Your Animal Spirit for September 3rd is Rabbit

Your Animal Spirit for Today
    September 3, 2013 


Poor Rabbit!  No other animal is so associated with fear than Rabbit—that nervous little bunny who hops and leaps at every little sound. Rabbit has come to you today to ask you to have the courage to face whatever difficulties you’re having instead of running away to a safe burrow. Face your fears, examine your old “fight or flight” patterns, and determine once and for all to stop hiding away.

Brrrrr, It’s Cold Outside Baby! Wishing You A Very Blessed & Warm Monday, dear friends!

How’s my favorite bunch of people doing this morning? I hope fantastic. I didn’t get that much sleep last night but I had a blast, lmao! That probably needs explaining, hmm? We found out yesterday the building’s heater at the refuge had went out. I decided I would turn them on before they were needed to get that smell out of the air. I turned the knob, nothing. What? Nothing, no way! I called my hubby and a couple of the men that work at the refuge to come and look at the heater. Well they looked and looked. Heck I might as well been looking, lol! They figured it out. It wasn’t working (a bunch of geniuses, I tell you!). Right now, we have three different sets of babies in that building. It was suppose to get down in the thirty’s last night. I believe it got just a little colder. These babies are too little to be left in that temperature. So I called Annie and asked her if she wanted to come over and spend the night with me.  “Of course, that will be great,” was her reply till I said, “I will meet you at the animal refuge with our sleeping bags.” Her reply was, “Ooooooh!”

With this new time, it is dark around here at 5:00. I really don’t like to be down at the refuge by myself. You can hear everything. Annie shows up about 7:00. I was definitely glad to see her. We turned the TV on, made some coffee and dear sweet Annie had stopped and got supper. Have you ever tried to eat supper with baby skunks, kittens and rabbits around?  We ended up standing up to eat and those little farts tried to climb our legs. You would think they had never been fed. Human food, never. Baby food, yes.  After we got through eating, we sit down and watched some TV. We drank coffee and talked about everything. I don’t believe we have laughed so hard in our lives. We let the little babies have free roam in the building. They were hilarious too. We did observe that the rabbits and the skunks did not get along at all. When bedtime came, I told Annie, we were going to have to divide the babies up and keep them warm. I gave her a wonderful choice. She could take the skunks and kittens and I would take the rabbits. Or she could take the rabbits and I would take the skunks and kittens. You can probably imagine what her choice was (especially since one of the skunks had reared its tail at her, lol!). We spread out our sleeping bags, gathered up our critters and curled up. When we zipped the sleeping bags up, the babies went wild in the bags. They were playing, cutting up and carrying on like kids you were trying to get to sleep. Annie got to laughing and then I got to laughing. Her rabbits were going nuts too. We finally said the heck with it and just laid on our sides and talked all night. I think the babies finally went to sleep about three this morning. I know with my bunch they all curled up together in a ball at my feet. Annie told me her rabbits were curled up in the bend of her knee. So when the babies got to sleep, we fell asleep about an hour later. But we had the best time. It is good to bond with a good friend and the Goddess’ little creatures all at the same time.

We got woke up this morning by the guys coming in for work this morning. They walked in and asked us what the heck were we doing? One made the comment that my hubby had threw me out and look where I ended up, lol! He was just being a smartass. But we had several jokes made about us. I told them pay back was a witch, lol! We gathered up all our little babies and put them back in their little homes. Annie went her direction and I went mine. I came home and the first thing that met me at the door was Razzy (remember she’s the pet bobcat, now). She backed me up against the walk and smelled me from my head to my toe. Occasionally doing her little growl,  I asked her if she knew who she was messing with. She looked up and “oh, yeah, your momma!” Lick, lick, lick! I went through the same thing with Kiki and Stinker except they didn’t back me up against a walk. I told them I know I smell like a skunk (literally). I was going to take a shower, give me a break! I ran and took a shower real quick. It woke me up. Then I was off to work for the day. I grabbed Kiki to bring her with me and she sort of backed up a bit. I told her I wasn’t a giant skunk going to kidnap her. Good grief, I am your momma! I didn’t get sprayed. I guess a skunk just has a natural aroma about them. Apparently it rubbed off on me and it is hard as heck to get off.

