Goddess Of The Day: SARASVATI

Goddess Of The Day: SARASVATI

Festival of Sarasvati (India)

Themes: Learning; Wisdom; Communication
Symbols: White Flowers (especially Lotus); Marigolds; Swans

About Sarasvati:

A Hindu goddess of eloquence and intelligence, Sarasvati extends a refreshing drink from her well of knowledge to complete the month with aptitude. In Hindu tradition, Sarasvati invented all sciences, arts, and writing. In works of art she is depicted as white-skinned and graceful, riding on a swan or sitting on an open lotus blossom.

To Do Today:Today is an excellent time to embark on any course of study or to reinforce your learning in a specific area. In Hindu tradition, Sarasvati’s festival is held on or around this date. During the celebration, students gather in the Katmandu Valley (Nepal) bearing gifts for the goddess, who visits here today. Traditional offerings at the temples include lotus and marigold blossoms and incense, while students bring pens or books to invoke Sarasvati’s aid with their studies. Adapting this a bit, try dabbing your personal tools or educational books with a little lotus oil, and burn any sweet-scented incense to improve your awareness (rosemary is a good choice).

To generate Sarasvati’s assistance in matters of communication, find a white flower and remove its petals. Place these in any moving water source, saying:

Sarasvati, let my words bear gentle beauty and truth,
falling gently on other’s ears, even as these petals to the water.

Let the water (which also represents this goddess) carry your wish.

By Patricia Telesco


Goddess OF The Day: MIELIKKI

Goddess OF The Day: MIELIKKI

Tyvendedagen (Norway)

Themes: Change; Providence
Symbols: Bear; Grain; Woodland Plants

About Miellikki: The Finnish Goddess of game, hunting, and the forest,
Mielikki protects our resources during the remaining cold season by
keeping the pantry filled. As the Goddess of abundant grain, she also
encourages the return of fertility to the earth.
To Do Today: Go into your kitchen and get a small handful of any
grain-based cereal. Take this outside and release a pinch of it to the
earth, saying,
Mielikki, see this grain and bless, return to earth in fruitfulness.
Hear the prayer that fills my heart; to my home, providence impart.
Take the remaining pinch back in the house and store it in an airtight
container, symbolically preserving your resources.
Tyvendedagen means “twentieth day after Christmas.” In Norway, today
marks the official end of the Yule season. It’s celebrated with races,
sleigh rides and the storage of ornaments and by burning the Christmas
tree to drive away winter. So, when you dismantle your Yule tree, keep a
jar full of its needles handy. Burn these throughout the year to banish
frosty feelings or to warm up a chilly relationship. The pine smoke,
being from a woodland tree, also draws Mielikki’s attention to any
pressing needs you may have.
By Patricia Telesco

Today’s Goddess: BANBA

Today’s Goddess: BANBA

Burning of the Clavie (Scotland)
Theme: Protection
Symbol: Soil
About Banba: A Celtic War Goddess, Banba extends safety to those who follow her, wilding magic in their support. In Irish
tradition, she protected the land from invaders. As a reward for her sorcery’s assistance. Banba’s name became linked with
ancient poetic designations for parts of Ireland. Interestingly enough, Baba translates as “unplowed land,”
meaning it is left safe and untouched to grow fertile.
To Do Today: Considering crime and other societal problems, a little extra protection from Banba seems like something we
could all use year-round. Think of your home and possessions as the “land” she guards. Gather a pinch of dirt from near your residence, take it inside, and keep it in a special spot. Light a candle (white is good) near this anytime you feel you need
Banba’s diligent sheltering.
On this day the Scots burn a pole attached to a barrel of tar (a Clavie) and take it around town to banish evil influences,
especially magical ones. The Clavie’s remaining ashes are gathered by people as an anticurse amulet. In keeping with this
custom, burn a small bit of wood (perhaps oak) on a safe fire source. As it burns, recite this incantation:
“Banba, burn away negativity, burn away malintent.
Let the energy return from where it was sent.”
Keep the ashes as an anti-negativity talisman.
By Patricia Telesco

