The Witches Affirmation for Friday, January 8th

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I am a magnet! I draw positive things into my life!

—Starr Casas, Old Style Conjure Wisdoms, Workings and Remedies

WOTC Extra – A simple and powerful affirmation

 A simple and powerful affirmation

Every morning for at least one week, before you begin the activities in your day, take one minute to stand still in front of a mirror.

Take three deep, slow breaths, taking the air to the bottom of your lungs as you do so. Breathe in through your nose pushing your stomach out, and out through your mouth, pulling your stomach in. Look yourself straight in the eyes and say out loud:

“I am loved. All my needs are met. Everything is as it should be. Challenges I do not understand now I will in due course. I start this day with love in my heart for all creation. I love my family, my friends and my community. I love myself. I am a beautiful living aspect of the Divine. So be it.”

Keep at it and see how you feel after one week.



Spirit Guide
Author: Raym Richards

Wishing All My Dear Family & Friends A Very Blessed Thursday!

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Affirmations – Should Witches Use Them?

An affirmation is a simple, positive “I am……” statement such as “I am a compassionate being of light,” that boosts self-esteem and creates a stronger sense of self. By reminding us of our intrinsic value, it counters the negative message we often give ourselves. Create a personal affirmation that includes qualities that you readily recognize within yourself, as well as those you hope to find in the future. Meditate on your affirmation by repeating it to yourself like a mantra a hundred times each day. As you do so imagine the words boring down into your unconscious like a drill. Watch the negative beliefs emerge like saw-dust from the borehole as they are replaced by the positive beliefs of your affirmations.

So is affirmations a good thing for witches, in my book “yes.”

Today’s Affirmation To Get You Started

“I turn my attention inward to sense the tug of hidden desires. Clear in my self awareness. I am now free to make my choice.”

Spell Caster’s Affirmation


Spell Caster’s Affirmation

There is one Presence and Power in the Universe
That manifests to me as Goddess and as God
It guides the stars and the planets
It guides me and moves through my life
For I am a perfect incarnation of God /dess
And a perfect priest/ess of God/dess
I am a complete manifestation of this power
I release all imbalanced energy and it’s effects
I harness harmonious energy
And shape it for the good of all
In accordance with free will
With ease and with joy
With love and kindness
So mote it be

Feng Shui News for August 31 – 'Love Litigating Lawyers Day'

I’m guessing that it was a lawyer who first declared this ‘Love Litigating Lawyers Day’ because I don’t know many people who feel that same way, myself included. But, just in case you’re involved in a legal affair and could use a cosmic assist in the courtroom, you can say this affirmation both silently and aloud in order to sway the outcome your way. Say this at least nine times throughout any day: ‘The inspiration of the Almighty shall be my defense and I shall have plenty of silver.’

By Ellen Whitehurst for

Today’s Affirmation for February 20th


Today’s Affirmation for February 20th


Everyday, and in every way, I continue to improve my way.
”Positive energy is a must for success” is my thrust. 
I plan what is ahead of me, using my time wisely, following through to improve my soul. I follow through to achieve success and my goals.
~from David Witt

Daily OM for September 25 – Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom


by  Madisyn Taylor

Our minds accept as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, but it can also accept our positive affirmations.

The words we speak and think hold great sway over the kind of life that we create for ourselves. Many people live their lives plagued by negative thoughts and never even realize this. They tell themselves and others that they are doomed to fail, not good enough, or not worthy of love, yet they are amazed when their reality starts reflecting these words. Just as the subconscious mind accepts as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, however, it is also equipped to instantly accept the veracity of our affirmations.

Affirmations are statements chosen and spoken consciously. Once they enter our realm of consciousness, they also enter our subconscious mind where they have the power to change our lives. The affirmations you create should be specific, not too long, worded positively, formed in complete sentences, and spoken in the present tense as if what you are affirming is already true. It is a good idea to repeat your affirmations daily. You may want to tell yourself that you deserve to be happy or that you are in control of your destiny. Or, you may want to focus on a particular goal, such as attracting new friends. Rather than telling yourself you want to be well-liked, say, “I am well-liked.” Your subconscious mind will pick up on these positive messages, and you will begin to live your life as if what you are affirming already has happened. Soon, your reality will begin to reflect your affirmations. If you find that you are thwarting yourself with negative thinking, try repeating your affirmations several times a day. Write your affirmations down and say them aloud or in your mind. Allow your conviction to grow stronger each time you say your affirmations, and your negativity will be overridden by your motivation and positive thoughts.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for creating our desired reality. We consciously and subconsciously invite opportunity into our lives when we say affirmations. Trust in the power of your affirmations, and you will very quickly create what you have already stated to be true.


Daily OM

Good Morning, Dear Friends! Here is Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation Especially For You!

Today’s Affirmation for Sunday, August 12

 “I resolve to speak and act with a pure mind. When I do, happiness follows as my shadow.”

