View From My Side of the Broomstick

View From My Side of the Broomstick

Author: Keyokwee

I am always amazed and enlightened by the differing views that we all take away from our encounters with each other and Mother Nature herself. We can choose to look at ritual performed in the moonlight in the nude, as a powerful statement, a beautiful sign that there is nothing between yourself and Goddess, or simply cover up. But the choice is yours to do so and no less is thought of you if you choose not to do so.

Also since I am a Crone, I can truly savor a wicked sense of humor when it is delivered with justice! My husband, while pagan, does not go for the “foo-fer-all” of rituals instead preferring to sit on the sidelines and watch (usually mildly amused) . But he does understand and accepts me, as I am when I do my thing.

Now in the Crone aspect of life, I can truly respect Hecate. I am constantly amazed by what she can teach me, including and especially, in preparation for the unexpected in life. And since I’m mainly Irish, Hecate likes to throw a twist of the Murphy’s into my life, to keep me on my toes, and to gently remind me to cover my bases before throwing myself enthusiastically into my worship.

I’m reminded that I must approach Her with extreme caution and Wisdom because she will deliver a lesson that you’re sure never to forget. As Hecate is kind of like the Goddess of the Crones, she respects the fact that one is a Crone and allows some leeway for it. But in my case, She delights in delivering her lessons with a ruthless sense of humor. Case in point…

My husband and I live in a very rural part of Northern CA, and we like our privacy. It’s wonderful to have such freedom with no neighbors in sight. We have an above ground pool that is well used during the summer and we feel we can safely skinny-dip in the pool or pretty much walk au-natural around our house. (Polite people call before barging in!) And I feel quite comfortable in my own skin. So when my younger neighbor topped the hill after crossing the front pasture…I think that he pretty much got what he deserved!

It was a typical end to a very hot day. My husband I took advantage of the near darkness to dip into the delicious coolness of our pool and then climbed out to sit at our patio table. Each had our beverage of choice in hand. Mine was wine; his was beer. We were both caught up in the magic of the stars starting to twinkle overhead and the crickets and tree frogs were starting to turn up the volume on their nightly serenade.

There is something seductive about this time of the evening, especially when you are pagan. It’s one of the two times during the day that light meets dark and embraces. So we have come to expect that anything to happen.

I started humming and swaying and dancing around, caught up in the moment and had just raised my glass in a salute to the Goddess when the applications of Nature were driven home. The ensuing chain of events was a lesson to us all.

For it was at that time that our neighbor chose to walk over the top of the hill. But was that the end of it? Oh! Heck No!

Throw in the Murphy’s Law Applications: One Reubenesque Crone. Darkness falling. A salute to the Goddess with a glassful of wine. A gopher hole. And nine billion mosquitoes that all saw my 40 axe-handle butt shining with more lumens than a full moon reflected in an amusement park Hall of Mirrors!

You can see where this is going, can’t ya?

I was a mosquito posse’s dream come true served up on a smorgasbord! It was truly a sight to behold: A Gen-U-ine Kodak moment! I swear that I heard cackling a split second before everything converged at once. My neighbor got a free shot (Or so he thought) of a fat, drunk, naked middle aged lady who spilled her wine while flailing her arms around, waving at him!

I bet that was a little bit too much information! But on the flip side, I’m a crone and I can appreciate the warped sense of Her dark humor served up with a liberal dose of Justice and Common Sense!

The seductive song of a warm summer’s night was disturbed by the unexpected appearance of a fool! There’s a reason why I am a solitary. May your mind be seared by the shocking sight of a Crone moments before her just desserts are served in Spades! I’m no Barbie Doll, honey…this is the real stuff at 54-gravity served up on steroids!

Well that poor kid must have thought that his eyes and brain just sucked a big one on the un-sweetened Lemon of Truth because the ensuing retreat was felt on the local Richter scale.

And what desserts are those, ya almost forgot to ask?

Never think that you can get away with just a toast. Share or She’ll take it all! And if you toast Her, come with just a little wisdom and be prepared to use some common sense. Burn the incense of citronella or ‘Off ‘coils.

(Friends and neighbors, please call first. That’s the polite thing to do!)

And to the fool drinking the beer: Keep your mouth shut! Never again wince and look at your bottle and say, ”That’s going to leave a mark!” to the retreating form of your neighbor’s back.

