Beltane Poem

Beltane Poem
A poem by Morgana

Hilltop fires glowing bright
Calling in the Beltane Night.
Gleeful youths, barefoot tread
Along the paths the ancients led
Laughing, singing, loving free
They land beneath the Elder Trees
The Fae look on, then join the sight
Dancing gaily through the night.
King and Queen, young and old
None left standing in the cold
Rich or poor, all join the frey
Bringing in the Beltane Day.

About The Author: Morgana is an Ordained Minister, High Priestess, and Founder of The Daughters of the Greening, a sister branch and affiliate of the Order of The White Moon.

Beltane Garden Blessing

Beltane Garden Blessing
By Morgana

Beltane, often called May Day, is a time of fertility, merry-making and joy. The Fae are very active on this day as the Earth is blooming anew, bringing forth new life. All around, sexuality is in the air. Animals mating, birds building nests, flowers blooming.
For the Celts, Beltane began on April 30th at sundown. Fires were lit on the hillside made from sacred wood, couples went into the woods and made love rejoicing in the fertility of the Earth. Many customs surround this day, including the Maypole, May baskets, walking the boundaries of your land and the blessing of gardens.
Here is a blessing that I use each year on my gardens that hasnt failed me yet!!

You will need:
Cornmeal (representing the God)
Moon Water (representing the Goddess. Recipe follows)

Stand before your garden, freshly plowed or planted. Raise your hands in the air and say:

“Lady and Lord of the Green, I thank you for the renewed life all around me and I ask that you extend this blessing to my little patch of earth that I tend.”

Go to the center of the garden and pour alittle of the moon water and a pinch of the cornmeal.

Go to the East Corner of the garden. Thank the spirits of Air for watching over the garden and guarding it, for circulating freely and blessing. Say:

“The sun kisses the earth, and earth brings forth life. Blessed Be, Great Ones.”

Pour a bit of moon water and a pinch of cornmeal in the East. Next go to the South and repeat, thanking the spirits of Fire for sunlight to feed the plants and their blessing. Next, the West, thanking the spirits of Water for rain and their blessing, and finally the North, thanking the spirits of Earth for fertile soil and their blessing.
Return to the center, and thank Great Spirit for the fertility of the Earth and the blessing on your plants. Again sprinkle moon water and cornmeal. It is done!!

How to make Moon Water
On the night of the Full Moon, pour spring water into a silver or crystal bowl. Add a quartz crystal. After sundown, take the bowl outside and place it in a place where the moon can shine on it all night long. Hold your hand over the bowl, and pray, asking the Lady of the Moon to shine Her blessings on the water and fill it with Her energies. Be sure to bring the bowl in before sunrise. Store in a dark colored bottle.

About The Author: Morgana is an Ordained Minister, High Priestess, and Founder of The Daughters of the Greening, a sister branch and affiliate of the Order of The White Moon.


By Rowen Saille

Walpurgisnacht or the night of Walpurga is the Nordic tradition’s answer to Beltaine. The festival comes from the name of a saint born in Wessex in 710. Also known as Valborg, Walburga, Walpurgis, Wealdburg, and Valderburger, she was alleged to be the niece of Saint Boniface and the daughter of a Saxon prince. She was canonized on May 1, 779 and the Swedish calendar still bears her name for that date.

Pagan tradition associates the Feast of Walpurga or Walpurgisnacht with the fertility traditions celebrated around April 30 th on the modern calendar. Walpurga was honored with the traditional ways of celebrating the new spring: Bonfires, ritual dances, fertility charms and prank-playing. In German folklore, the celebration of Walpurgisnacht is the time when witches meet on Brocken Mountain and to hold revels to the gods and goddesses. In Sweden the young collect the new greens with which to adorn the houses and welcome the growing season.

For the Asatru, Walpurgisnacht is a night of mystery and magic. The lady of magic is Freya and as the Norse goddess of fertility she is particularly appropriate as a focus of rites to celebrate this season. Modern traditions include fertility dances, merriment, and fun during May Day. Freya is often honored in blot (sacrifice or ritual) to insure a fertile growing season and bring good wishes to bear. Walpurgisnacht (or May Day eve) often includes a rite particular to Freya called seidr (pronounced saythe). This holiday along with Winter Nights is a time when the folk look to the seidkona (seid-worker) or a vitki (rune-worker) to get a glimpse into what the year or season will bring.

This season of the year is a perfect time to scry in a fire or work with runes. Bonfires to purify and for luck are lit and danced round or jumped over. It is a time to purify and renew the self. Set up a maypole and dance with your family, friends or spiritual group to tie in wishes for the season. Drumming is an excellent way not only to keep time to dance the Maypole but also to raise the energy and focus the conscious mind.

