Love the Earth With Feng Shui

by Erica Sofrina

By Erica Sofrina,Founder of Earth Spirit Adventure Travel

In celebration of Earth day I thought I would talk about how important this element is a part of the ancient teaching of Feng Shui and give you some ways to celebrate this energy by bringing it into your home and life.

Every summer I take a group of people to the Big Island of Hawaii on what is called my Five Elements Immersion Retreat. It is a way for people who yearn to experience their earth connection to spend 10 days opening to a deep and personal experience of water, earth, fire, metal and wood by being being taken into a powerful experience of them with some incredible teachers. One of my favorite parts is our earth adventure where we climb deep into an ancient Lava tube where we drum and open to the sounds of the earth. Our Hawaiian guide sings a hauntingly beautiful Hawaiian chant, and we begin to hear the voices of the ancestors. With each experience I gain a deeper understanding of our connection to mother earth and the wisdom she has to impart. Being in the earth like this and hearing the heart-beat of the drum , seems to awaken something deep within me that is beyond the limitation of words. I understand how we came from and go back to the earth and feel deeply appreciative that she continues to sustain us in spite of how we have abused her gifts to us.

In Feng Shui the Earth is represented by the TAI CHI (Yin and Yang) symbol and relates to our Spiritual, physical and emotional stability. It is about balancing the opposite forces in our lives and remaining grounded and centered. The Earth is a nurturing and stable energy and the hub around which all the areas of our life evolve.

Earth is the base and considered the most stable of the Five Elements, the rest of which are fire, metal, water and wood.

The places we live and work are built from earthly materials such as wood, clay, brick, and stone. The foods we eat that nourish our bodies come from the earth.

When we want to get centered in our lives the best thing we can do is to get out into nature. No matter how we feel our energy field often comes back into balance by just spending 10 minutes in a beautiful natural setting.

When we can’t be in nature, wherever we are we can do a grounding exercise to connect us to the earth (found at the end of this article) When I do, my sense of stability is restored and what ever is going on in my life comes into perspective.

The energy of earth is downward as well as a gathering inward motion like the energy of the soil which holds things in place, making them more solid. It’s effect is one of nurturing, providing a sense of peacefulness and stillness.

Whenever we are feeling scattered in our lives we can also bring the Earth element into our homes. This is a part of the Five Elements practice that comes out of Chinese medicine and is at the heart of Feng Shui.

We can do this by adding squares and cubes, long flat horizontal surfaces and heavier objects. The colors would be the more ‘toasty’ versions of yellows, gold’s and earth tones. The materials that are more earthy would be materials that come from the earth such as tile, stucco, brick and ceramics.

The heavier the object looks, the stronger the Earth vibration. Cushy fabrics such as velvets, chenille and corduroy in earthy colors as well as earth-toned area rugs and carpeting will create a more earthy atmosphere.

Low ceilings will hold the energy in and give the room a calmer feeling as opposed to vaulted high ceilings that will life the energy upwards and energize it. We can visually lower the ceiling with fixtures and objects hung around the room at the same level, creating a ‘line between heaven and earth’. This will bring the energy back down into the space rather than sending it upwards as in a cathedral.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Family Rooms and Bathrooms are room that would benefit from having the calming influence of the Earth elements. Add colors and objects in earth tones and made of earth along with more muted lighting. Our earthy spaces should feel like we want to curl up by a fire with blanket, a hot cup of tea and just chill.

The Earth is at the center of the Bagua which is the map used in certain schools of Feng Shui to chart the energy centers of the home. The center of our home should feel solid, yet be open and uncluttered enough to allow the energy to flow easily around it.

For my readers who would like more information about the Bagua and how to apply it to your home floor plan click here for your own free Color copy with instructions.

I invite you all to spend some time this week connecting deeply to the earth. Walk barefoot on her, go for a hike, lay on your back and meditate on all of the bounties that she so graciously brings to us each day. Express your gratefulness for how abundantly provides for all of her children.

Grounding Exercise:

  • Take off your shoes and sit on the ground or floor in lotus position or on a chair with both feet planted solidly on the earth.
  • Envision a chord, like the roots of a tree, moving downwards from the base of the spine and/or from the bottom of the feet, deep into the earth. Spend some time envisioning them as they move through the earth pushing it aside and reaching deep into the center. Breath slowly and deeply in and out as you do so.
  • Once you feel your connection deep in the center you may want to envision wrapping them around a huge boulder for stability.
  • Feel the loamy rich brown earth energy coming back up from the center of the earth and entering your body through the base of the spine and/or the bottom of your feet.
  • Bring this energy slowly up into your body and feel it anchor in the heart area and move it around your body, feeling the healing energy stabilizing and connecting you.
  • Do this exercise for five or ten minutes whenever you feel scattered and disconnected in your life and see the difference it makes!

