Your Charm for August 17 is Aries The Ram

Your Charm for August 17

Today’s Meaning:     

This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted. This person is probably somone you already know and respect.

General Description:     

First sign of the Zodiac, March 21st to April 20th. Mars the ruling planet, and Iron the correct metal. Those born under the influence of Aries were supposed to be brave, ambitiious, optimistic, confident, and fond of adventure. The Aries gems are the Diamond, Jasper, and blood stone. The Diamond was always regarded with much veneration in olden times, and was worn to make its wearer bold and daring. Napolean Bonaparte had the celebrated Regent or Pitt Diamond (136 carats, valued at about 500,000 lbs) set in the hilt of his sword. At one time it was believed that the wearing of very large diamonds brought ill-luck and misfortune on the wearer


The People You Meet on the Pagan Path

The People You Meet on the Pagan Path

Author: MissElphie

There are always people who leave a mark along our path in our Pagan path. Those people who supported us and who taught us things that, probably, we wouldn’t have learned in any other way. These people are essential and must not be forgotten. After all, no matter how many books we write, how many thesis are made and researches done, there is always space to learn and embrace knowledge that we get through experience and by the teaching of others. That is what I’ll be talking about today.

The solitary path is a path that is often chosen, especially in today’s society in which most Pagan practitioners live in the big metropolis and cities, and where finding a coven is getting harder and harder. These good covens hide themselves more often than you think. And, if covens do ‘go public’, much of the time, they aren’t that big of a thing or there is a high chance that they are not what the practitioners are looking for. Good covens are hard to find. Not only due to their shortage but also because it’s complicated for a solitary to fit their eclectic costumes and already acquired traditions in a group that is as well defined as a coven. It ends up being complicated. Additionally, today’s individualism and our consumer and technological society oft results in isolation from the community around us (in favor of a virtual community) which may lead to a disconnection.

These factors plus the routine and daily busy life of the metropolis leads to shortage of time.
As you can see, there are numerous factors that may stop a solitary practitioner from joining a coven. There is, also, the possibility of the practitioner himself/herself not wanting to join a coven (like my case, for example) .

Don’t judge me wrong, I believe that life in a coven can be amazing and very enriching and, if possible, I recommend the experience if you are so inclined, since all paths teach us something. But, in this article, I’m focusing more on the solitary side of the Pagan practice.

For a solitary, magickal practice requires a routine by which the seeker learns things by himself/herself. We must alone search for authors, read books, research sources, etc. It ends up being our daily lives, so, after a couple of years, it becomes second nature. We know that author X is good and author Y is not that good. We prefer the works of X and not of Z. And so on.

However when we do meet someone who may be able to help us, such as someone with more experience, it’s always great. And, my advice is to take that opportunity. You can share what you know with that person and that person will share her knowledge with you. You can have arguments about a certain theory and, by debating it, reach a common and satisfactory answer. You can read books and discuss opinions on the subject or go to public events and find more people to talk to and learn from or teach.

With the help of others, our path only gets richer. It is still a solitary path and ours in the practical terms, since it is created and followed by us alone, but we always learn a lot interacting with others.

Throughout the years, I’ve met several people (not only online but also in person) who have taught me so much and helped me grow. I’m no longer that girl who thought that Wicca was all fairies and pink and that all other Pagan paths were a simple minority. Today, I have a clear notion of what Paganism is, of Wicca and of several different pagan paths, not only when talking about Neo-Paganism, but also pre-Christian beliefs.

I’m not saying that everyone whom you will meet will teach you something good for you to use in your daily path. But they will teach you something. They might, at least, teach you not to follow their path (if they are one of those crazy nut-heads that go around or a scammer) . Everyone has something to teach you and you must, along your path, learn everything you can from people, whether they are Pagan or not (Yes, even followers of other religions have a lot to teach you, especially when it comes to respecting other people’s beliefs) .

But of course, be careful. Don’t try everything people tell you to try. There are a lot of people who are amazing and who will teach you things that will last for a lifetime but there are also may be people with bad intentions who only want to harm you, scam you or worse. Trust me, I’ve seen people whose only interest in helping others was to gain money or fame or just use that “wanting to help” as a way of scamming them. Always be careful and always be very alert during any conversation. Think for yourself and, if necessary, ask for the opinion of someone older or with more knowledge than you, in whom you trust. .