In the blink of an eye that song of that summer night was drowned out and replaced by the high pitched whine of the incoming going to Glory! The mosquitoes were everywhere! I quickly started flailing about inside the midst of that cloud, stepped in the gopher hole in the process, and flung my last glass of wine out to the grass.

I left three-quarters of the cloud of mosquitoes there to deal with Mr. Naked Big-Mouth while I hastily retreated to spray myself with ‘Off’. The other quarter of them followed me into the house where they fed on his sorry carcass for the rest of the night because he refused to spray himself down!

So what marks is your sorry butt referring to now? The ones left in the mind of our neighbor, or the ones on your backside? Or on mine. Even my hills and valleys now have hills and valleys. (And have you folks ever sprayed yourself with Off after scratching yourself? There’s a real in-the-now reminder! Humph!)

I still swear I hear Her cackling and snapping Her fingers saying, “ YES! The Goddess is in the house!”

Peace and Blessings, Honey!

Astral Magic: How It Can Improve Your Life

Astral Magic: How It Can Improve Your Life

Author: Nita

There are a few simple methods that anyone who can astral travel can use to improve their life. Astral travel can be used in many different ways to achieve this.

Man has used the astral planes and alternate realities to affect the physical world from the earliest times. Shamans enter astral realms to help, cure and protect people from things they could not see. Shamans can bring elements or parts of alternative realities into existence for short periods of time. The degree of enduring change possible depends upon the Shaman’s skill, how much energy is used, and how big a change is attempted.

Magic can be used to manipulate the unseen forces that are at work in and around your life. Everyone knows what makes him or her happy or unhappy. Many times I have looked at what was going on in my life and wanted to change things. I’m sure you have too. But how do we go about changing things to make life better for us?

The first thing to do is write down what would make you happy and what is causing you problems. The easiest things to work on are things like a new vehicle or material objects to resolve problems.

I once had a car that really was a problem. Every time I started to get ahead, the darn thing broke down and took all my hard-earned money for repairs. I was tired of these recurring problems, but I could not afford another as my current car was doing such a good job of taking all my money.

Finally I decided to use astral magic to get rid of that lemon of a vehicle. I carefully planned out what I was going to do. There is a real time plane when you astral travel. This is the plane most similar to real life. You can form and shape anything you want in the astral plane because it is a fluid environment that is affected by the power of mind.

I astral traveled to the real time plane near my home. I then visualized myself walking out of my house and going to my car. I made sure that the car on the real time plane was different than my present vehicle. I pictured a dependable vehicle; one I could afford that would have me be happy and not take all my money and time fixing it. I did not picture any particular model or make of car. I wanted something that could be pulled into my life easily. Being non-specific about fine details like this makes it easier for life to bring you what you want in a short time. I picked my end result as being happy and unworried about driving my dream car anywhere I wanted to go.

I took my created image and placed it over my present vehicle. I made sure the image kept repeating itself endlessly into the future. I did this by matching the colors and feeling of the energy. I also matched the vibrations and musical notes I received from the image. You can do this by observing things closely in the astral. Everything has colored energy around it. This energy tells you whether it is something good or bad. The pitch of the energy is also a good indicator. The pitch is like the tone you get when you strike a tuning fork. The musical notes of astral energy can form a little tune or medley. If you like the tune and pitch of an astral object’s vibrations and colors, it will usually be good for you in real life. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy should be removed or left alone.

I checked all these things and made sure they felt right for me. I then hooked it all up to my old car. I wanted it to feel like the car I wanted and had created on the real time plane. A week later, I was given a car by a lovely retired couple I hardly knew. They had been sympathetically watching me struggle with my problems. It was an older vehicle but had been well looked after and was dependable. It was just what I wanted. The couple had just received a big settlement and bought a new car. They wanted to do something nice for someone. They had been looking for someone who really needed help and would thus appreciate the gift of their old car.

We can create changes in our physical lives by thinking and doing positive things. This is the power of positive thinking. Bad things and bad luck are caused by discordant energies and negative patterns of thought. These are the underlying causes of bad luck. Unfortunately, many people take bad luck for granted and accept it into their lives, expecting it at every turn. Thinking like this causes you to become stuck in an unhealthy mental pattern where disharmony and a continual stream of problems are manifested in your life. In an astral sense, it could be said you are creating and thus attracting more and more discordant astral colors and tones around you.

