The Power of the Elementals

The Power of the Elementals


Elemental magick is the most dynamic and powerful of all, manifest in the everyday world through nature at her most magnificent and unpredictable. It can be experienced in storms and thunderbolts, waterfalls, rough seas, bonfires, wild craggy mountain sides with tiny pieces of stone slipping down the slopes, rocky shorelines, clay cliffs constantly eroding and shimmering deserts.

Practitioners especially in medieval times, worked a lot with elemental spirits, trying to bind them for their ritual purposes. Some got themselves into very bad situations by setting themselves above the elementals and ordering them around. They summoned elemental spirits as servants and in doing so made them into independent tulpas or thought forms, rather than working with them within nature itself.

You can imagine, a fire tulpa was very powerful in a spell, but however much protection you may use  psychically, such a concentrated form of energy is hard to banish or to bid farewell, especially since it cannot be destroyed and as a tulpa has its own free will.

There are a number of very old magick books and a few modern irresponsible ones that give such rituals. No matter how extensive your magickal development, you should never try creating elemental thought forms, especially collectively with coven members or friends, unless you are very careful. Then I wouldn’t.

What is more, elemental energies are neutral and can be used for good or bad. In nature herself, a forest fire can clear an area of dead woodland, but an out-of-control conflagration destroys homes, habitats, animals, birds and people. We should never deal with elementals lightly. Above all, it is really important not to work with the elementals when you are feeling angry or negative as your thoughts can be amplified by the elemental powers and you may unwillingly unleash powerful negative feelings.



It is possible to improve your natural ability with

clairvoyance through practice. A good start might be to look

around you, then close your eyes and try to picture your

surroundings. This is also good exercise for visualization. And

visualization is an essential talent in magick. Open your eyes

again and check your accuracy. Then close your eyes and try it

again. When you use your physical eyes, look at everything

like a child seeing it for the first time. Let the vividness

of color and form burn into you, until everything takes on a

veritable glow. Try to capture that glow when you close your

eyes now and picture your surroundings. It’s just a simple

step to extend what you see with your eyes closed into what

you remember seeing in the next room, or what you *imagine*

seeing in the next building, the next city, even the other

side of the world. Don’t expect perfect results, especially at

first. Just try to be even partly right. Another exercise is

to picture a clock face, and thereby tell the time


Casting A Circle

Casting A Circle

The first thing you must do is find and create your sacred space. A secluded spot outdoors is preferable. If you must do your ritual indoors, have enough space to set up your altar and to be able to comfortably walk around without bumping into anything. An indoor area should also be cleansed of any negative energy. I physically clean the area by sweeping or vacuuming, and then smudge the entire space with white sage. I usually set up my altar facing North. What you place on your altar depends on what type of ritual you are doing. Here are the basics:

North – Earth ~ a dish of dirt

East – Air ~ dish of salt, censer, bell, feather

South – Fire ~ a red candle

West – Water ~ a dish of water, chalice

On the left side of the Altar, place a white candle or Goddess symbol. On the right side place a white candle or God symbol. The candles do not have to be white. I prefer to place my wand, athame, cauldron and spell tools in the middle of the altar. I place candles in each of the four Elemental quarters just at the edge of the circle I am about to cast. Green for Earth, yellow for Air, Red for Fire and Blue for Water. Once you have these items set up, it is time to “Raise Energy”. I usually play Celtic music to get in the spirit of things; dancing, drumming, chanting and clapping are all appropriate ways to raise energy. Next, stand and face the Altar and recite a general Blessing or Invocation chant. This is the one I use:

“I call upon the eternal Power of the One, source of all that is;
I call upon the Goddess, glorious Lady of the Moon;
I call upon the God, glorious Lord of the Sun
Mother and Father of all living creatures.
I call upon the Spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Join me now and bless this sacred space and all that dwells within.”

Next I call the quarters:
You can light each candle as you call the the Elements, or have them already lit. You can also use your wand or hand in creating the circle.

Go to the North and say:

“Spirit of the North, Ancient one of Earth
I call upon you to attend this circle.
Thru your roots, bring your powers of
fertility,endurance and stability
to bless and protect this sacred space.”

Go to the East and say:

“Spirit of the East, Ancient one of Air
I call upon you to attend this circle.”
Thru your breeze, bring your powers of
intelligence, optimism and joy
to bless and protect this sacred space.”

Go to the South and say:

“Spirit of the South, Ancient one of Fire
I call upon you to attend this circle.
Thru your light, bring your powers of
strength, courage and willpower
to bless and protect this sacred space.”

