Beltane Garden Blessing

Beltane Garden Blessing
By Morgana

Beltane, often called May Day, is a time of fertility, merry-making and joy. The Fae are very active on this day as the Earth is blooming anew, bringing forth new life. All around, sexuality is in the air. Animals mating, birds building nests, flowers blooming.
For the Celts, Beltane began on April 30th at sundown. Fires were lit on the hillside made from sacred wood, couples went into the woods and made love rejoicing in the fertility of the Earth. Many customs surround this day, including the Maypole, May baskets, walking the boundaries of your land and the blessing of gardens.
Here is a blessing that I use each year on my gardens that hasnt failed me yet!!

You will need:
Cornmeal (representing the God)
Moon Water (representing the Goddess. Recipe follows)

Stand before your garden, freshly plowed or planted. Raise your hands in the air and say:

“Lady and Lord of the Green, I thank you for the renewed life all around me and I ask that you extend this blessing to my little patch of earth that I tend.”

Go to the center of the garden and pour alittle of the moon water and a pinch of the cornmeal.

Go to the East Corner of the garden. Thank the spirits of Air for watching over the garden and guarding it, for circulating freely and blessing. Say:

“The sun kisses the earth, and earth brings forth life. Blessed Be, Great Ones.”

Pour a bit of moon water and a pinch of cornmeal in the East. Next go to the South and repeat, thanking the spirits of Fire for sunlight to feed the plants and their blessing. Next, the West, thanking the spirits of Water for rain and their blessing, and finally the North, thanking the spirits of Earth for fertile soil and their blessing.
Return to the center, and thank Great Spirit for the fertility of the Earth and the blessing on your plants. Again sprinkle moon water and cornmeal. It is done!!

How to make Moon Water
On the night of the Full Moon, pour spring water into a silver or crystal bowl. Add a quartz crystal. After sundown, take the bowl outside and place it in a place where the moon can shine on it all night long. Hold your hand over the bowl, and pray, asking the Lady of the Moon to shine Her blessings on the water and fill it with Her energies. Be sure to bring the bowl in before sunrise. Store in a dark colored bottle.

About The Author: Morgana is an Ordained Minister, High Priestess, and Founder of The Daughters of the Greening, a sister branch and affiliate of the Order of The White Moon.