Quiz of the Day – What Kind of Aromatherapy Do You Need?

What Kind of Aromatherapy Do You Need? Quiz

Stressed? Craving peace or a good night’s sleep? This quiz can help you choose the right  scent. There is even an essential oil that can help you avoid overeating!

Take this fun and easy quiz to discover which essential oils you need in your  life right now!

We also include a great, easy formula for a simple cologne base that you can  start making now to customize later for yourself, or as a gift for family or  friends in the season of gift-giving.

1. Do you feel tired a lot?

2. Are you sometimes sad and moody?

3. Do you feel as if you could really use a lift?

4. Do you need to feel more energized?

5. Do you sometimes overeat?

6. Have you been having some pretty big mood swings lately?

7. Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to  sleep?

8. Do you feel anxious?

9. Do you feel stressed and pressured?

10. Are you sleeping poorly?

11. Could your sex life use a little more sparkle?

If you answered yes to questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, or 10 try  these anti-depressant oils: Bergamot, Clary sage, jasmine  absolute, lavender, lemon, sweet orange, patchouli, peppermint, rose, rose  geranium, rosemary, rosewood, sandalwood, ylang-ylang.

If you answered yes to number 5, try this oil to avoid  overeating: Grapefruit oil.

If you answered yes to 2 or 6, these oils help to balance mood  swings: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Jasmine absolute, juniper, sweet orange,  rose, rosewood.

If you answered yes to 11, these oils are considered to  be aphrodisiac: Clary sage, jasmine absolute, patchouli, rose,  sandalwood, ylang ylang.

If you answered yes to number 1, 7, or 10, try these oils to aid in  deeper sleep: Clary sage, lavender, rose, rose  geranium, ylang ylang.

If you answered yes to 5, 7, 9, or 10, try these oils to reduce stress  and tension: Grapefruit, lavender, rose, rose geranium, rosewood,  sandalwood, vanilla, ylang ylang.

If you answered yes to 7 or 10, try these oils to reduce  anxiety: Jasmine absolute, lavender, lemon, sandalwood, ylang ylang.

If you answered yes to number 1, 3, or 4, these oils are  considered rejuvenating: Lemon, peppermint.

A Magickal Touch with Pets

A Magickal Touch with Pets

Author:   Luna 

At the time of writing this, I’m currently on spring break and spending time with my sister and relatives (many of whom I haven’t seen in five years) in the Upper East Coast of the US. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out here, but my Grammy’s house still feels like home. But there’s always been something about her house, our family (both on Mom and Dad’s sides) and my life in general that’s really come to the forefront in the last couple days: pets.

I’ve only been a Witch for a few years now, but I’ve been around pets all my life. Some of my first memories are of my uncle’s first dog, Dillan, a wonderful male border collie. He and I were around the same age, year wise (dogs and cats age faster than humans) , so I guess you could say I basically grew up with him. Then there was Lita, Jazz and Zeer, the three cats my Grammy had for a long time. On Mom’s side, one of my uncles had a golden retriever named Sporty, already old when I first met him. Then came Skye, who my uncle and my then-new aunt got as a companion for Dillan. And their puppies. There were five in all, though my family kept two: Nellie, who belongs to my Grammy, and Burn, who stayed with my uncle and aunt (and her parents) .

When I was about 9 or so, my mom and dad got our first dog: a Portuguese water dog by the name of Georgie. I still remember the first night we had him home. The poor boy hadn’t had a fun time on his flight to us (he never liked planes) , and he came out of his crate scared and sopping wet at home. But it was love at first sight. We dried him up, gave him something to eat and lots of love and petting, and he cheered up. From then on, he was our “choochie.” Or “Chooch, ” as we nicknamed him later on. Sadly, Georgie didn’t live as long as we had hoped. Shortly after he turned five and a half, he began to get sick for the first time. By the time we figured out that it was heart cancer, it was already too late. Georgie was already in the terminal stages and, rather than let him suffer for a few for weeks before death, we gave him a tearful goodbye (even thinking of it now makes me cry) , and we had him euthanized. I was about 14 years old then, but I cried like a baby from losing my best friend.

Despite how much we missed Georgie, we couldn’t bear not having a dog in our lives. Mom noted how she couldn’t bear to wash Georgie’s old nose prints off the living room window. So, after enough mourning time had passed, we went to another breeder and got Annie, a border terrier who was very active in her youth. She loved us, and we loved her dearly, but she seemed lonely without another dog around. So we went back to the same breeder and got her little cousin Iggy as well. Love at first sight, once again. I remember I had just come back from camp and Mom met me and her parents (who had picked me up from camp) at a strip mall on my way home, and there was Iggy, the tiniest little thing I ever laid eyes on. He rode in my lap the entire way home. We’ve been best buds ever since (and he still hasn’t grown up) .

We still have both Iggy and Annie today, despite the fact that my sister and I are both in college and don’t come home too often (Sis lives too far away, and I love my college a lot) . They’re both getting older now. Annie just recently turned 8 and has had three different knee surgeries within the last couple years. You’d never know it if you met her, though: she’s recovered beautifully. And Iggy… I think he’s one of a couple exceptions to the “Dogs age faster than humans” concept. He’s not as small as he once was, but he still looks and acts like a puppy. By the time this is posted on the Witches’ Voice, he’ll be seven years old.