Negative astral colors and tones can be cleaned away by positive thinking and regular astral housekeeping. To do this, I perform a simple mental exercise every night before going to bed. This only takes a few minutes.

First I visualize myself going to the real time astral plane. I picture the things I want to have around me or need and visualize them making my life easier. I populate my space with these and hook them over the things in my present space. I feel good colors, vibrations and musical notes replacing those on the physical plane. I see these energies and tones repeating endlessly into the future. I give my own mental image the energies and tones of good health, good luck and happiness. It really does help your life if you do this wholesome practice every day.

When someone you care about is ill or having problems, you can astral project to where they are in the real time plane and help them. You can see the colors and tones of a person’s energy when you are in the astral. It helps if you temporarily change part of your shape when working on a friend or loved one. Extend the length of your arm and fingers and use them to go through your patient’s energy field. Remove any energy that seems wrong or bad and then banish it from the person.

You banish the energy by changing it to a pure white color with different tones. You can also send it to an energy level that will disassemble the negative energy. A high- pitched pure white energy will destroy the components of anything negative. You will find that they do feel better the next time you talk to them. Sometimes they are so used to negative energy that it is drawn back to them. I have found that is because that the inner them feels that is the way it should look in their aura. They have to find the root cause of this and that is where my articles on letting go, forgiving yourself, and finding out if something else could be causing the problems come in handy.

You can repeat this astral cleansing as often as necessary. You can also add pure white or pure light blue energy in a pretty shade to their energy. You can notice the different energy that it creates around them. They will heal quicker and feel better quickly. Cleansing with an electric purple color is akasha flame and will destroy unhealthy and unwholesome energy. You can do all of these methods for yourself or others.

I once had a friend who was really ill. I saw some really strange, discolored spots in her aura. In an effort to help, I astral traveled to her home that night. I again saw the same discolored spots in her aura. I combed these out with my extended astral fingers and removed them. I then filled her aura with bright-blue energy from head to toe. I saw her the next day and she told me she had experienced a burst of energy that morning. Her disorder healed rapidly and I repeated the astral healing each night until I was sure she was healed.

The astral dimension is also the best place to pray and contact God, in any shape or form that a person may worship. The restrictions of the physical planes are removed and you can contact and receive their true essence. You can use this connection to ask forgiveness for anything you might have done wrong, or to ask for help with problems.

You can also thank whatever forces have given you help or assistance. Joining to the principles and virtues of God or the great Now is the best way to resolve any problems and restoring the Good to your life. Your Good is there and waiting for you no matter what mistakes you have made because of the energies of divine love and kindness.

I also use dreams to get advice to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. I ponder and meditate on my problem before sleep and ask for help. I then dream up solutions while I sleep, and know the answers in the morning.

Astral projection can also be used to meditate on the types of energies you would like to bring into your life. A little research will unearth a wealth of symbols, runes for example, each of which has a different meaning. I project out and then visualize and create a doorway. I visualize the most appropriate rune appearing on the door. I have the door attached to a wall, with a doorknob so I can get in and out easily. I walk through the door in my astral body and enter the realm of that symbol.

I ask for help with problems, ask specific questions, or simply ask to learn what I need to know. I feel what energy, vibration and pitch the symbol has, so I can draw it into my life in the real world. I then try and absorb what the experience has taught me, so I will remember and realize it better. This can be an amazing and enlightening experience.

Every symbol has its own realm. If you open yourself to its energies, it brings you into an understanding of the elements it is composed of, and of what can best help you in your life. It also opens you up to the elements involved with that symbol, so never use anything symbolizing something you do not want to experience. Many shamanic type symbols involve birth, death, and rebirth. You can almost duplicate the elements of a near death experience by using them. This gives you a way to review your life and decide what directions you would like to go in and the things you would like to experience. You can also use this to talk to Saints and Angels. You write their name upon the doorway and the symbol of the cross. You can use this for any God or Goddess or Buddha depending upon your beliefs. I feel this method has much to offer for everyone.

You can use the symbol energies in these planes to accomplish the goals they represent. It takes careful research and thinking to pick the symbols that relate best to you, your life and its problems, and your dreams and aspirations. Some of the symbols I have used are the cross, ankh, Buddha, pentacle, and the curved spiral of shamanism.

