Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Sunday, April 8th

Just when it seemed that some of the tense sky patterns are losing their potency, along comes another whopper – in this case, it is the Sun making an abrasive, 135-degree link to the red planet Mars (1:08AM PDT). This kind of connection often equates with a rising tide of emotional turbulence or volatility. Since the Moon is also in Scorpio, rocking the love boat is not recommended. Do your best to calm dear ones who are under pressure or on the skids. Your words and acts can be a soothing balm rather than an inflammatory expression. Another reason for an increase in psychic storminess is that Pluto – ruler of the underworld, extreme fears, phobias and repressed feelings – is about to shift from direct to retrograde on Tuesday April 10. Many people can tune into planetary stations ahead of schedule and that is why a warning of this kind can be a life-saver. Meanwhile, avoid conflicts with loved ones, friends and associates later on as the Moon parallels Pluto (5:01PM PDT) and the Sun makes an uneasy contra-parallel with Saturn (8:56PM PDT). Hope for improvement on the communication front as the Moon approaches a flowing trine with Mercury (11:57PM PDT). However, this usually auspicious Moon-Mercury link-up also begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until 8:13AM PDT tomorrow morning when the Moon enters fiery, upbeat Sagittarius.


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