Daily Aromatherapy Tip for April 8th

Daily Aromatherapy Tip
Here is a spray to use to absorb unpleasant odors. It’s great for the bathroom or kitchen.
This air freshener will absorb the odor , it will be gone in minutes.

Fill an 8oz. spray bottle with white distilled vinegar.
Add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Shake before using.

The Symbolism of your Animal Totem

The Symbolism of your Animal Totem
Both the Ancient Native Americans and the Ancient Celts believed that all animals had lessons to teach man and that they held healing or inspirational powers. In the Native American Tradition, one of the Animal totems that one has, is the animal that is significant for your birth month. I.e. in my case, since I was born in September, the month known as the Harvest Moon, this totem, or maybe I should refer to it as my Native American astrological sign, is the Brown Bear. To find your own animal totem you can go on a vision quest to find your totem. In one of the earlier episodes of Star Trek Voyager, you may have seen Captain Katherine Janeway’s vision quest to find her animal totem while Commander Chakotay explained her how to find her totem.
So how do you go about finding your animal totem?
Close your eyes, relax your body and visualize yourself in a sanctuary, this can be any place that you see before your mind’s eye or some place that you’ve always found calming, soothing or a place that you hold fond memories of… You feel calm and serene, and you are anxious to start your journey to find your animal totem. Look around and you will see a large stone in the middle of a field, you walk over to sit down on this stone and while you look around you, you will encounter your animal totem… this is the first animal you encounter… you can proceed by asking your animal totem questions… When you are ready you will return to your sanctuary and return to your every day world.
Of course there are more techniques to encounter your animal totems, but I have found this one to be very useful!

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Gemstone of the Day for April 8th – Agate

Gemstone of the Day


Beliefs about agate

In many traditions, agate was believed to cure the stings of scorpions and the bites of snakes, soothe the mind, prevent contagion, still thunder and lightning, promote eloquence, secure the favor of the powerful, and bring victory over enemies. Some have thought that agate has powers that can be used for love, mental clarity, and good luck in card games.

In addition, Persian magi are known to have prized agate rings in their work and beliefs. Shi’a Muslims often wear an agate ring on the right hand, the stone engraved with the name of Allah, Ali, or the names of the other eleven Imams. It is known as “aqaq” or “agag” in Persian.


Agates are used to make ornamental objects such as pins and brooches, and items with practical uses such as paper knives, inkstands, and seals. In addition, because of its hardness and ability to resist acids, agate is used to make mortars and pestles to crush and mix chemicals.

Goddess of the Day for April 8th – Blodeuwedd

Goddess of the Day


Blodeuwedd was created out of flowers by Gwydion to wed Llew Llaw Gyffes. She betrayed Llew, either because she had no soul, being non-human, or because she resented being his chattel, or because the triplet of one woman and two men must play itself out in Welsh myth, and Llew Llaw Gyffes must die. At any rate, she fell in love with Goronwy and, wishing to be rid of Llew, she tricked out of him the clearly supernatural and ritual manner in which only he could be killed: neither by day nor night, indoors nor out of doors, riding nor walking, clothed nor naked, nor by any weapon lawfully made. She asked him to explain this, and he did: he could be killed only if it were twilight, wrapped in a fish net, with one foot on a cauldron and the other on a goat, and if the weapon had been forged during sacred hours when such work was forbidden. Blodeuwedd convinced him to demonstrate how impossible such a position was to achieve by chance, and when he was in it, het lover Goronwy leapt out and struck. Llew was transformed into an eagle and eventually restored to human form, after which he killed Goronwy. Blodeuwedd was transformed into an owl, to haunt the night in loneliness and sorrow, shunned by all other birds.

‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for April 8th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

We all develop our own ways of centering our lives on something. In our minds we each have a design of what we think we are capable of being. If we want to be what we think we are capable of being, then we must hold our design firmly in our minds until it is secured as the focal point.

Each life must have that focal point, that center of interest where all phases of life come together. A focal point gives strength and meaning to the smallest details of everyday living.

Dimension and depth belong to the life that is centered. Though it may take many forms we must always have a “home” to return to, knowing that here are the roots, the things that really matter.

