Site Is Currently Down for Maintenance, But Please Read…



Good Thursday Morning, dear family & friends! I hope everyone is having a super Thursday. Wow! This week has flown by, or at least to me it has. I apologize for doing maintenance on the site during the week day but I don’t want it to get any further behind. If we have new visitors to the site and they see that it is not updated, they will probably think that the site is not active. Which is furthest from the truth.  I have a new background, graphics and information to put up. It will take about two or three hours to do. I am sure you will love it when I am through with it. I am getting rid of all the flowers and everything. Now that Spring has sprung, I think it is way too much, lol! Funny, how your mood changes with the seasons! To make up for today, we will be publishing this weekend for you. So you will have something to read for Saturday & Sunday.

One more thing and I have got to get to work……We are going to open up a new site. It will be linked to this site, sort of a branch to the WOTC.  We have found someone with a ton of old Witchcraft documents dating back to the 1300’s.  And they are more than happy to share these documents with us. The site will be a library of Witchcraft documentation. It will take you from the beginning of Witchcraft to the end of the persecution of Witches and the Craft. I have read some of the documents, especially the ones pertaining to the creation, very interesting. Some of the documents, you might enjoy, others you might not. But the point of opening this site, is to establish ourselves and our claim to history. I have run across sites that say the Burning Times was hogwash. It is time we document our history and do it in a public place. We will now have proof of what happened and also validate us as an actual Religion. I am hoping with this validation, we will sky-rocket into mainstream.  The site will be open shortly. When it is, you will see a banner on our site that links to it. So check it out.

I lied, there is one more thing I want to talk to you about…..The ones that have followed us for a while know that one of our missions is to bring Witchcraft back to the mainstream Religions. I have always said that eventually we will get there. And as long as I live I will always push for that to happen. But it takes all of  us for this to happen. So if you have family, friends or anyone else that you know that is a witch or at least curious, mention our site. We have to grow in numbers. We all have to do our part to spread our message. We owe it to our Ancestors to continue their work. It makes me sick to think back to the very beginning. When we all worshipped as one, then we were turned into something sinister.  It was all due to greed, money and power wanted by others, we were classified as devil worshippers and baby killers. It is our time to turn our history around. To set the record straight. As I said before we know our history and we should be the one to write it. NO ONE ELSE! I figure with this new site, perhaps some eyes might be open to us and our history. Because it will be actually discovered that we were unfairly demonized. But to accomplish everything we need to, we need your help. So please, spread the word about the site. Remember it is now available in any language you speak.  Help us out, please!

Now one more thing, lol, just kidding! I am going to run or else I will never get anything done. I hope everyone has a super Thursday. We will see you tomorrow.

Love ya,

Lady A