Happy Monday, dear, dear friends! Here’s Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation.

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Today’s Affirmation for Monday, April 16th

I am determined to live the full breadth of life’s road as well as its length. There may be important things nestling in the hedgerows or lying neglected on the verge.


Today’s Thought for Monday, April 16th

Once we have found the true path, destiny unfolds before us like a red carpet.

Author Unknown


Today’s Meditation for Monday, April 16th

Looking Both Ways

Janus, the Roman God of thresholds, provides an appropriate focus for reflection when you are embarking upon a new phase in your life. He is often depicted with two faces – one of a child looking forward into the future and one of a bearded old man looking back into the past. Visualize yourself standing in a doorway, on the threshold of your new venture. Standing beside you is Janus. Looking behind you, survey your past and ask the old face of Janus to recount the most important lessons you have gathered from your previous experiences. Then look forward and ask the young face of Janus for some positive energy for the future. Encouraged by his hopefulness, set out on your journey.