It is important to erase and remove each doorway you create when you have finished using it. This cleans up your personal space and makes it so you don’t have conflicting symbols that might cause you problems. I suggest keeping a diary of everything that you do, and rating the effect it had upon your life when you used any symbol or method. This helps remind you which symbols you have used, so with hindsight you can link it to the effects it had upon your life at that time.

A good book with meditations and exercises for each rune symbol is “Esoteric Rune Magic” by D. Jason Cooper. The Germanic runes are excellent examples of shamanic symbols. Using these will show what I mean about their different aspects, energies and the effects these can have upon your life.

All these methods are easy to do once you are capable of astral traveling. These practices can make your life easier and richer and prevent problems before they happen. Ignoring problems, or potential problems, will not make them go away. Being aware of your life, working on yourself, thanking the forces that help you and asking for advice can solve far more problems than ignoring them ever will. I believe in taking an active role in my future and helping myself along my life path. I hope that you enjoy and benefit from these methods as much as I have.

Further Reading
“Esoteric Rune Magic” by D. Jason Cooper, 1994, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul MN, USA, ISBN 1-56718-174-0.
“Tree of Life, A Study in Magic” by Israel Regardie, June 1983, Samuel Weiser, ISBN 0877281491.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Author: EarthPriestess

It seems that people in the Pagan world cannot accept that there are many traditions, yet not everyone belongs to one. I want to talk about my path, Eclecticism, and why I believe that Eclecticism is perfectly acceptable.

I have my own doubts and questions of faith and religion and yet now I don’t even know if I have a religion. I am spiritual however and that means the world to me. I don’t even know if I can call myself Wiccan.

People on the Internet have made me feel guilty by calling myself a Wiccan, as I do not follow the Gardenerian or Alexandrian traditions. I follow my completely unique way. I would resent following rules and set beliefs that another human has laid out for me and told me to believe, so when I learn about something I first decide for myself if I believe it.

Because I am currently sixteen, some older Wiccans or Witches can be cynical and say that I am ignorant or naïve or that I am eclectic because I don’t know what to believe.

I do know what to believe. It just so happens to not belong to any one tradition. Like all religions, all traditions have truth in them and so what is wrong in seeking what you believe to be true within each?

SABBATS: Some traditional witches and other traditions are critical of Wiccans, or witches who call themselves ‘eclectic’.

“In the Wiccan wheel of the year, why do you celebrate festivals from all sorts of cultures (Samhain being of Irish origin, and Ostara being German) ?”

My answer to this is: When I first read up about Wicca, I learnt to call the Sabbats by these names. I learnt about the background of the days and what they meant and represent and I believe in those days regardless of their name or origin.

The days themselves are days marked by nature and therefore I worship the day of nature rather than a man-made tradition. I celebrate in the way that I feel best befits it and not necessarily what other people have written to be “the Ritual of Beltane”. I will offer the Earth milk at Imbolc because it will encourage the new Spring life and stands for the milk that the baby animals will suckle.

GOD AND GODDESS: I can be considered eclectic in my choice of God and Goddess. I believe that there is a divine male and female force that ultimately forms into one. However in ritual work, I will call upon different Goddesses from different cultures because each Goddess is a spirit in her own right. If I need help in love, I will call beloved Aphrodite; when I am in need of bravery, I will call on Sekhmet.

Some think this disrespectful and messy saying that I am unable to choose any one culture.

Every Goddess and God is a spirit and in the sense of the Divine I too do not know all the answers. I believe in The God and The Goddess but I believe in as well all the many hundred Gods and Goddesses.

Also the Goddess is no more important than the God. Both are just as important in the act of love and reproduction and creation.

THE WICCAN REDE: “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” A “rede” means advice or guideline and so I uphold this advice and try not to hurt people in any way for a peaceful life, however I do not feel utter guilt on my spirit if I do hurt someone. If someone is hurting someone you love, can you honestly say that you would do nothing?

“Mind the Threefold Law you should, Three times bad and Three times good.” I do believe in karma or the threefold law regardless of whether or not “karma” is a Buddhist philosophy.

INITIATION: I do not believe that you need to be initiated into the craft to be Wiccan or a Witch. Nor do you have to belong to a coven; you can be a solitary witch. If you have been practicing and learning and worshipping the craft for say, twenty years, then how can you not be a witch simply because you haven’t been “formally initiated”? If you have shown your dedication to the Gods and nature, then you have already initiated in their eyes.

