The Best For Last

The people in Washington have been come unreasonable. They will eventually settle this mess and people will forget. I hope they don’t and as many people this mess has effected they probably won’t. I believe as many others do that everyone in Washington should be send home next election. I ran across the spell and was so delighted to see it. You will either have to write it down or print it. Then put the spell in your BOS, whatever you do, do not lose it instead use it.

Cause a Politician to Lose an Election
Items You Will Need:
One black candle
One green candle
One white candle
One newspaper mentioning the election
Spread the newspaper out on your altar and say the following:
“This is the field of play, this is public opinion.”
Place the black candle on the newspaper and say the following:
“This is (Person’s name) his/her heart is as black as night.”
Place the white candle next to the black candle, and say:
“These are the people that will elect (Person’s name). They have not seen the evil of (Person’s name).”
Place the green candle next to the black candle, and say:
“This is the money that will allow (Person’s name) to achieve office.”
Light the black candle, then say the following:
“The evil and corruption of (Person’s name) is shining bright for all to see.”
Light the white candle, and say the following:
“The eyes of the people are open to the evil of (Person’s name). They see them for what they are. As the candle burns down their understanding and hatred of (Person’s name) will grow.”
Move the white candle to the other side of your altar and say the following:
“They forsake (Person’s name).”
Light the green candle, and say the following:
“The money leaves the evil (Person’s name). As the candle burns down so will their resources, until they are no more.”

Move the candle to the other side of the altar, and allow all of the candles to burn out to release the power of the spell.

Good Blessed Thursday Morning to my wonderful family & friends!

(Wow, it is finally Friday! This seems like it has been a loooong week. Way to much going on in the world and personally. I hope you are planning on a nice relaxing weekend. I am!!!)

Well I figured I would just leave the graphic and opening message. I have run a day ahead all week long. Sure indicator I am definitely ready for Friday to get here, lol! Please, Friday hurry! All the other info on this post is correct. I am sorry again but like I said it has been a loooong week and now my bubble is bursted 😦

Just a couple of reminders real quick……The spell for Washington to get its act together ends tonight. Then we will wait a day or two to see if any effects result from the spell. I know it was a mild spell. But these days, when it comes to the Government, you have to be careful what you post. Websites are being monitored and we really don’t want the CIA carrying any of us off. We would have to be smuggling in a saw in a batch of wands. So if by Monday or Tuesday of next week, we will try a more potent spell. It won’t be posted on the net. I have never been in jail and don’t won’t to go. Neither do I want the site closed down. But I think Washington is starting to make some progress perhaps not as quickly as we would like but what can I say?

I think one group that has stepped up during this whole mess deserves to be mentioned in our prayers. That is the Fisher House. It is pitiful that a private organization has to bail the Government out of their obligations. Thank the Goddess for them though. They stepped up and helped out our grieving military families. I know I am going to thank the Goddess for them and also ask that She bless them. Thank you, Fisher House, for being their when you are needed most!

Lastly and I will get to work…..It is that time of the month again for us to update our Pinterest site. After the dailys have been posted today, we are going over there to update and keep our site current. As you know if you don’t post so often the sites are shut down. You know us we wait to the last minute to do anything. So if you want to come over and check the site out, come on. We will be there working our little rumps off.

Now off to work, I go!

Have a fantastic Friday and a safe & relaxing Weekend,

Luv & hugs,

Lady A

Daily Motivator for October 9th – Richer and richer

Richer and richer

The way to be rich is to realize how rich you are. The way to be rich is to  express and to live the unique abundance that is yours.

It’s not what you get that makes you rich. It’s what you do with all you  have.

The way to be truly rich is to make good, meaningful use of what you have.  The way to be exceptionally rich is to be generous with all that you are.

The abundance of the universe is literally everywhere. What transforms that  abundance into real richness is your choice to make purposeful, loving use of  it.

Each day is overflowing with possibilities for new richness. See the best  possibilities, act on them, and find true delight in making life richer and  richer.

Make joyful use of each moment, and sincerely give the best of who you are.  Live a life that is rich indeed.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

May the Goddess Bless You On This Beautiful Wednesday!