There must be a blending of our lives with others. But to be happy with one’s self, that focal point must be steady and true before we can feel contented that “all’s right with the world”.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – April 8

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – April 8

“Women. They have the power of generations. Women have the power to have children and not to have children.”

–Cecilia Mitchell, MOHAWK

The Woman is not only the key to life; she is also the key to future generations. An Elder once joked that the Woman only needs the man for one night. We need to look at and respect the power of the Woman. She is special and we need to treat her that way.

Great Spirit, today, let me show the greatest respect to our Women.


April 8 – Daily Feast

April 8 – Daily Feast

It seems only yesterday when the first cold wind blew in and laid flat the wild rose and turned the canes gray. Leaves turned and dropped. Snows fell and drifted. Winter threatened to last forever. But it didn’t. Spring runs in and out like a child opening and slamming a door just to irritate us. The birds are flirting and meadows abound with baby calves in their first days. It is a time of change – not only in nature but in us. We enjoy that breaking point between late winter and early spring. In our mind’s eye we know where the wild phlox will spread its fragrance and the oxeye daisies will crowd the narrow path. It is with the same eye that we see ourselves blooming with health and prospering beyond our dreams. Only those who walk under a cloud miss the joy of this time, the open meadows and greening hills.

~ Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play….Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Daily Motivator for April 8th – An active role

An active role

Life is great. Live it as it comes.

Life is rich and fulfilling. In every moment, take an active role.

What you put off until later, becomes more difficult and less effective the longer you wait. Now is the time you have, so use it for all it’s worth.

Move beyond your need to make judgments about what has already happened. Peacefully and confidently let go of your fears and anxieties about what may or may not happen.

Fully appreciate all that’s going on in this wondrous world, but don’t just sit back and watch it happen. Jump in, get positively involved, and make life happen in the way you know is best.

Celebrate and participate in the joys along with the challenges, for it all comes together to make life great. Take an active role, and bring your very own greatness to life.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily OM for April 8th – Culling out the Weeds

Culling out the Weeds
Mind over Matter

We can improve our overall physical well-being by first starting to notice our thoughts and our reactions to our thoughts.

The power of the mind is a curious thing, because it is so powerful yet so difficult to control sometimes. We find ourselves thinking a certain way, knowing that this thought may be creating trouble for us yet we find it difficult to stop. For example, many people have the experience of getting sick at the same time every year or every time they go on a plane. They may even be aware that their beliefs impact their experiences, so continue to think they will get sick and then they do.

Sometimes we need to get sick in order to process something or move something through our bodies. But often we get sick, or feel exhausted, because we don’t make the effort to galvanize the power of our minds in the service of our physical health, which is one of its most important functions. We really can use it to communicate to our bodies, yet we often regard the two as separate entities that have little to do with one another.

Knowing this, we have the power to create physical health and mental health, simply by paying attention to the tapes running in our minds. Once we hear ourselves, we have the option to let that tape keep running or to make a new recording. We harness the power of the mind in our defense when we choose supportive, healing words that foster good health and high spirits. All we need to do is remember to tend the field of our mind with the attentive and loving hand of a master gardener tending her flower beds, culling out the weeds so that the blossoms may come to fruition.

The Easter Bunny Even Came To See Our Special Kitty of the Day!

Sarah, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sarah
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Escondido, California, USA
This is Sarah, one of our twelve kitties. She is a scrappy little girl who never hesitates to get into a brawl with our older and larger male cats. She pushes her way to any food dish she feels is hers, which appears to be all of them. It doesn’t matter who else is eating there. We are constantly telling her to mind her manners.

We adopted Sarah from the Bonita Animal Shelter when she was two months old. We had unexpectedly lost a fairly young cat and decided to adopt a new one into our family. We ended up taking two kittens so Sarah would have a younger playmate.

Sarah-de-Bara, as we often call her, listens for the click of the keyboard so she can join me as I go on-line. She is doing it right now! No matter how many times I remove her from my lap (it’s hard to type over a kitty) she will return. When she finally does get up she explores everything on the desktop and in the top drawer that can move. Pencils, flash drives, pieces of paper, paper clips – even a necklace is not safe when Sarah is around. She likes to push them to the ground and waits to see if you will pick them up. Then the game starts all over again. She also loves to climb up the cat pedestal as fast as she can, frequently slamming it into the wall. Afterwards she hangs upside down from the top and puts on her innocent face.

