Moon Love Potion

 Moon Love Potion

This love potion will attract the gifts of the fairies as well as fill you with moonlight, starlight and divine delight.

You will need three handfuls of dried barley grain, hot water, a teapot, roasted barley tea, and a cup. Barley tea is great for getting your body in shape. It’s refreshing and cooling, and encourages harmony.

After dark, go outdoors and sprinkle two handfuls of the dried barley grain on the ground, one handful outside your front door and one handful outside your back door. Barley attracts fairy favors and gifts. As you sprinkle the barley in small clockwise circles, chant:

“Love, love, love, moon circles for the blessed fae.”

Go back indoors and heat the water. Pour boiling water into the teapot filled with a handful of roasted barley. Let the tea steep for about ten minutes. Pour a cup of tea, and slowly sip it. Before each sip, repeat:

“Love, love, love potion fill me with moonlight love, love, love potion fill me with starlight love, love, love potion fill me with divine delight So be it! Blessed be!”

Return any leftover tea to the earth. As you do say:

“Love, love, love blessed fae, Blessed be!”

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To The Ancestors…..

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To The Ancestors…..

The Winter fire was an echo of the Sun–of life itself. During the Winter, our ancestors gave thanks to the slowly increasing power of the Sun as the year made its steady climb toward Spring and Summer. To do this, they’d raise a glass of beer or ale before the Winter fire as a sign of respect. Using your favorite beverage you can continue this custom.

No matter if your Winter fire consists of one candle, or a roaring blaze of oak and hickory logs, let is power you magic with its light.

Calendar of the Sun for November 29th

Calendar of the Sun

29 Blutmonath

Sekhmet’s Day

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth set two torches, the figure of a lioness, and a clay pitcher of beer mixed with red fruit juice.
Offerings: Meat. Blood. Wrestle with the Beast Within.
Daily Meal: Beer. Meat from a hoofed animal. Barley.

Invocation to Sekhmet

Long, long ago, Ra Lord of the Sun
Was wroth with the people of the earth,
For their disrespect and their carelessness,
And his anger was so great
That he called forth into existence
The lioness goddess Sekhmet
As a manifestation of his wrath,
And he set her upon the people,
Intending her to eat a few of them
And teach them all a lesson.
And Sekhmet leaped upon them,
But she did not stop her destruction,
And after three days she had killed so many
That Ra begged her to stop, regretting his error,
But she refused, saying that there would be no end
To her appetite for blood and death.
So Ra had beer dyed red as blood, and spread it
Over the field of carnage, and she drank,
And fell asleep, and was enspelled.
And so we hail Sekhmet, for within each of us
Is the beast of wrath whom we must propitiate,
And never let run wild, lest it slay
All that we hold dear. Hail Sekhmet!
(All respond: “Hail Sekhmet!” )
Be merciful to us, we who cower
In your shadow, and feel your footprints within us.
(All respond: “Have mercy upon us!”
And may your hunting be plentiful,
And all your days bright with sun.
(All respond: “Hail Queen of the Desert Sun!” Then the red beer is poured as a libation, and the torches are carried outside, where they are left to burn out.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for October 9th

Calendar of the Sun

9 Winterfyllith

Day of Tuonela

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black lay five black candles, a tankard of beer and a tankard of river-water, and many figures of toads, frogs, and serpents.
Offerings: Fears
Daily Meal: Poultry.

Tuonela Invocation

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual steps forward with the tankard of beer, raises it, and says:)
Hail to the Island of the Dead!
Hail to the Land of Tuonela!
Hail to Lord Tuoni, who waits at the center!
Hail to Lady Tuonetar, who waits at the hearth!
Hail to Surma who guards the borders,
Along the river with its rushing waters
And its black swans, the harbingers of Death!
Hail to Kalma who brings plague,
May she forever pass us by!
Vanamoinen came to your shores
Searching for words of power,
But found all words silent in the Land of Death.
He was served beer laden with frogs and serpents,
Which were only the fears that he brought
Unbidden to the hearth of Tuonela!
Will you drink now of your fears,
And leave them in the Deathlands?

