Daily Feng Shui News for Feb. 17th – ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’

On this ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ I suggest you do something nice for someone else with no expectation of reward. Roll the neighbor’s garbage pail off the street and into their yard. Or simply smile at a stranger. It’s not all about paying the toll for the car in back of you, although that’s as good an idea as any. You can make the biggest difference on this planet by simply doing the smallest act of kindness. If even a handful of us offer one random act today, we can create a wave of kindness that will wash over the whole planet.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Goddess Bless On This Fantastic Friday!

GOOD MORNING, WOTC! How ya’ doing this morning? We are fantastic. It is a balmy 12 degrees here. We have got the bikinis on, going to cut out early and do some sunbathing today! Just kidding by the way! But seriously we might as well I don’t believe it is going to warm up till September. I know a few days ago I promised not to gripe about the weather but…..I can’t find anything else to gripe about might as well, lol! Hmm, if I don’t have anything else to gripe about then life must be good. Hey that’s great!

Ok, I will stop the silliness and get down to business real quick. I hope you all realize by now, I actually hate talking about our financial situation & asking for donations. Because I really do, that is one reason we opened the store and started raffling off merchandise. At least that way I didn’t feel like a total bum. It is coming close to the end of this raffle, I figured it might be safe (I hope). We received a $700.00 electricity bill in the mail a few days ago. We don’t have the money to pay this at all. If you have been considering joining in on the raffle this month, we would definitely appreciate it. If not, we are going to be in crisis mode, again. You don’t have to give a lot every little bit is appreciated. Think it over because we could definitely use some help. We have never had an electricity bill like this and personally I don’t know what we are going to do. I know we have always survived with your help and most of all your love and we are deeply grateful to you.

I am going to run for now and get busy. I hope everyone has a super Friday and a great weekend. Stay in where it is warm and we will see you tomorrow.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


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Good Morning, As Matter Of Fact, Good Blessed Friday Morning!

Good Morning, As Matter Of Fact, Good Blessed Friday Morning!

The office is closing for a little bit, here we come doctors! I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have learned my lesson and learned it well.

My lesson is that the WOTC is going by to a regular site. No more Raffles, No more Ask A Witch Wednesdays, No more begging for donations (after today), just a regular site.

First, after this month’s Raffle, we aren’t holding anymore Raffles. I thought it was a good way to show our appreciation for your donations. Giving you a chance at something for your wonderous contributions to us. But donations hit rock bottom, the Raffle was not a suppose.

Second, we will never hound you for money again (after today). We are going to keep the donation button up. But we will never come right out again and ask  for money from you. I hate asking for donations and those days are over. The button will say something like,”if you would like to see our work continue, please feel free to donate,” or something like that.

Last, we are out of food. Totally out of food. The mice are bitchin’ this morning because there is

no crumbs to be found anywhere. So this is the last time, I will ever ask you for a donation.

If you have it in your heart to give a dollar or two, it would be deeply appreciated. Remember a $1.00 buys 5 cans of food, it doesn’t take much. I will thank you in advance for any help that you can give us.

Thank you for all your past donations. The button is still there but I will never harass you again for money, I swear.

Have a super Friday! I know I will at the doctors all day, NOT!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


Good Thursday Morning Dear Friends & Family!



Good Thursday Morning, my dear friends & family! How is your day going? If anyone wants us today, we will be a Pinterest. It is one of our advertising methods.  I  don’t believe we have been over there in a month.  If you don’t pin every so often, they close out your account. Can’t let that happen.  So we are off to do the Pinterest thing.

Donations would be gladly accepted for some critter food. You can still donate to the critters without entering the Raffle. Just make the commen on your Paypal payment that you do not wish to participate in the Raffle. Which I don’t think will be going on much longer.

The Raffle is bombing and the Ask A Witch Wednesday was a bomb. So I am getting the idea, you want a regular blog. I have tried to offer these fun little extras and they have all bit the dust. So we are going back to being a regular blog.  That should make everyone happy.

I am off to Pinterest.  Again, donations to feed the critters would be appreciated. Thank you!

Love & Hugs,

Lady A

Good Afternoon & Thank You Dear Brother & Sister!

