Wishing You A Very Blessed Wednesday Morn, Dear Brothers & Sisters!

Good Wednesday Morning, my dear, dear family! Do you know how precious you are to me? I would say I am going to start saying that every day but half of you would run, lol! So maybe once every week or so, how’s that?

This morning I realized how precious everything I have is. How I have been blessed by the Goddess. What I have taken for granted. You might be wondering what made me come to this realization, it was a TV news story. The story shattered my heart. It was about a man who had been out of the country when the Typhon hit the Philippines.  He had no communication with any of his family. He didn’t know if they were dead or alive but he was on a train on his way home. What awaited him, he didn’t know? Thank the Goddess, all his family survived. But they had no place to live they were homeless.  As I watched the tears roll down that man’s face, it hit me. That could easily be me or you or any of us. I live on the New Madrid fault line. I cannot imagine an earthquake destroying everything here and I am trying to get back home to my family. The horror ran through me. Not knowing if my kids were alive, not knowing if my husband was alive, not knowing if I had a place to call home.  What horror!

The Goddess did touch my heart this morning. I experienced all the feeling the man on the train had and I also experienced my searching for my own family. I cried like a baby. Needless to say, it is our time to start taking some responsibility or at least mine. I know one of our foremost missions from the Goddess is to help mankind. The people in the Philippines need our help. They are in a very desperate situation. We must step up. And we are. You will notice the Raffle items this month are expensive items, very expensive items. I did that on purpose to raise money to send to the Red Cross for their relief effort in the Philippines. 75% of all money received will go to the Red Cross for that exact purpose. I have found a very trusted corporation that is directing money specified for that purpose alone. I trust this company or else I wouldn’t be doing this. I wish I could send a 100% of all the money we collect this month but we have to survive ourselves. I hope you will contribute to the Raffle because this month it is for a very worthy cause, life, human life, what could be a greater cause.

This is only the start, I would like for anyone that knows the address of their local food banks, homeless shelter, etc., to send them to us. We are not going to desert our own people. We would never do that. From now on, every Raffle that we have, 75% of the money raised will go to a food bank, a homeless shelter or some other needy and worthy cause you can think of. Perhaps we can start making a difference in this world. And by doing so, we will be helping our fellow man and the Goddess’ children.

Please help by donating to the raffle, I will provide a receipt were I have donated the money to the Red Cross. Also if you have the name and address of any food banks or homeless shelters in your areas, I want them. If you have any ideas or organizations that need help, let us know.

Thank you and May the Goddess Bless You Threefold,

Lady Abyss & The WOTC

This Madness Has To End & We Can Do It

I have always said to myself that I would never mix Politics with our Religion. I have now learned you never say “never.” If you do, it will come back to bite you and I have got bit!

We are sitting here listening to the President talk about the Government shut down. I guess I thought down here in Kentucky we would never see the effects of  this. I know what I have seen locally and I would imagine it is going on every where, people are starting to hurt. I have seen parents that live from paycheck to paycheck wondering how they are going to feed their kids, put a roof over their heads, buy diapers and the list goes on and on. The Food Banks are empty because the grant money has stopped. There are people in this country either going hungry or will be hungry if this last much longer.

The individuals that we elected do not live in our world. They are still getting their salaries and all their other little perks. They don’t realize what they are doing to the average person in this country. It is time for the madness to end before the greatest country on this planet becomes a third world country.

You know I believe strongly in what we can do when we come together. It is that time again that I ask you to please join with me in ending this madness. Together, we are a mighty force. You have seen evidence in the past of what we can do. We can do it again. We have to do it for the sake of the people of this country. You know as well as I do, we have brothers & sisters that are starting to suffer. We have to do it for them. All it takes to solve this problem is all of us joining together as one. Uniting our Power again for the goodness of mankind.

Below you will find a very simple spell. All it requires is a white candle and a little visualization on your part. Please join with me nightly in casting it, it won’t take thirty minutes I promise. We have to do this. The madness has to end. We have to end it. Washington doesn’t realize how it is hurting the people of this country. Let us join together once again and put an end to this madness.