Goddess Of The Day: ARACHNE

Goddess Of The Day: ARACHNE
Saint Distaff’s Day (Europe)

Themes: Work; Weaving Destiny

Symbols: Web; Spinning Wheel; Needle

About Arachne:

Arachne, the Greek Spider goddess, inspires positive changes in your destiny for the new year. Legend tells us that Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest and won. In anger, Athena destroyed the girl’s tapestry. Arachne, grief-stricken, took her destiny in hand and turned herself into a spider, but she continues to use her weaving talents to spin and pattern the lives of mortals.To Do Today:

According to lore, Saint Distaff, the patroness of weaving, was a fictional persona made up to mark the resumption of normal activity after the holidays. Instead of this imaginary figure, we turn to Arachne to help us take the strands of our fate in hand and begin weaving a year filled with goddess energy.To direct your spiritual focus toward the goddess, wear something woven today, or display it proudly. If you have no such items, braid together three strands of thread or yarn saying:

Arachne, bless this magick braid, so on you my mind is staid.

Carry this as a charm to keep your thoughts and actions goddess-centered.

Finally, mend any work clothes in need of repairs to improve your job standing. As you make the final knot in a button or hem, bind the magick by saying:

This tread I wind, the magick bind.

Visualize your professional goals as you work.

By Patricia Telesco

Deity of the Day for Jan. 5 – BEFANA


Befana Fair (Italy)
Themes: Overcoming Evil; Wisdom
Symbols: Broom; Horns; Hag Poppets
About Befana: Befana is the Italian crone goddess. Call on her for wisdom and guidance through the other eleven months of the year. Because she has lived a long life, her astute insight will serve you well. Today is her festival day in Italy, celebrated with horns, noise makers, songs, and music. These loud sounds drive out evil and mark the passage of winter’s darkness out of the region.
To Do Today: Have any children in your life follow the Italian tradition of leaving Befana a broom to fly on and a gift basket. According to legend, Befana rewards this kindness with little gifts in stockings much like Santa Claus.
Find a “kitchen witch” at a gift shop and hang it up near the hearth to welcome Befana’s wisdom into your home.
Or, take a broom clockwise around your house, sweeping inward toward a central spot to gather her beneficent energies.
To protect your home for the rest of the year, use a kazoo or other noise maker (pots with wooden spoons work well). Go into each room and make a loud racket saying,
All evil fear! Befana is here! Away, away, only goodness may stay.
If your schedule allows, make a poppet that looks like an old woman. Fill it with dried garlic, pearl onions, and any other herbs you associate with safety. Keep this near the stove or hearth to invoke Befana’s ongoing protection.
By Patricia Telesco

Goddess Of The Day for Jan. 3rd: Callisto




Themes: Instinct; Protection; Flexibility


Symbols: A Bear; a Willow Branch; the Constellation Ursa Major


About Callisto:

Appearing sometimes as a she-bear guarding her cubs, the Greek goddess Callisto reinspires the natural instincts with which we have lost touch and illustrates the intensity of maternal love. Her other name is Helic, which means “to turn” or “willow branch”; she thus has the power to help with personal transformations. In mythology, Callisto became Ursa Major while pregnant with Zeus’s child. Artemis changed her into a bear, along with her son, who became Ursa Minor.

To Do Today:

In Korea, the festival of Chilsong-je begins at midnight with an offering of white rice and water to the seven stars (Ursa Major). This gift ensures Callisto’s assistance when needed throughout the coming months. If you can’t stay up till midnight, just leave the rice and water in a special spot before you go to bed.

From her celestial home, Callisto stands ready to protect us in the new year and provide us with adaptability as a coping mechanism. To encourage this, carry a silver or white stone bear, or a piece of dried willow wood. Bless this token, saying:

Callisto, release in me the power of flexibility.
Where’er I carry this little charm, keep me ever safe from harm.