Foods for celebration: Stews and the first fresh greens of spring are particularly appropriate. The ancients would have used some of the last of stored foodstuffs to create a stew base adding to it the new fresh greens available. “Stone Soup” (where individuals each bring an ingredient to add to the cauldron or stewpot), though also common at Freyfaxi feast, gives an opportunity for a group to gather and add their own ingredients to the soup with their energies for well-wishes. Sharing the “first fruits” imparts the luck of the spring while preserved food stores illustrate the “wealth” and wisdom of the folk for being good stewards and surviving the hard winter months. By eating the stew, the gathered kin internalize the good wishes for all.

Enjoy the Feast of Walburga and Walpurgisnacht. Bring joy to this time of new growth and renewal with your own celebrations, and share these traditions with love ones to bring luck and magic to the season of fertility.

About The Author: Rowen Saille Ordained Minister HP Founder of The White Willow and The Shining Crescent. She is a member of the Rune Gild, professional counselor, is taking students.

Goddess Spell to Strengthen Your Intuition

Goddess Spell to Strengthen Your Intuition
By: Beth Johnson (Mystic)
Do this spell on a Monday, during a Full Moon. Gather together two Silver Altar Candles, a Gold Offertory/Purpose Candle, and a Dark Green Astral Candle, because the person is a Capricorn. The candles may be of any of these scents, or any
combination of these aromatherapy scents: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lotus, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Thyme, Vetiver. Inscribe an Ankh on the Purpose Candle. Dress the candles with any of these oils or any combination of them: Cinnamon Leaf, Clove
Bud, Cedarwood, Camphor, Lemon Grass, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange. After you have inscribed and dressed your candle, roll it in 7 of these herbs: Almond, Apple, Cedar, Cinnamon, Daisy, Marjoram, Mint, Sage, Thyme. Before lighting these candles, put 7 of these crystals in any combinations, around the candles (if you have enough to put 7 of each, that would be good to): Quartz, Beryl, Jet, Obsidian, Hematite, Gold, Silver, Agate, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Copper, Lead, Moonstone, seashells. These are stones that are a combination of the purpose of the spell and the astrological sign stones for Capricorn.

Before you light the candles and begin your spell, cast your circle with visualization. Use a gold outer circle and a silver inner circle. Take a moment to get in touch with your Goddess and re-dedicate yourself to the purpose of this spell. Say this chant to the Goddess 7 times:

“Goddess, Lady of Love and Light
Let my thoughts be clear and bright;
Bless my heart and soul this night.”

See the Goddess touching your Third Eye and opening
it. Feel your spirit guides and ancestors around
you, wishing you well, willing to teach you.
Dedicate yourself to using your new insights to
help yourself and others. Know that these psychic
abilities and insights will stay with you and
enrich your life. When the candles burn down,
thank the Goddess, your guides and ancestors, and
tell them goodnight.

About The Author: Beth Johnson, (Mystic) is a student of Sisters In Freya’s Moon,born August 10, 1944, Mystic is the oldest of four children. Her father was a minister (from a long line of Methodist ministers) and her mother taught piano and French. Mystic was born while her father was a chaplain in the Navy, serving on a ship with General MacArthur in the Phillipines. His father had been a chaplain in the Army in WWI. Mystic was married for 25 years to a marine and has two children, Kristin and Erik, both married but no grandchildren yet. She is divorced and lives in Saltillo, Mississippi. She is a folk artist and sometimes teach that and fabric painting with dyes. She also teaches Reiki and sometimes basic Tarot. She loves to read, dance barefooted, write poems and spells, do candle magick, make candles, and date her boyfriend Frank.

Witch Works: Spells and Rituals for Every Season


Witch Works: Spells and Rituals for Every Season
By: Banshee
Beltane is a special time of year, with love and lust in the air. Beltane, because of its association with fertility, love, and sexual desire, was seen as an excellent time to marry one’s beloved. If you are considering having a handfasting ceremony, renewing your vows, or want to affirm them in a pagan ceremony, consider performing your own handfasting ritual this Beltane season!

Hand Fasting Ritual

Long ribbon or soft rope (~ 3 feet)
Vows to exchange (written by the couple)
Small gifts (or rings) to be exchanged by the couple.
5 rose candles (Quarter and god candle (god candle can be red))
1 white candle (Goddess candle)
Gifts from the coven/guests for the couple.

Cast the circle normally.
Invoke the Goddess and God normally, or as below. If no HPs are available or you are a solitary, work all elements of the ritual yourself.