So why do I mention all these dogs and cats? Well, there are two strange stories that go along with this. One is something I figured out a while ago, the other is more recent (like, just happened in the last 48 hours recent, as I’m writing this) . Both of these happened after I came to Wicca and dedicated myself to Witchcraft. You see, as I watched Iggy grow up, I began to notice many of his behaviors mimicked that of our first dog, Georgie. He was especially close to Mom and me, as Georgie had been. He loved popcorn, jumping on the table (well, as close as he could come—border terriers are a lot smaller than Portuguese water dogs) and doing 180-degree jumps. Eventually I began thinking about reincarnation, especially in a Wiccan context.

I remember reading in one of my books that “cats reincarnate too” along with humans. So I thought, “Well, if cats can reincarnate, why can’t dogs?” Over time, I came to the conclusion that Iggy was Georgie’s reincarnation, not only because they were so similar but also enough time had passed between Georgie’s death and Iggy’s conception (Annie was either already in her mom’s tummy or newly born when we lost Georgie) . It seemed like too much of a coincidence. I guess Georgie loved us so much that he couldn’t bear to be away from us. Frankly, if this is the case, I’m glad he came back. My life wouldn’t be the same without him.

The other story literally happened as soon as Grammy and my step-grandpa (long story—she’s still good friends with my Granddad, and I didn’t even know they were divorced until I was nine) brought me back to their house, the same house I mentioned earlier. They still have Nellie, though the rest of her family has passed on to the Summerland. Dillan lived to be sixteen, Skye lived to be thirteen, and Burn lived to be eleven. Nellie’s currently twelve, and Grammy and Grandpa Bill wanted another dog to keep her company. So they brought home a rescue dog named Candy, a little shih tzu who’s now five years old. Now, according to Grammy, Candy’s not usually fond of strangers, and she and I had never met before. However, within the space of five minutes, we bonded. She’ll come for me, she snuggles next to me on the couch, and she lets me pet her. Grammy says I have “the touch” when it comes to animals, and that I’ve become her new best friend.

But it didn’t stop with Candy. My other aunt and uncle on Dad’s side (his sister and brother-in-law) also have a border collie named Daisy. I met Daisy a long time ago, and we got along okay, but it was clear she wanted space between us. I obliged her that. Now, she’s twelve years old as well, and dealing with arthritis, but still well loved by her mommy, daddy and their two children (my younger cousins) . And now Daisy let me pet her and talk to her. Then we went up to my uncle’s house, where we were celebrating another cousin’s (his son’s) birthday. After their dogs passed on to the Summerland, they adopted two cats and recently adopted another border collie—well, Border collie mix– named Maggie (I guess border collies are popular on my dad’s side) . Within five minutes, she was giving me little doggie kisses and following me everywhere. Again, Grammy said I had “the touch” when it came to animals.

Now, I’m still not sure how I feel about Grammy saying this about me. She still doesn’t know I practice Wicca, and this feels like it’s hitting pretty close to home for someone I haven’t told. Still, she might have a point. I’ve been starting to work a little more magick with pets—I remember performing a little color magick for Annie while she was recovering from her knee surgeries—and I try to treat them with as much love and respect as I can. And I’ve begun to pick up on some of the vibes they give off.

For one thing, despite Iggy’s cuteness and love for me, I’ve realized he doesn’t like getting a lot of baby talk. Annie’s the same way, and I can’t say I blame them too much. Some of my family’s other dogs seem to feel the same way. I know they do like it when I talk to them as if I were talking to another human being, despite my sister’s objections to this idea. After reading about faeries from Ellen Dugan’s books, I’ve figured out that, whenever we think Iggy’s barking at nothing, he might be barking at brownies or other fae in our neighbors’ yards. And I’m always able to pick up jealousy vibes from my dogs—if I play catch with Iggy while Annie’s in the same room and not otherwise engaged, she’ll bark angrily and steal the ball. My parents managed to pick up on this too after I mentioned it enough. Always got to remember to give them equal treatment, otherwise one gets jealous and then chaos ensues.

So is Grammy right? Do I have a touch with pets? Are they able to detect that I’m a Witch and maybe feel more comfortable around me? Or do they just sense that I love pets and treat them with love and respect? Maybe all of this is happening. I’m not completely sure myself. All I know is that, whatever this is, I’m glad to have this connection with pets. The God and Goddess have blessed me not only with a loving family, but with a long history of loving pets, perhaps even one that came back through reincarnation to be with us. I earnestly thank them for it, and wish that this connection would stay strong in the years to come.

And to all of you and your pets, canine or feline (or perhaps something completely different) , I wish you all a heart-felt Blessed Be.

“GOOD MORNING, WOTC!” Welcome to all our visitors & love to all of our friends & family!

Good Morning to all my friends, family and visitors this wonderful Wednesday morning! I want to set the record straight and get something straight with all of you. I believe when I do this I will feel much better and I won’t be in this pickle by myself or feel all alone. If you remember when I gave the women who working here the week off, I stayed in the office. I did our daily publications then I nosed around. I got into our books that Annie was suppose to be keeping. I gave her this job because she was a trusted friend that I had known for a long time. I also thought it would take a burden off of me and I could tend to the animals.