Each morning Sarah waits at the bathroom door for my husband to finish showering. When the door opens she greets him, gets a few pets, and moves on to welcome others. In the evening she likes to sit close by you and will keep meowing until you pet her. If you stop she will pat your hand with her paw and meow until you start again. She also loves to sleep on top of you when you sleep in on weekends.

One of Sarah’s favorite things to do at night is to dash out the door through the dog’s legs as we are letting them in. Then we get busy scouring the trees and bushes in the backyard with a flashlight to catch her. She seems to really enjoy the chase and delights in hiding from us.

Sarah is our little firecracker. We love her spunk and zest for life. We wouldn’t want her any other way. She joins us in wishing every Happy Easter!

Sarah, the Cat of the Day
See more images of Sarah!

I believe it, Everybody wants to be the Cadbury Bunny, lol! Dog-gone Doggie!

Jack, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Lab, Beagle mix
Home: Milford, Michigan, USA
Jack, affectionately known as Jackie Loo, has been my best friend from the minute we met seven years ago. The little four month old puppy was at a pet store rescue adoption event where my mom stumbled upon him while buying guinea pig food. My mom brought the rest of the family out to meet him later that day and I immediately knew that he would be coming home with us. When he was about two years old I moved away to college. Despite only seeing each other for the occasional weekend and holiday, Jack remained my dog. He loved my parents but was always ecstatic to see me and heartbroken when I had to leave again.

Jack has recently come to live with me and I find it incredible how adaptable and happy he is. Together we compete in agility and he is the master of all tricks. Favorites include limping on command, blowing bubbles in water, getting beer from the fridge and riding a skateboard among countless others. He loves to be the center of attention and thinks the world revolves around him. Our future goals include becoming therapy dog certified so we can brighten the lives of people in nursing homes and hospitals.

Jack, the Dog of the Day
Jack, the Dog of the Day

Look Who Came A Callin’! It’s the Easter Bunny! Chocolate, Chocolate..

Toby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toby
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Menifee, California, USA
This is our pet rabbit, Toby. We got him from a rescue shelter about four years ago. He was so tiny that he could be carried around in a jacket pocket. Toby used to live in a cage in my oldest son’s room, but we soon discovered that he was not very happy being locked up. Toby now lives in our backyard cage-free. He eats grass and plants at his leisure. We still provide a bowl of rabbit pellets and a dish of water, but he prefers eating the plants around the yard. Toby is friends with our dog, Daisy. Sometimes they sit together under the palm tree. Occasionally, Toby tries to come into the house for a visit. We let him in once in a while, but he has to be watched since he chews wires. Toby will let us pet him when he is in the mood. He loves to have his head and ears rubbed. Toby is a spunky, little bunny who is lots of fun. We love Toby dearly.

Toby, the Pet of the Day

Best and Worst ‘People’ Food for Dogs and Cats

Best and Worst ‘People’ Food for Dogs and Cats

  • Nicolas, selected from petMD

By PetMD

Like buying candy for kids, we often think snacks that have been specially packaged for pets are the best treats in the world. Why would they want anything other than a tasty treat? But a lot of those packaged pet snacks and treats are the equivalent of candy. They are not a big deal, as long as you don’t do too much of it, since they are mostly devoid of nutritional value.

And just as we encourage kids to eat their veggies rather than another candy, we can also encourage a love for veggies in our pets. These low calorie, low fat, vitamin and mineral-packed “treats” are a great alternative to the packaged dog biscuits and kitty chews.

Which Vegetables Are Best and Which Vegetable Are Not Safe for Pets?

There are some plant foods that are toxic to pets, so you will want to be familiar with what to avoid and even prevent access to. If you are unsure, check with your veterinarian to make sure that your planned treats are not going to be harmful to your pet. Also keep in mind that while dogs are omnivorous and thus more open to trying different kinds of foods. Cats, on the other hand, are carnivorous. They are not just picky about what they eat — they are constitutionally incapable of digesting some types of foods.