Good Morning, dear family & friends! How are you doing this beautiful morning? I hope better than me. It seems whether it is either early in the morning or later in the day, there is something around here to drive me crazy. Yesterday, I had people talking in both ears and in my face with ideas. Let’s do this, let’s do that! Wonderful, I love it and their ideas. But please, don’t give me ideas and talk to me when I am composing a spell. I updated the spell for the madness to end this morning. I felt bad about dragging Politics into this site but after last night’s news I don’t. The news about our Military families made my mouth drop open. I know some of the Senators were calling it a “disgrace.” The word “disgrace” does not describe what these Military families are being put through. It is bad enough that there Loved Ones are sent into war but then being killed. I can’t imagine the grief they must feel then the government up and deserts them. They can’t get their Loved Ones home. Then they are not going to be given the proper rights and funeral they deserve. I just don’t have the words to even describe this. My heart breaks for them.

It is pass time for all of this to end. No telling what is next. Help stop it before it ever happens. The Military families are such a low blow. These brave souls gave their lives were the idoits in Washington could have the right to argue and shut the government down. I wonder if they ever thought about that. Now they can’t even bury them.

Let’s stop it NOW! Join with us casting this simple spell every night till Washington starts doing the job we elected them to do. Give us back our country, our rights and our benefits that they are denying us all.

Now that the dust is starting to settle
And the heat of the moment is passing
Help (The House/Senate/Congress) come together
To create legislation that will last
Let them realize the time for fighting is over
Let the healing begin
Let all involved acknowledge
In this fight, no one wins
Suffering comes to all
Help them put their differences aside
Let their pride no longer stay
Let them instead mend their quarrels
And let harmony rule our Country once again.
So Mote It Be

This Madness Has To End & We Can Do It

I have always said to myself that I would never mix Politics with our Religion. I have now learned you never say “never.” If you do, it will come back to bite you and I have got bit!

We are sitting here listening to the President talk about the Government shut down. I guess I thought down here in Kentucky we would never see the effects of  this. I know what I have seen locally and I would imagine it is going on every where, people are starting to hurt. I have seen parents that live from paycheck to paycheck wondering how they are going to feed their kids, put a roof over their heads, buy diapers and the list goes on and on. The Food Banks are empty because the grant money has stopped. There are people in this country either going hungry or will be hungry if this last much longer.

The individuals that we elected do not live in our world. They are still getting their salaries and all their other little perks. They don’t realize what they are doing to the average person in this country. It is time for the madness to end before the greatest country on this planet becomes a third world country.

You know I believe strongly in what we can do when we come together. It is that time again that I ask you to please join with me in ending this madness. Together, we are a mighty force. You have seen evidence in the past of what we can do. We can do it again. We have to do it for the sake of the people of this country. You know as well as I do, we have brothers & sisters that are starting to suffer. We have to do it for them. All it takes to solve this problem is all of us joining together as one. Uniting our Power again for the goodness of mankind.

Below you will find a very simple spell. All it requires is a white candle and a little visualization on your part. Please join with me nightly in casting it, it won’t take thirty minutes I promise. We have to do this. The madness has to end. We have to end it. Washington doesn’t realize how it is hurting the people of this country. Let us join together once again and put an end to this madness.

Now that the dust has settled
And the heat of the moment has passed
Help (The House/Senate/Congress) come together
To create legislation that will last
Let them realize the time for fighting is over
Let the healing begin
Let all involved acknowledge
In this fight, no one wins
Suffering comes to all
Help them put their differences aside
Let their pride no longer stay
Let them instead mend their quarrels
And let harmony rule our Country once again.
So Mote It Be

Good Late Night, My Dear Family & Friends!

Good Evening My Dearest Family & Friends,

I woke up this morning full of energy. I could feel the Goddess refreshing my spirit as it ran through my very body. Everything was going so grand. Then I sit down at the computer and guess what? The first thing that pops out of someone’s mouth is “Did you pay the bill? I bet you didn’t pay the bill? I bet we are cut off!” You know people like that you just want to hit them in the head with your mouse. I just ignored the person with all the “cute” comments and politely called the cable company. Went through the regular mumbo jumbo, telephone number, what are you having a problem with, and so on, and so on. Come to find out there was an outage in our area. Of course the technicians are working at it. And your service will be restored at 3:05 p.m. It still amazes me how they can get their repairs down to the very minute. Either they are very good or they think we are very stupid???

