Good Morning, My Dear Family! Time for a little site maintenance!

Good morning, my pretties! How are you doing this morning? I hope fine. Or at least having a better one than me, lol! You ever had one of those moment where you wished you could go through the computer and choke someone? Well, I have, in fact just got through with one of those moments. In case you own a site, blog, business or whatever on the net, listen up. For the last week, I have been getting emails from this company (I use that term loosely) out of China. These emails were in regards to a “company” in China wanting to register our name as theirs. I politely told them that we have held this name since 2006. In fact, I was taught a serious lesson while still on MSN. At that time, I registered and filed copyrights on our name. Witches Of The Craft is copy written just in case you didn’t know. I guess I will have to start putting the little registration mark at the end of our name again. Anyway, totally off topic here, back to the company out of China. I wrote them and I was nice about it, I got another email. This time informing me this company is insisting on using our name. If I wanted to stop this company from using our name, then I would have to pay this organization in China so much money to stop them. Well you can imagine what my reply was, “Bullsh**!” Not I didn’t say it but I wanted too. I simply told them to go ahead. They would be hearing from our lawyers because we own the name, all copyrights and domain associated with the WOTC. Then after that I politely notified Bing & MSN because this bunch used a Hotmail account. I told Bing & MSN what had happened and what these individuals were threatening. I was informed that this is one heck of a scam and some individuals had been falling for it. These people get ahold of your email address, send you threatening emails that your site’s name is getting ready to be purchased. Then they send you another one telling you to stop all this action, you need to pay this other China place several thousands of dollars to stop it. I guess they didn’t realize when something or someone threatens the WOTC, I get really defensive and sure and the hell ain’t letting go of a dime. I also went a step further and turned them over to the Better Business Bureau and the FBI. They are out of China, they won’t never catch them. But in case you or someone you know experiences something like this, you will know. It is a scam and if I could get my hands on them, I would choke ’em!

It just upsets me to think there are people that would do this to others. It makes me very angry when people prey off of others. I get upset when I hear about the elderly getting taken on a phone scam. Heck, money is too hard to come by these days and someone tries to steal it like that, it’s pathetic. The world never eases to amaze me. I really like the emails regarding money transfers from a foreign country to the States. Or someone has died and you are their long lost relative? Gotten any of them? I get them all the time on my personal email account. It is funny. They are trying to tell me my rich great uncle out of the Bahamans has left me a fortune. Now to claim it, just send us your bank account info and my money will be there in a few days. Now tell me, how damn dumb do these people think you are? Give them your bank info? I know it got bad around here for awhile with con-artists calling the elderly and stealing them blind. Also, had one or two that bit on the email scam. I know times are bad but money gotten that way will never do them any good or least that is what I keep telling myself :s . If the Law would occasionally catch one, I would be happy. But that ain’t going to happen either.

Well, now that I have vented, I feel much better. I did want you to be aware of the scam in case you were contacted. Now for today, I am not going to do any posting at all. Instead, I am going to update the site. Going from month to month takes work on one page. Going from season to season, that basically takes all day and all night. I always try to get the little dividers and such that will work all season long, then I can just change the graphics & info. But since we are going from Fall to Winter, that requires a little more work. Besides I occasionally get caught up in looking at the graphics, lol! And anyways, you seem to enjoy the site when I am not here, lol! I swear I don’t bite, really! It just hit me, in case you are leaving is because you think you interfere with my postings, you aren’t. You don’t bother me at all. I love see you here. You are the reason we do this every day. In fact, when I see the numbers go from 387 to 61 I wonder if I have posted something you didn’t like :s. Like I told you before this is your site, I am only the zookeeper, lmao! See I vented I feel good now.

If I don’t hush, I’m not going to get anything done. I am going to get busy updating. Enjoy the site, that’s what it’s here for.  I will see you all bright and early tomorrow morning (I know, who am I trying to kid!). Have a great one, my sweeties!

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A

Wishing You All A Very Happy & Blessed Wednesday!

I promise I will try to make this as quick as possible. But you know me when I get started talking, I don’t have sense enough to quit, lol! Anybody else had said that I would have been pissed! I am in a good mood believe it or not. I just wanted to take a moment tell everyone of you who purchased Raffle tickets, Thank you! I can never say it enough and I know I should, Thank you all and I truly do love you with all my heart. Maybe it’s that time of the year, when a witch stops to think about all the good things in her life. That she normally takes for granted. I know I am truly thankful for everyone of you and I consider you all my family. Don’t ever forget that, my luvs!

