Spice Bags for Warm Winter Drinks

Spice Bags for Warm Winter Drinks


8 sticks cinnamon, broken into small pieces

2 whole nutmegs, crushed

1/3 cup whole cloves

1/3 cup minced dried orange peel (or 1/4 cup ground)

1/4 cup whole allspice berries

optional: garnish with cinnamon sticks,

slice of orange, lemon peel

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Tie in sachets of 1 tablespoon each in a double thickness of cheesecloth; transfer to an airtight container. One sachet of the mixture will flavor 1 quart of cider, tea or wine.

To use, simmer 1 quart of the chosen beverage with 1 sachet for 20 minutes; ladle into mugs. If desired, add a garnish or a sprinkling of additional spirits.