Now that the dust has settled
And the heat of the moment has passed
Help (The House/Senate/Congress) come together
To create legislation that will last
Let them realize the time for fighting is over
Let the healing begin
Let all involved acknowledge
In this fight, no one wins
Suffering comes to all
Help them put their differences aside
Let their pride no longer stay
Let them instead mend their quarrels
And let harmony rule our Country once again.
So Mote It Be

To All of Our Dear Family, We Wish You A Very Blessed & Prosperous Lammas!

Lammas/Lugnasadh Comments
Merry Meet on this glorious and beautiful Lammas Day! I hope everyone is busy celebrating the first Harvest. And I might add I hope it is a very prosperous one indeed!

I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for making this one of the best years the WOTC has had. I have always said a group/site/blog is nothing without fantastic friends, family and supporters. We have the Goddess to thank for each of you. With Our Almighty Mother all things are possible. Every time I think it is the darkest it can get, She pulls me up by the boot straps. And shows me it is no way by any means over yet.  She has given me a blessed life that is for sure.

In the days of Old, our Ancestors would be giving thanks for a bountiful first harvest. They didn’t have the luxuries we do now. I can imagine what they would have given for one John Deere tractor. I know our Ancestors had it rough and the times were tough to say the least. But they had something we no longer have these days, that is charity for our fellow man. If farmer Brown saw farmer Smith didn’t have as good of a harvest as he did. He would take the buggy over to farmer Smith’s house and tell him not to worry. He would help him and his family make it through the Winter months. Farmer Brown wanted nothing in return, just to help out his neighbor, that’s it plain and simple. But farmer Smith didn’t want charity from Brown so he would find a way to repay the debt and show his gratitude at the same time. Boy, how people  have changed.

I guess if our Ancestors could see the shape we are in now, they would hang their heads. Probably shed a tear or two also. When I stop to think about living in the greatest nation on this planet, I want to cry. Every night in this country, there are thousands of people going to bed hungry. There are even more sleeping on the street. There are individuals a dollar away from being out on the streets themselves. I was listening to today’s news and they said a local food bank had had a triple increase demand since last year. They couldn’t figure it out. How damn stupid are these people? Do they not realize we are in a depression? I know what really get my feathers’ ruffled is that millions of dollars are being sent overseas. While we have our own babies going to bed hungry each night. People sleeping in the street in the greatest nation in the world.

It is past time that we of the magickal community did something about this. As you know, you don’t have to have money to act. You have the power within you to act. It is past time that petition our Great Mother for help for our nation. For our children going to bed hungry, for the homeless man or woman sleeping in the street, or the empty food banks in this country. We need our Mother’s help! We also need our Mother’s help in cleaning out the ears of the Politicians in this country. The economy is getting better, the unemployment rate is dropping??? Don’t they realize that the unemployment rate is dropping because people can no long draw benefits. Truth be told, it is scary as hell, I raised two kids and my husband worked construction. The money was great. But construction only happens during the Summer months. The money you did manage to save up, you had to live on this next year. As high as things are now and the way the world is, I would hate to think I had to do it now.

I know today is suppose to be a day of celebration for us. But I wanted to drive a point home. Share what the Goddess has given you with those less fortunate. It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind to another individual. We are all the Goddess’ children. Share your many blessings with a local food bank, if you can’t do that then start petitioning our Mother. Because that is what I plan on doing. I am not going to stop till this world of ours starts to change. I am going to ask Her to help feed the small children that go to bed hungry at night. Get that man or woman off the streets and give them a place to sleep that has a roof over it. And most of all makes those damn Politicians wake up and smell the coffee. The Politicians have had their turn at this country. You see what shape it is in. Now it is our turn and I am sure we can do a much better job than they ever did. I beg you to join me in praying to our Almighty Mother for these things.

This is the Year of the Witch. Let us change the course of our country for the good of mankind.

Goddess Bless You. May you have a bountiful and blessed Lammas!


Lady A

Share Your Summer Bounty

Share Your Summer Bounty

by Judi Gerber

As I have written here before, one of the ways that gardeners can make a difference  is to share their excess produce with those in need, while getting rid of those  crops that they might have too much of, like zucchini or tomatoes.