I now call myself an ‘Eclectic Witch’ as I have been criticized so much when I call myself Wiccan when I do not follow Gerald Gardner’s ways. Maybe I don’t even have a religion? Just spirituality? To me though, Wicca means “Craft of the Wise” or “Craft of the Witches” and so can I not call myself Wiccan with that definition?

All this nonsense about being a part of one tradition, one religion I think I wrong and unfair. Is there much point in dedicating to one tradition when within it there is a particular practice that you are required to do regardless of whether or not you believe it. How often to humans agree 100% on what another people believes and has said? Even Christians doubt certain aspects of what they are told to believe.

I say follow your own path.

If you believe 100% of what one tradition or religion believes then go for it! Practice away! You are not wrong in what you believe. But if you had the trouble that I had and couldn’t decide — as you agreed and disagreed with what every tradition said — then don’t fret. Be a part of your own. Every path is a path to truth; we all seek the same thing after all!

I felt really confused about who I was when all this trouble over traditions and paths came up. I had to question what it was I actually believed. I do not follow a belief system that is man made exactly, apart from made by myself I suppose. I follow a religion that is the oldest religion known to this Earth. Yet I practice it my way.

I am a Witch. I practice magic, herbs, spells, astronomy and divination; I live by nature. I worship nature and the Earth. I feel the spirit and pulse of life and I love and am one with the God and Goddess.

Who cares what my label is?

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Tears of a Witch

Tears of a Witch

Author: Crick

As I wander through the beloved woods, ever so grounded and connected to Spirit, I begin to think of the fear of witchcraft. Such a fear was started by a religious belief system seeking power and control over others. And through the last two centuries this baseless fear has resonated like a war drum through generations of folks. Folks who dared to walk a path that began with the dawn of humankind have lost their homes, their belongings and in many a case, their very lives.

And so I pause beside a woodland stream, as I wonder why.

Are we not all seekers of the light? Do we not all seek the answers to the Great Mysteries within our own beliefs? Are not all beliefs systems, whether religious and/or spiritual simply a possibility to achieving one’s afterlife goals?

For no religion and/or spiritual path has a definitive answer to what our chosen Deity has in mind as far as the Grand scheme of things. As I watch the rivulets of water wash over this streambed strewn with multi-colored pebbles, I think of how generations of folks have come and gone, much like how each rivulet passes down stream. And yet such misguided beliefs have remained in place like the pebbles cascaded across the bed of this secluded stream. Unmoved though a new generation of water sweeps over them.

And then I begin to think that if we do not have the answers, why one would want to be locked into a strict dogma that filters out any new and fresh ideas about spiritual ascension. Seeking answers to such a grand mystery is an on going process. Choosing to be stagnant in one’s spiritual progression leads me to think that perhaps such a belief system it’s not about spiritual growth to begin with.

And so why the hate mongering and the overwhelming fear?

If one is secure within their beliefs, shouldn’t there be a tendency to at least listen to others even if one chooses not to accept what one hears from others. This is known as communication. But when there is no such open communication, it leads me to wonder from where the insecurities that have spanned so many decades are originating.

For as a witch, I offer no harm to anyone unless it is in self-defense. I seek not to convince others of my beliefs; for such beliefs are a mark of my individuality and are constantly undergoing changes as new revelations becomes available.

Does such institutional fear come from the knowledge that a witch connects with Mother Earth as a way of life? I would ask why those who carry such fear in their hearts do not themselves utilize such a rich resource of knowledge. For such knowledge is there for all.

Witches are chastised and have even been put to death for connecting with the spirit realm, and I wonder why. Do we not all have a spirit within us and will we not all revert to spirit when our time in this realm comes to a close? What is there to fear?

Witches are disavowed for drawing upon the energy that is all about us and manifesting this energy into a tangible result. Do not all religions and/or spiritual beliefs follow similar patterns though they may use different words and actions to initiate such workings? Is not such a divine gift available openly and freely to all who seek such inherent abilities? Does Deity select but one belief system and cater to just those thoughts? Or does Deity transcend such narrow parameters and in fact respond to all who seek regardless of which path they follow?

So why manifest such lies and unfounded hatred?

As this stream in the middle of the woods flows over the bed of pebbles, does it really care if some pebbles are red, or brown, or black? Or does it just want to be free to follow its destiny without a barrier created by humans. Are humans any less worthy of such a freedom within their beliefs?