Erica Sofrina is the Founder of Earth Spirit Adventure Travel which takes people to powerful places like Bali and Hawaii to experience their Earth/Spirit connection. To find out more about Erica Sofrina’s Earth Spirit Adventure Travel Retreats click here.


Feeding the Field on Earth Day

by Sara, from Institute of HeartMath

There is more to this phenomenon than the feeling you get. HeartMath researchers repeatedly have identified mental and physical changes that study participants undergo as they experience positive and negative emotions. HeartMath’s research and other research have shown that focusing on core heart-felt emotions can enhance one’s connection with others, and that this connection extends far beyond the individual. The research article Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health concludes that being responsible for our emotional energy and increasing our compassion, care and other positive feelings are not only reflected in improved personal health and happiness, but also feed into and are reflected in the global field environment.

So this Earth Day and each day, lets increase our responsibility for the environment by each one of us asking, “What am I feeding the field today?

Global Coherence

Years of researching the transformative power of positive emotions led IHM several years ago to conceive the possibility that personal coherence and positive energy on a grand scale could have a global impact and begin to heal the planet. IHM leaders and researchers asked a question:

“What if people around the world intentionally experienced sincere love, care, compassion and other positive emotions simultaneously and fed this positive energy into the global field environment?”

This question led to an experiment, and after nearly five years, more than 40,000 members of the resulting Global Coherence Initiative, with members in 87 countries, regularly feed positive energy and heart-focused care and intention into the planetary field environment.

Collectively, we create a field that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and energetic systems. As people intentionally send coherent love and care to the world, a more powerful heart-filled environment is created. This helps to build a reservoir of positive energy that benefits the planet. This reservoir can then be utilized to help bring balance and stabilization to people, thereby making it easier to find solutions to problems like climate change, the destruction of the rain forests and other global issues.

GCI scientists are establishing a worldwide network of sensing stations, the Global Coherence Monitoring System, to measure fluctuations in the Earth’s geomagnetic fields. These stations have many tasks, including: detecting how planetary events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are reflected in and predicted by patterns of activity in the Earth’s magnetic field; and examining how collective human emotional resonance in response to mass events of emotional significance is reflected in the Earth’s magnetic field. Learn more at

How Can You Feed the Field?

The Institute of HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative is calling on their worldwide membership and supporters on Earth Day to show their commitment to care for our planet.

Please send your heart-focused care and feed positive energy into the field environment. Regardless of your personal, political and spiritual beliefs, raise your voice in thankfulness and committed care for Earth. There are countless ways to do this.

Below are some great ways to show your thankfulness and committed care for the Earth:

  • Do the Quick Coherence® Technique, or whatever method or practice you choose, for five to 10 minutes on Earth Day to send the Earth appreciation, care and a sincere commitment to planetary healing.
  • Spend five minutes with at least another person, your family, or a group of friends or colleagues envisioning Earth and its inhabitants in harmony. Some people may wish to continue this for a few days before and after Earth Day.

Join thousands of others and spend some time on Earth Day in the Global Coherence Initiative’s Global Care Rooms, where people send collective care

“One of the things I like to do is ask myself at the end of the day: What did I feed the field today?,” says Dr. Rollin McCraty, IHM’s director of research. “How much of my day was spent being kind to the people I interacted with, being compassionate and caring, versus how much of my day was wrapped up in my to-do list or feeling irritated that things weren’t moving fast enough and so on? Because it all counts, it is important at the end of the day to assess what we fed the field.”

It is a very heartening momentum as we come together on Earth Day to make a difference in our world.

For a better understanding of how we affect the world around us, read one of IHM’s most popular article: Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment.

New Moon Report for April 21 – New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Saturday, April 21, 12:18 am PDT, 3:18 am EDT

The New Moon in earthy Taurus starts a slow-cooking fire, creating opportunities to increase income and discover fresh sources of pleasure. Investing in a solid foundation of training, tools and developing personal resources with patience establishes a base from which future success will grow. Taurus likes a steady pace, so don’t be in a hurry to get where you want to go. Sticking to a practical plan is a surer way to achieve your goals than trying to beat the clock. Long-range strategic thinking will pay dividends, while get-rich-quick schemes are likely to fail. Skillful Mars in Virgo and potent Pluto in Capricorn form favorable aspects to this Sun-Moon conjunction, producing a Grand Earth Trine that favors pragmatism and productivity. Yet a lovely slice of imagination is blended into this cosmic dish with a supportive sextile from dreamy Neptune to the New Moon. This spiritual planet softens Taurean stubbornness with compassion and faith, bringing a higher purpose to even the most mundane tasks.

The Taurus New Moon is like a fertile garden where healthy seeds can take root and grow. Nurturing the soil of ourselves with constructive thoughts and healthy behavior may seem boring to some, yet the results are worth the effort. The ground upon which a positive future is built requires appreciation for oneself, so acknowledging our abilities and accomplishments is essential for feeding our ambitions. Taking time to enjoy life’s simple and sensual pleasures provides joy that makes the journey worthwhile.