Good Morning dear brothers & sisters of the Craft! Today has been a madhouse. I will make this brief as possible. First, thank you from all of us for your generous donations yesterday. Lady Abyss has always said you all were a truly amazing group of individuals. I agree. With your help, we were able to provide food for the next three weeks for all of them. We are bringing in the supplies now, that is why all the turmoil. Next, Lady Abyss has been suffered from a stomach virus. She is starting to improve now. She will either be back tomorrow or Wednesday.

Last, the means the most to me. I want to thank you for accepting me into your group. I hope by now you understand my intentions.   I know I have times when I seem rough but that is just my personality. I know at first I offended some but you for gave me. I appreciate that. If there is anyone else, I have offended, please accept my apology. Thank you for accepting me into your group and befriending me.

Blessed Be!

A Very Blessed Sunday To All My Dear Friends & Family!


It is wonderful to see all of you here this morning. I hope you are having a very relaxing Sunday. Enjoying the beauties and wonders of Spring. Isn’t it great Spring has finally arrived a time of rebirth and renewal. And that is what we are going to do this new season of Spring ourselves.

How are you going to do that, you might ask? Simple, make a few changes and our house will be in order. As you know last year was a very hard year on us financial. Then came the old cold man of the North, Mr. Winter. He only added to our problems. With temperatures going as low as 10 above zero. We had to drag out all our heaters and crank them up to full power. We have paid $300 to $400 light bills for months. It is killing us. the last night bill we got was the lowest of the winter, $228.00. As usual, I am out here asking for donations to help pay this bill. Last month, we got the internet provider paid, now it’s the lights. Doesn’t do much good to have internet if you don’t have any light, lol?

I wish each of you knew me personally. I have a few here that do. I am a very, very proud person. I have always been able to stand on my two feet. Never asking anyone for anything. I always said, “If there is a will there is a way.” I have the will and I have to make it happen. But it use to be so easy. Now, I don’t know what happened. I keep hoping with opening up the store, we can become self-sufficient. Oh, by the way, if  there is anything over there you want to buy. You can buy it while we are still adding merchandise. There is a lot more merchandise to come, I assure you. But that was my dream, open the store, get it up and running and we would be independent again. That is what I want I am always been able to stand on my own feet. I have been the one giving to the less fortunate. Now I find myself as being one of the less fortunate individuals.

I don’t know what words I can say to move you to donate. We do need your help again. When the winter bills have passed, we will be able to handle the summer ones, I hope. But now I turn to you, my brothers and sisters of the Craft. I ask you to open your hearts and see the goodness we are trying to do. See that we are succeeding in spreading our message about the Goddess and The Craft. Each day our numbers grow, each day we have at three or four new followers join us. That ought to be proof of something is in the air. A movement is starting to swept across the World.

We all have dreams here or else you would never have joined. I believe most of you share the same dream I do. To bring The Craft back to it right place in mainstream religion. Unfortunately, it takes money to make dreams come true. For I have found out nothing is free in this world.  I wish you would understand, it does matter if you can only give a dollar or two, every bit adds up. It doesn’t matter if what the amount you can give, you know to mean the donation shows that love us and support us. Your actions speak louder than your donation to me. I know you care, I know you want us to walk this Path together as Family.

So please open up your heart and search inside. See what we are about. Then if you can, please make a donation to help keep the lights on at the old shack, lol! I would have go sit in the dark with this bunch anyway, lol!  And remember no amount is too small and every donation is so appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

Goddess Bless You & Keep You Save In Her Love,

Lady Abyss

A Moment Of Your Time, Please! Good Idea or Not?


Good Saturday Morning, my dear friends and family,

I need to take a moment to talk to you seriously about the meeting we had yesterday afternoon. The meeting was called in order to discuss ways of keeping the WOTC afloat and on the internet. The funding for the WOTC has always came out of my own pocket. But as most of you know my funds are non-existent anymore. Since I am separated from my husband. I have exhausted all my savings by putting it into the WOTC. At the present moment, I now find myself in the work force seeking full-time employment. The economy around here is awful. So there is no telling when I will find a job.

