Beltane Poem

Beltane Poem
A poem by Morgana

Hilltop fires glowing bright
Calling in the Beltane Night.
Gleeful youths, barefoot tread
Along the paths the ancients led
Laughing, singing, loving free
They land beneath the Elder Trees
The Fae look on, then join the sight
Dancing gaily through the night.
King and Queen, young and old
None left standing in the cold
Rich or poor, all join the frey
Bringing in the Beltane Day.

About The Author: Morgana is an Ordained Minister, High Priestess, and Founder of The Daughters of the Greening, a sister branch and affiliate of the Order of The White Moon.


7 thoughts on “Beltane Poem

    1. Thank you, Lady Zazu. I appreciate the link back to us. You are saving me some work and I appreciate it. If you would like, send me your link to your Facebook page and I will list you here. I can put you on our link page or in our blogroll, which ever you prefer. Just let me know. Thank you again, sweetie.


      1. Greetings Lady of the Abyss,

        Thank you kindly for your reply… My facebook page is:
        Please feel free to come take a look around. I run a respectable page based on education involving different paths of paganism . It’s funny I have been practicing paganism ( Mainly Wicca ) for about 20 years now and I’m learning soo much more, we never stop learning do we, this page has really been instrumental in that. I feel so blessed.. Thanks again , 🙂

        Lady Zazu )o(


      2. Beautiful page, sweetie. I love the gorgeous pics you have on there. Of course, I am a graphic hound. I have put your link on our Link page. Check out the description, I am never good at describing sites. If there is something different you would like to see there, just let me know. Thank you again!
        Luv & Hugs,
        Lady A


  1. HI Lady of the Abyss,
    I’m so happy you like my page, I put a lot of work into it. it’s a passion for sure.. Can you tell em where you put the link? I cannot find it lol I know it’s probably right here in front of me somewhere lol.. Thanks soo much for putting my page on your site. It means alot. I will do you proud! ❤

    Lady Zazu <3)O(<3


    1. I put your link on our link page. Check up at the top of our site. You will see the section that says “Links/Awards.” I put it there. WordPress decided to design the bottom of the page for me. So kind of them, NOT! But my blogroll ended up down there, which sort of upset me. Down there the links never get seen. So I put everything on the Link page. It is easily found and seen. If you have any trouble finding it let me know.


      1. Ahh yes I found it thank you soo much for the nice description 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ and again I love your site here i has really been helpful to me.. ❤ Brightest Blessings ❤

        Lady Zazu <3)O(<3


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