I know you are wondering what put me in this mood. Thanks to everyone of you, our domain payment to WordPress went through without a hitch. The domain is paid in full for another year. Thank you so much for saving our home. When I say ours, I mean yours too. No matter where the WOTC has called home, whether it was just starting out on MSN till now, the WOTC is your home. I am just the simple caretaker. I want you to always feel that way about this spot on the net. Without you, the WOTC would not exist. But back to business, I wasn’t too happy with WordPress at all yesterday. The domain bill was due December 2nd. If they had held up to that, we would have had no problem paying it. I was going to pay it myself. But they didn’t and I will tell you it made me very angry. Especially when they threw up that block, that galled my rump to no end. The only thing I knew to do was pay it through our PayPal account (at the time I didn’t know everything in my purse had been stolen, that another tale though). But they say hindsight is 20 – 20, if I knew WordPress was going to do that, I would have been looking for us a new home. I have bragged on them and bragged on them. And to be treated like that, I don’t know how to describe it. So I think between now and next year’s payment comes due, we might be finding a new home. Just a maybe, I wouldn’t want to lose any of you. That has always been my experience, every time we have moved in the pass, we have loss hundreds of friends and family.

I told you I was going to make this brief. But it’s not entirely my fault for taking so long, I have been on the phone.  I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that we are now safe for another year. Thanks to you!

Now down to business……

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

It is a Blessed Day To Be Amongst Family & Friends Once Again! MERRY MEET, my Luvs!

Hail, Merry Meet, and Goddess Bless, precious family & friends,


I must apologize for letting the site drop for a little bit. But you know how things are in a witch’s live, being witches yourself. They happen fast and furious. Very, very furious at times. But as you know I am a very private witch. I do not drag my private life out into the open unless it is something upsetting me. This time what occurred hit me so fast, I didn’t even have time to react.


Since I am writing you this personal letter let me start at the beginning……


I know many of you know I am a Solitary Hereditary Practitioner who has been on the net since 2004 (probably 2003 but I don’t record dates). I started out in a small group on MSN that didn’t even belong to me. Then other witches saw I was the real deal and wasn’t afraid to say it. I had many come to me and want me to open a site pertaining to strictly Witchcraft. I did. The other group I came from, I made the owner very angry because I had left and opened up my own group. I had others that came with me to help me run our little group known as Witches Of The Craft. Catchy title anyway, lol! We were determined, if we were going to do something, we were going to make it the best on the net. When you thought of Witchcraft you thought of us first.


I don’t know if you have noticed or not but I am a very driven person. The other Practitioners and myself drove our little group up to the number 1 group in Other Spirituality with only 30 people. You talking about working your ass off we did. When we got to the top, we stayed there. We pissed I don’t know how many other Witches and Wiccans off. We have built the WOTC in a reputable group were you could go  and find what you were looking for. Help if you needed, a shoulder to cry on or just a friend to talk too. You see along the way my reputation grew too. I was no longer a small time Practitioner. I was out of the closet and a target for anyone that wanted to take a shot at me. I guarantee you, my friend, I have had quite a few try and I have always survived their attacks until here recently.


Since I opened the blog, I have felt comfortable. At ease and at peace with myself. The attack I suffered about a week and a half ago, was my own fault, no one else’s, MINE! I let my guard down for a moment and I should have known better but I got lax. I have known for quite a while that some of my old “buddies” and I use that term very loosely had tracked me down on the internet. Didn’t bother me, I thought they knew from our past run ins that they shouldn’t really mess with me. But again stupidity on my part, once ignorant always ignorant. They never learn. I will be very truthfully with you because I want you to learn from me. Listen and listen well. I was hit while my shield was down. Full force and I was almost crippled. I was in the kitchen of my home last Sunday night and that was when I was attacked. I actually passed out in the floor. Dumbass me, couldn’t figure it out. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t. My whole right side, which was my good side wouldn’t move. I could not move my leg at all. It was drawed up to my chest. My arm thankfully I could move. Thankfully for Kiki, my husband found me and he brought me back to this world or I would have laid there to hell froze over.


Anyway, he wanted me to go to the hospital. I said, “No!” I have a concrete back to start with and with my meds, I live a normal life. If I go to the hospital, the first thing they want to do is chisel through my concrete and operate. No thank you, I will never have another back operation again! Days went by, I suffered and suffered. It never dawned on me till I guess I got cosmic slapped by the Goddess what had happened. My husband had gone to the store and I was laying in the floor (I couldn’t even sit up). It hit me, someone had cursed me or hexed me. You see as ambitious and driven as I have been, I have made some enemies. Some are in sheep’s clothing too. But I started chanting a certain chant. I could feel my nerves and everything in my leg start to feel funny. It was like each of them were suddenly alive and trying to get out of my body. I knew exactly what had happened. I kept chanting and chanting. I started praying and praying. I prayed to my Great Dark Queen Morrighan, who a long time ago took me under her wing. I don’t know if I found Her or She found me. But I prayed to The Morrighan to give me strength once again. Strength for my body, strength for my shield and strength to send my enemy agony and torment beyond their wildest imagination.