The individuals that help out around here know what kind of stress I have been under. That was the main reason the meeting was called. During this meeting, we discussed several fundraisiers, sells but what to sell and several other ideas. One idea that we all agreed upon is an ideal of having a “Pass The Hat” Weekend once a month. This is a weekend will be specifically donating to the WOTC to keep it operational and all of it future dreams alive. Personally I think the WOTC provides a wonderful service to the Pagan community. We offer information for the newcomer to the Craft to the Elder who might just want to be sharpen up on their skills. We provide helpful advice, assist in anyway we can and I hope by now you know you can depend upon us. It would be ashame to let the WOTC fall by the wayside as so many in the past have. Of course, I have never let that happen in the past. My circumstances are different now. But I will try with all my heart to keep the WOTC alive and a valuable resource to the Pagan community. The “Pass The Hat” Weekend will assist us in doing just that.

I don’t know if individuals realize it or not, what expense is involved in running an internet organization who just happens to be a real non-profit organization. Here is our list of monthly expenses:

Electricity Bill

Water Bill

Phone Bill

Garbage Service

Business Insurance

Auto Insurance

Office Supplies

Computer Maintenance Insurance


Cat Food

Dog Food

Hay Straw

And any other expenses required for a special needs animal.

There is quite a bit involved. Currently we have cut back on the animals we are accepting. This will be till we get back on our feet.

As discussed, the “Pass the Hat” Weekend will be once a month. This way, we are not nickeling and diming you to death. We hate to ask you for donations. We are a very proud organization that has fell upon hard times.

We will start the “Pass the Hat” Weekend this weekend. We will mark it on our calendar and keep up with it. What donations we receive will run us from one month to the next. You will not heard another word out of us in regards to donations. Thus saving our Pride some embarrassment. At the current moment our most pressing issues are the Phone Bill, Internet Service Provider Bill and low food for the animals.

As in the past, you have always saved us in our darkest hours. I hope we do not offend anyone with this new plan. If we do, please let us know. Right now it is the only way I see us surviving. The smallest amount of donations makes the hugest difference. Please give what you can. We sincerely appreciate every nickel, dime and dollars we receive. You are the best and we love you.

Goddess Bless You & Keep You,

Lady of the Abyss


Witches of the Craft

17 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

17 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life


Most of us are so busy we barely have time to brush our teeth, let alone  explore major shifts in lifestyle — even when those shifts promise to restore  vitality and balance. That’s why, if you want a life that feels more sane and  relaxed, it may help to start  small.  Making even one or two tiny changes is often enough to help  you feel that other positive transformations are within reach. To help you  along, here are 17 quick and easy suggestions — from action steps to attitude adjustments — that can have a surprisingly big  impact on your sense of freedom and happiness.

1. Pay your bills immediately

Some people advise holding on to your money until the last possible moment.  The idea is that this helps you accrue interest. I say, pay your bills the  minute you receive them so you can turn your attention elsewhere. As long as a  bill is hanging out there in the unpaid category, it occupies mental space worth  far more than the pennies in interest you stand to gain. Another option: Pay  your bills the day you get paid. The minute you deposit your paycheck, send in  all the bills that have arrived during that pay period. That way, the bills  won’t be on your mind, and you will know exactly how much money you have left  over until you get paid again.

2. Empty your trash

Staring into an overflowing wastebasket makes you feel bloated, while an  empty receptacle signals that your slate has been cleared, and you’re ready to  move forward. One of the quickest “feel-good” exercises is taking out the trash.  (Another place to “take out the trash” is your computer desktop. It’s a spot  that gets cluttered quickly — and it feels great when it’s clean!)

3. Take “time for self” every day

If you let the batteries in your camera die, it doesn’t work. Don’t neglect  your own personal batteries. Take what sociologists call “time for self” every  day. Figure out what replenishes you — a daily walk, yoga, practicing guitar or  a warm bath before bed — then incorporate it into your routine.

4. Spend time outdoors every day

Whether it’s sunny or overcast or snowing, step outside to reconnect with  nature. Even if it’s only a walk around the block or having your morning coffee  on the front step, that short time outside will refresh and energize you.

