Your Animal Spirit for August 20 is The Cougar

Your Animal Spirit for Today
August 20, 2015



Cougar has long been associated with leadership. Cougars are powerful, agile, and unhesitating. When Cougar attacks, he throws one hundred percent of himself into the pursuit. Although cougar is strong, he is also elusive —hard to spot in the wild—until he decides to pounce. His lesson to you today is one of being a balanced leader—not rushing into the attack, not always lurking in the brush.


Your Animal Spirit for July 15th is The Cougar

Your Animal Spirit for Today
April 14, 2014



Cougar has long been associated with leadership. Cougars are powerful, agile, and unhesitating. When Cougar attacks, he throws one hundred percent of himself into the pursuit. Although cougar is strong, he is also elusive —hard to spot in the wild—until he decides to pounce. His lesson to you today is one of being a balanced leader—not rushing into the attack, not always lurking in the brush.


Cougar As A Totem


Alternate Names: Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion


Messages and Meanings: Personal Power, Assertiveness, Acknowledgement
Talking about the cougar could easily be equated it with a “coming of age” story. Cougar will show you when it is time to review the lessons you have learned from the past and how to best utilize them to come into your personal power. When cougar medicine surfaces it is a time to take action rather than sitting on the sidelines. Own it!The cougar does not wait when opportunities arise, it leaps. However, it does not do this nilly-willy, it has the knowledge and tools to be efficient in its making advances.

Your Animal Spirit for December 2nd is the Cougar

Your Animal Spirit for Today
December 2, 2013


Cougar has long been associated with leadership. Cougars are powerful, agile, and unhesitating. When Cougar attacks, he throws one hundred percent of himself into the pursuit. Although cougar is strong, he is also elusive —hard to spot in the wild—until he decides to pounce. His lesson to you today is one of being a balanced leader—not rushing into the attack, not always lurking in the brush.

Good Monday Morning WOTC!

Days Of The Week Comments
Today is going to be a little different, needless to say! We are totally unprepared (unlike if Lady Abyss was here).  Lady A is currently nursing her hand again, the damn dummy! And I am not doing a thing behind her back because after she gets a fox loaded up, she will read all of this. As you all know Lady A can charm animals. We have had a pack of coyote dogs running the place. These dogs are very dangerous, they will even attack humans. They have been killing all our outside animals that just wander the property. Lady A got wind of a local cougar being near, she summoned it to do her bidding. You and I both know what that was. Well come to find out this cougar is a female and she is pregnant. Lady A decides she wants her to stay here where it is safe.

During our Mabon celebration, she took the cougar as a familiar. Apparently the cougar wanted to take her as its’ witch also. To make a long story short, Lady A sit down in front of the cougar and held out her hand. The cougar took its paw and cut Lady A’s hand. It cut it from one end to the other. We started to rush to her aid but she motioned for us to stop. She then picked up the cougar’s paw and placed it in her bloody hand, covering the paw in her blood. The cougar laid down like a cat and started licking the blood. You could see an immediate transformation come over that cougar. It rolled over on it’s belly for her to rub, it got up and give her the biggest, nastiest lick you have ever seen in your life. Both of them are now bonded. The cougar has it’s own enclosure. It comes and goes as it wishes and most important we are no longer scared to death of it.  Mind you, we keep our distance but we aren’t scared to death of it.

Lady A should have went and got stitches but she reminded us that her fore-mothers didn’t go and get stitches when they made familiars. So we let her be.  But she is off the computer keyboard for a change and it’s me again! Aren’t you so lucky, lmao!

Have a very Blessed Monday,


I am curious how long it will take for Razzy (the bobcat) to get pissed and get into it with the cougar???

Good Blessed Tuesday Dear Friends!

momma cougar

Good morning friends! Lady A isn’t going to be able to be here today. She is chasing baby turkey vultures. In the meantime, she asked me if I would casually bring up that our feed and supplies for the animals is starting to run low. The above picture is of our mother cougar. She doesn’t look that happy does she. According to her diet requirements, she has to be fed red meat at least every other day. This is in order to maintain her health. We have had several local companies that dress out deer donate the parts they can’t use. Those parts are going to feed the cougar. Deer season is now on its way out and we are hoping the local cattle company has leftovers for us. All of them have been very generous because they know we have the cougar. But we are eventually going to have to start purchasing food for her and the other animals. Plus formula for the babies, hay, straw, tent tarping plus many other issues that come up. You cannot imagine what costs are incurred in caring for these animals.