Not only will you be helping to fight hunger, but you will be helping your garden. How so?  Too many mature fruit will make the plant stop producing, so you want to make  sure to harvest so you can extend your harvest season.

If you want to donate excess produce, you can do so through Ample Harvest. They have created a campaign to get home  gardeners to donate their excess harvest to local food pantries. As the  organization states on its website, “One out of six Americans (including a  quarter of all kids under six) does not have access to healthy fresh food at  their food pantry. The AmpleHarvest.org Campaign is a national effort utilizing  the Internet that enables 40+ million Americans who grow food in home gardens to  easily donate their excess harvest to one of 3,485 registered local food  pantries spread across all 50 states.”

You can find these registered food pantries in your area simply by typing in  your zip code. I was surprised to find about 20 within 15 miles of my zip code.  There is even a special  page for gardeners with tips on what kinds of produce are best to give to  those in need, when to pick them in order to donate them, and other frequently  asked questions. They even have smart phone apps on their site.

Another site that features maps showing food pantries is Feeding America. Here too, you can find food pantries in  your area simply by typing in your zip code.

If you don’t have your own garden, or if you want to do something different  for your summer vacation, you can volunteer with organizations that donate fresh  produce by gleaning excess or unwanted produce.  Traditionally,  gleaning is collecting “leftover” crops from farmers’ fields after they have  already been harvested. After harvest, there is an abundance of high quality,  marketable produce left in the fields that cannot be harvested economically or  does not meet commercial standards.

Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed & Happy Monday!

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Happy & Blessed Monday to all! I hope you are having a fantastic day. It is beautiful here. You know everything for the WOTC has been going great until just a few days ago. We finally located our building we are going to use as our office. Being a non-profit organization, we were able to secure the building at a very reasonable amount. Over the weekend, we moved our last computer equipment into our new building. Today, we were all sit up and ready to roll but it was a little hot in here. We decided to turn the air unit on to cool the place down. Well the a/c unit is history. We have had an electrician out here and it totally needs to be replaced. After purchasing our new server, the new building, we are flat ass busted. We have no money in the budget for a new unit let alone get the old fixed.

Perhaps you do not realize what all the WOTC does. We are not only an online community but we also provide services offline. We are a community resource in real life for our area Pagans. We contribute funds, assistances and any other ways we can help in natural disasters. We want to open a food pantry also for our local in need Pagan brother and sisters. You see, we are much more than just a spot on the net. We are a very real life Pagan activist organization.

We are strapped for money. Too continue our work on the net, as well as off the net, we need your help. We need to rebuild our funds not only to fix the a/c unit but to also continue our community work in our area.

We ask that you search your heart and please consider helping us. We do for so many, now we need your help.

It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, every dollar counts, even nickels, dimes and pennies. Please we are asking for your assistance in this matter.  In case, you loss this post, our donation button will be back up in the sidebar.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Lady Abyss



by Melanie Fire Salamander

Mabon: the second harvest, of grain and in the Northwest of wine grapes. A good time to think about food, harvested from the fields now. Our lead writer meditates on a whole ritual life built around food, the making of bread, oxtail soup and baked figs and eggplant, and the many connections between cooking and magick. So too do we have another writer’s tale of making communion bread, and discussions likewise of making ritual wine and aphrodisiac liqueur.

Food warms the house as it cooks; food warms the body as we eat. After we gather in our harvest and cook or ferment it, often we share it. Breaking bread together has long been a symbol for truce and the establishment of friendship ties. Catherine Harper considers the sacredness of this act in her lead story. In the Lakota and other Native American traditions, the milestones of life are often denoted by sharing not only food but many or all household goods, in a Giveaway ceremony. Napecinkala writes of this ritual in this issue.

One of my favorite images of this season, driving or walking on an evening just as the last stains of sunset leave the sky, is passing in blue darkness a small house set back among trees. Beyond thinning branches, windows golden with light shine. Behind them, I imagine a family or friends around a fire or a laden table, coming together, cozy against the cold night.

I wish you and your family (of birth or choice) a warm harvest and safety against the coming winter.