Good Foods

  • Apples – without seeds or core (apple seeds contain chemical compounds that are poisonous to animals)
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon – without seeds
  • Frozen bananas
  • Green beans
  • Carrots – raw or cooked
  • Sweet potato – cooked, cubed or mashed without butter or seasoning; regular potatoes are also good, but in limited amounts since they are high in sugar and can increase weight
  • Squash, zucchini
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Popcorn – unsalted and unbuttered
  • Catnip or cat grass


Bad Foods

  • Grapes and raisins – contain chemical compounds that are toxic to dogs
  • Garlic and onions – both have chemical properties that can be toxic and even life threatening to dogs and cats
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Mushrooms – particularly wild mushrooms
  • Fruits with pits, such as peaches, cherries, and plums – in some cases the pit can be toxic or can simply present a choking hazard
  • Nuts – particularly macadamia nuts, which are toxic to pets


What is the Best Way To Feed These Types of Treats?

The foods should be baked or steamed, cut up into smallish pieces, and only given in small amounts at a time. This will prevent both choking and an overload of carbohydrate- and calorie-rich foods. You can give the vegetables and fruits by themselves, or you might mash or puree them and mix them up with the prepared food and given at meal times.

Replacing your pet’s dense, high fat packaged treats with healthy treats like fruits and vegetables will be one of the most beneficial things you do for your pet. Over the long term, your pet’s health and immune system will be stronger, aging will not be as severe, its weight will stay steadier, and if weight is already an issue, you may even see your pet’s weight become more manageable — if you stick to it and include moderate exercise.

With any change in diet, it is important to observe your pet for issues that can arise in response to the change. If your pet begins to show digestive or behavioral changes, stop feeding the new foodstuff and consult with a veterinarian if the problem does not go away in the absence of the added food.

Healing Our Animals

Healing Our Animals

  • Eden, selected from AllThingsHealing.com

by Carl David, Contributor to Animals & Pets on AllThingsHealing.com

I have been interested in and have studied and read about healing for years. I was fascinated by energy work, particularly hands on healing and could not get enough of it. The idea that we all have energy within us that can be used to heal excited me. I pursued all of the books I could find that had validity and were written by very credible people especially Barbara Brennan’s “Hands Of Light” and tried the methods she described to see if I could create the ball of energy she described. I did and that was the beginning of a long deep interest which has become an integral part of me. My healing energy comes through my hands…

The first step is to relax, taking in several deep breaths and slowly releasing them until you are in a near meditative state. The next step, which is crucial, is to protect yourself by visualizing an impenetrable pink bubble or field surrounding you so that you don’t absorb any of the negative plasma from the person or animal to whom you are extending healing energy. A very brisk rubbing of your hands until they are warm will create the healing energy. If you hold your hands 4-6 inches apart as if you are holding a ball, you will feel the energy. At that point you are ready to share the energy by holding your hands a couple of inches above your recipient and visualizing blue, pink, violet or green going into them and finding it way to wherever it is needed. You can also place your energized hands on an animal if they allow you to do so. They will feel the energy entering them and have a warm infusion of healing. You will feel instinctively when the energy stops flowing as your hands will stop pulsing and go cold. Animals will pull away when they have had enough; you will know.


When the healing session is over, you must shake your hands violently for a few seconds to detach and disperse harmlessly into the atmosphere any of the negative plasma you have inadvertently attracted to yourself. The healing sometimes works with immediate results, other times over a period of hours, and sometimes not at all. It is not within our control to affect the results; we are but conduits for the energy and cannot and dare not dictate to the Universe. If it is meant to be then our healing offerings will be received and will be successful in restoring positive health. It is also important to know that a healing must be requested by the person or accepted if you offer it. It is never okay to try to heal someone if they don’t want it. We do not have the right to impose our will on anyone, even to help to heal them by sharing our energy. Animals will let you know if they accept or refuse.