As I think these thoughts, tears run down my cheeks. As a witch I seek to stay connected with the old ways. Ways that have served humankind for so long. Ways that open doors to those places that are now shrouded in the mists of ignorance. Ways that allow me to utilize introspection in an effort to see my own faults and thus gives me the strength to address them in a positive manner. Are such practices so terrible that they deserve the scorn of so many who do not attempt to try and understand?

As a witch, I too walk about in a state of fear. A fear based upon the realities of our society. There is the fear that I may lose my means of employment, if my spiritual path comes to light. This is an established fear that has come to pass at one point in my life. There is the fear that bodily harm could come to me and my loved ones by those who blindly wallow in ignorance, simply because I choose to believe as an individual. This is yet another bitter experience that has raised its ugly head at one point in my life. And once again, I have to ask why.

Why can we not all accept the fact that we are seekers on the path of life? And as it is with such travelers, no one person has all of the answers.

As I stand here on this cold autumn morning and watch this small stream flow by, I know within my heart that in time this stream will wear down the pebbles that it flows over. And that in time new pebbles will take their place.

As a witch and as a human, I can only hope that such a transition will take place in the river of life and that the fear and the ignorance will in time be worn down as well. I desire that which I wish for others, the right to follow my path without obstructions being placed before me by other humans.

I seek to not judge others nor do I seek to be judged.




Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side
which he never shows to anybody
~Mark Twain~

Moon Passage

Once long ago, humans depended upon the Moon for reckoning time, planting crops and harvesting the sea. It’s phases and it’s path through the sky were matters of concern and interest to all. Today very few people indeed are even aware, beyond a casual glance, of the Moon’s presence. In a sense the lovely silver sphere which sometimes lights our darkness is more mysterious now despite the exploration of its surface. The Moon’s curious forces continue to exert their influence over us and our planet. We and the oceans of Earth still unceasingly respond to the Moon’s magnetic appeal. As a symbol of Mystic significance, appreciated by so many ancient religious expressions, the Moon remains as potent as ever, at least to the poet, the artist and the witch.

Due to the nature of its orbit, the back of the Moon is unseen by viewers on Earth. This lends one more element of mystery to our single satellite. The Moon like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Unlike the sun, its size and shape continually change. Four cycles of approximately seven days each total a lunar month, which forms the basis for our present calendar system. The ancients held that the day began at nightfall, and the custom of celebrating holidays on their eve echoes the old tradition.

The slender crescent appearing soon after dark-of-the-Moon is called, obviously enough, the new Moon. It waxes, grows larger, to the first quarter visible in the sky as a half-Moon. The quarter in this instance refers to the sequence of the four phases. As the Moon waxes, its horns point to the east until it reaches full circle. The waning Moon diminishes in size, horns pointing west, until we see no Moon at all.

The times of rising and setting relate to the phases according to a definite pattern, as recorded in this old country rhyme:

A new Moon rises with the sun,
Its waxing half at midday shows.
The full Moon climbs at sunset hour,
And waning half the midnight knows.

The Witches’ Almanac, Ltd

Controlling Creativity Spell

Controlling Creativity Spell
Here’s a little spell to help you get control of your creativity. Prepare your sacred space as normal, then light two yellow or red candles and call upon your muses. Mix a half cup of sand with three teaspoons vervain in a small bowl. On the sand, focus your intention of being block-free. Suffuse the sand completely with your will. Hold an obsidian stone, ring, or pendant in your cupped hands, seeing it as an empty object ready to absorb the sand’s energy. Bury the obsidian in the sand for three days. Keep the stone with you when working, taking it in hand when you feel a creative lapse.

By: Laurel Reufner

Goddess Of The Day for Jan. 3rd: Callisto




Themes: Instinct; Protection; Flexibility


Symbols: A Bear; a Willow Branch; the Constellation Ursa Major


About Callisto:

Appearing sometimes as a she-bear guarding her cubs, the Greek goddess Callisto reinspires the natural instincts with which we have lost touch and illustrates the intensity of maternal love. Her other name is Helic, which means “to turn” or “willow branch”; she thus has the power to help with personal transformations. In mythology, Callisto became Ursa Major while pregnant with Zeus’s child. Artemis changed her into a bear, along with her son, who became Ursa Minor.

