Calendar of the Sun for Sunday, April 8th

Calendar of the Sun
8 Eostremonath

Day of Amon-Ra

Colors: Red and gold
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a cloth of red and gold set an image of the Sun in a boat, ten red and gold candles, an incense brazier, a clay bowl of beer, and a bowl of polished colored glass stones.
Offering: Incense of musk and vetiver.
Daily Meal: Lamb or mutton. Lentils. Dates. Figs. Flatbreads. Beer.

Invocation to Amon-Ra

One day spins to an opening.
You come forth, Great Lord,
Hawk-headed, flying over the desert,
With your shrill cry,
Avatar of the sun’s killing light.
Little child by morning,
Grown man by noon,
Elder by evening,
Reborn again at dawn.
You sail on your golden boat
Across the sky each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to shine, Great Lord,
And to reflect your light.
One day spins to a close.
You come forth, Great Lord,
Warrior with the ram’s head,
Father of war-kings, sire of legions,
God of great pillars that touch the sky,
Lord of the great reach, the burning spear,
The long march, the brave stand.
You run with your curling horns
Across the earth each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to fight, Great Lord,
And not to fear the battle.

Light of Sun
Day Begun
(Pass the beer and pour out the rest as a libation. Put out the candles and go.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]