Good Blessed Monday Morning To All My Friends & Family!

It is indeed a very Blessed and Good Monday Morning to be here with you today!


I sincerely hope none of you thought we had just ship, lol! We are here still bobbling around in the waters.  One day we will quit bobbling and get our act together, maybe?

But this is a glorious day for many reasons today.  It is the official day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. It is also the day we celebrate our President starting his second term in office. May our prayers and good wishes go out to him and his family today. He is a good and decent man and he will lead our great country in the right directions. Some of the burdens that fall upon his shoulders, I would shutter to think about. So indeed ask the Goddess to bless him and guide him the next four years.

It is also a glorious day to celebrate being alive. Being in the presence of family and friends would love you and you love them. Life is precious. The Goddess grants us these precious moments we have on this plane. I had an experience over the weekend, I would like to share with you. Perhaps those visiting our site, it might touch your heart and see the Goddess in all Her Love and Glory…..

These past weeks have been very stressful for me as some of you know. It has been one thing right after another. I was tired, fed up and stressed beyond my limit. I had back surgery several years ago. I have a three level fusion in my back. All metal, cages, screws, wires, I am the bionic woman. It was a little bit after they did my surgery, they found out I had a bone chip in my back. It was just there beside my spine. It would move, they finally figured out why it moved. It was because I would get stressed. When you get stressed, your muscles contract and squeeze up into a ball. So I could have surgery again or be put on medication to keep me super relaxed. Last week, the medicine had no effect on my stress point. I awoke Saturday morning with my shoulders, neck and head killing me. My neck was swelled up about the size of two grapefruit. In the middle, I could feel a bulge in my neck. It was the bone fragment sitting right at the base of my skull. My husband immediately took me to the hospital. I was in such pain, I just wanted to die. At the hospital, the doctors took x-rays and saw the sharp bone chip pointed right at my brain. It was determined I had to have immediate surgery. I laid in the emergency room till I couldn’t stand the pain no more. I started praying for the Goddess to end my life. Take me home to the Summerlands and end my pain. All I remember is drifting off to a peaceful sleep. I thought this is it, I am going home, my pain is over.

From that point on, all I remember is drifting, calm all around me, a bright white light. I knew for sure I had pasted on. Peace at last, no more pain. Then in the distance, I could see a Lady. A beautiful Lady, her face was perfect and the word beauty does not describe her. As I drifted closer, I could see Her face more clearly. Her skin was perfect. Her face glowed with Light. I would feel Her Love and Comfort all around me. I could see Her hand gently point down to me. Even Her hand was perfect. I felt the warmth of Her Love and Her Embrace. I knew this Lady was my Almighty Goddess. I could feel Her Divine Love. It was Her. Then I drifted back to my hospital bed. I awoke and there was no pain. I felt my neck, it was normal. I couldn’t believe it. The surgery team came in to take me to surgery. I started screaming, “No, No, you must feel my neck. Please x-ray it again.” The doctor told me if I was moved to much, the chip of bone could go right straight to my neck and I would die instantly. I told him I wasn’t, please x-ray me again. To the disapproval of the doctor, I was x-rayed again. The doctors couldn’t explain it the bone chip was gone. The doctors wanted to know what I had done, what happened. I told them I had been praying to my Goddess to let my pain end and let me die. Apparently She had answered my prayers but not with death but with life.  The doctors saw no reason to keep me after doing a few more test they sent me home.

I have no bone chip in my neck, it simply disappeared. Some might call it a miracle. But I call it my Gracious Mother letting me have a second chance at life. I prayed and prayed so hard to die. She told me very clearly that my work and the WOTC is not done. It is not my time to leave this plane just yet. I have Her work to continue. My Goddess removed the bone chip, renewed my spirit, refreshed my soul and filled me with Her Goodness and Love.

We have work to do for OUR GODDESS IS ALIVE! She is Pure Love and Light. We have a responsibility to Her. To spread Her word and let Her Truth Be Told. I know I have a mission to do and I hope after hearing my story, you will feel the same way. We have work to do, ALL of us, not just me. Let’s join together and let the Goddess’ Truth Be Told throughout the world.



