Your Charm for September 11th is The Inscribed Amulet

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:    

This aspect is affected by a narrowly averted dangerous situation. The dangerous event could be a personal confrontation or even an accident you narrowly miss.

General Description:    

In ancient times inscribed charms were believed to possess great potency and influence. Some Egyptian written amulets have been found dating as far back as the 12th dynasty, some 2,500 years B.C. and at the present time great numbers of these inscribed amulets are still in use in Egypt. Our picture is of one of the Greco-Roman period dating 400 years B.C. It is a formula which gives instructions as to the course to follow in the outer world in order to obtain bliss and immortality, and worn to avert danger.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for August 23

[All times are calculated for the Pacific Daylight Zone. If you are living in a different time zone, add or subtract the necessary hours so that any timed alignment will be exact where you live.]  If you are in the mood for a rebirth and regeneration of your leadership skills, then the arrival of fiery, assertive Aries Moon (12:14AM) can become a feather in your cap. Try to brush aside a mood of tension or volatility as Mars makes a frictional, 135-degree link to Chiron (2:18AM). Learning about one or more of the martial arts is one way to tweak this aspect in a favorable manner.  Tune into the shift of Mercury from grandiose Leo to behind-the-scenes master Virgo (3:38PM). Mercury is now moving at just over 2 degrees per day — its fastest movement until it eventually goes into retrograde again starting on October 21. Mercury in Virgo — to go along with yesterday’s solar movement into the same sign — provides a strong dose of organizational and efficiency-oriented themes for your utilization and possible enjoyment. Weeding, cleaning and repair work of any kind can be a joy when several celestial bodies emphasize the qualities of this sixth sign of the zodiac.  If you are looking for surprises, a mental jolt or shock to the system, you can probably find it during the monthly Moon-Uranus union in Aries (9:19PM). Advanced studies on the frontiers of science, medicine, metaphysics and astrology are yours for the taking

To All of Our Dear Family, We Wish You A Very Blessed & Prosperous Lammas!

Lammas/Lugnasadh Comments
Merry Meet on this glorious and beautiful Lammas Day! I hope everyone is busy celebrating the first Harvest. And I might add I hope it is a very prosperous one indeed!

I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for making this one of the best years the WOTC has had. I have always said a group/site/blog is nothing without fantastic friends, family and supporters. We have the Goddess to thank for each of you. With Our Almighty Mother all things are possible. Every time I think it is the darkest it can get, She pulls me up by the boot straps. And shows me it is no way by any means over yet.  She has given me a blessed life that is for sure.

In the days of Old, our Ancestors would be giving thanks for a bountiful first harvest. They didn’t have the luxuries we do now. I can imagine what they would have given for one John Deere tractor. I know our Ancestors had it rough and the times were tough to say the least. But they had something we no longer have these days, that is charity for our fellow man. If farmer Brown saw farmer Smith didn’t have as good of a harvest as he did. He would take the buggy over to farmer Smith’s house and tell him not to worry. He would help him and his family make it through the Winter months. Farmer Brown wanted nothing in return, just to help out his neighbor, that’s it plain and simple. But farmer Smith didn’t want charity from Brown so he would find a way to repay the debt and show his gratitude at the same time. Boy, how people  have changed.

I guess if our Ancestors could see the shape we are in now, they would hang their heads. Probably shed a tear or two also. When I stop to think about living in the greatest nation on this planet, I want to cry. Every night in this country, there are thousands of people going to bed hungry. There are even more sleeping on the street. There are individuals a dollar away from being out on the streets themselves. I was listening to today’s news and they said a local food bank had had a triple increase demand since last year. They couldn’t figure it out. How damn stupid are these people? Do they not realize we are in a depression? I know what really get my feathers’ ruffled is that millions of dollars are being sent overseas. While we have our own babies going to bed hungry each night. People sleeping in the street in the greatest nation in the world.

It is past time that we of the magickal community did something about this. As you know, you don’t have to have money to act. You have the power within you to act. It is past time that petition our Great Mother for help for our nation. For our children going to bed hungry, for the homeless man or woman sleeping in the street, or the empty food banks in this country. We need our Mother’s help! We also need our Mother’s help in cleaning out the ears of the Politicians in this country. The economy is getting better, the unemployment rate is dropping??? Don’t they realize that the unemployment rate is dropping because people can no long draw benefits. Truth be told, it is scary as hell, I raised two kids and my husband worked construction. The money was great. But construction only happens during the Summer months. The money you did manage to save up, you had to live on this next year. As high as things are now and the way the world is, I would hate to think I had to do it now.

I know today is suppose to be a day of celebration for us. But I wanted to drive a point home. Share what the Goddess has given you with those less fortunate. It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind to another individual. We are all the Goddess’ children. Share your many blessings with a local food bank, if you can’t do that then start petitioning our Mother. Because that is what I plan on doing. I am not going to stop till this world of ours starts to change. I am going to ask Her to help feed the small children that go to bed hungry at night. Get that man or woman off the streets and give them a place to sleep that has a roof over it. And most of all makes those damn Politicians wake up and smell the coffee. The Politicians have had their turn at this country. You see what shape it is in. Now it is our turn and I am sure we can do a much better job than they ever did. I beg you to join me in praying to our Almighty Mother for these things.

