The Witches Magick for the 27th Day of the Mead Moon – Two Hearts Sex Magic

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You will need a sleeping bag or quilt, your lover, and two rose quartz hearts.

After dark, go outdoors, somewhere especially private, where you will not be disturbed under any circumstances.
Lay out the sleeping bag in a spot you want to make love with your beloved tonight. Hold one of the rose quartz hearts in your power hand, and have your lover hold the other rose quartz heart in his or her power hand. Look into each other’s eyes, and say two times:

Two hearts as one, you and I
Companions, side by side, eye to eye
Love, passion, and desire fill this
Together we share ecstasy and

Take your time making love under the moon and stars. Make every effort to be completely present with your lover. Focus all of your attention on your lovemaking and enjoying the time you share together. When you return home, put the rose quartz hearts under your bed and make passionate love a second time.

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
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Wishing You & Yours A Very Lovely & Beautiful Wednesday!

I don’t think I will be getting anything this year for Yule according to this, lmao! I seen no harm in starting the day off with a funny. It gets us off to a good start. I believe I gave Lady A and Annie a good start to their day. I came in this morning at my usual time of 7 am sharp. On the desks, I saw two heaps of what (I don’t really know how to describe it). Both of the objects looked like long silk worms that were big enough to take up the entire desk. One of them were flannel and the other a camo one. Of course I knew it was Lady A and Annie. They were just so funny looking. All squished up were they could fit on the desk. You couldn’t see their heads or anything. When I opened the door I apparently woke the babies that were sleeping with them up. You could see little knots moving around under the sleeping bags. Lady A kept telling them to lay down and go back to sleep, it wasn’t time to get up. I woke over to her real quiet and said, “Wake up, little rosebud! Wakey, Wakey!” She almost jumped through her sleeping bag. She asked me what the heck I was doing here. I told her it was time to go to work. Through all this Annie was still sleeping. I walked over to her and started tickling her face. She would swat at my hand and miss. I did this two or three times, she finally woke up. She had a few choice words for me, lol!

After getting the two sleeping beauties up, we decided Lady A needed to go home and take a shower. The skunks have an odor about them. If they rub on you, you get that odor. So she went home. And I am now stuck with Annie. I see this is going to be an interesting day. She is asleep at her desk. I have thoughts running through my head on ways I could wake her up. But it is rather peaceful in here and I believe I will let sleeping dogs lay, lol!

Have a very beautiful and lovely Wednesday,


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Brrrrr, It’s Cold Outside Baby! Wishing You A Very Blessed & Warm Monday, dear friends!

How’s my favorite bunch of people doing this morning? I hope fantastic. I didn’t get that much sleep last night but I had a blast, lmao! That probably needs explaining, hmm? We found out yesterday the building’s heater at the refuge had went out. I decided I would turn them on before they were needed to get that smell out of the air. I turned the knob, nothing. What? Nothing, no way! I called my hubby and a couple of the men that work at the refuge to come and look at the heater. Well they looked and looked. Heck I might as well been looking, lol! They figured it out. It wasn’t working (a bunch of geniuses, I tell you!). Right now, we have three different sets of babies in that building. It was suppose to get down in the thirty’s last night. I believe it got just a little colder. These babies are too little to be left in that temperature. So I called Annie and asked her if she wanted to come over and spend the night with me.  “Of course, that will be great,” was her reply till I said, “I will meet you at the animal refuge with our sleeping bags.” Her reply was, “Ooooooh!”

With this new time, it is dark around here at 5:00. I really don’t like to be down at the refuge by myself. You can hear everything. Annie shows up about 7:00. I was definitely glad to see her. We turned the TV on, made some coffee and dear sweet Annie had stopped and got supper. Have you ever tried to eat supper with baby skunks, kittens and rabbits around?  We ended up standing up to eat and those little farts tried to climb our legs. You would think they had never been fed. Human food, never. Baby food, yes.  After we got through eating, we sit down and watched some TV. We drank coffee and talked about everything. I don’t believe we have laughed so hard in our lives. We let the little babies have free roam in the building. They were hilarious too. We did observe that the rabbits and the skunks did not get along at all. When bedtime came, I told Annie, we were going to have to divide the babies up and keep them warm. I gave her a wonderful choice. She could take the skunks and kittens and I would take the rabbits. Or she could take the rabbits and I would take the skunks and kittens. You can probably imagine what her choice was (especially since one of the skunks had reared its tail at her, lol!). We spread out our sleeping bags, gathered up our critters and curled up. When we zipped the sleeping bags up, the babies went wild in the bags. They were playing, cutting up and carrying on like kids you were trying to get to sleep. Annie got to laughing and then I got to laughing. Her rabbits were going nuts too. We finally said the heck with it and just laid on our sides and talked all night. I think the babies finally went to sleep about three this morning. I know with my bunch they all curled up together in a ball at my feet. Annie told me her rabbits were curled up in the bend of her knee. So when the babies got to sleep, we fell asleep about an hour later. But we had the best time. It is good to bond with a good friend and the Goddess’ little creatures all at the same time.

We got woke up this morning by the guys coming in for work this morning. They walked in and asked us what the heck were we doing? One made the comment that my hubby had threw me out and look where I ended up, lol! He was just being a smartass. But we had several jokes made about us. I told them pay back was a witch, lol! We gathered up all our little babies and put them back in their little homes. Annie went her direction and I went mine. I came home and the first thing that met me at the door was Razzy (remember she’s the pet bobcat, now). She backed me up against the walk and smelled me from my head to my toe. Occasionally doing her little growl,  I asked her if she knew who she was messing with. She looked up and “oh, yeah, your momma!” Lick, lick, lick! I went through the same thing with Kiki and Stinker except they didn’t back me up against a walk. I told them I know I smell like a skunk (literally). I was going to take a shower, give me a break! I ran and took a shower real quick. It woke me up. Then I was off to work for the day. I grabbed Kiki to bring her with me and she sort of backed up a bit. I told her I wasn’t a giant skunk going to kidnap her. Good grief, I am your momma! I didn’t get sprayed. I guess a skunk just has a natural aroma about them. Apparently it rubbed off on me and it is hard as heck to get off.

When I hit the office building, the first thing I did was ask Annie if I stunk. She asked me, “What do you want me to do, sniff you from head to tail?” I just laughed. She said I smelled like vanilla musk, which is good. That just happens to be my body spray. I know you were dying to know what kind of body spray I wear, NOT! But we are still laughing about last night. We are both hoping there is nothing major wrong with the heater though. You know concrete get sort of hard after a while. I think I need some oil for my metal back, lol! I will be worse than the Tin Man in Oz if they don’t get that heater fixed. We could move them into the office but Kathleen would freak out if she came in and there was a skunk on her desk. Of course, we would die laughing!

I hope you have a super fantastic day! Remember it’s Monday, as if I have to remind you! Only four more days and its the weekend again!

Luv & Hugs to you all,

Lady A




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