If these tokens aren’t handy, you can substitute any white or silver item, or a hand-drawn picture of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).


By Patricia Telesco


Goddess Of The Day: BENTEN


Goddess Of The Day: BENTEN


Shigato Hajime (Japan)


Themes: Luck; Wealth; Beauty


Symbols: Boats; Dragons; Guitars; Snakes; Saltwater


About Benten:

As the Japanese goddess steering the New Year’s Treasure Ship, Benten is a perfect figure to call on for financial improvements this year. She is the only goddess of luck in Japan and is referred to as queen of the seas and patroness of gamblers.

Japanese women invoke her to bring beauty and fortune into their lives. Benten is depicted as riding a golden dragon, playing a biwa (guitar), and sending out white snakes with her missies. Her robe bears a jewel that grants wishes.


To Do Today:

To welcome Benten’s prosperity into your home, sprinkle a little saltwater on the threshold today. Or, to generate beauty within and without, soak in a bath of Epsom salts while listening to guitar music. The Shigato Hajime festival honors the beginning of the work week

in Japan, where it is believed that good omens for work begin today. If you want to get a peek at how your employment will fare this year, try divination by dice (a traditional gambler’s tool). Hold one die in your hand, ask for Benten to provide a sign, then roll it. The results can be interpreted as follows:


(1) a negative omen; (2) feeling torn between two good options; (3) a good omen; (4) financial security (5) not much material change, but improvements in interoffice relationships (6) an excellent omen; roll again. If you get two more sixes, Benten’s treasures will be yours!


By Patricia Telesco

Goddess Of The Day: IRIS


Goddess Of The Day: IRIS

Halcyon Days (Greece)

Themes: Winter; Peace; Protection; Air; Meditation; Promises; Beginnings

Symbols: Rainbow; Water

About Iris:

This Greek messenger to the gods traverse between earth and heavens, appearing as a winged maiden on a shining, hopeful rainbow. In this form she represents the calm after the storm – the end of the year’s activities and the advent of a new beginning. Traditional offerings to her include figs, cakes, wheat, and honey. In some stories it was Iris’s job to gather water from the underworld for use in taking sacred oaths.


To Do Today

The word halcyon comes from a legendary bird that builds its nest on the ocean in the winter, sedating the winds with its song to safeguard its young. Thus, the week before and after the winter solstice are said to bear both the halcyon’s and Iris’s calm ambiance and hopeful demeanor.

To inspire an improved outlook, find a rainbow sun catcher and put it in a window today so that Iris’s radiance can fill your home. Get an extra one for your car (or maybe a rainbow-colored air-freshener). so you can keep the energy with you throughout the day.

For another aromatic approach, open a window briefly today and let Iris fly on the wings of change and refreshment. Burn some violet or lavendar incense as you do. These two aromatics accentuate this goddess’s vibration.


By Patricia Telesco


Goddess Of The Day: THALIA


Goddess Of The Day: THALIA

Feast of Fools (Europe)

Themes: Humor; Festivity; Recreation

Symbols: Party Decorations

About Thalia:

Among the Greek muses, Thalia is the goddess of festivity and humor. She inspires today’s celebration with unbridled revelry and joyfulness to round out the year on a playful, upbeat note.

To Do Today:

During the Middle Ages, around this time of year, a mock religious ritual took place, much like the impious Saturnalia. Normal roles were often reversed, and reverence went by the wayside, replaced by fun and pleasure.

I see no reason not to follow the example of our ancestors and give ourselves time to frolic a bit today. Do something that energizes you, inspires you, or makes you laugh out loud. For example, throw yourself a party complete with silly decorations and hats. Watch your favorite comedy flicks with folks who make you feel good, and generally let Thalia live through (and in )in your pleasure.

To keep Thalia’s playful, enthusiastic energy with you, bless an amethyst ( for joy and luck), saying,

Thalia, inspire my humor and muse;
throughout my life, joy diffuse.
Carry this with you anytime you feel your sense of humor waning.