I had my reasons for going for the books and I should have done so sooner. I had been noticing the last couple of weeks, that she was hitting me up for money because we were out of this or that. I kept a money box in the office, which at the first of the week, I would put money in. Money out of my own pocket. I always kept a certain amount in it. I got to noticing I would have to add more and more money to the box to get it back to the amount that was suppose to be in there. Well I checked the money box and it was empty. So I drug out the books and I was floored. In the books, there was bills that were suppose to have been paid but weren’t. It wasn’t the donation money you gave to the animals, I always took that and applied it to the animals. But I have had to negotiate with the utilities, the mortgage company, the feed company and everybody else we owe for payment arrangements. All this has been coming out of my own pocket, now I am flat ass broke and I have found a Whopper of a bill. This bill kills my soul. It is the property taxes on the refuge. I found where she had paid the land taxes but did not pay the buildings’ taxes. She knew how I loved this place. If I could get my hands on her I would strangle her. I have notified the proper authorities of this matter and  they are looking for her. But she can’t be found, no one knows where she is.

I have let all this build up on me till I thought I would go insane. The buildings’ taxes are driving me crazy and being out of my medicine don’t help either.  But if I don’t come up with the money by the middle of April, the sheriff will auction the buildings off at the courthouse. So I have to rack and scrap to get the money up to prevent this from happening. If there was ever a time I need my friends, it is now. I feel so bad that I trusted her but I had known her for years. She even worked as a bookkeeper for a government plant out here. I don’t understand it at all. Why would she do me this way? I don’t get it. I have thought and thought about it and I don’t understand it at all. I know if I lose the refuge, I will go crazy. The animals, I love and we have some I don’t know where they would go if we lost this place. I do know one thing, if I ever get out of this mess. I will never trust anyone again. NEVER, EVER!

So now dear friends and family, you know what has been wrong with me. I feel so bad about this happening, I can never tell you how much I do. But I need your help, I have took all my personal funds and applied to what I could to keep the place going. I am totally broke plus I have left my husband. I will go into that later but now the refuge is in dire straights. I need your help to come up with the tax money to prevent the sale of the buildings. I hate like heck to ask but I promise the WOTC will never, ever get in this situation again. If I have to I will take the books with me and do them while I attend to an animal. I promise. No one will ever have access to the money here. Thankfully, I was handling the animals’ donations. But that money has run out also, so that has been another worry on my mind. The remaining money I had I took and applied that to the care of the animals. So right, now I am totally broke and on the mercy of the world. And Annie wherever she is, she is a witch with her ass on fire. I can guarantee you, she will be wishing the Law finds her soon. But in the meantime, I have to prevent the Law from selling us. We need your donations again and I am so sorry to ask. But this is a must. We can’t loose the refuge. Please help us save the refuge and the work we do here. Please any amount you can give will help, believe me it will.

Please help us save the refuge. Donate today, please. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I will eternally be to you. Thank you so much for listening and being my friends and family.


May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,


Lady Of The  Abyss



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Good Monday Morning To All My Dear Lads & Lassies!

I know you are thinking she is feeling Celtic today or else she has lost her mind? Well really neither one. I am actually having a great Monday. I am going to have to write this down on the calendar. So far everything is coming up roses! Well I spoke too soon, Razzy just ran in here and decided she wanted my attention. To get it, she hops up in my lap and loves the computer. Then she takes one of those big paws and always manages to throw it on the keyboard.  You ought to see the mess she can make on a post.  One of these days when she is composing, I am just going to leave it. Then sign it, “From Razzy with Love!”

Don’t worry I am not that hard up for help, I swear. I guess I might as well catch you up on what’s been going on around here. Annie and The Countess are history. When I let everyone off for the week, I found some things that were handled improperly and other various other goings on. Needless to say there are something I don’t tolerate. I look at it this way if you are going to commit to something, then commit to it. There was no commitment, nothing was getting done and the WOTC was suffering from their actions. I have one young man in the office right now donating his time. Then tomorrow, I have a very old friend that is coming back to the WOTC. We grew up together, have the same personalities and practice the same beliefs. She has always been my Ace in the hole when I needed anything. I was talking to her on the phone and was explaining what was going on. She asked me why I didn’t call her to start with she would have been glad to help. She is one of the old WOTC’s assistant managers when we were on MSN. She is very reliable, knowledgeable and she brings a lot to the table with her. Her name is Misty but on the computer she goes by Mistress of the Myst. She has a brother that was also an assistant, now if we could recruit him again, we could sit back and watch this thing explode across the net.

I believe we get the right people in here that the WOTC will spread the Goddess’ message the way it is suppose to. If it wasn’t for the Goddess there would not be a WOTC. It is our mission and always will be to spread the truth and beauty about our religion, Witchcraft. To bring it back to its rightful place in mainstream religion and to always welcome all that seek or just curious. We want people to see what we really are, children of the Goddess. Full of Her Divine Light & Love, doing no harm to anyone.

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When You Think Things Are Going Great, The Crap Hits the Fan

pitbull picked up January
Injured pitbull from being in pit fights


Good Early Morning my friends,

I hope everyone has had a fantastic day. Since I lasted spoke to you, mine has went straight down hill. I had more contractors I had to deal with. I deal with the contractors here then  I turn around and go home and get to deal with them again.

