To bring more passion into your lives, use the following potion for yourself and/or your lover. –not very tasty, but very effective– By the light of a red candle, bring one quart of water to a boil in your cauldron. Remove from heat and add two cups of coarsely chopped fresh parsley herb. Cover the cauldron and allow the potion to steep for an hour.

        Drink two cups of the passion potion at least twenty minutes before making love with your partner. Be certain this brew is very warm when you drink it.

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Sweet Success Moon Potion

Sweet Success Moon Potion

(Wolf Moon)
You will need a vanilla tea bag, three drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.
Begin by brewing the vanilla tea and letting it steep for a few minutes. Add the three drops of lemon juice while saying  the following:
One drop, two drops, and one more, makes three     May sourness never get the best of me.
Add the teaspoon of honey while saying:
With this spoonful of honey,
I bring sweet success to me.
As you drink the cup of tea, review in your mind all of the successes that you hope to have in the coming year. Envision  each of your magickal patterns as coming to fruition and being highly successful. Taste the sweetness of the honey and let it be a prequel to the sweet  success to come. Repeat to yourself:
Sweet success, come to me
By the Lady, blessed be!
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Herb of the Day – GINGER

Herb of the Day – GINGER

Acts as an aid to ingestion or colds (tea form). Also in tea form, good for cramps, to stimulate the digestive organs, migraines and nausea, external stiffness. Can be added to the bath as a way to ease pain and increase circulation, but only use a few sprinkles, not too much, like cayenne, ginger quickly brings the blood to the surface of the skin. For pain you can also soak cloths in ginger tea and apply them directly to the painful areas. A good healing tea is made from a pinch of peppermint, a pinch of ginger and either a pinch of clove powder or 2 bruised cloves, add 1 cup of hot water and steep. Ginger tea sweetened with honey can help alleviate cold symptoms.

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Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Makes two servings.

Eight ounces of chilled papaya juice, two apricots, peeled, pits removed, one-quarter cup of nonfat milk, one cup of vanilla ice cream, one cup of orange sherbet, and one banana.

Add all the ingredients to the blender. With each ingredient you add, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong, Blessed Be!

Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. As you sip the potion with your beloved, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong,

Blessed Be!

Calendar of the Sun for November 13th

Calendar of the Sun

13 Blutmonath


Colors: Blue and clear
Element: Water
Altar: Set with a blue cloth, a large earthenware bowl of spring water in which has been placed several stones, an earthenware chalice, a dipper, and possibly a small fountain.
Offerings: Coins, to be tossed into the fountain or bowl afterwards. These should then be added to a charity fund.
Daily Meal: Nothing to drink but spring water all day. River fish. Watercress. Lotus root.

Invocation to Fons:

Hail, Spirit of the Fountain,
Spirit of wells and springs,
Gift of the Earth!
So much of our world is water,
So much of our bodies are water,
So much of the air we breathe
Is laden with water,
And yet so little of it
Will quench our thirst.
Let us never forget the generosity
Of the Earth beneath us
Who gives forth blood
In a form that we can drink of.
Hail, Spirit of the Fountain!
You who are the pure water
Blossoming forth from the Earth,
Let us remember how purity
Can come forth from that
Which is made of cold stone
And that which rotted into the mould.
With every taste of water,
We will remember your gift.

Born of water, cleansing, powerful, flowing, healing, we are….

(Let one who is chosen to do the work of this ritual ladle out the spring water into the chalice, and pass it about to all present, and then pour the rest back into the bowl. After the meditation is over, the water should be returned to the Earth as a libation, and the stones set aside until the next year. One stone should be added each year thenceforth.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for October 23rd

Calendar of the Sun

23 Winterfyllith

Day of the Scorpion: Beginning of Scorpio

Colors: Dark red
Element: Water
Altar: Set with a cloth of dark red, a large chalice of red wine, a curved knife, a candle, a whip, and a wreath of thorns.
Offerings: Extremities – of asceticism, or indulgence.
Daily Meal: Meat. Bitter greens. Vinegar. Spicy or sour food. Shark or eel.

Invocation to Scorpio

Desert’s child of the scorching heat,
Bearing each night of barren cold,
Springing from the core of the earth,
Underground water running beneath,
Darkest cave of mysteries,
You whose gift is Desire,
Bless us with the ability
To follow our true passions,
And to start over again from the beginning
When the burning comes.
By the power of all that transforms,
You challenge us
To forever stoke the inner flame.
May we go forth with lust for life.