Today’s Thought for Sunday, August 12

 Do not assume that only those lives marked by grand achievements or spectacular heroics have value. An ordinary life, striving for virtue and wisdom, is an achievement in itself.

Today’s Meditation for Sunday, August 12

Listen for the Bells

According to myth Celtic shamans used sacred branches hung with silver bells to open doors between the material and spirit worlds. Close your eyes and imagine hearing the music of the silver bells. Approaching the sound you see a gateway formed by two blossoming trees. Passing through, you find yourself in another world. Ahead of you the guardian of the gateway is tending a cauldron over a fire. The guardian fills a chalice with liquid from the cauldron and hands it to  you. The spicy drink replenishes your strength. The guardian tells you to return whenever you need to, reminding you to listen for the silver bells. You pass back through the gateway and open your eyes. You feel full of life and energy.


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Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for April 26th

Today’s Affirmation for Thursday, April 26

I rest in tranquillity and divine grace. In this moment, I am calm, happy and fulfilled.


Today’s Thought for Thursday, April 26

“Keep te peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”

Thomas A. Kempis (c. 1380 – 1471)


Today’s Meditation for Thursday, April 26

The Lake Of Calm

Visualize a beautiful mountain lake, its surface smooth as glass. Feel a breeze come up, sending ripples across the water. Then, as the breeze dies, watch the ripples subside and the water become calm. Throughout the day, whenever a disturbance ruffles the surface of your mood, recall the image of the lake; feel the ripples of emotion settle into calm.

Happy Monday, dear, dear friends! Here’s Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation.

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Today’s Affirmation for Monday, April 16th

I am determined to live the full breadth of life’s road as well as its length. There may be important things nestling in the hedgerows or lying neglected on the verge.


Today’s Thought for Monday, April 16th

Once we have found the true path, destiny unfolds before us like a red carpet.

Author Unknown


Today’s Meditation for Monday, April 16th

Looking Both Ways

Janus, the Roman God of thresholds, provides an appropriate focus for reflection when you are embarking upon a new phase in your life. He is often depicted with two faces – one of a child looking forward into the future and one of a bearded old man looking back into the past. Visualize yourself standing in a doorway, on the threshold of your new venture. Standing beside you is Janus. Looking behind you, survey your past and ask the old face of Janus to recount the most important lessons you have gathered from your previous experiences. Then look forward and ask the young face of Janus for some positive energy for the future. Encouraged by his hopefulness, set out on your journey.

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for April 14th

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Today’s Affirmation for Saturday, April 14th

I take into my heart the gentle rhythms of nature performing its perennial dance of time.


Today’s Thought for Saturday, April 14th

“Healthy feet can hear the very heart of the Holy Earth.”

Chief Sitting Bull (1831 – 90)


Today’s Meditation for Saturday, April 14th

Reconnect With Nature

Time spent in nature is healing. It grounds us in our bodies and reaffirms our felt connection with the world around us. Spend time in green spaces as often as you can, whether in garden, parks or open countryside. Engage each of your senses in the experience of being at one with nature. Notice the shapes and hues of the flowers, hear the singing of the birds, smell the earthy scents of the ground and the fragrance of flowers.

We can also reconnect to nature using the imagination. Close your eyes and visualize a meadow on a sunny afternoon. Notice different species of plants, birds, animals and insects. Watch the interactions between these species, and then focus on individual organisms, sensing the pace and rhythm of their lives. Finish by watching the grass grow, allowing your consciousness to resonate at the same pace.

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Thursday, April 12

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Today’s Affirmation for April 12th

The energy of the universe flows through me, maintaining my well-being. I release energy in ways that are healing for myself and the Earth.


Today’s Thought for April 12th

“Renew yourself completely each day, do it again, and again, and again, forever again.”

Chinese Saying


Today’s Meditation for April 12th

The Sleep Mudra

Practicing the shakti mudra before bedtime will help you to wind down and relax. Sitting comfortably, tuck you thumbs into your palms, curl your index and middle fingers around them and bring your hands together so that the tops of your little and ring fingers touch. Close your eyes, bring your attention inward and allow your breathing and thought to slow down. Hold this mudra for five to ten minutes.

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for Wednesday, March 21

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Today’s Affirmation for March 21

As I begin to explore new territories of the self, the shell of my false self-image begins to fracture under the pressure of my growth. I emerge – a newly hatched chick. I look forward to the adventure of learning.


Today’s Thought for March 21

Anyone who claims to be not yet ready or else past the age for philosophy is like the person who claims to be too young or too old for happiness.

Epicurus (c 341 – 270BCE.)


Today’s Meditation for March 21

Wisdom of the Family

The family has much to teach us about ourselves and the world, in your mind’s eye, visualize a tall tree whose branches reach up into the clouds. Looking up at the tree you see the members of your family sitting on the branches. You begin to climb the tree, stopping to converse with your relatives long the way. Ask them what lessons they have to teach you.