We would appreciate any help that you can give to our animals at this time. It doesn’t take a lot to buy a bale of hay or straw. So any amount would be helpful. Thank you for your help.

Blessings to you this day,




Our new turkey vulture

Good Saturday Morning My Beloved Family & Friends!

Yesterday wasn’t one of the easiest days in my life. But I will be the first to admit, that when the cougar did pass it was a relief to me. Don’t think me cruel, please. I was with the cougar from the time we picked him up to the time he passed. When we picked him up, I touched him and the Vet asked me if I thought he would make it. I shook my head no. I could feel then that his injuries were to much for him to recover from. The Vet gave me tons of pain medications to soothe him. Toward the end nothing was soothing his suffering. I try my best to take his pain. I managed for a while but eventually it grew so strong I couldn’t stand it. I was exhausted and I put his head in my lap. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I told him, it was ok to leave this plane now. For him to end his suffering, his tolling was over, he had had a good life, now it was time to go home. With those words, I could see the light slip out of his eyes and feel his last gasp. His spirit was gone. I was weak and wore out but I still cried. He had a beautiful soul, wild and full of wonder. The places he had been, the things he had saw, seeing the world through his eyes was beautiful. The men came in the enclosure and picked me up. Then they proceeded to wrap him up properly and with dignity.  After I had time by myself, I had recovered some. We gave our mighty friend the burial he deserved. He passed on to the Summerlands in peace and comfort. His great spirit is now at rest and in a place where only love exists.

I don’t understand people at times, well most of the time. I would love to be able to walk up to the person that shot the cougar. I would put my hand on their shoulder and give them a taste of the pain that the cougar suffered. If they could feel that pain, they would never pick up a gun for the rest of their life. Perhaps if we could walk up to anyone thinking about killing anything whether it be animal or human and give them a taste of the dying’s suffering, they would change their minds. Put down the guns and never think about killing again. For them to know such pain that they can’t stand, no pain pills or shots will relieve, the only thought running through their head is the thought of just dying. But they can’t, they suffer and suffer. That would be the greatest deterrence against hunting, mass murders and homicides the world has ever seen. A pain that won’t stop, all you can do is wish for death but it never comes. Let those people who pull the trigger know how their poor, helpless victims feel. See how it feels to be on the other end of the gun. Realize what the victim goes through and most of all the people left behind.

Is there no hope for this world? Has it grown that cold and callous? Is there nothing that we can do before the world goes over the brink of insanity? This is our year. It is the Year of The Witch. It is our time to unleash our Powers and do what we are suppose to do. Help mankind in spite of itself. It is our time to make the difference. We have stood idly by and kept quiet, we have seen what a mess mankind has made of the world without us. Now it is our turn to clean the mess up. Time to restore goodness and kindness to the World. Time to let the Goddess’ love shine once again upon us all. Time to show the world what it is like to know Pure Love, Pure Kindness and The Goddess, Herself.

Are you with me?

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Good Morning/Afternoon To All of Our Dear Family & Friends!

Good morning or afternoon depending on your time of day! We hope you are having a  good day. I wish I could say we were having a good day.  Thanks to the fire yesterday, we are now a computer short.  None of the fire department heard Lady A screaming at them, “the fire’s back here!” Instead they bust the door down of course, they are firefighters. Then they saw smoke coming through a vent right above Annie’s computer. One of the firemen picked up his ax and hit the vent. He came all the way down the wall right into Annie’s computer.  Her computer is destroyed. We are now one computer short. The insurance deductible is $500, so the insurance won’t cover it. I’ll take that back the insurance might pay some of it but not all of the cost of a replacement. The fire department said forget it. Lady A said the, never mind what she said. She decided she would take a break and go and check on the animals. She got a new cougar in this morning at 7:00 am. We had always heard about a mythological cougar that roamed these parts but we never believed it. We do now. This cougar came from here. He had been mauling horses, killing cattle and coyotes. He tried to kill one too many cows. A farmer almost shot him to death. I don’t understand it. These idoits around here will shot an animal till it is almost dead then call someone. What the hell? Do they like to see the animal suffer in torment? I mean, if they are that angry then why not finish the job. All of a sudden, they get a conscious and say oh, no I shouldn’t have shoot that poor creature. Well if that is the case, they shouldn’t pick up the damn gun to start with.  All they do is leave the vet and poor people like Lady A to stew and worry about pulling the animal back to life.