Calendar of the Moon for April 21st

Calendar of the Moon
21 Saille/Mounukhion

Aphrodite Urania’s Night

Colors: Blue-green and blue-violet
Element: Water and Earth
Altar: Upon a cloth of blue-green and blue-violet, set forth a bowl of henna mixed with water, wreaths of flowers, and a chalice of mixed fruit juice and tea.
Offerings: Flowers in water. This is an appropriate night for ritual sex, although the emphasis should be on exploring sexuality that is different, or with someone different, than one’s normal mode, provided that it does not violate vows and strictures. If this is not possible, then meditate on what it is to have a love for another human being that is not accepted.
Daily Meal: Fish/seafood and meat together. Fruit.

Invocation to Aphrodite Urania

Hail, Aphrodite Urania, Lady of Unconventional Love!
You who are the patron of love in all its forms,
Love between too young and too old, beautiful and plain,
Rich and poor, men or women or the sacred third,
Healing and codependence, joy and obsession,
The love that plays havoc with family and society,
The love that breaks down boundaries.
No act of love and pleasure is less than sacred to you.
Hail, Builder of Bridges, who will bear us up!
You are the slender line of love across the deepest of abysses.
When we leap off that cliff, holding our breath,
Knowing nothing is certain but our feelings,
We find ourselves not tumbling terror-stricken as we had feared
But walking safely on the great span of your heart
Where we meet each other on the sacred middle ground
And cross to a more joyous land.
Bearded Aphrodite of Cyprus,
Who moved to the sacred ground of the Third
In order to love Hermes,
Whose child is Hermaphroditus,
You are the bridge between the sweet waters of the heart
And the earthy depths of the body,
The mud that we first crawled from,
The love we will always turn back to,
The quicksand that mires us,
Our tears crashing against the rocks like tides.

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual, and who is closest to the Sacred Third, goes about with the henna, marking the hands of each in turn, and saying, “Love and be loved.”)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for April 21

Calendar of the Sun
21 Eostremonath

Day of Pales

Color: Sand-colored
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a sand-colored cloth set a man’s right shoe and a woman’s left shoe, side by side, with a shepherd’s crook between them, and small figures of goats and sheep.
Offerings: Work in the barn with livestock. Do some chore or work-task that you were taught was inappropriate for your gender.
Daily Meal: Goat. Lamb or mutton. Coarse bread. Soup or stew. Greens.

Invocation to Pales

Hail, Keeper of Flocks and Herds,
Ass-headed god/dess, you who are
Both male and female,
Both god and peasant,
Patron of those who must dirty their hands,
Beloved of the working man and woman,
You who do not play favorites,
Trickster who loves a good joke,
Lord of the dry land between the rivers
Where your flocks graze on scrub
And the people’s blood flows like water
In their everlasting feud,
Come to us and show us life
Through your crooked ass eyes!
Hail, Keeper of Flocks and Herds,
Lady/Lord of the crook and sandals,
You show us that roles
Are meant to be transgressed,
That work can be radical,
That being bound to the labor of the Earth
Does not have to make one heavy.
We need your humor, divine ass!
We need your braying laughter to echo
Over the desert and through our hearts,
And to watch you tip the balance of power
Like a child tips an applecart.
Hail, Keeper of Flocks and Herds!

(After the invocation, go to the barn, or to a local farm. Hoofed livestock should be given treats on this day, in honor of Pales.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Correspondences for Saturday, April 21

Gothic Comments 

Correspondences for Saturday, April 21

 Magickal Intentions: Spirit Communications, Meditation, Psychic Attack or Defense, Locating Lost Things and Missing Persons, Building, Life, Doctrine, Protection, Knowledge, Authority, Limitations, Boundries, Time and Death
Incense: Black Poppy Seed and Myrrh
Planet: Saturn
Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius
Angel: Cassiel
Colors: Black, Grey and Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Myrrh, Moss, Hemlock, Wolfsbane, Coltsfoot, Nightshade and Fir
Stones: Jet, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Lava, Pumice
Oil: (Saturn) Cypress, Mimosa, Myrrh, Patchouli 
Saturn lends its energies to the last day of the week. Because Saturn is the planet of karma, this day is an excellent time for spellwork involving reincarnation, karmic lessons, the Mysteries, wisdom, and long-term projects. It is also a good time to being efforts that deal with the elderly, death, or the eradication of pests and disease. 
~Magickal Graphics~

Back To The River

 Back To The River

Back To The River, Back To The Sea

Back To The Ocean, One With Thee

Back To My Blood, And Back Through My Veins

Back To My Heartbeat, One And The Same

Back To The Forest, Back To The Fields

Back To The Mountains, Her Body Revealed

Back To My Bones, Back To My Skin

Back To My Spirit, The Fire Within