"A Just Because Raffle" How's that grab ya'?

I decided what the heck. I like raffles, ya’ll like raffles. So let’s have one more than once in a blue moon. What do you say? I believe when you see the next beauty coming up for raffling you will say, “OH, HECK YES!” Take a gander…

Beautiful Hand carved Oak Wand

Held sacred by the Greeks, Norse, Druids, and the Native Americans, the oak  tree was generally believed to possess potent magic among a wide range  of cultures. In many cultures, the oak was very much associated with the sky and lighting, as it is frequently struck by lightning during  thunderstorms. For this reason, it was generally held as sacred to gods  of thunder or lightning, such as Zeus or Thor. It was also said to be  lucky, and to impart magical wisdom to those who embraced it or carved a piece of oak into a magical wand.

Within these traditions, each of these oak wands is a wonderful  addition to your spellcasting. Use it to channel energy and craft magic  when you are seeking inspiration, wisdom, or are otherwise seeking the  energized power associated with lightning and the sky. Each wand  measures approximately 15″ in length and has been only lightly finished  so as to leave the beautiful, original grain of the wood fully visible.  As each wand is a unique creation, please allow for slight variances in  size.

One More Thing Before We Move On….

Lucille Cali

You need to contact us in regards to which BOS you would like, sweetie.

Good Monday Afternoon, My Precious Family & Friends!


I must apologize for running so late. It isn’t really my fault though. No one woke me up and that is for a reason I must say. Smartie pants took off her brace for her finger yesterday (heck it’s been 3 weeks). Anyway, I got that finger of all fingers twisted up in a bed sheet. Don’t get the wrong idea, I was making the bed up or at least trying.  It turned that finger all the way around. When it was finally loose from the sheet it was flopping like a fish out of water. Pain, oh brother was there pain. So after it quit hurting I just passed out. I guess everyone let me sleep because of that awful incident. The finger is swore and swollen. Just as long as I don’t try to straighten it up, I am fine. Well look at it this way, I won’t be permanently popping people the bird, lol!


When I run across a difficult decision that will effect us all, I consult with you. If you read yesterday issue, you will know that the latest regards us opening up a prison ministry. I have had several responses and I appreciate them very much. The responses so far have opened up my eyes. I never stopped to think about the danger I might be putting you, my dear family in. Due to those facts presented to me, we will not be opening up a prison ministry.  I received several emails from individuals that use to be involved and still are in the Corrections Department. Their letters moved me very deeply.  All of them said, “we have good intentions but I had to remember these people committed crimes.” “If not, they would not be in the Prison system.” They also went on to tell me about how other well-meaning groups had been taken advantage of. Or the material sent to them never reached them. It was either destroyed or stolen by other inmates. Due to the facts of the letters, I have received we will not be opening up a Prison ministry. I believe this is best for us and our safety.


I know there are some from Prisons reading this right now. I must apologize for getting your hopes up. But I cannot risk, my family and my friends. I know there are honest individuals that want material. They are craving it because the Goddess is working on them and their hearts are changing. But as anything else, a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel.  Again, I am sorry but we cannot take the risks involved in open such a ministry up. The only suggestion opened for you now, is to continue to follow the site. We will try to post as much current news and information as we can.


Thank you so much for your input. Thank you for being a part of our loving community. Most of all thank you for being my brothers and sisters.

Have a great week,


Lady A