Magickal Activity for April 5 – Shrine for Kwan Yin

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 Kwan Yin Shine


Items Needed:

A small table or corner shelf covered with a white cloth
A small white or crystal vase filled with water (to represent Kwan Yin’s dew pot)
Sea shell
One white flower
A bowl of water
One white flower-shaped floating candle
A picture or statue of Kwan Yin
Sandalwood joss sticks and holder

Place the statue at the back of the shelf or table. Set the vase and the incense holder in the right-front of the statue (or picture). Put the floating candle, flower, and sea shell in the bowl. Set this in front of the statue (or picture). In your own words, ask Kwan Yin to bless you and those you love with good health, good fortune, and compassion. Light the floating candle, and recite her benediction:

Grant me light that I shall know,
The wisdom thou alone can give;
That truth shall guide all that I do,
And virtue bless the way I live.
O grant me light that I shall learn,
How empty is life from thee apart.
But, how sure is joy when I return,
To thee with an open heart.

It is appropriate to allow the candle and incense to burn out. You may repeat Kwan Yin’s simple ceremony whenever you feel the need for her blessings.

Exorcism Spell (1)

Exorcism Spell (1)

1. Use intensive cleansing methods to purify the area.

2. In addition to whichever methods are employed ring bells, cymbals and sistra loudly.

3. Invoke benevolent protective spirits, like Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin and/or Isis.

4. Draw up talismans of protection.

5. Summon the demons, demanding that they come forward and depart.

6. Observe for signs of departure. Dramatic spirits will let you know they’ve gone. Otherwise use divination techniques to determine whether your methods have been effective or, if not, what further action should be taken.

7. If you’re sure they’ve departed burn the talismans.

8. Mix a teaspoon of the ashes into cooled boiled spring water. Have the person drink it.

9. Close the ceremony.


*Spell removed from old Yuku group. If you know the author, please let us know. We will then give credit where credit is due.*

Today’s Quiz: Your Guiding Goddess for 2014

Quiz: Your Guiding Goddess for 2014

Which face of the Divine Feminine is by your side in this year, urging  and encouraging you to be the person you are meant to be? Take this quick quiz  to see which goddess is your guide:

Which statement is TRUE for you?

1. This year, what I long for MOST is freedom.

2. This year, what I long for MOST is a fresh start.

3. This year, what I long for MOST is love.

4. This year, what I long for MOST is to be healed.

5. This year, what I long for MOST is wisdom and learning.

6. This year, what I long for MOST is creativity.

If you answered TRUE to 1, ARTEMIS is your goddess. To the ancient Greeks,  this goddess was a feisty, wild woods-dweller, in tune with nature and animals.  Artemis encourages us to connect with the outdoors, with animals, and with our  own fiercely independent spirits.

If you answered TRUE to 2, KALI is your goddess. This Hindu deity is the one  to call if something in your life needs to go in order to make room for  something new. Kali destroys what is stale so that new life can come in.

If you answered TRUE to 3, VENUS is your goddess. If love relationships or  the longing for love are paramount for you this year, the Roman goddess Venus  can help you to open your heart.

If you answered TRUE to 4, KWAN YIN is your goddess. This Asian bodhisattva  is the most prayed-to deity on earth. Kwan Yin reminds us that the healing power  of her understanding and compassion are always available to you.

If you answered TRUE to 5, ATHENA is your goddess. The ancient Greek goddess  of wisdom and learning is often shown companioned by an owl, the traditional  wisdom-bird to many. If you desire deep wisdom or want to do well in some course  of study, Athena will help you to clear your mind.

If you answered TRUE to 6, BRIGID is your goddess. This fiery Celtic goddess  of poetry and crafting (among other things) is a great help in unlocking your  creative potential.

You might want to do a little research on your goddess, and then find images  or statues of her to remind you of her help and guidance as you follow your path  throughout the year.

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Today’s Goddess: Kwan Yin


By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Today’s Goddess:  Kwan Yin

Festival of the Goddess of Mercy (China/Japan)
Themes:  Children; Kindness; Magic; Health; Fertility
Symbols:  Lotus; Black Tea; Rice; Rainbow
About Kwan Yin:  Kwan Yin is the most beloved of all Eastern goddess figures, giving freely of her unending sympathy, fertility, health, and magical insight to all who ask.  It is her sacred duty to relieve suffering and encourage enlightenment among humans.  In Eastern mythology, a rainbow bore Kwan Yin to heaven in human form.  Her name means “regarder of sounds,”  meaning she hears the cries and prayers of the world.
To Do Today:  If you hope to have children or wish to invoke Kwan Yin’s blessing and protection on the young ones in your life, you can follow Eastern custom and leave an offering for Kwan Yin of sweet cakes, lotus incense, fresh fruit, and/or flowers.  If you can’t find lotus incense, look for lotus-shaped soaps at novelty or import shops.
For literal or figurative fertility, try making this Kwan Yin talisman:  During a waxing-to-full moon, take a pinch of Black Tea and a pinch of rice and put them in a yellow cloth, saying,
As a little tea makes a full cup, so may my life be full.
As the rice expands in warm water, so may my heart expand with love and warmth.
The fertility of Kwan Yin, wrapped neatly within.
Tie this up and keep it in a spot that corresponds to the type of fertility you want (such as the bedroom for physical fertility).