Daily Motivator for January 31 – Fulfilling journey

Fulfilling journey

What matters much more than where you are is the direction you are going.  That’s something you can change instantly if you wish.

You cannot create an instant achievement, yet you can instantly be headed in  the direction of whatever achievement you choose. From wherever you are, there  is a path and a direction.

Your task for right now is not to get all the way there. Your responsibility in this moment is to keep yourself moving in the direction that will eventually get you all the way there.

No matter how long you’ve been off track, or how far away from the path  you’ve wandered, you can begin right now to get back on track. Your very next  action sets your direction, so wisely choose that action and go with it.

Don’t waste your time with regrets about where you’ve been or empty wishes  about where you’d like to be. Use this very moment to firmly establish and  maintain a positive, meaningful direction for your life.

Whatever the challenges may be, however ambitious the goal, your direction is  yours to choose in each and every moment. Choose the direction that most  authentically expresses your unique value, and enjoy a truly fulfilling  journey.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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A Little Humor for Your Day – “Insufficient Funds”

Insufficient Funds

A young college co-ed came running in tears to her father. “Dad, you gave me some terrible financial advice!”

“I did? What did I tell you?” said the dad.

“You told me to put my money in that big bank, and now that big bank is in trouble.”

“What are you talking about? That’s one of the largest banks in the state,” he said. “there must be some mistake.”

“I don’t think so,” she sniffed. “They just returned one of my checks with a note saying, ‘Insufficient Funds’.”

Thoughts on Death

Thoughts on Death

Author: Crick

As I walk about within the comfortable embrace of the forest, my thoughts begin to take shape. High above me in a sky draped with dark clouds, sits our Sacred Mother upon her regal throne. She is in her fullness on this special night. She is sending out energy that very nearly takes me to my knees. As I gaze upon her, I can feel a light drizzle, the remnants of her tears, as they cascade out of the sky. It is then that I begin to think about the concept of death as seen by her children here on Gaia.

Some of her children express their beliefs in such a way that one would think that there was an indivisible split between her and our sacred father. Like naughty children seeking the favor of one parent, they deny the existence of their sacred mother.

As part of this denial they espouse divergent views about the wholeness of life. A wholeness which not only encompasses that which we as their children know it to be, but that of which we have as yet to develop an awareness and acceptance of. In an effort to distinguish themselves from the sacred mother, they offer a distorted concept of the sacred wheel of spiritual growth in its glorious entirety.

A jaded concept that gives power and control to those blighted children who would choose one parent over the other. For such misguided children have not the maturity to embrace both as one. Their love is one-sided though they recognize this not.

They would use this impaired knowledge to frighten others into their fold. They would cast fear upon the concept of death by portraying our spiritual voyage as being limited to just this one and only realm. As a final journey as per their view, they would offer but one of two extremes.

And who goes to either extreme is determined in great part by those jealous children who have closed their hearts to the whole and who in turn have chosen but a part of that whole. Their focus is limited to the greed and power that corrupts their handicapped souls. For a partial love is far less then the greatness of the whole and thus leaves them impaired in their vision of real spiritual growth.

Then there are those children who suspect that perhaps loving but one sacred parent to the exclusion to the other is not entirely what is intended for those who travel through this humanly realm. They will mouth the words of love and acceptance of both sacred parents, but deep within, their hearts are paralyzed with a fear like a slow moving poison.

They claim an understanding of death as proffered by their newly chosen set of beliefs, but the words of their former association with those of narrow mind still reverberates in their minds. They become torn between both sacred parents and the beliefs as espoused by their various children, as if there was an overwhelming requirement to choose between the two.

Thus they follow the examples of those who are sorely limited in their love while secretly and with divided attention they attempt to associate with those whose hearts fully embrace both sacred parents and who have not the fear and the misguided notions of life and death. Such children go through life without the sense of security and serenity that is just beyond their fingertips.

Such indecision must be a terrible burden to bear, for such fears are spurned not by Deity but rather by their own brothers and sisters who are hobbled by their own lack of understanding. Nor will they acknowledge such insecurities, for to do so would require them to actually devote to one path or the other. And yet there can be no solutions or peace within the soul without such acknowledgement. And so they go through this life torn between the realities of spiritual growth and the misnomers of human will.

And lastly there are those children who refuse to differentiate one sacred parent from the other. Offering their unrequited love with no restraints placed upon them by the words and actions of their spiteful and somewhat confused brothers and sisters. Such are those who fully embrace the pagan way without the taint of hypocrisy or the blinding dogma of those who would choose sides where both sides are actually one.