Then I had three calls to pick up some new creatures. One is a beaver (I will post a pic of him, well all of them), after we got him settled, I got another call for a Mother lynx and two of her kits. I love Lynxs about as good as I do Bobcats, look out, here I go again. Then late this afternoon, I got a call for a pitbull. None of the vets ever call the humane shelters, they call me. They know in the shelters, the pitbulls will automatically be put to sleep. This poor dog pushed me over the edge. I love animals and to see one with it’s ribs showings, chunks were he had been bite, scars that were appropriately cared for, it broke my heart. The vet got him, he was half dead. He had recovered enough to be sitting up in the corner of his little cage. He was shaking like a leaf. The vet told me, they didn’t know what kind of temperment he could have. Seeing him shake in the corner, I didn’t care. I sit down in the floor and talked softly to him. I called him twice and on the third time, he stood up on his shaky legs and fell in my arms. He was shaking so and of course, the I was crying. I kept telling him, he didn’t have anything else to worry about. He was safe now, I would make sure of that. Through all the tears, a great, big sloppy tongue licked my face. I hugged him, crying and laughing at the same time. Automatic bond made. I carried him to the truck. I didn’t put him in a cage or anything. I put him in the cab with me. He sit right on top of me all the way back to the country. The vet had told me and I could see, he was a young pitbull that had been used as another’s fighting partner. These pitbullfighters pick younger dogs, strong ones but they don’t think they really have that killer in them, to be sparing partners. Sparing partners for the more vicious dogs. The one I picked up had been found in a back alley in the country, just throwed away. The person who found him, thought he was dead. Till they heard a faint whimper. They threw the garbage off the top of him and he was alive. They immediately picked him up and took him to the vet. He has been at the vet’s for more than a week recovering. Now it is my turn. All I want to do is show this poor animal all the TLC I can muster.

One of the baby lynx we picked up with her Mother & other sibling


When we got back, I made him a special place in the back of the building were the babies generally stay. When he gets strong enough, I will move him but right now he is way to weak to go outside and survive. It is 10 degrees here tonight.

Got all the critters taken care of, I came in the office for some peace and quiet. Till I got to reflecting on how expensive this week has been. I also found bills that Annie was suppose to have paid that hasn’t been paid. Well here I went to crying again, I have wrote four checks to four different contractors just to get the work started. In other words, they wanted my deductible up front just to start the jobs. Then I thought we had enough funds left, so I orders a huge order of straw and feed. Now to top it off, I have found a $524.12 power bill. Why so high? Heaters for the animals. It gets cold, they are hurt and they couldn’t survive without them. Then up pops a $378.64 water bill. No we don’t have a leak, its winter and we leave the water outlets dripping. This keeps the water from freezing in case it is not getting enough heat.


Baby beaver
Baby beaver


So here I am again doing something I hate to do more than anything in the world asking for donations. Any amount right now will help. If the government hadn’t pushed tas season back, we would have been find. You see I do taxes and all the money I make from that goes right straight to the refuge. So far, no calls for anyone wanting their taxes done early. I just keep thinking, make it to Spring, we will be fine. We are always ok in Spring. Make it to Spring.

Winter is a very rough time of the year for us. In fact, I hate to see Winter roll around. It is a struggle each year, just to figure out how we are going to make it through another year. This year with the figure, the computers and everything else that keeps popping up, it just seems exceptionally hard.

We need your help. I know money is tight everywhere. But like I said if we can make it just a little longer, we will be fine. We would deeply appreciate any amount, you could donate to the animals and the refuge. They have to have food, water and heat. I’ll go hungry myself before they do. All they know is that they have been mistreated for their entire lives. Now they have a chance for a brand new, loving life. I am going to see that they get that new start. You don’t realize how much a $2.00 can buy. It can buy 6 cans of cat food. $5.00 can buy a bale of straw. You see it doesn’t take much and right now we are in a very desperate situation.

Whatever you can donate, we will be deeply grateful. Spring and Summer gets here, I hope things will be better. But right now, we need your help, please.

Thank you so much,

May the Goddess Truly  Bless You & Yours,

Lady A


cutie in box
Found this kitten in box on front porch when I got back

Well I told you I would probably end up…..



working out some more bugs this week before it was over with! One of the little devils crawled out of the keyboard, well really off the computer screen.

I gave everyone here at the WOTC the week off (except the guys & gal that helps with the critters). I did that were I could fix the computer and have some quiet time. I wanted the time to myself to fix the computers right. Well I did. The two computers were so screwed up, I had to wipe them totally clean. Then come to find out, Annie had dug through the disks’ files, mixed them all up and she had no earthly idea where the backup disks to the computers were. So I said fine, I will see you next week, all of you. Then I wiped the computers clean from their hard drives. I don’t what she did but nothing would come up on either one of the computers. I was able to open the computers up through their safe mode settings and go from there.

In the process of replacing everything else, I had to go and try to find the Microsoft Works package. When I found it, it was only $164.00. I said crap. That amount of money would feed and pay the light bill here, I couldn’t afford that. So instead, I went and downloaded this half-assed piece of poop. I believe it is called Office Open or Open Office, something like that. Anyway it has a mind of its own. I put the margins in place, go to type, their gone. I can be typing one spot, then my cursor is back at the beginning and I have screwed it all up.

