Controlling Creativity Spell

Controlling Creativity Spell
Here’s a little spell to help you get control of your creativity. Prepare your sacred space as normal, then light two yellow or red candles and call upon your muses. Mix a half cup of sand with three teaspoons vervain in a small bowl. On the sand, focus your intention of being block-free. Suffuse the sand completely with your will. Hold an obsidian stone, ring, or pendant in your cupped hands, seeing it as an empty object ready to absorb the sand’s energy. Bury the obsidian in the sand for three days. Keep the stone with you when working, taking it in hand when you feel a creative lapse.

By: Laurel Reufner


3 thoughts on “Controlling Creativity Spell

  1. Would you please change the name on the creator of this spell to my pen name – Laurel Reufner? I’d really appreciate it.


    1. Good Morning Laurel,
      I meant to drop you a note yesterday. But I was too busy making a mess of things, lol! I wanted to thank you for being kind enough to continue to use your spell. You were absolutely superb about it and I can’t thank you enough. You are very wonderful person, for sure. If you have any other spells, you would like to submit with a link to your site or store (I would be more than happy to promote), please let me know. This site does get alot of traffic so it would be a good place to advertise on. Right now, I changed over to a new theme and I have alot of bugs to work out. But when it is done, it will be good (I hope, lol!).

      Thank you again, dear Lady,
      Goddess Bless You,
      Lady A


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