My Dark Mother answered my calling. She had not forgotten me, I had just forgotten Her temporarily. I made a sacred promise to Her I never would forget Her Greatness and Might again, Never, For She is My Mother. Perhaps I am a strange witch but I consider myself very fortunate. I have three Mothers. I have my True Birth Mother who has passed on, I have the Goddess as my Mother and I also have The Morrighan as my Mother. The Goddess and The Morrighan balance each other out. I also promised I would dedicate this site to the Almighty Dark Queen Morrighan. You will find a section dedicated to Her and the Goddess. Both of them keep me in balance. I am not a whole witch without them both I know that now. The Morrighan watches over me and protects me. If I had not forgotten Her, the attack I suffered never would have happened. For My Mother would not have allowed it. I now once again wear Her Medallion and forever will it stay on my breast.


I have not changed. I am still the same Witch. Well, now I got my Ying and Yang in balance. I would say I am back and better than ever. I can still feel The Morrighan’s energy flowing through my body. Perhaps I should ground but at this time I choose not too. I want to make sure the person who attacked me will remember one thing, “Leave me alone and never, ever mess with me again!” Next time, if you survived, I will know you are coming and the wrath you will face you have never seen anything like it in your life. It’s not a threat, it is a promise.


I like to live a private, quiet, peaceful life. I have one mission in life and you all know what that is, “to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, Witchcraft. To bring The Craft back to its rightful place in mainstream Religion.” This we shall do. I know the Elders understood what I have wrote today. I cannot imagine an Elder here not being attacked at least once or twice in their lifetime. I would also imagine if you talked to them, they would tell you the same thing I am saying……”You have to have your balance.” “You keep them shields up at all times, at full force.” “Never let your guard down for one moment.” Witchcraft is a beautiful Religion and one I am proud to call my own. But it is like any other Religion, there is always a bad or jealous person lurking in the corner, waiting for their moment to strike. They could be jealous or angry over the simplest of things and you not know it. Then you get knocked on your ass.


Learn from me, my precious friends, do not let what happened to me happen to you. I should have known better than to get in a comfort zone. I should have known with myself being so public to never, ever let my guard down for a moment. But I am only human after all. And we all make mistakes. The main point is that we live to learn from them.


I love everyone of you. I appreciate all the letters of concern about my well-being. You are the most dearest family and friends I have ever had. When I say I love you I mean it, with all my heart. I opened our email account today and there were almost 900 emails wanting to know how Lady A was doing? 900 emails alone, the love I feel off those emails makes my heart soar. I can never thank you all enough for loving and caring about me, never, for you are my true family and friends.


With Much Love and Many Blessings,


Lady Of The Abyss

P. S.

The site won’t be up and running today. I have quite a few updates to do. But we are going to do our best and I mean our best to be back in business tomorrow. I know I have missed you and everyone else has too. We are very eager to get this traveling circus on the road again, lol!


Stand Strong My Dear Friends!

We Love You!



In The World Today, Our Faith Is Tested. Stand Strong, my brothers & sisters!

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There are times, if you are like me, you hate to turn on the TV or go to your homepage. Every where you look there is senseless violence. We have no answers why people commit such crimes against each other. Why they don’t  value human life anymore than they do? We don’t have the answers to these questions. Perhaps we are not meant too.

I know we feel helpless in this world of ours today. You have a shooting in New Orleans with 19 wounded, you a have 12 year old boy stab his sister to death, then you have the manic out in Colorado who shot up a movie theatre. That is just too mention a few I read on MSN this morning. It sickens your stomach to stop and think about it.

In days like these, I believe our Faith is put to the test. We become angry and mad at the world. We cry out, “Why, oh why?” But we must stand strong in our Faith. At one time, I was one of those angry individuals mad at the world. The Goddess grabbed a hold of me and touched my very soul. She gave me comfort and love. I couldn’t find Her kind of Love no where on this plane. The Love She filled me with and the comfort she gave me, calmed my very soul. Then She showed me the plan she had for my life. Even now, since I have been touched by the Goddess’ Great Love, I still have no answer why terrible things happen. And I no longer say, “everything happens for a reason.” For there is no reason in senseless killings and murders. Cutting down young children whose life hasn’t even had a chance to begin yet. There is no reason for that. I do know in times like these we must stand strong in our Religion. We must seek out the Goddess and ask Her to embrace us in Her arms of Love. So we may get through these difficult days. All you have to do is call upon Her and She will answer. For we are Her children and She loves us. I know this for sure.

