Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Sweet and Strong Love Potion

Makes two servings.

Eight ounces of chilled papaya juice, two apricots, peeled, pits removed, one-quarter cup of nonfat milk, one cup of vanilla ice cream, one cup of orange sherbet, and one banana.

Add all the ingredients to the blender. With each ingredient you add, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong, Blessed Be!

Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. As you sip the potion with your beloved, repeat:

Our love is sweet, our love is strong,

Blessed Be!

Wishing With The Power Of Eight

Wishing With The Power Of Eight

This spell works best at midnight.

Say your name loud and clear, while in full view of the moon. Say your name eight times in total.

Then say your wish, nice and clear. And be very specific. Like don’t say, ‘I wish I fit in more.’ You might become a fish, fitting in with all of these other fish, in the middle of the ocean. After you say your very specific wish, say your name again eight times. Imagine your wish coming true, and you being very happy.

Also, don’t wish to be twenty pounds lighter, if you’re going to eat twenty gallons of ice cream a day.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 7 – Hey, It’s ‘National Chocolate Ice Cream Day’

Today’s rich and creamy energies come courtesy of ‘National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.’ While it’s not known who exactly invented ice cream, the credit sometimes goes to Macedonian king Alexander the Great. In fact, there was a chilled jellied dessert called macedoine that now serves as the original recipe. Marco Polo brought a recipe for a sherbet-like delight to Italy upon his return from Asia. According to Feng Shui, the different flavors of ice cream can determine the magical effect it can have on whoever eats it. For example, blueberry ice cream is believed to bestow protection from things that go bump in the night. Butter pecan is thought to bring money, while cherry vanilla is said to attract sweet love. But only chocolate ice cream can flavor your life with love, money and protective powers. Sometime today, indulge in a big bowl of powerful protection, delicious abundance and yummy love. If you want a little more of that last one, remember to put a cherry on top! Now that’s some just desserts!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Happy, Wonderful, Fantastic and Blessed Monday to you, dear friends!

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It’s my birthday, huh ha! It’s my birthday, huh ha! Did ya’ hear it’s my birthday, huh ha! I can hear the roar of the crowd now. Thank you! Thank you for that rousing round of applause! I am so full of it today, I can smell myself, lmao! I have been up since about 2:30 this morning. I guess I was excited to open all those birthday presents. Then have cake and ice cream, yeah right! What cloud am I on? I don’t know why I just haven’t been sleeping good recently. I think it has to do with that damn motion detector hubby fixed right outside the bedroom window. I start drifting off to sleep and I can sense the damn thing turn on. Sure enough, I wake up and it is on. Hubby decided to put the bulbs back in the thing. I hate to tell him, I was the one that knocked them out with the baseball bat. Don’t think I am terrible or anything but after a while you have to do something? Anything, you need your sleep!

With a toothpick holding up my eyelids, I am off to do the dailys!

Have a great one, dears!

Lady A