When I hit the office building, the first thing I did was ask Annie if I stunk. She asked me, “What do you want me to do, sniff you from head to tail?” I just laughed. She said I smelled like vanilla musk, which is good. That just happens to be my body spray. I know you were dying to know what kind of body spray I wear, NOT! But we are still laughing about last night. We are both hoping there is nothing major wrong with the heater though. You know concrete get sort of hard after a while. I think I need some oil for my metal back, lol! I will be worse than the Tin Man in Oz if they don’t get that heater fixed. We could move them into the office but Kathleen would freak out if she came in and there was a skunk on her desk. Of course, we would die laughing!

I hope you have a super fantastic day! Remember it’s Monday, as if I have to remind you! Only four more days and its the weekend again!

Luv & Hugs to you all,

Lady A




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Finding a Familiar on the Astral Plane

Finding a Familiar on the Astral Plane

Begin your meditation the usual way. Cross the bridge and drop the  stones into the stream. This time, when you travel into the astral plane, be  sure to remember why you are there. Keep your eyes open for creatures. The  animal you encounter will most likely be a worldly animal. One will approach  you. You will not have to seek it out. You may be discouraged when you find that  the animal that approaches you may not be your favorite. It could be any  creature: a cat, fox, rabbit, bird, owl, horse, turtle or even an insect. Do not  turn the animal down, even if you feel disappointed. A specific animal will have  a specific lesson to teach you. When you have learned all you can from the  animal, it will leave you. These spirit guides may remain with you for years or  longer. Remember always to listen to what they have to say and explore  thoroughly what they have to show you. Some of the more common animals seen are:

Wolf – knowledge and companionship

Owl – wisdom, silence, solitude

Turtle – patience, humility

Hawk – watchfulness

Horse – nobility and fidelity

Cat – cleanliness

Bear – strength and play

Fox – cunning, thinking through actions

Dolphin/Whale – love, compassion

Rabbit – nature and wariness

Your Animal Spirit for September 24 is The Rabbit

Your Animal Spirit for Today
September 24, 2012


Poor Rabbit!  No other animal is so associated with fear than Rabbit—that nervous little bunny who hops and leaps at every little sound. Rabbit has come to you today to ask you to have the courage to face whatever difficulties you’re having instead of running away to a safe burrow. Face your fears, examine your old “fight or flight” patterns, and determine once and for all to stop hiding away.

June 1 – Daily Feast

June 1 – Daily Feast


Da tsalu’nee
Green Corn Month

I am….the Cherokees are….your friends…..Our wish is for peace. Peace at home and Peace among you…..

June 1 – Daily Feast

The morning is quiet and the high-pitched cry of the hawk carries clear to the quail and rabbits that rely on their sharp hearing to skitter out of sight. The hawk is hunting, and the small things of nature want no part of it. Threatening sounds – whether from a t wo di, hawk, or sirens, or angry voices – are frightening. As a child, a lesson in survival was learned when a rabbit ran the length of a field beneath a barbed-wire fence with a hawk in pursuit. The hawk was not about to fly into the barbs and gave up to hunt easier prey. The rabbit lay spent from fear, panting and gasping – but unafraid of a child that was no adananuladi, no threat or danger. It is easy to go weak from fear. But how many know where to run to when angry sounds threaten? The hawk does not hover over us but Yoweh does.

~ I hear nothing but pleasant words. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


These Are So CUTE, I Just Had Too….Special Pet of the Day for May 22



Name: Caesar, Cleopatra
Age: Seventeen, Fifteen months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Lionhead Rabbit mix
Home: Germany
Hello everybody, may I present you my two little rabbits called Caesar and Cleopatra? In reality, they belong to my mother and me. Cleopatra is the grey one and a female. She’s about fifteen months. The black one’s name is Caesar. He’s about seventeen months and a male. Why do they have such names you ask? My mother and I thought about the names of famous lovers and so that’s how their names were given.

We bought the rabbits last year in March, as Easter-bunnies. They live in a big hutch. It’s like a real house, with two floors. The hutch is about 1.8 meters long and about 1 meter high. They’ve also a big outdoor cage, where they can run, jump, play or dig. It in there is a basket, a nylon-tunnel and some toys.

Caesar is very anxious, reserved and timid. He’s also the calmer one. Cleopatra is very fast, high spirited and a little bit aggressive. If she’s angry, she grumbles very loudly. I didn’t know that rabbits could “speak” so noisily.

