Today’s Goddess: BANBA

Today’s Goddess: BANBA

Burning of the Clavie (Scotland)
Theme: Protection
Symbol: Soil
About Banba: A Celtic War Goddess, Banba extends safety to those who follow her, wilding magic in their support. In Irish
tradition, she protected the land from invaders. As a reward for her sorcery’s assistance. Banba’s name became linked with
ancient poetic designations for parts of Ireland. Interestingly enough, Baba translates as “unplowed land,”
meaning it is left safe and untouched to grow fertile.
To Do Today: Considering crime and other societal problems, a little extra protection from Banba seems like something we
could all use year-round. Think of your home and possessions as the “land” she guards. Gather a pinch of dirt from near your residence, take it inside, and keep it in a special spot. Light a candle (white is good) near this anytime you feel you need
Banba’s diligent sheltering.
On this day the Scots burn a pole attached to a barrel of tar (a Clavie) and take it around town to banish evil influences,
especially magical ones. The Clavie’s remaining ashes are gathered by people as an anticurse amulet. In keeping with this
custom, burn a small bit of wood (perhaps oak) on a safe fire source. As it burns, recite this incantation:
“Banba, burn away negativity, burn away malintent.
Let the energy return from where it was sent.”
Keep the ashes as an anti-negativity talisman.
By Patricia Telesco

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