By Patricia Telesco


Goddess Of The Day: ODUDUA


Goddess Of The Day: ODUDUA

Kwanza (African-American)

Themes: Kinship; Unity; Devotion; Creativity; Community; Love; Fertility

Symbols: Black Items

About Odudua:

In the beginning, Odudua created the earth and its people. In Yoruban tradition, she presides over all matters of fertility, love, and community. Her sacred color is black.

To Do Today:

This African American festival celebrates family unity and the black culture. It is also a harvest festival whose name means “first fruits.” Every day of the celebration focuses on important themes including Odudua’s harmony, determination, community responsibility, purpose, creativity, and faith.

One lovely tradition easily adapted is that of candle lighting. Each day of the festival, light one red, green, or black candle (the colors of Africa). Name the candle after one of Odudua’s attributes you wish to develop (try to choose the color that most closely corresponds to your goal). Igniting it gives energy and visual manifestation to that principle. Also try to keep one black candle lit ( in a safe container) to honor the goddess’s presence during this time.

To inspire Odudua’s peaceful love in your heart and life today, wear something black. This will absorb the negativity around you and put it to rest.

By Patricia Telesco

Goddess Of The Day: Hexe

Goddess Of The Day: Hexe

Saint Hildegard Dies


Themes: Health, Banishing:Magic

Symbols: Healing Herbs and Charms


About Hexe: This ancient Germanic witch’s goddess rules over health, banishing curses and teaching

people the effective use of spells, charms and other mystical procedure for improving well being, Thus

we come by the old phrase “hex doctor”.


To Do Today: Living in the 1100’s St Hildegard was a renowned Benedictine nun living in Bingen and

ministering to people with herbal preparations received in visions. Many of these had magical overtone,

perhaps guided by Hexe’s influence. In any case, today’s theme is learning the art of weaving, “Hexes”

for physical, mental and spiritual health.


On the physical level take a natural object like a cut potato and rub it against an inflicted area. Bury the

potato to “bury” the malady and decompose it. Or carry a jet stone to absorb the problem, then cleanse

the rock in saltwater to wash the bas energy away. For mental well being, enjoy a soothing cup of mint

tea stirred countercockwise so tensions and negativity will wane. Or, carry a flourite stone with you

throughout the day to strengthen your mental powers. For spiritual health, sprinkle nutmeg-laden water

clockwise throughout your aura to empower your physic self. Or, carry a lapis or amethyst stone to draw

goddess centered thinking and action into your day.



By Patricia Telesco

Today’s Goddess:Yellow Woman

Today’s Goddess:Yellow Woman

Tesuque Feast (Southeastern US)
Themes: Nature, Providence, Animals
Symbols: Yellow Items, Green Items, Embroidered Items
About Yellow Woman: This Pueblo Goddess if magic, agriculture and the hunt is also the heroine of many local
stories having taught humans important sacred ceremonies. Today she helps us remember these rituals and reintegrate
them into our live.
Art depicts Yellow Woman wearing an embroidered blanket dress, a green mask (revealing her connection to nature)
and a white mantle. Sometimes she appears as a corn Goddess and other times as a witch, bear or ogress.
To Do Today: This is the time of the Buffalo Dance, which honors nature and mimes, an ancient hunting ritual thought
to ensure a successful hunt. This dance is a type of sympathetic magic that also appeases the souls of the animals
about to be captured. For our purposes, this equates to a kind of ritual mime in which we enact our hopes as realized,
asking Yellow Woman to guide our movements so they will manifest in magic. For example, to improve self love give
yourself a hug so you receive that energy. For relationships, open your arms wide so they await the right person
(figuratively receiving a “good catch”, which is in Yellow Woman’s dominion too!)
To improve your awareness of the significance of ritual, eat corn today and wear yellow, white and/or green clothing.
Embroidered items also please this Goddess.
By Patricia Telesco