This is the Year of the Witch. Let us change the course of our country for the good of mankind.

Goddess Bless You. May you have a bountiful and blessed Lammas!


Lady A

Good Morning, Merry Meet and Hello, I would like to introduce myself briefly

Celtic & British Isles GraphicsGood morning, I am Countess Kathleen Markievicz. The Countess is not just a name I made up for the internet. It is part of my real name. Even though, we are not suppose to display Countess before our name anymore. I still do. I do it in honor of my great-grandmother Countess Constance Markievicz. My great-grandmother was an Irish rebel and involved in several uprising in Ireland’s bloody past. She was jailed many times for these involvement. The Countess was a lady before her time. I honor her by carrying the Countess title to this day. I don’t believe she was witch because she didn’t have time to be one. My mother wasn’t a witch either. Basically I came from a witchless family.

When I was little, I noticed I was not like other children. I would have visions and they would come true. I could see little Jimmy getting hurt on the railroad tracks and get help before anyone knew he was hurt. Once we got to the tracks, there was little Jimmy hurt. People questioned him if I had had anything to do with it. He said no. No one believed my visions, they just thought I was strange. As I started to grow up, I attended a Catholic church every time the door was open. But the church didn’t feel like the place I belonged. I started taking an interest in herbs, crystals and nature. There was an older woman in the small town in which we lived. She took an interest in me and started to teach me about herbs. She showed me which would heal and which would kill. She taught me everything I wanted to learn. When I thought her teachings were over, she asked me if I had ever heard of Witchcraft. Of course, I had, I told her. She made me promise never to tell anyone but she could teach me all she knew. She felt it was about her time to pass on and she needed to pass her knowledge on. I was the one she had chosen. She taught me about the history of Witchcraft, the beliefs, the practices and the rituals. All of them were Celtic. She taught me to be strong and stand on my own. To be prepared for anything at anytime. When my lessons were over, she handed me her Grimoire. I cried. I was honored to accept her valued treasure. Two weeks later, my teacher passed on.

From there, I wander the country. I had been kicked out of my parents home when they discovered I was learning Witchcraft. The first place, I called home was Mississippi. I had decided to study Hoodoo and Mississippi seemed like the perfect place for that. It was there I first encountered Lady Abyss. Her husband was working in Tennessee. He had the weekend off and she had come down to be with him. They had traveled to Mississippi for the day. Our paths crossed on the streets of small town. She immediately looked at me and I her. I tried to approach her but I couldn’t. They came back to the town several more times. I felt this urgent need to contact her. I finally approached her as close as I could and announced I was a sister. She looked at me and didn’t say a thing. After a few minutes, she came to me and hugged me. She greeted me as her sister. Within the next few months, I would travel to Tennessee. Her husband worked during the week and she had nothing to do. I would go and we would spend time together. She taught me what was lacking in my education. When it came time for her husband to finish his work and for them to return to Kentucky. Lady A suggested I come with them. I hesitated and decided it was for the best. I came to Kentucky with them. Lady A helped me find a lovely logged cabin and I fell in love with it. I cam to learn Kentucky was the place I was meant to plan my roots. I lived about twenty minutes away from Lady A. We are best friends and spend lots of time together. She is still teaching me. But she said, “you never stop learning in The Craft.” I found that to be very true.

I am 43 years old. I am a Solitary Witch. My heritage is Celtic and I am very proud of that. I have been a practicing witch for 30 years. I know my craft well  but I consider I have much more to learn. I want stop learning to the day I pass on. I know computers and I know blogging. I love talking to people and getting to know them. When Lady A asked me if I would do this. I immediately jumped on the invitation. I hope you enjoy my weekend contributions to the WOTC. I look forward to getting to know each of you. If you have any questions for me, please ask.

It is a pleasure to be here. I look forward to meeting each of you.

May the Goddess Always Shine Upon You,

Countess Kathleen Markievicz

Kathleen for short!

Magickal Graphics

Today’s Tarot Card for November 21 is The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Wednesday, Nov 21st, 2012

Traditionally known as the Hierophant, this card refers to a Master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of Natural Law. This energy of this card points to some agent or resource that can reveal the secrets of life, the cycles of the moon and tides, the links between human beings and the heavens.

Because monasteries were the only places a person could learn to read and write in the middle ages, a Hierophant was one to whom a student would petition for entry. He was the one to set the curriculum for the neophyte’s course of study.

Often pictured with the right hand raised in blessing, the Hierophant is linked with the ancient lineage of Melchezidek, initiator of the Hebrew priestly tradition, the one who passes on the teachings. All shamans of any tradition draw upon this archetype.