Lady A is outside right now with the burns on her arm and leg nursing that cougar. She doesn’t know if he is going to make it or not. But I guarantee you, she will do her best to make sure he does. Someone ought to go and get the damn fool that shot him and make him nurse the cougar. People like that wouldn’t though. If they had cared anything at all about animals, they would have never picked the rifle up to start with. I know the man couldn’t let him eat all his cattle but there are other ways to scare it off. Shoot up in the air, shoot over his head, make lots of noise, do something besides shoot him. It just upsets me to see Lady being so upset over an animal. She will stay with him till she knows he is out of the woods. We will end up taking her food too. I guess if the male cougar gets on his feet, our momma cougar will have a boyfriend. That will be a treat keeping them two apart. I don’t even want to think about it. I will go off the deep end for sure.

I am going to get to work now. I have said my peace for the day. One thing before I go. I don’t suppose anybody out there is rich enough to have a old, good spare laptop? You know, one you just tossed aside because you wanted a new one? Well if you do, I know of a great, tax-deductible place you could donate it too. Stop to think about it, I bet you do too. We would appreciate it and it would surprise Lady A. Really I want to see her cry tears of joy for a change. Seriously think about it. If you do, we would really appreciate it. Or if you would like to make a donation, we would appreciate that as well.

Thank you for listening,

Have a very blessed day,

The Countess

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Good Saturday Morning, my dear, dear friends!


Good Morning, guys and gals! How’s it going so far? My morning has been super busy. I am starting to feel like myself again. And unfortunately everyone knows it, lol! Just kidding! I hate not being able to do things for myself. Especially having to depend on others to do things for me. I know they are very kind hearted to do what I need done. But it’s not the same, I want to get up and do it. I believe what I missed most was going down to the animal refuge every morning. That always starts my day off right.

Speaking of which, I know I am running late but it is not because I have been goofing off.  We went up in Illinois the other day and picked up a young momma cougar and her two babies. The first call we have ever got from Illinois and our first cougar. A first all the way around. We brought her back and I put her and her babies in their new home. She won’t let anyone come close to the enclosure except me. So I feed her every morning, clean out the cage and of course I have to play with the babies some. When the momma gets a little older and the babies bigger, I am going to have to find a safe place to release them. I know Kentucky has wildcats, bobcats but no cougars that I have actually seen. I can’t remember who it was but it was someone visiting me while I was down at the refuge. He told me about a cougar further down in Western Kentucky that was attacking cattle. Then he said a farmer came out and found the cougar on top of one of his horses. He said the cougar had almost tore off one side of the horse’s face. The farmer shot at it and missed but did manage to scare it off. The vet came out and managed to save the poor horse. But that man said there had been lots of reports of cougars around here. He told me I should be very careful at night when I come down to the refuge. I remember him saying, “You know a hungry cougar would knock you off your four-wheeler and eat you before you knew what happened. Now you be careful, gal!” I know I have heard some rumors of these supposedly cougars around here but something just don’t wash with me about the stories. Hmmm….

Oh, I have good news, I am training a new witch to help out with the postings. She will be mainly over the Southern Hemisphere section of the blog. I know those poor people feel totally neglected and I apologize for it. I was doing both sites till we got the cougar. Now my mornings are fairly full doing everything that needs to be done for her. The new witch’s name is Kathleen. She is a Hereditary witch and a Solitary. She has helped out here at the WOTC before. She use to reply to all the emails we receive. Now she understands my circumstances, she is willing to help out on the sites. I am very grateful for that. Now you will have three of us old broom riders you will have to put up with, lol!

Well the old broom rider is going to get on her broom and get busy. I hope everyone has a very blessed Saturday. If you are going out shopping, avoid the mobs at all costs, lol! No matter what your plans, enjoy the day.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A



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What Is a Power Animal?