Today, my good mood got shot down quickly. I put the Almanac on there, the Spell, Life As The Witch. I selected paste all of it. It was plainly left on the program here on my computer. I put it over in my old group on Yuku, thank goodness. By the time I got back to get the Correspondence, everything was gone. EVERYTHING!

So now, I am using the little notepad on my computer. I know ya’ll get tired of listening to me bitch but I swear if someone doesn’t know what they are doing, why do they do it anyway. WHY!

When it came to the horoscopes, the notepad wouldn’t cooperate at all. So I just stopped. I am trying to figure out what I am going to have to do. I know what I need to do but you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

Believe me, it does feel good to get this stuff off my chest. It is also a good thing I gave everyone in the office the week off. Or else you would have been reading about me in the paper. I don’t know it will work out somehow I hope. Just have a little more patience, please. I will get these programs back on these computers eventually.

I appreciate the patience you have already had with me. How about we say the heck with it and do some spells now.


Good Blessed Tuesday Dear Friends!

momma cougar

Good morning friends! Lady A isn’t going to be able to be here today. She is chasing baby turkey vultures. In the meantime, she asked me if I would casually bring up that our feed and supplies for the animals is starting to run low. The above picture is of our mother cougar. She doesn’t look that happy does she. According to her diet requirements, she has to be fed red meat at least every other day. This is in order to maintain her health. We have had several local companies that dress out deer donate the parts they can’t use. Those parts are going to feed the cougar. Deer season is now on its way out and we are hoping the local cattle company has leftovers for us. All of them have been very generous because they know we have the cougar. But we are eventually going to have to start purchasing food for her and the other animals. Plus formula for the babies, hay, straw, tent tarping plus many other issues that come up. You cannot imagine what costs are incurred in caring for these animals.

We would appreciate any help that you can give to our animals at this time. It doesn’t take a lot to buy a bale of hay or straw. So any amount would be helpful. Thank you for your help.

Blessings to you this day,




Our new turkey vulture

Good Morning/Afternoon To All of Our Dear Family & Friends!

Good morning or afternoon depending on your time of day! We hope you are having a  good day. I wish I could say we were having a good day.  Thanks to the fire yesterday, we are now a computer short.  None of the fire department heard Lady A screaming at them, “the fire’s back here!” Instead they bust the door down of course, they are firefighters. Then they saw smoke coming through a vent right above Annie’s computer. One of the firemen picked up his ax and hit the vent. He came all the way down the wall right into Annie’s computer.  Her computer is destroyed. We are now one computer short. The insurance deductible is $500, so the insurance won’t cover it. I’ll take that back the insurance might pay some of it but not all of the cost of a replacement. The fire department said forget it. Lady A said the, never mind what she said. She decided she would take a break and go and check on the animals. She got a new cougar in this morning at 7:00 am. We had always heard about a mythological cougar that roamed these parts but we never believed it. We do now. This cougar came from here. He had been mauling horses, killing cattle and coyotes. He tried to kill one too many cows. A farmer almost shot him to death. I don’t understand it. These idoits around here will shot an animal till it is almost dead then call someone. What the hell? Do they like to see the animal suffer in torment? I mean, if they are that angry then why not finish the job. All of a sudden, they get a conscious and say oh, no I shouldn’t have shoot that poor creature. Well if that is the case, they shouldn’t pick up the damn gun to start with.  All they do is leave the vet and poor people like Lady A to stew and worry about pulling the animal back to life.

Lady A is outside right now with the burns on her arm and leg nursing that cougar. She doesn’t know if he is going to make it or not. But I guarantee you, she will do her best to make sure he does. Someone ought to go and get the damn fool that shot him and make him nurse the cougar. People like that wouldn’t though. If they had cared anything at all about animals, they would have never picked the rifle up to start with. I know the man couldn’t let him eat all his cattle but there are other ways to scare it off. Shoot up in the air, shoot over his head, make lots of noise, do something besides shoot him. It just upsets me to see Lady being so upset over an animal. She will stay with him till she knows he is out of the woods. We will end up taking her food too. I guess if the male cougar gets on his feet, our momma cougar will have a boyfriend. That will be a treat keeping them two apart. I don’t even want to think about it. I will go off the deep end for sure.

I am going to get to work now. I have said my peace for the day. One thing before I go. I don’t suppose anybody out there is rich enough to have a old, good spare laptop? You know, one you just tossed aside because you wanted a new one? Well if you do, I know of a great, tax-deductible place you could donate it too. Stop to think about it, I bet you do too. We would appreciate it and it would surprise Lady A. Really I want to see her cry tears of joy for a change. Seriously think about it. If you do, we would really appreciate it. Or if you would like to make a donation, we would appreciate that as well.

Thank you for listening,

Have a very blessed day,

The Countess

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Good Friday Blessings To All!