For their love is pure and has no such obstacles. They go through this realm without the self imposed obstacles and instead tackle those obstructions, which are necessary in gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual whole.

Death like its counterpart; life, are necessary parts of the whole. As a witch I fear neither, for both states of being emanates from our sacred parents. It is a trial of experiences that our spirits will undergo in its goal to become as one with the whole. As a child of Deity I fully understand that there will be limitations on our knowledge and direction of spiritual progression. There may be other states of being that we are not aware of as yet, and may not be aware of until we progress into death.

As I look around at the spirits that are gathered all about me as I stand here in this mist covered forest, these beings who are currently living in that realm we call death, I can’t but help to wonder if they are afraid of the next step in their spiritual growth. You know… that realm that we call life.

As a witch I personally do not believe that to end our existence here in this realm pre-maturely is within our proper arena of decision-making. That is the province of Deity alone.

But as a witch I walk with one foot in the light, a light that represents our awareness within this realm and with one foot in the dark, a light that represents knowledge yet to be learned. And so I fear neither life nor death for to do so is deny oneself the experience of the whole. And is not that what the sacred wheel supposed to represent?

Or do we just take to heart those segments of the wheel that appeals to us while in this realm?

Transitions …my journey from Spring into Autumn

Transitions  …my journey from Spring into Autumn

A child of the Moon is born, to two loving parents. She grows, nurtured by the strength of their love; safe, snug, secure and happy. All is well with her world. She is the Maiden; unfolding, blossoming, learning, yearning, hungry for knowledge. Seeking, wondering, always questioning. Entranced by the esoteric, the mysterious, the doctrines shunned by her parents, beliefs derided or feared, the source of future contention and turmoil. Something beckons… She sees in her world many things, many people. Her grandparents, loving and wise, teach her more of their ways than they realise; their love of the Earth, to plant, to harvest, to give back again, to keep the cycle turning, to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Their own quiet, unspoken spirituality, always hidden, kept very private. She sees her father, the strong, quiet, scientific atheist, and her mother, the emotional, spiritual believer in God. Differences aside, their love is strong. Still, something beckons… As she grows, thoughts and ideas form. She quietly ponders, wonders, in her solitude. Why is she so different? She does not fit into the world of her parents, her brother, or peers. She feels somehow distant, alienated, alone. Her mother, newly Croned, has found new faith in Jehovah; passionately, fervently fresh and fanatical, dangerous, derisive, divisive. The Maiden wants no part of it. The Crone burns the Maiden’s secret treasures out of fear for her daughter’s soul. No respect, trust destroyed, childhood ended. Yet still, something beckons… The Maiden is now a Mother, scarred by the past, but matured, complacent. Her parents still together, father in quiet resignation with the wife, and the life he now knows. Their love is still strong. The new Mother still seeking, yearning, learning, hungry for knowledge, finds solace in crystals and herbal lore while teaching her children love, respect and tolerance. A new freedom of expression is slowly emerging; a desire to heal the heart, the people and the Earth, to plant, to harvest, to give back again, to keep the cycle turning. And still, something beckons… Cronehood fast approaches and still the Mother seeks; forever learning, hungry for knowledge of that which beckons. Fears of history repeating itself as she realises her goal. Has she become like her own mother, or has she learned? She treads softly, quietly, makes no waves, only ripples under the Moonlight. She has learned to stay silent, to hide what she now sees. It is not yet time to reveal new insights. Fear of rejection, ridicule haunts her dreams. Slowly confidence builds, to tell her atheist husband gently, softly, carefully reassuring. This is not a repeat of history but a lesson learned from it. Their love is strong. Cronehood, a heartbeat away, Her time; not of endings but of new beginnings. A time to blossom in the Sunlight with insight of that which beckons; the Goddess, to complement the God, the seen and unseen, dualities in  balance. Yet she has the wisdom to stay silent in the Moonlight as needed. The realisation that what is, always has been. To see the many different paths as aspects of the One, There is no one true path, but many. A time of forgiveness, understanding and tolerance, and to nurture those qualities within herself and others. This is her time, to share with her husband and children the wisdom of the Goddess; the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Their love is strong. Jenny Taylor (Jenwytch) I wrote this poem a while back, about my life and my journey into Witchcraft and Paganism which coincided with the beginnings of my transition from Mother to Crone …a similar age to when my own mother turned to a different spiritual path.  ;-) ~ Jenny

A Little Humor for Your Day – ‘Naming The Twins’

A man was taking his wife, who was pregnant with twins, to the hospital when his car went out of control and crashed.

Regaining consciousness, he saw his brother, a relentless practical joker, sitting at his bed side.