Today’s Goddess: Diana

Today’s Goddess: Diana

Festival of Diana (Rome)
Themes: Fertility; Children; Providence; Abundance; Harvest
Symbols: Moon; Water; Forest Items; Sun
About Diana: This Roman goddess embodies the moon’s fertility and watery aspects,
along with the sun’s protective and nurturing power over the forests and its creatures.
On this day she was celebrated in Rome, and she will be remembered in our hearts
as the huntress who helps us capture the spiritual “food” we need.
To Do Today: Starting on August 13, the Romans had a weeklong festival for Diana,
praying to her for the harvest’s bounty, and to turn damaging storms away. The traditional
place to leave an offering of fruit or vines for her is in the forest, or at a crossroads.
As you do, if any stone or leaf catches your eye, pick it up and carry it as a charm
that will keep Diana’s power with you that entire day. Come night, release the gift to
flowing water or back to the earth with a prayer of thanks and a wish for one of Diana’s
attributes that you wish to develop in your life.
It is also customary to light some fire source to honor her on August 15 or anytime during
the festivities. Afterward, to generate this goddess’s physical or figurative fertility within you,
follow Roman convention and wash your hair with specially prepared water (water to which
just a little milk is added so that it looks white, like the moon). If you have children, doing
this for them incurs Diana’s protection over their lives.

By Patricia Telesco~ From “365 Goddess

Today’s Goddess: Minne

Today’s Goddess: Minne

Linden Festival (Germany)
Themes:Protection; Love; Luck; Devotion; Unity
Symbols: Linden Tree; Cup; Beer
About Minne: Minne is a German goddess of love and fertility. Her name–meaning “remembrance”–was applied to a special cup for lovers in this part of the world. The cup was filled with specially prepared beer and raised between two people wishing to deepen their love. This gives Minne a strong association with devotion, unity, and fidelity.
To Do Today: During the second weekend in July, people in Geisenheim, Germany, gather around an ancient Linden Tree (six hundred plus years old) and celebrate the year’s new wine. All aspects of the festival take place beneath the Linden’s branches, which in magic terms represent safety and good fortune. The Linden flowers portray Minne’s spirit, having been used in all manner of love magic! To protect a relationship, two lovers should carry dried Linden flowers with them always.
When making a promise to each other, a couple may drink a wooden goblet of beer today, linking their destinies. Raise the glass to the sky first, saying, “Minne’s love upon our lips, devotion in each sip.”
Drink while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Or, exchange pieces of Linden wood as a magical bonding that invokes Minne’s blessing. If Linden isn’t native to your area, other trees and bushes that promote Minne’s loving qualities include avens, elm, lemon, orange, peach, pear, primrose, rose, and willow.

By Patricia Telesco

Today’s Goddess: Securita Lemuria (Rome)

Today’s Goddess:  Securita

Lemuria (Rome)


 Themes:  Protection; Ghosts; Grounding


Symbols:  Amulets and Protective Sigils




About Securita:  As the name implies, Securita is a protective Goddess who watches over not only individuals in need but also entire empires.  In the true spirit of security, she also actively promotes stability and firm foundations in our lives.




To Do Today:  In ancient Rome, lemures were considered to be the ghosts of family members who like to pester the living, if given the chance.  So, in all due prudence, the Romans took time once a year to put ghosts back where they belong and invoke Securita’s protection by tossing beans behind them 9 times.  We can use this symbolism today in banishing any ghosts that linger in our figurative closets.  Just name a handful of beans after your “ghost”, toss them behind you in an open area, and walk away.  This appeases the spirits and leaves the troubles behind you in the past, where they belong.




Today is an excellent day to make Securita amulets for protection against mischievous spirits.  Take any one or all of the following and bind them in a white cloth with red wool: sandalwood, sage, violet, or peach pit.  As you tie the wool, say,




“Securita’s power lies inside.


Where this amulet sits, no ghosts may abide.”




Put the token wherever you need it.  Eating leek soup keeps away spirits, too.


By Patricia Telesco