We call upon you in the guise of Eros,
Kindler of desire,
Bringer of love,
to join us here and witness the bonding
of _____and_____.

We call upon you in the guise of Aphrodite,
Always desirous one,
Sensual lover,
to join us here and witness the joining
of _____and _____.

Grounding meditation.

The HPriest and HPriestess motion the two people to be hand fasted
to join them before the altar.

Couple faces the altar.

(to one of the couple, the female if the couple are of
opposite gender) Do you _____join us here of your
own free will, to acknowledge before the Lord and
Lady the bond that is shared between yourself and
(responds (hopefully this will be a yes🙂 if not,
go to closing).

HPriestess asks the other the same thing and gets response.
Couple turns to face each other and join their left hands.
Each now recites the vows they have prepared.

(taking the joined left hands, and the rope)
Here before witnesses, _____ and _____ have
sworn vows to each other. With this cord, I bind
them to the vows that they each have made. (wrap
the cord loosely around both arms) However this
binding is not tied, so that neither is restricted by
the other, and the binding is only enforced by both
their wills.

(turning to face each other, in unison)
Heart to thee,
Soul to thee,
Body to thee,
Forever and always,
So mote it be.

So mote it be.

Couple unbinds their left arms.
Couple exchanges the gifts they have brought for each other.
Coven members and guests give couple good wishes and/or gifts.
Great rite and Cakes and Ale.

Bid farewell to God and Goddess as usual, or as below.

We thank you Aphrodite, for your presence among us,
And as you take your leave, we ask that you leave
among us, in each of us, the ability to each be
Sensual lover, and desirous one.
Hail and farewell.

We thank you Eros, for your presence here this day,
And ask, as you take your leave, that you leave in
each of us, the ability to be
a Bringer of desire, and kindler of love.
Hail and farewell.

Dismiss the Quarters, and open the circle.

About the Author: Banshee is a solitary practitioner from the Midwest. She is currently a student at The White Moon School, studying to become a High Priestess. Banshee has been a practicing witch for 4 years and performs tarot readings and long distance energy work via the Internet. To contact the author, please email banshee@…

Manifesting the Power of Beltane

Manifesting the Power of Beltane
By Rhianna
Beltane is the height of Spring and celebrates the flowering of life. It marks the beginning of the light half of the year and is full of fun and mischief. This is a time when, like Samhain, the veils are thinnest, making it a magical time when anything is possible. Beltane marks the passage into the growing season so it’s appropriate that we evaluate our lives and nurture those tender “plants” that we have started and to help them grow and manifest in our lives.
About two days before your Beltane ritual, grab a pen and paper and find someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Outdoors with the flowers and budding trees would be a wonderful choice, if possible. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath. Hold it for a count of three and then slowly release it. Do this several more times until you are relaxed. Visualize your spine going down through the earth like the root of a tree. Watch it travel down, down and in the center of the earth, there is a large rock. Wrap your “root” around this rock and anchor yourself there. Now you are connected to the earth. Next, visualize a beam of white light rising through your crown and up to the Universe. Take another deep breath from your heart charka. Now that you are grounded and centered, take a moment to just revel in the connection that you have made.
When you are ready, think about what you have chosen to add to your life recently. Have you put them into action? Are they working for you? What about the rest of your life? Are you happy with where you see yourself going? Is there anything else you would like to add to enhance your journey? Really take the time to fully evaluate what you have, what you would like and what you need. When you’ve worked all this out for yourself, write down what you’ve come up with. Write down those items that you’ve already added to your life and need more nurturing, write down those items that you’d like to add that will only enhance your life and if needed, write down those things that are impeding you.
Once you have your list and have received all that you feel you need from this meditation, thank the Universe for the gift of its energy, take what you need, return the rest and slowly draw your beam of white light back from the Universe. Now, thank the earth for the gift of its energy, take what you need, return the rest and slowly release the rock to which you are anchored. Draw your “root” back up into your spine. Know that the energy is there for you whenever you need it. For the next two days, keep this list with you and read it often. Ingrain it into your mind. Visualize the outcome. Bring this paper to your circle at Beltane.
Before your Beltane ritual, add a few extra items to your list of supplies. You will need a small yellow candle and holder, an essential oil that calls to you, a rose quartz and of course your list. At some point during your ritual, hold the rose quartz in your hand and anoint your candle with the oil. As you anoint it, think of your list, repeat it out loud, visualize it. This energy will transfer into the candle and the rose quartz. Put the candle in its holder on top of the paper that your list is written on and put the rose quartz in front of the candle. Light the candle and visualize it carrying your intentions to the Universe. Let the candle burn out. Now, you have sent your intentions to the Universe and you have created a talisman in the rose quartz to help you stay centered on your goal(s). Finish and close your ritual as you planned. Carry this rose quartz with you for about a week or two while you are implementing your changes. After this period of time, you can continue to carry it as you wish or just use it when you need it. Give it a place of honor. When you no longer need it, give it back to the earth with your thanks.
Of course there are many ways to manifest the power of Beltane. This is a great time to harness that power and use it to bring about the changes that you wish to see in your life. I hope this holiday finds you all in happiness and love.
About The Author: Rhianna is a High Priestess in the Order of the White Moon and will soon be opening her own branch, Sisters of the Spiral Garden. She is an ordained minister through the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church and a Reiki Master/Teacher. She lives in Texas with her husband and two furbabies. You can contact her at Rhianna@…