He asked his brother how his wife was doing and his brother said, “Don’t worry, everybody is fine and you have a son and a daughter.

But the hospital was in a real hurry to
get the birth certificates filed and since both you and your wife were unconscious, I named them for you.”

The husband was thinking to himself, “Oh no, what has he done now?” and asked with some trepidation, “Well, bro, what did you name them?”

Whereupon, his brother replied, “I named the little girl Denise.”

The husband, relieved, said, “That’s a lovely name! And what did you come up with for my son?”

The brother winked and replied, “Denephew.”

The Astrology of Raising Children in the Digital Age

The Astrology of Raising Children in the Digital Age

  Maria DeSimone   Maria DeSimone on the topics of uranus, neptune, blog, astrology, Aquarius


Be a Better Parent!

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Like many of you parents out there, I happen to be in the uniquely challenging position of raising children who were born in the digital age.

Between 1998 and 2003 both Uranus and Neptune toured through the sign Aquarius together. Anyone born between these years has a certain cosmic DNA that strengthens their ability to use technology, especially the Internet, in an almost intuitive way. This generation will have unique experiences and lessons to learn about expressing their individuality.


All glory to the screen

These are the children who are currently at the pre-teen to teenage stage. If you’re anywhere near a school yard these days, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the common scene of an 11 year old clutching his or her iPhone like it’s their candy. You surely must see kids texting and walking in your neighborhood instead of watching where they’re going. These kids are drunk (Neptune) on technology (Aquarius).

Many of these kids prefer to stay inside and play XBOX or Wii rather than ride their bikes or play basketball with friends. These young ones prefer to communicate with their friends via texting (even if they’re in the same room) or video chat.  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and ooVoo are a normal part of their daily culture. They speak fluent hashtag and text acronym.

Mother knows best

My children, born in 1999 and 2001, are now 13 and 11. I am in the not so enviable stage of raising a teen and a tween … in the digital age. My mother expresses her condolences to me every chance she gets. “It wasn’t like this when I raised you. It’s such a different world today.” My mom has her Sun in Aquarius and she says this to me? Ah, she’s all too familiar with the simultaneous gift and trap that technology offers us.

On the one hand, you may notice that children born during the ‘Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius’ generation have an almost psychic sense about technology and how it works. It’s amazing to watch actually. Who needs the Geek Squad when you’ve got a teenager in the house these days? Yes, these kids are gifted with a deep connection to advanced technology. However, there is also a curse connected to this that any parent will identify with.

The curse is a terrifying reminder of how this generation of children cannot be contained — for better or worse.


Take the 8th grader in my son’s school who posted a naked pic of herself on her Facebook page. No one knows why she did it, but I’m sure you can imagine the aftermath. From what I hear, she’s now suicidal. Last summer, a child at my kid’s camp was caught showing other children Internet porn on his cell phone! Then there’s the kid who got into a fist fight and thought it would be “cool” to have his “toughness” videotaped by a friend watching. The video was quickly passed around, and became evidence to help the victim. That kid doesn’t feel so tough now.

These are real life stories that are happening in the background of my children’s childhood! Don’t be blind … it’s happening in your children’s childhood as well. It’s happening to your child.

What about the never ending YouTube videos posted by tweens and teens across our nation crying for help? This fascinating form of Aquarian self-expression can arouse our compassion and make us aware of humanitarian issues such as bullying and abuse. Unfortunately, it also makes these kids vulnerable in a way they may not quite understand. Once you put something out there on the Internet it’s there … forever. And it might haunt you someday even if, when you’re posting it, you feel like it is completely harmless — or the right thing to do.

The Astrology behind it all

Kids with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius think it’s “normal” to catalog their life on the Internet. Look, I’m all for transparency. I’ve been known to reveal extremely personal details about my life and experiences on the Internet in order to reach my audience and convey vital astrological messages. But I promise you this, every one of those posts are carefully thought out ahead of time. Each time I make a post, write a blog or post a diary entry to my website, I ask myself if it’s something I’d want my mother or children to read. If there’s an ounce of reservation it’s deleted instantly. I don’t think kids with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius have that filter. Honestly, I don’t think they care about having that filter.

I find myself sounding more and more like a broken record to my kids, “Guard your electronic health the way you learn to guard your physical health!”

Pedophiles stalk and target tweens on the Internet. Kids text half naked pics to their crush only to have it quickly passed around the entire school or even worse — the Internet. Conversations are recorded without one’s permission and then used to start trouble. Kids are being blackmailed because of technology. Did you know that the vast majority of children are exposed to graphic sexual images on the Internet before they are cognitively ready to process and handle such images?  Are you aware that cyber bullying is almost worse than our obesity epidemic?

