Good Wednesday Morning To All Of Our Friends!

How is your morning going for you? Everything around here is hectic. Lady A had to leave this morning. She had to go to the doctor and get her test results. This is the fourth doctor she has been too. No one can determine what is the matter with her. We are hoping this doctor can. He did about a hundred tests on her blood, x-rayed, and scanned her from top to bottom. Surely he will know something. When she leaves, things tend not to get done.

Then I have to leave at 12:30 to pick my child up from nursery school. This morning’s posts will hopefully fly like the wind.  We have several men around here. We could put them on the site but we probably wouldn’t have any followers or friends left. I don’t know, one of them in our old MSN group was quite a lady’s man. Perhaps we should put him on here, lol!

I wanted to update you on what was going on. Now I am going to get to work and get the postings done.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,




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One thought on “Good Wednesday Morning To All Of Our Friends!

  1. Lady A,

    I do hope your doctors’ can sort out your difficulty.

    Because you work with animals, your doctors should be looking at animal diseases/viruses also. I had a friend who worked with cattle and she became infected with brucellosis. It took the doctors a long time and many tests to uncover it. In the meantime, she had a long uncomfortable time.




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