Go to the West and say:

“Spirit of the West, Ancient one of Water
I call upon you to attend this circle.
Thru your flowing stream, bring your powers of
purification, peace and love
to bless and protect this sacred space.”

Stand before the altar and call the Goddess:

“O Gracious Goddess, Lady of the Silvery Moon
I call upon you to attend this circle
Bless and protect this sacred space
with your wisdom, guidance and love”

Call the God:

“Oh Gracious God, Lord of the Fiery Sun
I call upon you to attend this circle.
Bless and protect this sacred space
with your wisdom, guidance and love.”

“The Sacred Circle is cast,
May only positive energy dwell within;
May only positive energy emerge from within
So Mote It Be!”

You are now ready to perform your ritual or Esbat, magical workings, etc. When you have finished, celebrate the Simple Feast.

Hold up a cup of juice, wine, beer (your beverage of choice) and say:

“Gracious Goddess of the Earth and Sky,
Bless this wine with your love.
In the presence of the Mother Goddess and the Father God
This wine is blessed.”

Hold up a plate of cakes (bread, cookies, etc.) and say:

“Gracious God of the Sun and Wilderness,
Bless this bread with your love.
In the presence of the Mother Goddes and the Father God
This bread is blessed.”

(For more elaborate rituals, all of the food may be blessed at one time in a similar manner.)

Release the circle.

Go to each of the Elemental quarters and say:

“I bid farewell to the Spirit of the North, (East, West, South)
Thank you for your presence in this Sacred Circle.
Go now with bright blessings and spread your power.”

Thank the Goddess and the God in a similar manner.

Then say:

“The Circle is open, but not unbroken.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
Until we meet again
Blessed Be!!!”

Please remember that ritual tools are just props. And there will be occasions when you will want to cast an impromptu circle and you don’t have any tools with you. While they can help put you in the right frame of mind for creating rituals, your *magic* is within you. You have the ability to manifest wonderful energy, whether you have a magic wand or not. This is the basic circle casting that I use. Words and altar setups change depending on the type of circle you are casting and the ritual you are performing. Read books and practice writing your own rituals often and discover the spiritual soul that resides within.

Elemental Energies in Magick – Earth

Elemental Energies in Magick – Earth

Symbolizes and controls the forces of solidity and manifestation though healing, strength, and regeneration. Through the power of Earth, things    manifest in reality and become stable or “real” as some people like to call it. Attain financial rewards from this elements as well as any kind    of physical security. Earth can be represented by either green (plants and healing) or brown (fertile soil that all seeds need to grow strong). Either    color is appropriate or another if you find some connection between what you perceive the element of Earth to be and some other color. Nature Magick is    especially successful when performed under the supervision and assistance of Earth Elementals or Gnomes ruled by the spirit of the North Wind,     Gabriel.

Boomerang Spell

Boomerang Spell

To reverse any negativity or hex being sent your way, anoint a purple candle with Rosemary oil. On a piece of white paper write the following in black ink: ” All blocks are now removed.” Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire and it’s elemental spirits. Repeat three times:
Firedrakes and salamanders, aid me in my quest, protect me from all evil forms, turn back the negativity being sent.
After the third repetition say:
So mote it be.

Spirits of the Element of Air

The Elemental spirits associated with Air are called sylphs, and their ruler is named Peralda. The word sylph comes from the Greek word sylpha, which means “butterfly.”  When you see butterflies fluttering on the wind, sylphs are inevitably nearby. Sylphs may be the easiest entities to invite to a ritual because air exists as easily in a tenth-floor apartment as it does in an outdoor circle. Sylphs especially tend to gravitate to creative endeavors, so they are most easily called by artists, writers, poets, and musicians. They inspire the creative spirit, much like muses, and aid in shaping clear communication. It isn’t unusual to feel a sylph touch your hand or toss your hair while you’re busy creating. Don’t be alarmed;they are just giving you some creative encouragement.

Sylphs stimulate mental balance, freedom, and curiosity. They assist us in coordinating our perception and in verbalizing them. They enhance the power of speech, music, and the written word, especially poetry. They, teach us about the relationship between all things, which allows us to see and know the great web that connects all of life. This, in turn, brings about a desire for greater harmony. Sylphs stimulate creativity, intuitiveness, and inventiveness, and they awaken the intellect. They can open us to the realm of ideas and help us with mystical experiences and world views.

Like the wind they dance on, sylphs are changeable, volatile, and occasionally flighty. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you now what it means to have the sylphs disappear and take their creative energy with them. Bt it’s easy to call them back.