To Do Today:

In Korea, the festival of Chilsong-je begins at midnight with an offering of white rice and water to the seven stars (Ursa Major). This gift ensures Callisto’s assistance when needed throughout the coming months. If you can’t stay up till midnight, just leave the rice and water in a special spot before you go to bed.

From her celestial home, Callisto stands ready to protect us in the new year and provide us with adaptability as a coping mechanism. To encourage this, carry a silver or white stone bear, or a piece of dried willow wood. Bless this token, saying:

Callisto, release in me the power of flexibility.
Where’er I carry this little charm, keep me ever safe from harm.

If these tokens aren’t handy, you can substitute any white or silver item, or a hand-drawn picture of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper).


By Patricia Telesco


Celebrations Around The World Today, Jan. 3rd

Lichtenstein Day of Rest
Tennis Day
Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (1st US-born Saint)
Burma Independence Day
Humiliation Day
Festival of Fufluns (Etruscan God of Wine)
St.Titus’ Day
Martyr’s Day (Zaire)
Flower Basket Day
St. Angela of Foligno’s Day
Myanmar Independence Day
Frost Fair on the Thames (London)
Braille Day
Day to Honor Freyja (Norse)
Get Out Your Boxer Shorts Day
St. Pharaildis’ Day (patron against childhood illness)
Old Christmas Frights (North Carolina)
National Spaghetti Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day for January 3rd

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos!Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2012 January 3
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

A Full Sky Aurora Over Norway
Image Credit & Copyright: Sebastian Voltmer 

Explanation: Higher than the highest building, higher than the highest mountain, higher than the highest airplane, lies the realm of the aurora. Auroras rarely reach below 60 kilometers, and can range up to 1000 kilometers. Aurora light results from energetic electrons and protons striking molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. Frequently, when viewed from space, a complete aurora will appear as a circle around one of the Earth’s magnetic poles. The above wide angle image, horizontally compressed, captured an unexpected auroral display that stretched across the sky one month ago over eastern Norway.

Feng Shui Tip of the Day for January 3rd

You snooze, you lose, especially on this ‘Festival of Sleep Day,’ a time for sharing tips on getting good slumber! First, be sure that the walls of your bedroom are painted in a soft and quiet color so that your sleep can be the same. As well, it’s believed that if you sleep only on all natural cotton sheets you won’t need to count sheep. Some say that polycotton blends are coated with formaldehyde, a known insomnia inducing substance. This next tip is fairly easy to swallow. Drink a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime and add a little honey to ensure sweet, sweet dreams!

By Ellen Whitehurst for

The Meaning of the Number 4

The symbolic meaning of number Four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. Consider the four seasons, four directions, four elements all these amazingly powerful essences wrapped up in the nice square package of Four. Fours represent solidity, calmness, and home. A recurrence of Four in your life may signify the need to get back to your roots, center yourself, or even “plant” yourself. Fours also indicate a need for persistence and endurance.

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

Your Daily Number for January 3rd: 4

Today is all about putting your nose to the grindstone and focusing on routine details. Now is the time to actively manage and organize your affairs, be it business or personal. Opportunity may knock when you least expect it.

Fast Facts

About the Number 4

Theme: Form, Work, Order, Practicality, Discipline
Astro Association: Aries
Tarot Association: Emperor

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for January 3rd is 28: Excessive Pressure

28: Excessive Pressure

Hexagram 28

General Meaning: Something is out of balance. This hexagram points to some pressure that is threatening stability and needs correcting. But if a dam is about to burst, moving out of the way is the first priority.

When a person in a sagging mine shaft feels the earth begin to tremble, it is time for quick, instinctive action and nimble footwork. At a time like this, only extraordinary measures will work. When the roof is collapsing, run first, choose your destination later.

Extraordinary times bring out the best and worst in people. Natural disasters bring with them stories of great heroism — but also looting and rioting. When the pressure is on, powerful moments present opportunities to make positive gains. Everything is in a state of flux. One can either move towards positive change and improvement or towards stagnation.

This may be the moment you’ve been waiting for. Although a current challenge may seem to be more than you can handle, remember that a flood reaches its high-water mark for only a few brief moments, and then begins to subside. Action must be taken now to ensure opportunities for success later on. You will never discover the true extent of your own abilities until you, at least once in your life, dive into a crisis with complete abandon, dedicating every ounce of your energy, every fiber of your being, to the cause at hand.

Dare to win.