Precious Pup of the Day for April 26th

Name: Charlie
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Home: Manhattan Beach, California, USA
Charlie is our little “butterball.” Yes, weighing in at 31 pounds he is a bit large for his breed but there is just more of him to love. My daughter Jenny fell in love with this particular breed by looking at pictures on the Internet. Soon she was begging for this “second” dog to add to our family of pets which already included four cats and a Golden Retriever. After a while I began to adore those cute little faces as well and found myself researching breeders. When we got Charlie he was about the size of a grapefruit and we fell immediately in love with him. He loves to play tug of war and has a bit of a stick fetish. He loves to chase them and then make you chase him to get them back.He also loves the water. We have taken him out on the ocean several times on our fishing boat and he will settle himself in your lap for the ride to Catalina Island. Once there he will chase and be chased by his big sister Sammy, (the golden retriever) in the surf. He has even been cajoled out into the surf swimming with, of course, the toss of a stick.

If you pat your lap he will lumber over and plop himself down for some serious scratching and loving and who can resist that? He always has kisses to give to everyone, especially small children. He still chases a cat or two around the house when he is feeling playful. But mostly his interactions with the cats can be quite endearing. We have managed to snap a few photos of some tender moments snuggling and kissing our friendly felines. And oh, did I mention he snores, quite loudly, but we don’t mind. I have to admit that Charlie gives us many things to snicker about, his size, his snoring, his occasional grumpy growls, and other endearing habits too numerous to mention. But we all admit that life without Charlie is unimaginable. We love our Charlie!!!

Charlie, the Dog of the Day
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