5. Celebrate your victories!

In the rush of our lives, too often we allow our “mountaintop moments” to  pass unnoticed. When you reach a milestone, even if it’s minor in the greater  scheme of things, take time to savor it.

6. Carpool

This old idea is worth revisiting. It not only saves fuel and wear and tear  on your car, it also gives you the chance to connect with others and build  friendships along the way. What’s more, on those days when you’re the passenger,  you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

7. Pay in cash

Identify a personal-spending trouble spot and shift to a cash-only policy.  For instance, if you overspend on lattes, or clothing and shoes, allocate a  reasonable allowance each month and pay in cash. Withdraw the cash needed for  this category and see how far you can make your money stretch. Paying with cash  forces you to see — right there in your billfold — exactly how much you have,  preventing you from losing sight of your real-dollar outflow.

8. Save your loose change

Another easy habit to adopt around a “cash diet” is saving your petty change.  Here’s how it works: If you buy a bottle of wine that comes to $9.19, pay with a  $10 bill. At day’s end, put the 81 cents in change directly into your piggy bank  or an old glass jar. This savings plan is relatively painless, keeps the jangling  coins out of your purse or pocket, and can deliver a bonus of several hundred  dollars at year’s end.

9. Take a vacation

Be sure to budget time and money for a vacation this year. If possible, take  two weeks (or more), preferably away from home, at a place of natural beauty.  Studies show that two consecutive weeks — not one week, not 10 days — are needed  to recover from burnout. Vacations also deliver long-term health benefits such  as reducing your risk of coronary heart disease.

10. Turn on the ceiling fan

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan in your home, use it. Fans  circulate the air, provide a soothing, low-level whir (the white noise can  help you sleep),  and reduce cooling bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

11. Hang clothes outside

I was overjoyed to rediscover in middle age that my childhood chore of  hanging clothes on the line was actually pleasurable. What’s more, putting up  clothes, towels and linens in the blazing sun (satisfying tip No. 4) gives your  laundry the indescribably wonderful smell of sunshine and fresh air.

12. Determine whether your job is right for you

How do you feel about your job? Do you feel like you are doing something  worthwhile — creating something of lasting value? If the answer is no, reflect  on what type of work you would enjoy more. Then, begin looking for new  opportunities — or, if there are currently few opportunities to be had, look for  ways to make your current job more of what you want it to be. (For tips on that,  see “The Paycheck Trap” in the March 2010 archives at experience lifemag.com.)  When you love what you do, life is happier, easier — and simpler, by far.

13. Banish boredom with board games

Instead of electronic entertainment, gather your crew for old-fashioned board  games like Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble. Or assemble a jigsaw puzzle, deal a game  of gin rummy or play a round of charades.

14. Buy used

Secondhand or consignment shops are great places to find clothes, kitchen  equipment and even furniture. Buying used costs less and cuts down on packaging  waste, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

15. Disconnect and reconnect

Take time every day to disconnect from electronics. At dinnertime, turn off the  computer and television, and let all phone calls go to voice mail. Bar all  hand-held devices from the table. This will open the way for eye-to-eye contact  and genuine engagement.

16. Write financial affirmations

Identify a specific financial goal and write it down affirmation-style, as  though it is a current reality (“My mortgage is retired,” or, “I am gloriously debt-free”). Then  post the affirmation on your fridge, bathroom mirror or as a screen saver. Keep  your affirmation short (no more than a dozen words), sweet and upbeat. Your  affirmation will help set the stage for a future reality.

17. Stop and chat

When you’re out for a walk in the neighborhood or standing in the supermarket  line, make small talk. Ask the cashier about her earrings or tattoo; compare notes with your neighbor about  growing tomatoes. You will find that “small talk” isn’t small, but surprisingly  big and meaningful.

Wanda Urbanska is a sustainability activist and author who writes about  the benefits and joys of simple living. She is also the host and producer of the  television series Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska, which airs on select PBS  stations nationwide. This is the second of a three-part series drawn from her  most recent book, The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life (Krause,  2010). Visit her Web site at http://www.simplelivingtv.net.