Good Friday Blessings to everyone! I have been here for a week. It feels like a lifetime, lol! A very memorable lifetime. I enjoyed the experiences and I love spending time with my dear friend, Lady A.  This past week will be one that lives in my memory for a very long time, very long. All the animals I have seen. Some of the things I have seen Lady A do with them. I was holding my breathing knowing they were going to rip her to shreds at any minute. I have to admit Lady A is full of surprises. She mentioned she had a new cat Razzy. I told her to bring Razzy by I would love to see her. I just adore little kittens and cats.

This morning at 8:00 the door opened, it was Lady A. I asked her where Razzy was, she had promised to bring her. She told me to wait a minute, she had to get her off the back of the four-wheeler. Since I thought Razzy was a little cat, I figured she had to get her out of a carrier. About three minutes later, here comes Lady A and oh shit, that isn’t a housecat. That’s a damn bobcat. I asked her if she was totally crazy. Annie told me to get down off the desk and calm down. That Razzy was tame. Lady had adopted Razzy took her to the vet, had her fixed, declawed, the works. She had since been working on Razzy’s people skills. Annie told me to stay perfectly still or else the bobcat would pounce. Lady A told Annie to quit scaring me and then told me to get down off the desk. I sit down in the chair and Lady brought Razzy over to me. I was scared at first but then I touched her coat with my fingertip. How soft? What a pretty coat. She laid her head on my knee. Then Lady A being the witch she is, picked up Razzy and put her in my lap.  I stayed calm and petted the pretty kitty. Then kitty wanted down. She went back over to Lady A. Lady took the harness off and told Razzy to get in her spot. Her spot is on top of the filing cabinets, by the way.

Lady A took a shot of Razzy for me to put on the site. You can see how I am tortured around here, lmao, now!

Razzy 8 months old


We all went out back and turned Razzy loose (the back is fenced in). She ran and played. When she got tired. We snapped this pic real quick. Isn’t she beautiful.

Looking back on my past week here, there have been times when I wondered what the hell am I doing here? Then there were others that I wouldn’t trade the world for them. All in all, I think I have found home. Good friends, love, fellowship, nature, gorgeous scenery and the animals. Oh, the gorgeous animals. I am learning to love even baby skunks, lol!

I hate to tell you but you are stuck with me, lol!





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Wishing You & Yours A Very Lovely & Beautiful Wednesday!

I don’t think I will be getting anything this year for Yule according to this, lmao! I seen no harm in starting the day off with a funny. It gets us off to a good start. I believe I gave Lady A and Annie a good start to their day. I came in this morning at my usual time of 7 am sharp. On the desks, I saw two heaps of what (I don’t really know how to describe it). Both of the objects looked like long silk worms that were big enough to take up the entire desk. One of them were flannel and the other a camo one. Of course I knew it was Lady A and Annie. They were just so funny looking. All squished up were they could fit on the desk. You couldn’t see their heads or anything. When I opened the door I apparently woke the babies that were sleeping with them up. You could see little knots moving around under the sleeping bags. Lady A kept telling them to lay down and go back to sleep, it wasn’t time to get up. I woke over to her real quiet and said, “Wake up, little rosebud! Wakey, Wakey!” She almost jumped through her sleeping bag. She asked me what the heck I was doing here. I told her it was time to go to work. Through all this Annie was still sleeping. I walked over to her and started tickling her face. She would swat at my hand and miss. I did this two or three times, she finally woke up. She had a few choice words for me, lol!

After getting the two sleeping beauties up, we decided Lady A needed to go home and take a shower. The skunks have an odor about them. If they rub on you, you get that odor. So she went home. And I am now stuck with Annie. I see this is going to be an interesting day. She is asleep at her desk. I have thoughts running through my head on ways I could wake her up. But it is rather peaceful in here and I believe I will let sleeping dogs lay, lol!

Have a very beautiful and lovely Wednesday,


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Wishing You, My Dear Friends, A Very Blessed & Happy Tuesday!

Poor Santa! I saw this and immediately thought of all of us goofballs here, lol! Let’s see that’s me at the desk, Kathleen and Mike checking out what I am looking at. Annie is turned around saying, “What you again?” Oh, it’s a wonderful life, hmm, ain’t that a Christmas movie? My brain is froze this morning. Last night, Kathleen and I spent the night with the critters. She would climb up on a table every time one of the baby skunks would come around her. Finally after prying her off the table, I held a baby skunk while she pinky touched it. Then she found out they weren’t going to spray her, they were soft and cuddly and in her own words, “so cute!” She is now skunk’s best friend, lmao! But we got smart last night and brought all the critters and their supplies in the office. Yes, heat! I had to call a serviceman to look at the heater. He is going to fix it but he has to order a part. Gee! He said it would be in Wednesday and the price tag is unbelievable. I am still in sticker shock over that one.

But after spending this much time away from home, I may never want to go back. Ha, hot showers, hot food, just hot, hot, hot! Am I crazy or what? Never go home! No way, Razzy, Kiki, Stinker and hmm, hubby. Well, may I will think that one over. Just kidding! But it is nice to have some peace and quiet. But it is time for the critters to go back to their home and me mine. Thank goodness only one more night. If it wasn’t for Razzy, I would pack up everything up and take the babies home with me. But what she didn’t eat, the cat and dog would. So only one more night, just keeping thinking one more night, lol! The whole time I have lived out here, I have always wanted to go camping. This is sort of a camping experience, sort of. Hell, who am I kidding, I am enjoying this to pieces. I love the critters, I love the company, now if we just had some heat, lol! Oh, well there is always something! Ain’t that life?