I have given healing energy to many dogs and even a pony. One of my clients in our art business had a pony that would not get well regardless of mainstream veterinary care and methods. They even tried acupuncture but to no avail. When I asked if I could come to their farm and see if I could perhaps help, they replied, “Sure, why not, we’ve tried everything else. We’d be very grateful.” When I saw their pony he was standing; listless and appeared visibly unwell and despondent. I visualized a pink bubble surrounding me for protection and then rubbed my hands together briskly to initiate the warm energy flow. I then randomly placed them on Chancy’s body and let them move wherever they went from place to place, not having any idea where they would move next, or when. I could feel him receiving the energy and saw it going wherever it was needed in his body. This healing touch lasted about ten minutes or so when he became agitated and pulled away. I knew intuitively that he’d had enough and that was his way of letting me know. I gave him a hug and a loving kiss and told him I hoped he would feel better and that now it was his responsibility to get well. Then I shook my hands violently in the air to release any negative plasma that I pulled from him. I asked my client to please let me know in a few days or in a week, if they saw any improvement whatsoever; that I could not guarantee it but perhaps my touch would help him.

Less than a week later I got a very excited call from them to thank me so much. “Chancy is eating again and has regained his frisky nature. He’s running around the farm like he hasn’t in months; his energy is seemingly endless!” They couldn’t believe it and didn’t quite understand what I did but knew that it was my hands on treatment had allowed him to heal. I could hear the smiles over the telephone and I was filled with excitement to know that I was able to help Chancy.

Since then I have worked on several dogs and even a bird or two, most with success and others with a degree of success even if only temporary. There was a golden retriever who was ailing with cancer as he lay in the corner of the kitchen store we were perusing one afternoon. As my affinity for animals was a passion, I inquired as to what kind was wrong with their dog. I sensed he was sick and they looked at me puzzled that I knew so readily. I explained my invisible thread to the animal world and how I was so attuned to them. “Would it be okay if I laid hands on him to see if I can alleviate his pain?” I asked, hoping. “Absolutely, we’d be so grateful; he just isn’t himself after the chemo treatments. He isn’t eating and just seems so resigned.” Our eyes met as I approached him and I knew he knew I was there to help him. I spoke to him softly, telling him that I was going to give him energy. I felt his acceptance as I rubbed my hands together, surrounded myself with protection and gently placed my hands on him. I could feel the energy pulsing stronger and stronger as my hands moved in rhythm randomly over his golden coat. For about ten minutes I zoned out and was one with him, visualizing the pink, blue and purple light waves coursing through his system, traveling wherever it was needed. He let me know when he’d had enough. I got up, shook off any negative plasma and told the store owner I’d be around for a week and would be happy to work on him again if she’d like. “Oh, thank you that would be wonderful. We are so appreciative.”

I called a few days later to see how he was doing and they told me he was eating and playing with his toys again, that he seemed so much more like himself. I did return to give him a few more treatments and he was much improved for a while but his cancer returned and he eventually succumbed to the disease. I felt as though I had failed and was deeply saddened until I realized that although a cure wasn’t possible, the energy I was able to give him improved his quality of life dramatically and may have even extended it.

My training comes from the volumes of books I have read and from sharing knowledge and experiences with others who have the gift (ability). If it is meant to be healed, it will be healed. Energy is energy and will infect any living thing it encounters. That goes as well for plants, not just animals and people.

Do not neglect traditional Western medicine. Many miracles have taken place and countless live have been saved. Complementary healing is just that and should be used as an adjunct, not a replacement.

I think everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. Depending upon the level of “Openness” and their belief system, the ability will differ. My wife has an extraordinary psychic gift. I am constantly in awe of the things she can see; the information she receives. I have also learned, painfully, not to go against her intuition for every time I have in the past, I have paid for it.

I think that anyone can learn to heal but they have to be open to it and really “know” that they can do it. Some people are far more advanced beings than others and have a natural aptitude, ability or gift of healing.

Sometimes a hands-on healing isn’t possible because the person in need is far away. That is when “Distant Healing” can be effective. The principles are pretty much the same except that the recipient of the energy is not with you so you have to send the energy to them through the Universe. This is where a meditative state and creative visualization together transport the healing energy. It is considerably more difficult but can be quite effective.

I have been dubbed, “The Dog Whisperer” by many of my friends who have seen the effect of my hands on their animals.

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