What Is a Power Animal?

  • Dr. Steven Farmer

(excerpts taken from Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer)

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, valuable allies who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these perceptive and trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns, for they’re exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. Working with them on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and expand your spiritual capacities immensely.

Power animals can appear in meditations, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys, or on the earth in their physical form. They can be mammals, birds, or reptiles; and even so-called mythical creatures such as unicorns or dragons can be power animals, although they have no physical representations in the material world. However, since spirit animals’ power is drawn from their instinctual and wild nature, it’s uncommon for purely domesticated animals such as pets to be part of this group.

The source of power for your animal spirit guide won’t just be a single animal, but the entire species. For instance, if your power animal is Bear, it won’t be just one particular bear, but an animal spirit guide that’s representative of the entire species of bears. Consequently, you’ll probably develop a greater appreciation for all bears, and likely extend that care and respect to the animal kingdom as a whole. If Dolphin is your power animal, for example, your love and appreciation will likely go out to all creatures of the sea and naturally expand to include those of the land and the air. Your animal will also teach you to use this power compassionately, to heal and empower yourself and others.

The good news is that we can recover our power animal or even discover a new one by opening our hearts, minds, and souls to this notion, Your power animal may come to you in meditations, visions, dreams, or shamanic journeys. You’ll have an opportunity to recover your power animal in the guided meditation journey for this lesson. If you’ve had a particular affinity or attraction for an animal, it’s most likely this is your power animal. Just recently someone wrote and asked what I thought her power animal was. She went on to describe how hawks have shown up for her much of her life, especially in the past few weeks, and was wondering if this could perhaps be her power animal. I wrote back and basically confirmed what she already knew, that Hawk was her main animal spirit guide, or power animal.

Your power animal may leave you at some point, even if you’ve paid attention to her over the years. Usually that means that the relationship has served its purpose, and another power animal either is or will be coming into your life. I’ve observed how these spirit guides will enter into our lives at a time when we most need their particular expression of spiritual power. For instance, if you’re moving into a position of leadership, Cougar spirit may very well leap into your life as power animal, helping you with confidence and clarity in your leadership roles. If you’re going through a major transformative process with big changes, you may find Snake spirit or Butterfly coming into your life as a power animal.

Another interesting facet is that often your power animal is reflective of your personality characteristics. For instance, Rachel is slight of build, energetic, with a tendency to move very quickly, often juggling several tasks at once, flitting from one to the other. It’s no accident that her power animal turned out to be Hummingbird. Gary is a fairly large man, gentle by nature, yet very capable of standing up for himself or for others as needed. No one messes with him. No surprise that his power animal is Bear.

Other questions that come up are about cats or dogs being power animals. Generally domesticated animals can’t be power animals because they’ve lost much of their wildness and are removed from the natural world. Likewise, some traditions believe that insects are to be excluded from being power animals because of their size and nature. Generally true, however in my book Power Animals, Dragonfly and Butterfly both argued vehemently about being included, so I caved and included them. I see now the wisdom of that, as they both offer unique types of power.

Yet another question that comes up on occasion is about mythological or etheric animals, such as dragons or unicorns. Although some would insist that they exist in third dimensional reality, it really doesn’t matter whether they do or not. If you believe they do, then they do. Any of these so-called mythological animals can certainly be your power animal. The only disadvantage is that they’re not commonly seen in the physical world as are other kinds of animals.

This is a highly personal and specialized relationship with an animal spirit guide. It’s not one you choose in the usual sense of the word. It’s more of a soul-to-soul connection, your soul bonding with the soul—or more accurately the oversoul—of the animal. The relationship is one to be nurtured and attended to on a regular basis, and if done, will last a number of years.


This cat goes by several names including Mountain Lion, Panther, and Puma. They are solitary cats who, unlike other cat species, are active during the day. They are also the most widely distributed cats in the Americas. These elusive hunters will pounce on their prey with a strong short burst of energy after studying its movements, never hesitating, showing none of its movement is wasted.
Cougar spirit will teach us to assert ourselves, and take control of our life so we can become leaders. Cougar’s graceful swiftness shows us how to understand the natural flow of our environment and move into a position of leadership.