I have been wanting to talk to all of you so bad I couldn’t stand it. My dear family, you deserve one big pat on the back. Do you remember when I pleaded and get right down to it, begged you to pray and petition for peace? I hope so and I hope you are still doing it. We are not out of the woods by a long shot. At the time I had called for us to come together and pull our powers, Obama was getting ready to bomb Syria. He had decided he didn’t need Congress approval. He was going to do it! Then all of the sudden the world was calling him fickle because he was going to Congress. Congratulations on making a fickle pickle! Then we came to Congress. That night I went to bed, I heard on the News that Congress was all for war. The next morning I was honestly scared to get up (oh, hell I might not have even woke up, lol!). I turned on the TV and Congress has divided. There suddenly more Congressmen saying “no” to bombing Syria than the night before. I wonder if those Congressmen has some dreams involving the results of us bombing Syria. Then there were other events that happened the reporters called unprecedented. We know why they happened. Admit it! Does it feel good when you can conjure your power for the betterment of mankind? Truthfully. There are times when outside observers need to quietly give gently whispers in their ears or a soft nudge in the right direction. This is not only their world they are screwing with, it is ours. Days like today, I am exceptionally proud to call myself a WITCH! Shouting from the highest rooftops, I AM A WITCH!

I don’t want you to forget that we have to keep an eye on our own government while we have another task.  This task involves justice for those people that suffered from the chemical attacks from their own government. I guess growing up in the States I have a very hard time understanding why people let this go on and happen. I hope and pray to the Goddess I am right. If our government did something like this to us, they would only do it one time. The people would be up in arms, storming Washington. We wouldn’t stand for it. Don’t get me wrong because this is a slippery slope I am treading on right now. But to have your own children die in your arms, wouldn’t that do something to you. I know my two kids treat me like I am not even their mother at times. But if something like that happened to me, I would be filled with rage. Uncontrollable rage and I would lash out at whatever had caused this to happen. I have to stop and think that these people have been oppressed all their lifes. They have been pushed around and treated sub-human. I take what we have in this country for granted at times. It just dawned on me I need to say a prayer thanking the Goddess for giving us this great Country we live.

Our plate is now starting to become full. But with each of us pulling together, we can accomplish anything. Never forget that. We need to petition our Gods and Goddesses for the people of Syria to have strength. Strength enough to let them say “ENOUGH!” Rise up against the government that is torturing them. Bring a new government to power. One that will treat them like they are human instead of lab rats. We also need to petition that the monsters that did this to them get exactly what they deserve plus a little bit more. How any person could harm a poor innocent child is beyond me? To make them suffer and die such a horrible death? It breaks my heart to even to try to imagine what must be going through that precious baby’s mind. This is one of those situation were I want to scream out for the Universe to strike those dead in their tracks that done these horrible actions. But I know better. Justice will be dealt to these monsters.

One more thing then I will leave you in peace, my brothers and sisters. As we all know 9/11 is fast approaching. I believe that was one of the worse days in all of our lives. Whether you lost a loved one or just watched in horror, it was horrific. All I remember is that I wanted my family with me, close to hold and hug. To tell them so much how much I loved each of them. You never know, that’s for sure. After the bombings, the cosmos ripped open. I know myself and several others felt it. In fact, it liked to have drove us crazy. So many souls, lost, confused, not knowing what happened, wanting to see their loved ones but couldn’t. Light a candle and say prayer this September 11th that all those souls have now found peace. Let us pray they have been happily reincarnated and now walk this plane with us once again. Pray for the loved ones they left behind. Pray that they have had the strength and courage to move on, as their loved ones would have wanted. Time passes, some of the pain eases but there will always be that hole in their heart. Pray for the families’ that lost that special loved one. Pray for the souls that were taken so quickly from us. Bless them all that they might find peace and comfort in our Great Mother’s arms.

Blessings to this world that we live,
We pray that one day we will all know
peace and love in our heart for each other.
Until that time arrives, Oh, Mighty Goddess,
teach us tolerance, patience and most of all
love for our fellow man.
So Mote It Be!

Blessings, Peace & Comfort,

Lady A

Good Blessed Tuesday Dear Friends!

momma cougar

Good morning friends! Lady A isn’t going to be able to be here today. She is chasing baby turkey vultures. In the meantime, she asked me if I would casually bring up that our feed and supplies for the animals is starting to run low. The above picture is of our mother cougar. She doesn’t look that happy does she. According to her diet requirements, she has to be fed red meat at least every other day. This is in order to maintain her health. We have had several local companies that dress out deer donate the parts they can’t use. Those parts are going to feed the cougar. Deer season is now on its way out and we are hoping the local cattle company has leftovers for us. All of them have been very generous because they know we have the cougar. But we are eventually going to have to start purchasing food for her and the other animals. Plus formula for the babies, hay, straw, tent tarping plus many other issues that come up. You cannot imagine what costs are incurred in caring for these animals.

We would appreciate any help that you can give to our animals at this time. It doesn’t take a lot to buy a bale of hay or straw. So any amount would be helpful. Thank you for your help.

Blessings to you this day,




Our new turkey vulture

Feng Shui for Pets?

