Magickal Activity for April 5 – Shrine for Kwan Yin

Book & Candle Comments

 Kwan Yin Shine


Items Needed:

A small table or corner shelf covered with a white cloth
A small white or crystal vase filled with water (to represent Kwan Yin’s dew pot)
Sea shell
One white flower
A bowl of water
One white flower-shaped floating candle
A picture or statue of Kwan Yin
Sandalwood joss sticks and holder

Place the statue at the back of the shelf or table. Set the vase and the incense holder in the right-front of the statue (or picture). Put the floating candle, flower, and sea shell in the bowl. Set this in front of the statue (or picture). In your own words, ask Kwan Yin to bless you and those you love with good health, good fortune, and compassion. Light the floating candle, and recite her benediction:

Grant me light that I shall know,
The wisdom thou alone can give;
That truth shall guide all that I do,
And virtue bless the way I live.
O grant me light that I shall learn,
How empty is life from thee apart.
But, how sure is joy when I return,
To thee with an open heart.

It is appropriate to allow the candle and incense to burn out. You may repeat Kwan Yin’s simple ceremony whenever you feel the need for her blessings.