Beltane Rituals


Beltane Rituals
by Freya
The name Beltane implies “fire of bel” and is also known as May Eve, and May Day. It signifies the height of Spring and the sensuality of life. This date has been considered one of the power points of the Zodiac, and is symbolized by the “Tetramorph” figures featured on Tarot cards (Tetramorph means Four Elements) Astrologers know these figures as the symbols of the four signs of the Zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – which align with the four Great Sabbats of the Craft. Beltane is also one of the three spirit-nights of the year when the faeries can be seen. To welcome the magick of the Faeries into your home on this Sabbat try my Beltane aromatherapy blend;

3 drops Rose EO
3 drops Vanilla EO
3 drops Honeysuckle EO

Burn in diffuser or aroma lamp and feel the magick unfold : )

Beltane celebrations traditionally begin with the lighting of Beltane bonfires at moon-rise on May Day eve to light the way for Summer. A ritual in form of the Maypole dance is performed, representing the unity between the Goddess, manifesting as the May Queen and Flora ( Ribbons), and the God ( Pole).

As a festival of passion, Beltane represents one of the two greatest Sabbats in the Pagan wheel of the year, second only to Samhain, which lies directly opposite it on the Wheel.
In Germany, Beltane is also known as Walpurgis Night, which means “Night of the Witches.” With the take–over of Christianity, the life-affirming Maypole, became the death- affirming cross. Thus, in the Christian calendar, this was celebrated as ‘Roodma,’ which is an archaic English word meaning “Mass of the Cross”.
Traditional Symbols for Beltane include;
May Fires
Cakes and Wine
Colors, Herbs, and Flowers symbolic for Beltane include;
All Greens
St.John’s Wort
Traditional incense include;

Beltane Cakes

1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup butter (unsalted)
1 egg
1 cup mashed peaches
1 1/2 cup rolled oats
cinnamon to taste
Mix flour, baking powder, and brown sugar together, cut butter into mixture , add egg and peaches, add some cinnamon to taste. Drop tablespoons of dough onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 F for about 15 – 17 min.

About The Author: Freya is ordained High Priestess in the Order of The White Moon, Founder of the school and circle of Sisters In Freya’s Moon, Reiki Teacher, Celtic Shaman Practitioner and have a doctorate degree in Naturology with diplomas and certificates in related fields

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer
by HPS Ezevia Rose
This is an ancient disciplined movement similar to TaiChi for morning prayer. As the community drum beats the heartbeat of the Mother the dancers face East. The beginning motion establishes that the two-legged will be a full and open conduit between heaven and earth.

Starting in the East
1. Open the left wing wide (arm) and far, stretching the heart muscle.
2. Open the right wing, knowing one can soar as the eagle.
3. Open the shield (raise both arms up and out towards the sky) revealing oneself to the Great Spirit.
4. Gather from Mother Earth (bending down and imagining to take a gift ) and give up to Father of the Heaven.
5. Gather from the Father of Heaven (reaching out and imaging the gift you will take) and give back to Mother Earth (bending to the ground give your gift to the Mother Earth)
6. Collect what is in your heart and give out to all the people of the world. (tossing into the air the gift of your heart)
7. Gather from the people and replenish what is in the heart bringing harmony between Heaven and Earth.

Continue with the remaining 3 directions (repeating the above motions)

This is the circle of life, the opening and closing, the giving and the receiving, the balance of above and below, the inner and the outer, the up and the down.

We greet the sunrise bringing renewed beauty, hope, faith and health to the dawn of day.

About The Author: HPS Ezevia Rose, Sisters of the Burning Branch, Order of the White Moon; Teacher of young children, singer, musician, herbalist and avid gardener.