Smell Good Tea Hair Rinse

Smell Good Tea Hair Rinse

Boil two cups of water on the stove, in a small pot. Add two of your favorite tea bags and turn burner to low, the lowest setting you can put it on, allowing tea to steep for at least a half hour. Remove tea bags and make sure that the water is still warm…but not hot! You don’t want to get burned. In the shower or over your sink, slowly pour the water right from the pot over your hair, massaging scalp as you do so. Allow the tea bags to dry and then tear the packets open, using the tea in your potpourri or in your compost!



1 pinch of rosemary

2 teaspoons of black ordinary breakfast tea

3 pinches thyme

3 pinches nutmeg

3 fresh mint leaves

6 fresh rose petals

6 lemon leaves

3 cups pure spring water

Sugar to taste Honey


To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon.

Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle.
Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle.
Sweetenwith sugar and honey, if desired.
Before drinking, recite this magical rhyme:

THIS TEA TO MAKE [lover’s name] DESIRE ME.

Drink some of the tea and say:

LET [lover’s name] DESIRE ME!

On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to
the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.

Kitchen Cures

Kitchen Cures

By Carole Pagan

Whenever I have any sort of ache, pain, illness, or other ailment – I look to see if I can fix the problem with something in my kitchen.

Why would I do that?

For a lot of reasons really.

* I hate making an extra trip to the store.

* Drugs are expensive. Even the over the counter stuff. We get sick so rarely, I hate buying stuff that’s just going to sit in the cabinet.

* Drugs are chemicals, and many times have a side effect that you don’t want.

You have to eat anyway – why not eat foods that will help solve your problem?

Say you’re coming down with a cold – you’ll want to eat more fruit, drink orange juice, eat salad and chicken soup, drink green tea, take an extra vitamin C, and get a good nights sleep, right?

What’s the first thing you do when you feel like you’re getting a kidney infection? Drink cranberry juice, right?

How about when you have diarrhea? You eat bananas, right?

If you have a headache, the first question you ask yourself is “When did I eat last?” (Actually you should try a glass of water first. You might just be dehydrated.)

We do this stuff all the time, don’t we? But did you know that you can solve most of your health problems with food?

I woke up this morning feeling like I have a bit of tendinitis. I know that’s an inflammation, so I go and look up foods to eat to help prevent disease.

“Foods that act as an anti-inflammatory

Apples, blueberries, cloves, cranberries, curry, ginger, honey, lemon, mustard, onion, pineapple, raspberries, turmeric, black tea, green tea, red wine.”

Aspirin is also an anti-inflammatory, as well as a pain reliever – so if it gets worse I will take a couple aspirins. I also know that I want to stay away from foods that can actually cause inflammation like milk and whole wheat.

You can eat foods to help your asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases and ailments. Now, I’m not saying to quit taking your medications. I am saying that when you eat the right foods, in time your doctor may be able to decrease your prescriptions. The worst that can happen is you’ll just feel better. The best that can happen? You’ll not only feel great, but you’ll save thousands of dollars too.

Today’s Goddess: Kwan Yin


By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Today’s Goddess:  Kwan Yin

Festival of the Goddess of Mercy (China/Japan)
Themes:  Children; Kindness; Magic; Health; Fertility
Symbols:  Lotus; Black Tea; Rice; Rainbow
About Kwan Yin:  Kwan Yin is the most beloved of all Eastern goddess figures, giving freely of her unending sympathy, fertility, health, and magical insight to all who ask.  It is her sacred duty to relieve suffering and encourage enlightenment among humans.  In Eastern mythology, a rainbow bore Kwan Yin to heaven in human form.  Her name means “regarder of sounds,”  meaning she hears the cries and prayers of the world.
To Do Today:  If you hope to have children or wish to invoke Kwan Yin’s blessing and protection on the young ones in your life, you can follow Eastern custom and leave an offering for Kwan Yin of sweet cakes, lotus incense, fresh fruit, and/or flowers.  If you can’t find lotus incense, look for lotus-shaped soaps at novelty or import shops.
For literal or figurative fertility, try making this Kwan Yin talisman:  During a waxing-to-full moon, take a pinch of Black Tea and a pinch of rice and put them in a yellow cloth, saying,
As a little tea makes a full cup, so may my life be full.
As the rice expands in warm water, so may my heart expand with love and warmth.
The fertility of Kwan Yin, wrapped neatly within.
Tie this up and keep it in a spot that corresponds to the type of fertility you want (such as the bedroom for physical fertility).