(The Scorpio chant is a low ohm, in multiple harmonies. Afterwards, one who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual approaches with the wine in one hand and the wreath of thorns in the other. S/he asks, “Wilt thou have agony or oblivion?” To accept and hold the wreath is to say that one has been asleep for too long, and needs to be violently awakened. To accept the wine is to say that there has been too much pain, and one needs respite from it. If one accepts neither, s/he says, “Thou hast enough of either, so thou must give some away to others.” The individual must then either offer massages to those who chose oblivion, or a whipping to those who chose agony.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Daily Feng Shui News for Sept. 29th – 'National Coffee Day'

On ‘National Coffee Day’ I thought that I’d share what magically delicious traditions have to say about this beverage. Mystical thought says that drinking small amounts of coffee or tea stimulate the mind and energize the body. So the next time you sip, make that your clear intention and turn your coffee break into a conscious and sacred experience.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

Daily Feng Shui News for Sept. 20 – 'National Punch Day'

It’s ‘National Punch Day’ and since almost every punch recipe uses ginger ale as a main ingredient, today let’s look at how invaluable ginger can be when added to your daily diet. From a physical perspective, ginger is said to quell nausea and motion sickness while aiding digestion. It is also considered a most potent all natural anti-inflammatory medicine, especially useful when treating arthritis or rheumatic complaints. From a metaphysical perspective, ginger is considered a money attractant as well as an effective conduit for communicating with the invisible realms. So whether it’s dispelling debt or creating better digestion, ginger delivers a knockout, one-two punch, even when using just a pinch.

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~Glowing Hair Coffee Rinse Recipe~

~Glowing Hair Coffee Rinse Recipe~

This is another recipe that I have not tried, but it looks interesting. Supposedly, this really works for great hair, after just one application. Make a strong brew of coffee, as strong as possible and then allow it to cool until it is warm…not hot. Apply to dry hair and keep it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Refresh the Whole House With Lemon

Clean the drains. For this task, you’ll need lemons. To determine how many, just count the drains in your home—be sure to include the toilets and the dishwasher—and divide by two. Cut each lemon in half, squeeze the juice of one portion down each drain and flush well with hot water. This will take care of any nasties living in your pipes.



Items needed:

1 ounce bourbon

1 ounce vodka

3 ounces slow gin

Orange juice

1 pinch allspice

Add the first three ingredients in order to a tall glass of ice.
Fill the glass with orange juice and add a pinch of allspice. As you stir, chant:

“Fire of lust and fire of passion
Bring to me some satisfaction
Lust unbridled I desire,
Bring me now what I require”

Share the drink with the person you desire.



1 pinch of rosemary

2 teaspoons of black ordinary breakfast tea

3 pinches thyme

3 pinches nutmeg

3 fresh mint leaves

6 fresh rose petals

6 lemon leaves

3 cups pure spring water

Sugar to taste Honey


To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon.

Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle.
Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle.
Sweetenwith sugar and honey, if desired.
Before drinking, recite this magical rhyme:

THIS TEA TO MAKE [lover’s name] DESIRE ME.

Drink some of the tea and say:

LET [lover’s name] DESIRE ME!

On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to
the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.

I is for Infusion






Infusions, brews and washes are just tea. Herbs steeped in hot water to release their volatile oils and essences into the water so the resulting liquid may be used to transfer their energies to an object, place or person. Infusions may be used in a number of ways; to sprinkle around a space or onto an object or person, to bathe an object or person, or to drink as tea. They are generally brewed when they will be used as they do not keep well. The herbs may be mixed in advance and placed in small cheesecloth bundles, ready to use like a tea bag. If you use a particular infusion often you may want to make up these tea bags and have them on hand. Mixing the herbs should be done with ritual, visualization and the appropriate time correspondences as with any magical herb preparation. The prepared tea bags should be stored in an airtight jar, in a dry, cool place.

A Little Humor for Your Day – The Joy of Coffee

The Joy of Coffee

 by Anon

Caffeine is my shepherd; I shall not doze.

It maketh me to wake in green pastures: it leadeth me beyond the sleeping masses.

It restoreth my buzz: it leadeth me in the paths of consciousness for its name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of addiction, I will fear no Equal ™: for thou art with me; thy cream and thy sugar they comfort me.

Thou preparest a carafe before me in the prescence of Juan Valdez: thou anointest my day with pep; my mug runneth over.

Surely richness and taste shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the House of Maxwell forever.


Carry A Piece of Good Fortune With You Throughout the Year – Money Talisman

Book & Candle Comments

Money Talisman

Items you will need:

Five pumpkinseeds

Three cinnamon sticks

One dollar bill

Green cloth

Green candle

Cinnamon or basil oil

Green ribbon

On a Friday during the Waxing moon, assemble all your items at dusks. Take the candle and rub (prosperity, basil or cinnamon) oil into it while focusing on your bills and debts being paid, see them being paid, picture yourself writing checks and smiling all the way to the bank. Light the candle and take the green cloth, add the pumpkinseeds. Cinnamon sticks, and the dollar bill and fold three times, tie with ribbon. Chant while you work and focus on money coming toward you.

“Dollar bill, work your will.

Pumpkinseeds do you deeds.

Cinnamon sticks, do the trick

Bring needed money & bring it quick.”

Repeat three times burn candle for nine minutes.

Keep talisman in your wallet or purse, and bills to be paid. Expect money to come know it will and it shall.