Last summer there was a big surprise. After coming home from a weekend-trip I looked into the cage of the pets, and what did I see? There were four baby rabbits, naked, blind and without any coat. They looked more like little dogs than like rabbits. What an excitement! In the following days I spent most of the time to watch the babies. They were incredibly cute. After four weeks they also ran into the cage and had a lot of fun among themselves. They were always hungry, so I was busy to bring them their food. When they were seven weeks, we looked for friendly and nice people and gave the babies away. That was a very sad moment, but we knew it was the right thing to do.

A few weeks later, my mother brought Caesar to the doctor. “It was only a little cut”, she said later, “but we don’t need anymore babies. Don’t worry, Caesar is still fine”, she said. And that was the truth!

I think Caesar and Cleopatra don’t remember the babies or miss them, they are still happy and always hungry. They are so sweet, aren’t they? I love them a lot.

Look Who Came A Callin’! It’s the Easter Bunny! Chocolate, Chocolate..

Toby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toby
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Menifee, California, USA
This is our pet rabbit, Toby. We got him from a rescue shelter about four years ago. He was so tiny that he could be carried around in a jacket pocket. Toby used to live in a cage in my oldest son’s room, but we soon discovered that he was not very happy being locked up. Toby now lives in our backyard cage-free. He eats grass and plants at his leisure. We still provide a bowl of rabbit pellets and a dish of water, but he prefers eating the plants around the yard. Toby is friends with our dog, Daisy. Sometimes they sit together under the palm tree. Occasionally, Toby tries to come into the house for a visit. We let him in once in a while, but he has to be watched since he chews wires. Toby will let us pet him when he is in the mood. He loves to have his head and ears rubbed. Toby is a spunky, little bunny who is lots of fun. We love Toby dearly.

Toby, the Pet of the Day

How the Ostara Egg Came to Be

How the Ostara Egg Came to Be

The modern belief that eggs are delivered by a rabbit, comes from the legend of the Goddess Eostre. Eostre was walking one fine Spring day and came upon a beautiful little bird. The poor bird’s wing was badly injured and Eostre, feeling great compassion for the little creature, wanted to heal it. But the little bird’ wing was so badly damaged that Eostre knew it would never be able to fly again even after She healed it. So, Eostre decided to help the bird by healing it in a way that would give it mobility and a little something more. She turned it into a rabbit!



During the transformation, the rabbit retained the ability to lay eggs. The rabbit was so grateful to Eostre for saving its life that it laid a sacred egg in Her honor, joyously decorated it and then humbly presented it to the Goddess. She was so pleased and so touched by the rabbit’s thoughtful gift that She wished all humankind to share in her joy. In honoring her wishes, the rabbit went all over the world distributing these beautifully decorated little gifts of life and continues to do so even today.

So Precious Pet of the Day for Jan. 17th

Smokey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smokey
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My rabbit Smokey is very special to me for many reasons. This rabbit came from the breeder to the store, and had never been touched by anyone but me. He was so cute, I decided to get him right away. This is his picture from last Easter, didn’t he make the cutest Easter bunny?

That night I got him my whole life changed. This rabbit is super soft and cute. We named him Smokey because he’s grey. This rabbit likes to cuddle and play anytime. And he can really sense your emotions. For example, if I’m sad he’ll come up to me and put his head on top of my shoulder and sit there for ever until I feel better. If I’m happy, well let’s just say I can’t get my hands on him. He can go so fast when he’s jumping around, and running and leaping and turning! You would not believe it. He’s very special to me.

Rowdy Rabbit of the Day for October 14th

Clover, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clover
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Loogootee, Indiana, USA
Clover is our male rabbit. We don’t know how old he is, as he was an adult when we got him. He is an only rabbit right now. We hope to get another one soon. He loves to eat anything we give him. He eats candy canes, carrots and carrot peels, apples, corn, soybeans, hay, grass and pellets. He likes to be cuddled, even upside down. He doesn’t like the dogs, but he thinks our cats are just playmates. They like him,too, and never try to hurt him. Sometimes we let him run free and he does fine. It’s easy to catch him again and he loves to run as fast as he can. We know he loves us, because if he didn’t want to be caught, there’s no way we could, he’s so fast! We love our bunny.

Today’s featured picture

Today’s featured picture

European Rabbit The European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is a species of rabbit native to the Iberian Peninsula and Northwest Africa. It has been widely introduced to countries on all continents with the exception of Antarctica and Sub-Saharan Africa, often with devastating effects on local biodiversity. In Australia particularly, twelve pairs of rabbits introduced in 1859 became millions in just ten years, the fastest spread ever recorded of any mammal anywhere in the world.

Photo: JJ Harrison