To think this candle can be snuffed out as quickly as a child’s life is a horrible and terrifying thought.

What has gone wrong with the world? I just read on MSN about the shootings at the Elementary School in Connecticut. Words can not describe how I feel right now. I have children of my own and I truly grieve with the parents that lost children this awful day.

This is suppose to be the most joyous time of the year. But yet we have a gunman go into an Elementary school and kill our children. Can you imagine those poor little children? Oh, Goddess, it is a horrible image. Their little lives cut so short. So much hope and potential for the future passed on this day. There is no reason to ask why nor should anyone look for a reason. For someone to do such an act, they have to be out of their mind. Crazy or not even have a mind at all, a Monster is the only word I can think of to describe this type of person. But the killer should not be remembered. For this is why he did such a horrible act for fame, glory and most of all to be remembered. Instead, we should forget about him and focus on those who need us most right now. The parents, husbands, wives, family and friends who lost their loved ones today.

There pain and grief consumes me. I can feel their emotions so strongly. It is as if I had lost a child of my own. How does anyone ever heal from the lost of a child? Is it possible? Especially at Yule and Christmas. There are their presents waiting to be opened. Mom and Dad watching as they come down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. Their eyes twinkling with delight when they open their presents. All of that taken away from these parents by a lone gunman. Why pick on our innocent children? Because they are so defenseless and trusting. What do we have to do in this country to keep such tragedies from reoccurring?

Tonight the town in Connecticut along with the entire country mourns the lost of these young souls. We have no words of comfort. Nothing will ease their pain, not even time. The loss of a child is simply unbearable. No parent should ever have to burying their own child. I can’t imagine their heartbreak nor what they must be experiencing. Such loss, such emptiness, the lives of the young and innocent cut so, so short.

Goddess, grant these parents peace,

I know if is hard for them to find it at this time.

But grant them Your Love and Comfort at this

their hour of need.

Give them the knowledge their children have

left this old cruel world and gone to a much

brighter and happier place. A place they will

be with their Eternal Mother.

Take away the parents and families heavy

hearts, remind them though their loss be great,

we will all meet again one day.

One day in Your Glorious Love and Light, we

will all reunite. All sorrows shall be forgotten,

all heavy hearts mended.

For that day, tears will be no more,

but sounds of laughter and love will

fill the Summerlands.

Goddess, grant them peace and let

them know they are not alone.

All of our heart are heavy and bear

their sorrow.

So Mote It Be.

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Good Wednesday Morning To All Of Our Friends!

How is your morning going for you? Everything around here is hectic. Lady A had to leave this morning. She had to go to the doctor and get her test results. This is the fourth doctor she has been too. No one can determine what is the matter with her. We are hoping this doctor can. He did about a hundred tests on her blood, x-rayed, and scanned her from top to bottom. Surely he will know something. When she leaves, things tend not to get done.

Then I have to leave at 12:30 to pick my child up from nursery school. This morning’s posts will hopefully fly like the wind.  We have several men around here. We could put them on the site but we probably wouldn’t have any followers or friends left. I don’t know, one of them in our old MSN group was quite a lady’s man. Perhaps we should put him on here, lol!

I wanted to update you on what was going on. Now I am going to get to work and get the postings done.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,




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Hey Ya’ll, It’s Wednesday Again! Can You Believe it???

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Time flies when you are having fun, lol! I hope you are having a great day. I am having a super fantastic day! I am full of energy, jazzed up and excited!!! You might wonder what the heck is she so excited about? The answer is simply……The WOTC’s Ribbon Campaign has started today! Woo Hoo! In case, you aren’t familiar with the Ribbon Campaign, I will explain a little bit about it. We have done the Ribbon Campaign for several years now. The first year we done it, our Ribbons were all over the net. I am hoping for the same results this year. All of our campaigns have had something to do with or effect the Pagan community and Witchcraft (mostly Witchcraft). The year before last was the first time the campaign deviated from The Craft. It was to unite the Pagan community once again. This was when MSN disbanded the groups. This year’s campaign is right back on target, WITCHCRAFT!!! We have accomplished alot of good with these campaigns. We have opened a lot of minds and hearts also. This year, we want to continue our number one goal. That is moving Witchcraft into its rightful place in mainstream religion. We want to sit The Craft right smack dab in the middle and keep it there. People today are  disgusted and fed up with the mainstream religions. They are looking for answers and other alternatives. They want to go back to their roots. The only problem, is they don’t know how to begin to get back to their roots. We want to show them the way. Show them there is another religion to choose from now, Witchcraft.