Life has a lot to teach us and there are so many things to try and learn from. Don’t keep yourself entirely locked away from the world by not socializing, by not meeting other pagans. At first it can be hard to see so many points of views. Some you might even think “What is this?” but that will also teach you to respect others. There is so much you can learn by meeting and by talking to other pagans.

Find some events in your area or, if you are going on vacation to somewhere, search if there are any pagan gathering nearby and plan a visit. Or find an online forum and join up, meet some people and learn new things.

My simple conclusion: Socialize. Talk to people, enter social networks of Paganism, sign into forums and meet people. Learn with them and discover new worlds filled with knowledge. Who knows? You might even find a coven that will be your future family. You never know what plans the Gods have in store for us.

Live life to the fullest; know the world and live your religion.

Goddess Blessings,

Tuesday’s April 17th Affirmation, Thought & Meditation

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Today’s Affirmation for April 17th

The universe is an endless source of strength I can draw on as I undertake new challenges.


Today’s Thought for April 17th

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

Seneca (c. 4BCE-65CE)


Today’s Meditation for April 17th

The Well of Experience

Our inner resources are bottomless – like the spirit itself. Next time you need to draw upon some aspect of your inner strength – perhaps your courage, patience or tolerance – imagine lowering a bucket into a well. No matter how much energy you draw from this source, there will always be vast reserves still left in place. As you raise your bucket, make a vow to use this energy wisely and lovingly.

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for April 14th

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Today’s Affirmation for Saturday, April 14th

I take into my heart the gentle rhythms of nature performing its perennial dance of time.


Today’s Thought for Saturday, April 14th

“Healthy feet can hear the very heart of the Holy Earth.”

Chief Sitting Bull (1831 – 90)


Today’s Meditation for Saturday, April 14th

Reconnect With Nature

Time spent in nature is healing. It grounds us in our bodies and reaffirms our felt connection with the world around us. Spend time in green spaces as often as you can, whether in garden, parks or open countryside. Engage each of your senses in the experience of being at one with nature. Notice the shapes and hues of the flowers, hear the singing of the birds, smell the earthy scents of the ground and the fragrance of flowers.

We can also reconnect to nature using the imagination. Close your eyes and visualize a meadow on a sunny afternoon. Notice different species of plants, birds, animals and insects. Watch the interactions between these species, and then focus on individual organisms, sensing the pace and rhythm of their lives. Finish by watching the grass grow, allowing your consciousness to resonate at the same pace.

Today’s Afffirmation, Thought and Meditation for Friday, April 6th

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Today’s Affirmation for April 6th

I do not seek perfection – only to do the best that I can. If others do better, I will admire them without envy while trying to do better myself.


Today’s Thought for April 6th

On the edge of the forest live joyfully, without desire.

The Buddha (c. 563 – c. 460 BCE)


Today’s Meditation for April 6th

Saturn Versus Jupiter

In astrological terms Saturn is the planet of restraint, responsibility, limitation and self-discipline, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, spontaneity and creativity. A balance of both influences is necessary in our lives; too much Saturn and we fail to achieve our full creative potential; too much Jupiter and we over-extend ourselves, becoming irresponsible in our ambitions. Meditate on the planet whose influence you feel you lack, visualizing either the cold, grey sphere or seven-ringed Saturn, or the red giant of Jupiter.

The Wicca Book of Days for April 5 – Purifying Purges

The Wicca Book of Days for April 5

Purifying Purges

According to a long-established European tradition, April is the month in which it is efficacious to purge oneself. John Neve’s A New Almanacke and Prognostication (1633) claims:

This April, with his stormy showers,

Doth make the earth yield pleasant flowers.

Purge well therein, for it is good

To help thy body and cleanse thy blood.

The twenty-first-century equivalent of the purge is the detox, a complex regime that is said to eliminate toxins from the body, but if you feel in need of an old-fashioned herbal purgative, try a one-off doss of caster oil.

The Quintessential Element

Are you familiar with the fifth element either, of the quintessence? Take time, on this fifth day of the month to learn more about this universal spirit.