service. In the past they were healers, judges, priests, poets. But unlike most people today they were all these things and also in tune with spirituality and honor. Today we still seek wisdom and must strive to give as well as receive knowledge, to lend our services to our communities and families (tribe); to nature/the gods; to our planet and also to our self.
Society today lacks much integrity and truth. People are not honest with themselves let alone as a culture or community. The modern Druid has a responsibility not only to him or herself but to they’re community as well to practice and teach the lessons of truth, honor, integrity and love. Without these virtues we are not true to ourselves, each other and our god/s. Passing this knowledge on gives us hope for the next generation and those generations yet to come. “We must give of our selves so that we may receive of ourselves.” (Searles O’Dubhain)
A Druid as teacher could be a father or mother teaching they’re children, judges or law enforcement teaching these lessons by example, and teachers themselves in schools teaching in they’re specialized fields. If we learn and live as the ancient Druids did we are able to communicate on all levels of human awareness, we are the caretakers of nature, and the teachers of wisdom and spirituality. We are enlightening others and ourselves, we are making our lives and our world a better place. We are improving the quality of life and our spirituality. We must research what Druidism was or is and apply it to our modern time.
“The value of a life is great but it is small next to the value of a spirit.” (Searles O’Dubhain)
Following I offer a meditation for speaking with the spirit of place as an example on how to get started becoming one with the earth and learning from the wisdom of the earth.
Meditation: Speaking with the Spirit of Place…

  • Sit down near, preferably touching, that with which you plan to speak with. If it is a tree, perhaps  face it, placing your hands on it. Try to avoid animate things such as animals and moving bodies of water until you get better at this. Otherwise the  movement will likely break your concentration.
  • Close your eyes or keep them open, depending on what works best and how you feel most  comfortable.
  • Calm your mind, and quiet it in an attitude of meditation. Any thoughts that enter, simply  acknowledge them as a thought, and push them aside, returning to your concentration.
  • Focus on your breathing. If you find it difficult to quiet your mind, perhaps try chanting (to  yourself or aloud) a mantra, play some soft music if you can. Anything to focus your attention.
  • Breath in for a count of four, hold it for two, then out for a count of four. Keep doing this until  you feel that your mind is peaceful and calm enough.
  • Focus on moving your consciousness into what you’re trying to speak with. I’ll use the  example of a tree. It is easier if you are touching it, and I will assume your hands will be on it. Adapt this as you see fit, however. Move your awareness  down into your arms, allowing it to travel to your hands, and then your finger tips. You will find it will slip into the tree with as much ease as it went  down your body. Always remember to get permission before moving your consciousness into something that is not your own. If you feel that you are being  allowed in, then proceed; otherwise do not.
  • Allow yourself to orient in the tree. When you feel ready attempt to speak with it. If you do not  yet feel ready, simply sit with it and hold off until you do feel ready.
  • Think about your own relationship with the Land, what you feel is appropriate, and what you feel  needs to be changed. Think on why you should change these things, and why certain things are in right relationship.

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