This year there are two ribbons you can choose from. One is a “We Stand United” ribbon and the other is a “2012 WOTC’s Ribbon Campaign.” The “Stand United” ribbon shows you are sympathic toward our movement and cause. The “2012 Ribbon” will link back to us and then the person can see what our movement is about and we are about. In the past, we have had webmaster take the whole page and copy on their site. That is perfectly fine. If you are a webmaster, that is probably the best way to do it. That way they can read right on your site what is going on. But whatever you decide to do, do something. Now is our time, it is time for Witchcraft to come into its own. We have been stripped of this right for so many centuries. Now it is our time to right the wrongs that have been done to us. Now is our time!

Get psyched up, get that energy flowing, grab a ribbon and let’s get busy. We have the Goddess’ work to do. We have to put Witchcraft in the mainstream of Religion. Let us restore what has been stripped from us. Let us dispel the lies and old myths spread about us. Let us move forth spreading the truth and beauty of Witchcraft and the Goddess’ Love.

Grab this ribbon to link back to the WOTC & let everyone know what we are fighting for.




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Most of the time, I try to keep my cool. I am an even-tempered, laid back witch. But right now I am madder than hell. I have stewed about this since yesterday and while cleaning up the house this morning. So right now I am about ready to blow my stack. This does not concern everyone that visit my blog, just a few. 

 It has to do with individual’s thinking I am stealing their material or violating copyrights. First off, I do not knowingly steal anyone material nor do I violate copywrites. Let me address the copywrites real quick, every piece of material I put on this blog I have permission to put it here. I am either a member of a group and know the individual. Then I have asked the individual themself if I can reuse their material on my blog. If they say, “yes” I use their material and if they say “no,” I don’t. But please for those concerned, keep in mind that I do have permission to reuse material for this blog. If I don’t, it does not appear on here. Now as for as me stealing other people’s work, I have never knowingly stole anyone’s work. I have said this a million and one times and I am now sick of saying it, “I am transferring material over from my old group, the old WOTC once was on MSN but now is on YUKU.” Go check it out, you will find a group called “WITCHES OF THE CRAFT” but it is closed to the public. It is loaded with material that I transferred over from MSN. The group on MSN has myself and five, yes, five assistant managers. We all worked our asses off to put information on the group. The material was transferred from the group on MSN to the group on YUKU just the way it was found. If it had an author and a link, I transferred it. If there was no author or link, I still transferred it. These assistant managers were preached to, by me, about providing authors and links to their material (if that was needed). Now I trusted these assistants to do the right thing. Well I guess my trust was misplaced.

I am tired of getting a comment or two saying, “remove my material or else!” I am sorry I am a trusting fool. But I AM NOT STEALING YOUR MATERIAL. I AM TRANSFERRING FROM THE OLD WOTC ON YUKU! I do not appreciate being called a thief because that is one thing I AM NOT. I absolutely despise thieves and liars.  Now the next time, someone finds their material or worried about a copywrite, I would sincerely appreciate it if you would inquire nicely about it. Because I am damn sick and tired of being accused of being a thief. 

 You know I get up and I do this every morning. I have no one helping me. It is me, myself and I that get up and works my ass off for about 4 hours a day. You know why I do it? Well for all of you that think I am doing it for MY FAME AND GLORY, you are so WRONG! I couldn’t give a damn if the world never knows who I am. But I do care about the world knowing who the GODDESS is. I do care about righting all the wrongs that WITCHCRAFT has been accused of.  I am not doing the work for my benefit, I am doing it for the PAGAN community and the WORLD. I made a promise to the GODDESS that I would do HER work. I don’t do this because I want to be known. I want to stay in the shadows and let my LADY, my MOTHER and my GODDESS shine. It is HER WORK I am doing. So remember we all are supposed to be on the same page here. We in the Pagan community are supposed to be spreading the word about THE CRAFT and THE GODDESS. We are supposed to have one goal and one intent. Remember that the next time you decide to jump down my throat. I believe the Goddess realizes what shit I have been through and I believe She won’t blame me at all if and when I  decide to jump back.  

Thank you for your time. 

 The Head Bitch  


 *Footnote* It just dawned on me in the kitchen, I am beginning to realize what persecution my ancestors felt and when through. Because if it ain’t coming from one of my fellow Pagans it is coming from another Religion. Oh, yes, I haven’t mentioned them yet, just give me time though. But yeah, I know how it feels to be all alone in the world and getting ready to be taken to the stake and burned, NOW!

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