Are You Old or Young?

Are You Old or Young?

  • Deepak Chopra

The typical American way of handling the polarity of old and young is to fixate on being young forever. But the image of America as the land of eternal youth is grossly at odds with reality.

If we look beyond the false duality of “old” and “young,” what we find is a different reality: The body is a network of messages constantly being transmitted and received. Some of these messages nourish and sustain us, while others lead to disorder and breakdown.

Life-nourishing experiences go far beyond cell biology. The tenderness of a mother watching her toddler walk for the first time feeds the baby’s body (witness how a baby languishes when motherly love is withdrawn, even for a day). To a growing child, the sensitive encouragement of a teacher is as important as a hot lunch. What makes for a straighter spine, vitamin-D milk or self-esteem?

Once we reach adulthood, gaining the wholehearted respect of co-workers wards off heart disease as effectively (and much more naturally) as counting milligrams of cholesterol. Respect makes the heart feel trusting and confident, two ingredients that belong inside any healthy body. The decisions we make in terms of our basic happiness and fulfillment are therefore exactly the ones that determine how we age.

It has dawned on medicine that nurturing is immensely valuable physiologically. If newborns are touched and caressed, their levels of growth hormones increase, and the protective coating of the motor nerves, myelin, becomes thicker. A mother’s loving urge to cuddle her baby translates directly into life-sustaining biochemical reactions.

Babies deprived of loving attention can become emotionally stunted or dysfunctional. The instinct for emotional nourishment proves more powerful than does that for physical nourishment.

Adapted from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1998).

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for March 7th

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Today’s Affirmation for March 7th

I pray for spirit to revive my heart, to spark it with a relish for service. I hope that my desire to be a flame of love will spark other stalled souls to come alive, aflame with love themselves.


Thought for March 7th

The days are of most profit to him who acts in love.

Traditional Jainist saying


Today’s Meditation for March 7th

The Blueprint for Life

DNA is a complex molecule containing the genetic information needed to build, control and maintain a living organism. It is found in all living cells and is the blueprint of life DNA forms a double helix – a shape like a twisted ladder. Imagine standing at the bottom of your DNA ladder. In your mind begin to climb. On the first rung sense your connection with your parents, each of whom bequeathed to you copies of half of their DNA. On the next rung sense your connection with your grandparents, and on the next your great-grandparents. In this way trace your roots back through generations of ancestors to the very first human. Feel a sense of continuity through the ages and your connection to everybody on Earth.