(They carry the tankard about, and folk may drink of their fears, if they feel that now is a good time to face them, or they may refuse. Then another steps forward with the tankard of river-water, lifts it high, and says:)
Will you drink, then, of the River of Death?
If it is not time for fears, will you face loss?
Or, if you are brave, will you take both
And so honor the Gods with your courage?

(They carry the tankard about, and those who have not drunk of the beer must drink of the water, although some may choose to have both. The remaining beer and water are poured out as a libation to Tuonela.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for August 18

Calendar of the Sun

18 Weodmonath

Shango’s Day

Colors: Red and White
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth lay many red candles and torches, a double-sided stone axe, figures of running horses, a jug of beer, spicy food, cayenne peppers, sausage, red beans, and spicy rice.
Offerings: Spicy food and beer.
Daily Meal: Spicy food and beer.

Invocation to Shango

Dance, God of Fire!
Dance, warrior in the coals
Whose axe is of stone
Cut from the bones of earth’s fire!
Spring forth in flaming energy
That washes through our bodies!
Let us feel your electric presence
Dancing along our nerves!
Dance, Lord of Thunder!
Dance for your very life,
Which once you gave away
To pay the price of red-hot rage.
May we always be as willing
To pay for our anger
To give for our wrongs
To dance forward without hesitation
And have only faith
That life will spring anew
From the coals of your dying fire.

Song: All That Burns

(Shango’s Day should be celebrated with a drum circle, and much dancing, until the beginning of Akte.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for July 2nd

Calendar of the Sun

2 Haymonath

Day of Bes

Color: Brown
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a brown cloth set a pitcher of beer, a bowl of incense, and the small figure of the dwarf god Bes, surrounded by rhythm instruments.
Offerings: Do something for children, or to help someone’s marriage.
Daily Meal: Barley. Beer.

Hymn to Bes

O little dancer from the Land of Punt,
Guardian of sweet dreams,
Giver of beauty both inside and out,
Bless the bed in which we shall sleep,
Bless the mirror into which I will look
Tomorrow morning when I awake.
Bless and protect all children,
For they are the innocent victims of this world.
Bless and protect those who join together
In committed relationship,
Especially when their love is the anchor of a family.
Bring us laughter, dancing Bes,
And protect us from all disasters
For as long as we may live and love.

(All pick up musical instruments and spend time playing in honor of Bes. Singing or chanting of one’s choice may be added, as may dancing.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Bath for Clearing Away All Psychic Nastiness: Beer Bath

General Instructions for all Baths


Once the bath is ready, sit in the tub, and completely immerse yourself seven times, allowing the mixture to flow into all body openings. (Swish it around in your mouth as well, but do not swallow it.) Stay in the tub for seven minutes, then get out, allowing the moisture on your body and hair to dry naturally.


The Beer Bath

This is a great little psychic cleanser with added perks: It relieves mild depression and is actually good for your skin and hair.

Materials needed:

1  12 oz. can of beer

1  T. salt

Add the beer and salt to a warm tub of water. Using your index finger, stir the water clockwise until thoroughly mixed.

Calendar of the Sun for Wednesday, December 26th

Calendar of the Sun

26 Yulmonath

Day of Horus

Colors: Red, Gold, and Blue
Elements: Air and Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of red, gold, or blue place a cup of beer, feathers, incense of frankincense, two torches, and a figure of Horus.
Offerings: Look at something from a new perspective.
Daily Meal: Poultry, lentils, flatbread, dates, figs, and beer.

Invocation to Horus

Hail, Hawk of the Sun,
Son of Isis and Osiris,
Avenger of the murdering Set,
You are the sharp glance of objectivity
And the long view of illumination!
We who are earthbound
Sing your praises.
You who see all from afar,
You who swoop on your prey
With unerring aim,
Help us to learn the skill
Of that much focus,
That much concentration
To the blotting out
Of all insignificances.
Hail, Hawk of the Sun!
We who are earthbound
Follow your track across the sky
With every inch of our sight.

Chant: Heru Heru
En ka eny sen

(The beer is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]