Please, I Beg You Have Patience With Us Today Or Me,lol!


This definitely says it all, LOL!

I am using new software. Since I was ill no one worked the bugs out of it. So I am working them out as I go. That is why the blog is going so slow today. I apologize and I hope I can work these bugs out or else I will be borrowing a can of Raid, LOL!


More Crazy Comments

I just got this crazy, crazy idea……..

Witchy Comments
I just got this crazy, crazy idea especially for a Witchcraft Blog, lol! What do you say we throw all the News, Recalls and other stuff out the window today? Instead lets’ go totally ‘Witchy,’ what do you say? You know add some info on the Craft on here, then add some potions, tinctures, spells, rituals and who knows what else!

What do you say? You with me?


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For those of you, that have already donated….Thank you so very much. Your donations mean the world to us. We appreciate your love and support. Thank you for being friends of the WOTC!

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