My kids aren’t even in high school yet but in many ways I worry that the digital age has robbed them of an innocent childhood. Who am I kidding? It has.

My mother is right. Raising kids in the digital age is a different world entirely. These kids might be techies and computer geniuses, but they are growing up with a unique set of problems that come alone with an endless supply of technology. If you’re a parent of a child born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, remember to pay attention to their digital life as much as you do their physical life.

For them, it’s one in the same.

Daily OM for January 4th – Allowing Our Children to Be

Allowing Our Children to Be

Practicing Nonattachment

by Madisyn Taylor

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to allow our children to be who they want to be.


Parenting asks us to rise to some of the most difficult challenges this world has to offer, and one of its greatest paradoxes arises around the issue of attachment. On the one hand, successful parenting requires that we love our children, and most of us love in a very attached way. On the other hand, it also requires that we let go of our children at the appropriate times, which means we must practice some level of nonattachment. Many parents find this difficult because we love our children fiercely, more than we will ever love anyone, and this can cause us to overstep our bounds with them as their independence grows. Yet truly loving them requires that we set them free.

Attachment to outcome is perhaps the greatest obstacle on the parenting path, and the one that teaches us the most about the importance of practicing nonattachment. We commonly perceive our children to be extensions of ourselves, imagining that we know what’s best for them, but our children are people in their own right with their own paths to follow in this world. They may be called to move in directions we fear, don’t respect, or don’t understand, yet we must let them go. This letting go happens gradually throughout our lives with our children until we finally honor them as fully grown adults who no longer require our guidance. At this point, it is important that we treat them as peers who may or may not seek our input into their lives. This allows them, and us, to fully realize the greatest gift parents can offer their offspring —independence.

Letting go in any area of life requires a deep trust in the universe, in the overall meaning and purpose of existence. Remembering that there is more to us and our children than meets the eye can help us practice nonattachment, even when we feel overwhelmed by concern and the desire to interfere. We are all souls making our way in the world and making our way, ultimately, back to the same source. This can be our mantra as we let our children go in peace and confidence.

To think this candle can be snuffed out as quickly as a child’s life is a horrible and terrifying thought.

What has gone wrong with the world? I just read on MSN about the shootings at the Elementary School in Connecticut. Words can not describe how I feel right now. I have children of my own and I truly grieve with the parents that lost children this awful day.

This is suppose to be the most joyous time of the year. But yet we have a gunman go into an Elementary school and kill our children. Can you imagine those poor little children? Oh, Goddess, it is a horrible image. Their little lives cut so short. So much hope and potential for the future passed on this day. There is no reason to ask why nor should anyone look for a reason. For someone to do such an act, they have to be out of their mind. Crazy or not even have a mind at all, a Monster is the only word I can think of to describe this type of person. But the killer should not be remembered. For this is why he did such a horrible act for fame, glory and most of all to be remembered. Instead, we should forget about him and focus on those who need us most right now. The parents, husbands, wives, family and friends who lost their loved ones today.

There pain and grief consumes me. I can feel their emotions so strongly. It is as if I had lost a child of my own. How does anyone ever heal from the lost of a child? Is it possible? Especially at Yule and Christmas. There are their presents waiting to be opened. Mom and Dad watching as they come down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. Their eyes twinkling with delight when they open their presents. All of that taken away from these parents by a lone gunman. Why pick on our innocent children? Because they are so defenseless and trusting. What do we have to do in this country to keep such tragedies from reoccurring?

Tonight the town in Connecticut along with the entire country mourns the lost of these young souls. We have no words of comfort. Nothing will ease their pain, not even time. The loss of a child is simply unbearable. No parent should ever have to burying their own child. I can’t imagine their heartbreak nor what they must be experiencing. Such loss, such emptiness, the lives of the young and innocent cut so, so short.

Goddess, grant these parents peace,

I know if is hard for them to find it at this time.

But grant them Your Love and Comfort at this

their hour of need.

Give them the knowledge their children have

left this old cruel world and gone to a much

brighter and happier place. A place they will

be with their Eternal Mother.

Take away the parents and families heavy

hearts, remind them though their loss be great,

we will all meet again one day.

One day in Your Glorious Love and Light, we

will all reunite. All sorrows shall be forgotten,

all heavy hearts mended.

For that day, tears will be no more,

but sounds of laughter and love will

fill the Summerlands.

Goddess, grant them peace and let

them know they are not alone.

All of our heart are heavy and bear

their sorrow.

So Mote It Be.

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