Feng Shui for Pets?



What’s better for Fido’s wellness—having his water bowl near the eastern or  western wall of your house? How about your cat’s scratching post—will kitty be  more inclined to use it if it’s in the living room or bedroom? Perhaps you used  feng shui to organize your home when you first moved in, but did you ever  consider that this Chinese philosophy relating spatial arrangement and  orientation to energy flow can also benefit your pets? Why is it important to  make your companion animals’ living quarters more feng shui–friendly, and what  steps can you take to help your furry friends achieve a better balance of yin  and yang? How can feng shui benefit Fido?

“A house with good feng shui means that you have a peaceful, clean, and  harmonious home,” says Kathryn Weber, publisher of the Red Lotus Letter, an  online newsletter about feng shui. “When your home is in good order, everyone is  more healthy and content. This transfers to your pets’ health and well-being,  too,” she says.

Dirce Johnson, a Longview, Washington-based certified practitioner of  interior alignment, feng shui consultant, and animal rescuer, concurs. “Feng  shui is even more important for animals than people,” she says. “If a living  area is out of balance, people sense it and react negatively,” she says. “These  reactions can run the gamut from mental issues, such as depression, anger, and  anxiety, to physical ones, such as loss of sleep and illness. Animals are far  more intuitive than we are—they survive by instinct. Consequently, an animal’s  reaction to an imbalance in the environment is much worse than that of a  human.”

Basic ways to achieve balance

In light of these expert observations, what can average pet guardians do to  prevent such imbalance and improve the feng shui within their living space?

“A beneficial home environment is one that is neither too dark nor too light,  not too loud nor too still,” explains Weber. “If your home has a loud TV and  bright sunlight or is noisy and without calm, the pet may be anxious, [which can  result in] birds plucking out their feathers or dogs excessively licking. If the  home is too dark or quiet and is cluttered, the pet may experience weight gain,  feel lethargic, lose [his or her] zest, or have nagging health complaints, such  as achy joints or poor breathing. Cleanliness is also essential for maintaining  good feng shui. For example, a kitty litterbox that’s rarely changed is bad for  the cat, emits negative energy in the form of odors, and is unpleasant to look  at.”

Suzanne Metzger of Feng Shui Consulting Services in Colorado Springs,  Colorado, adds to these recommendations by emphasizing that eliminating clutter  is a simple yet critical step that pet guardians and home owners can take to  enhance feng shui. “This is especially important in your bedroom and your pet’s  sleeping area,” says Metzger. “Clutter, which is stagnant energy, is a common  problem in our material-based culture. Both people and pets can be affected in  subtle ways, such as premature aging, eating disorders, and lack of focus. In a  pet’s case, lack of focus can contribute to problems with housebreaking or other  training difficulties.”

Calling all experts

But what if cleaning up clutter and providing a calm yet energized home  environment seem like daunting tasks in and of themselves, let alone when the  idea is to create the optimal combination of yin and yang for everyone in the  family? According to Metzger, certain circumstances often necessitate a little  expert advice.

“A trained feng shui consultant will be able to balance your entire space,  pinpoint problems you may not be aware of, and give appropriate solutions with  more accuracy than someone without training. Yet not all consultants are tuned  in to animals, so it’s important to tell them about any problems your pets are  experiencing when they take your family history.”

Weber, on the other hand, advises that outside consultation is not always  essential. “You don’t [always] need to see a feng shui consultant, because good  feng shui starts with the basics—a clean and tidy, clutter-free home. If you  have pets, this will help them stay in good health and prevent them from being  pestered with problems like fleas. Feng shui is truly an easy-to-apply  technique.” On the flip side, she adds that furry and feathered residents are  responsible for actually generating feng shui within a home. “Pets themselves  are good feng shui! Their lively, active energy works as an energizer for the  home environment, and animals are also wonderful protectors.” Consider this food  for thought the next time you’re experiencing any negative energy as you go to  change Fluffy’s litterbox.

Everyday Tips for Fostering Feng Shui with Your Furry  Companions

Consider trying out these simple suggestions to ensure that your pet benefits  from as much positive energy as possible!

• Make sure any litterboxes are situated in secluded areas, preferably in  their own nooks.

• Be certain there are no exposed beams above your pet’s  sleeping area.

• Do not situate your pet’s sleeping area near any electronic  devices.

• Consider purchasing a pet fountain from a pet supply store or  constructing your own with an inexpensive pump purchased from a craft  store.

• Make sure there are no sharp corners pointing towards your pet’s  food, sleeping, or toilet areas.