Good Blessed Thursday Morning to my wonderful family & friends!

(Wow, it is finally Friday! This seems like it has been a loooong week. Way to much going on in the world and personally. I hope you are planning on a nice relaxing weekend. I am!!!)

Well I figured I would just leave the graphic and opening message. I have run a day ahead all week long. Sure indicator I am definitely ready for Friday to get here, lol! Please, Friday hurry! All the other info on this post is correct. I am sorry again but like I said it has been a loooong week and now my bubble is bursted 😦

Just a couple of reminders real quick……The spell for Washington to get its act together ends tonight. Then we will wait a day or two to see if any effects result from the spell. I know it was a mild spell. But these days, when it comes to the Government, you have to be careful what you post. Websites are being monitored and we really don’t want the CIA carrying any of us off. We would have to be smuggling in a saw in a batch of wands. So if by Monday or Tuesday of next week, we will try a more potent spell. It won’t be posted on the net. I have never been in jail and don’t won’t to go. Neither do I want the site closed down. But I think Washington is starting to make some progress perhaps not as quickly as we would like but what can I say?

I think one group that has stepped up during this whole mess deserves to be mentioned in our prayers. That is the Fisher House. It is pitiful that a private organization has to bail the Government out of their obligations. Thank the Goddess for them though. They stepped up and helped out our grieving military families. I know I am going to thank the Goddess for them and also ask that She bless them. Thank you, Fisher House, for being their when you are needed most!

Lastly and I will get to work…..It is that time of the month again for us to update our Pinterest site. After the dailys have been posted today, we are going over there to update and keep our site current. As you know if you don’t post so often the sites are shut down. You know us we wait to the last minute to do anything. So if you want to come over and check the site out, come on. We will be there working our little rumps off.

Now off to work, I go!

Have a fantastic Friday and a safe & relaxing Weekend,

Luv & hugs,

Lady A