Between The Worlds

Between The Worlds

Between the worlds we made a circle,
Never ending, universal,
We are filled with Spirit power,
Send it down, complete the chain.

(c)1982 Ayama

Burn Fire

Burn Fire

Burn fire, burn bright,
Pure vision come to me,
Guide my path tonight
With your strength and light.

(c)1983 Deirdre Pulgram Arthen

I Am The Earth

I Am The Earth

The Earth is a healer,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a Mother,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a fountain,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is a mountain,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is in sorrow,
I am the Earth,
The Earth is in joy,
I am the Earth,
The Earth She is crying,
I am the Earth,
The Earth has a song to sing:
I am the Earth,
I am a blackbird,
I am the Earth,
I am a river,
I am the Earth,
We are the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth,
I am the Earth.

(c)1982 Deirdre Pulgram Arthen

Maypole Dance

Maypole Dance

Weave, spin, dance your cares away,
A spirit fire’s alive to your entrancing,
Weave, spin, dance into the May,
The earth and sky are wed as you are dancing,
Weave now

(c) Ann O’Brien 1995

Earth Fire Chant

Earth Fire Chant

Earth fire,
always calls me home
Earth fire,
melts this heart of stone
Earth fire,
shouting out my name
Earth fire,
changing and the same

(c) Ann O’Brien 1995

Boomerang Spell

Boomerang Spell

To reverse any negativity or hex being sent your way, anoint a purple candle with Rosemary oil. On a piece of white paper write the following in black ink: ” All blocks are now removed.” Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire and it’s elemental spirits. Repeat three times:
Firedrakes and salamanders, aid me in my quest, protect me from all evil forms, turn back the negativity being sent.
After the third repetition say:
So mote it be.

Extreme Yang Spell

Extreme Yang Spell

In traditional Chinese belief, what we call demons may actually be a manifestation of excessive yin energy. This can be neutralized by applying the opposing force: extremely potent yang energy. The following serve as demon/yin repellants:



The crowing of a rooster


Reading sacred texts and philosophy books is also believed to send malevolent spirits on their merry way because these create order, in which demons(which crave chaos) cannot thrive.

Put the Dead to Work Spell (1)


Put the Dead to Work Spell (1)


An extremely ancient metaphysical practice that still survives revolves setting the dead onto somebody. Recorded practice goes back to ancient Egypt. Technically, one is merely requesting assistance from the deceased over a specific situation, problem or person. However, there is an inherent intimidation factor involved with receiving a visitation from beyond the grave: frequently there’s an element of something akin to calling in thugs to work over your enemy.


A trip to the cemetery is not required. If you know whose assistance you need, an altar maybe erected at home, so that you may discreetly request personal aid.


1. The minimum offering is a white candle plus either a glass of spring water or Spirit Water.


2. The altar may also be personalized so as to strongly attract the person whose assistance you seek: offer a favorite libation or meal. Set out photographs or objects that will beckon attention.


3. Write a brief, clear, concise statement of our desire on a piece of brown paper.


4. Place this within a conjure bag, together with graveyard dirt and seven coffin nails.


5. Carry this with you, retain it in a safe place in your home or bury it in Earth immediately.


6. If and when your petition is granted, bury the bag in Earth.




If someone has put roots on you, make a Counter-Curse. It
will do two things: First, remove thier curse by killing
them or stopping them from harming you. Second, the person
who rooted on you will decide their own fate; no other fates
will be affected unless you desire it through guilt or doubt
— and then the spell may fizzle.

Get a paper, a dagger, a white candle, and a black candle
(white on your right, black on your left.) Draw a human
figure on the paper to represent the person who put roots on

Invoke Satan in your own way. Invoke the elements.

Think of all the problems you have been having, project it
into the paper form, feel the anger fully (this is very
important), stomp, humiliate, beat, torture, and vent your
anger on it, hate it with a whole heart, hate who put the
roots on you, next stab the genitalia and direct this
torture to the tormenter, formed or formless, that they are
destroyed in the name of your body’s power and the dark will
of the Satan within you, that they will die, they will feel
pain, they will suffer, their body will betray them, and
their sex will rot off, and they will be plunged into the
void to be driven insane.

Offer this “sorceress/sorcerer” to Satan as a “sacrifice” as
you invoke hate into the form. Draw a reverse pentagram in
the air over the paper form. Label this person a sacrifice
“through justice and vengance and dominion over the spells
and roots that tormented me that I do not desire.”

Burn the figure still impaled in the WHITE candle. This
DISSAPATES him, and makes his energy and power fly away at
the speed of light.This counter curse works well.