I hope all my dear friends have a super day.

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A

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Brrrrr, It’s Cold Outside Baby! Wishing You A Very Blessed & Warm Monday, dear friends!

How’s my favorite bunch of people doing this morning? I hope fantastic. I didn’t get that much sleep last night but I had a blast, lmao! That probably needs explaining, hmm? We found out yesterday the building’s heater at the refuge had went out. I decided I would turn them on before they were needed to get that smell out of the air. I turned the knob, nothing. What? Nothing, no way! I called my hubby and a couple of the men that work at the refuge to come and look at the heater. Well they looked and looked. Heck I might as well been looking, lol! They figured it out. It wasn’t working (a bunch of geniuses, I tell you!). Right now, we have three different sets of babies in that building. It was suppose to get down in the thirty’s last night. I believe it got just a little colder. These babies are too little to be left in that temperature. So I called Annie and asked her if she wanted to come over and spend the night with me.  “Of course, that will be great,” was her reply till I said, “I will meet you at the animal refuge with our sleeping bags.” Her reply was, “Ooooooh!”

With this new time, it is dark around here at 5:00. I really don’t like to be down at the refuge by myself. You can hear everything. Annie shows up about 7:00. I was definitely glad to see her. We turned the TV on, made some coffee and dear sweet Annie had stopped and got supper. Have you ever tried to eat supper with baby skunks, kittens and rabbits around?  We ended up standing up to eat and those little farts tried to climb our legs. You would think they had never been fed. Human food, never. Baby food, yes.  After we got through eating, we sit down and watched some TV. We drank coffee and talked about everything. I don’t believe we have laughed so hard in our lives. We let the little babies have free roam in the building. They were hilarious too. We did observe that the rabbits and the skunks did not get along at all. When bedtime came, I told Annie, we were going to have to divide the babies up and keep them warm. I gave her a wonderful choice. She could take the skunks and kittens and I would take the rabbits. Or she could take the rabbits and I would take the skunks and kittens. You can probably imagine what her choice was (especially since one of the skunks had reared its tail at her, lol!). We spread out our sleeping bags, gathered up our critters and curled up. When we zipped the sleeping bags up, the babies went wild in the bags. They were playing, cutting up and carrying on like kids you were trying to get to sleep. Annie got to laughing and then I got to laughing. Her rabbits were going nuts too. We finally said the heck with it and just laid on our sides and talked all night. I think the babies finally went to sleep about three this morning. I know with my bunch they all curled up together in a ball at my feet. Annie told me her rabbits were curled up in the bend of her knee. So when the babies got to sleep, we fell asleep about an hour later. But we had the best time. It is good to bond with a good friend and the Goddess’ little creatures all at the same time.

We got woke up this morning by the guys coming in for work this morning. They walked in and asked us what the heck were we doing? One made the comment that my hubby had threw me out and look where I ended up, lol! He was just being a smartass. But we had several jokes made about us. I told them pay back was a witch, lol! We gathered up all our little babies and put them back in their little homes. Annie went her direction and I went mine. I came home and the first thing that met me at the door was Razzy (remember she’s the pet bobcat, now). She backed me up against the walk and smelled me from my head to my toe. Occasionally doing her little growl,  I asked her if she knew who she was messing with. She looked up and “oh, yeah, your momma!” Lick, lick, lick! I went through the same thing with Kiki and Stinker except they didn’t back me up against a walk. I told them I know I smell like a skunk (literally). I was going to take a shower, give me a break! I ran and took a shower real quick. It woke me up. Then I was off to work for the day. I grabbed Kiki to bring her with me and she sort of backed up a bit. I told her I wasn’t a giant skunk going to kidnap her. Good grief, I am your momma! I didn’t get sprayed. I guess a skunk just has a natural aroma about them. Apparently it rubbed off on me and it is hard as heck to get off.

When I hit the office building, the first thing I did was ask Annie if I stunk. She asked me, “What do you want me to do, sniff you from head to tail?” I just laughed. She said I smelled like vanilla musk, which is good. That just happens to be my body spray. I know you were dying to know what kind of body spray I wear, NOT! But we are still laughing about last night. We are both hoping there is nothing major wrong with the heater though. You know concrete get sort of hard after a while. I think I need some oil for my metal back, lol! I will be worse than the Tin Man in Oz if they don’t get that heater fixed. We could move them into the office but Kathleen would freak out if she came in and there was a skunk on her desk. Of course, we would die laughing!

I hope you have a super fantastic day! Remember it’s Monday, as if I have to remind you! Only four more days and its the weekend again!

Luv & Hugs to you all,

Lady A




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Good Friday Morning, my sweets! Isn’t It Grand, IT’S FRIDAY!

Or at least that is the way I feel, lol!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I have been trying to get some Yule graphics together and all the other good stuff for December. You know life is hectic! Just ain’t enough hours in the day. Then when you do take off a minute to enjoy yourself all hell breaks loose :s . Yesterday Annie didn’t finish all the postings on the blog, as you know. She is a super sweet person and she has learned quickly about blogging. But WordPress has changed the back part of our blogs (where we post) and that sort of messed her up. She got the blog messed up and the poor thing didn’t want to tell me, why, I don’t know. But she tried to fix it. Somehow she got the internet explorer browser messed up. She tried to fix that. Well she then ended up crashing the computer. When we finally came back from the animals, she was about to pull her hair out. I felt so sorry for her. I told her all she had to do was come and get me, goodness. As you can guess, I spent the rest of the day straightening out her computer. I got it fixed for her but she told me she was too embarrassed to do any posting today. I told her that was silly. No one thinks a thing about it, heck WordPress is changing stuff all the time. Just go with the flow. But I couldn’t convince her. She is out feeding the critters and I am doing the posting today. I am going to have to hit her butt with a confidence spell. She knows this stuff but she isn’t for sure of herself. What to do?

I know what to do, get busy and get your daily horoscopes and stuff on the net. It is gorgeous here today. I believe when I get done, I am going to run home and get Kiki. Then go for a walk down by the pond just for some peace and quiet. Ah, that sounds good.


I’m off!

Have a great Friday and a very Happy & Blessed Weekend!

Love ya,

Lady A



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It Is A Very Blessed & Glorious Monday Morning, dear friends!

I truly hope you are having a very good Monday morning. I know this morning is much better than yesterday. Yesterday, I came to you with tears of sorrow. I must apologize I probably sounded like a babbling idoit or witch (in this case). But the news I received from WordPress truly upset me. It was a miracle that Annie came by and was able to finish up yesterday. I know she was also furious with WordPress and upset because I was. I know we have our disagreements at times but I am so fortunate to have her as a friend. I know you might think it is silly the way I reacted because this is “just” a website. But I feel very differently about it. To me, it is a work of love. I love the Goddess and I made a commitment to her. I cannot falter on the commitment. When I closed the old group on Yuku, I was off the internet for about two months. During those months, I was very depressed and felt like I didn’t have a friend in the world. Then one day something told me to get back on my computer. So I did. I realized what was missing in my life and what truly made me happy. It was spreading the message of the Goddess and my fellowship with other Pagans. As I started to look around for a place to start a new site, I was lost. The a voice in my ear whispered, “blog, do a blog.” I believe I was led to WordPress to start up a new Witches Of The Craft. I didn’t know anything about blogging.  I believe the Goddess took me by the hand and showed me. It was the Goddess’ love that built this site. You see that is why this is more to me than just a “website.” It is my commitment to Her that I must fulfill and continue. It is my love for you that I must continue. I have looked around the internet. There really isn’t anymore Pagan communities left on the net. That is another reason we must survive. All of the Pagan leaders, teachers and individuals, past and present, have brought the Craft this far. We must continue their work. Witchcraft must be brought to the forefront of mainstream Religion. The Pagan groups, blogs, websites that exist now, we must support all of them. Because together, we will bring Witchcraft back to its rightful place in history. Fifty years from now, our great-grandchildren will look back and see our painful past. They will also see were we persevered, fought on and made the Craft one of the foremost Religions in the world. For our children and their children, we must continue the fight. I have come to realize with the Goddess all things are possible.

When I left the site yesterday, my heart was breaking. I turned to the Goddess and let my soul and mind rest. I decided the fate of this site was in Her hands. If it was meant to be, it would. If we have gone as far as we were suppose to go, then I would accept it. Today, is a brand new day. My prayers are being answered and the Goddess’ will is being done. I come to you today with tears of joy. In one day, we have received enough donations to meet our domain payment. All things are possible with the Goddess. Thank you so much. I still can’t believe it. You are so wonderful and loving. I can never thank you enough. You are truly the greatest friends the WOTC and I have ever had. I consider each of you more than friends, you are my family. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t get up every morning and talk to you. I can feel your presence and your love. This is our home and it will continue to be our home, THANK YOU! I wish I could give each of you a great big hug. But unfortunately, I can’t. I am hoping you can feel my heart. It is singing with joy and gratitude.

I guess I better stop for now, I am starting to sound mushy. You will never see me mushy except on a day like today. It is a glorious and blessed Monday for the WOTC!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We love you,

Lady Of The Abyss & The WOTC


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Good Monday Morning, dear, dear friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day. I was sitting here thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we had the ability to add our voice to these posts! There are ways I want to say things that just don’t could across in type. The “Good” Monday Morning, I would love to be able to say it like Robin Williams did in “Good Morning Vietnam.” I don’t know if you have ever watched that movie or not. But I loved the way he said “good morning” to rouse the troops. It would be great to hear each of you making your comments instead of reading them. Heck, it would be great if we could all talk on this blog! I wonder if WordPress can do anything about that, lol!

I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know nothing was wrong yesterday. We just took a well deserved day off. Since my illness, everyone has been in overdrive. Working their rumps off and doing such a great job. Annie ran the blog like a pro, the guys kept the animals superiorly. They just worked the little beehinds off and deserved the day off. I rested, they rested and we all are refreshed and ready to go. I know we should have told you but it was a spur of the moment deal. That is the way I generally operate, never plan nothing, just do it, now!

Ok, that’s out of the way, one more thing………






Remember this time around, women’s rights and our Religious freedom could be in jeopardy! Please, go VOTE!



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