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Top of the Morning to You This Blessed & Last Saturday of 2012!


This graphic pretty well sums up what I wanted to say this morning!

Good Saturday morning, dear family! How’s it going today? Me, I’m LOVING it! I ran everyone off for the New Year. YEAH! Just little old me for the next four days. Can you stand it, lol? No seriously, I believe these individuals that I have around me are probably the hardest working people on the net. They do a super job every day. No matter what, they do their best every day to get out this publication, care for the critters, this time of year keep all the dead branches (and trees, lol!) picked up and around here there is something always. The minute you think you are caught up, you get hit with something else. But that’s life, isn’t it?

I was thinking this morning while I was drinking me coffee (I have the Irish coming out in me today, no kidding!). Wouldn’t it be lovely, no miraculous, if we could get up in the mornings, turn on the TV and there be nothing but good news.  No school shootings, no little girl or boy’s body found, no nuclear testing, no threats of war, just peace. Plain old Peace! I truly wonder if we would know how to live in peace. Would living in peace turn our lives upside down?  Just stop for a minute and think about it. Peace, harmony, love, those are the good things we would have to look forward to. No more sorrow, no more loss of innocent lives, no more threats of terrorist attacks, those would even be better things to look forward too.

The Mayans predicted that this next season of life would be a time for change. As this New Year approaches, let us stop and think what we are. We are all Witches. We have the power within us to make change occur. Now is our time, the world needs us and so does mankind. This next year will be our YEAR! We will unite and become the force of change. That is why we are given our Powers to help mankind. Mankind needs more help now than ever before. It is time for all the evil in this world to cease. It time we took a stand and become the force of change. This is our Year! Let us unite and make this world a better place for our kids and their kids.




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Merry Meet & A Blessed Saturday to you and yours!

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Good Saturday morning, my luvs! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I wanted to let you know that today will be a little different from other Saturdays. Today, I am going to post just the Horoscopes, Tarot & Runes. Then I am going to add spell after spell on the blog. I haven’t added any new spells in a while. I feel like that is something that I need to do.

Now that you know what is going on, have a super, fantastic Saturday!

Good Saturday Morning/Afternoon to All!

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Today’s Affirmation for Saturday, March 3rd

I will choose my path wisely, from all the options available. I will follow my path unwaveringly.


Today’s Thought for Saturday, March 3rd

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the ancient ones; seek what they sought.

Basho (1644-94)


Today’s Meditation for Saturday, March 3rd

True North

When we are finding our way, it helps to know the nature of the experience we are seeking – our true north or spiritual purpose. Thinking that our purpose is in a particular goal, such as a certain relationship or job, we may feel lost when that option is thwarted. However, when we realize that what we are seeking is a profound experience, such as deep connection or creative fulfilment, rather than something predefined, we can see alternative ways to live out our purpose. Meditating on the North star can help to clarify the experiences we are seeking. As you gaze at the star, ask “What fulfilment am I looking for?” and let the answers come to you.

Good Morning, dear friends!

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Good Morning, my luvs! How are you doing on this fine, wonderful Saturday morning? I have been a very busy bee this morning. I hope I didn’t throw any of you into shock by being up this early. I actually don’t remember what time I did get up this morning. I know I laid down in the floor and was going to astral project. The next thing, I knew Kiki was barking like a wild animal. I believe that was around 3:45. She was doing her “there is a prowler bark.”  And to tell you the truth, I really didn’t give a damn. It was 16 degrees and snowing like the devil. If someone wants to prowl then, I hope he freezes his you-know-what’s off, lol! Since I fell asleep during my astral projection, I didn’t get to call my Dragon friend to protect my property. But I did get to bless the house on the inside. It was spitting snow when I started outside. I politely shut the door and said the heck with that. I can do the blessing on the inside but it just take so much longer. Sprinkling salt here and there, behind the beds’ headboard, under the two ton cabinets and so on. It is just much simpler to go outside and make a straight line around the house. Am I lazy or what?

But enough with that, I did wake up to a beautiful scenery this morning. This is the first real snowfall we have had this winter. It was beautiful. I pulled h blinds up and it took my breath. Kiki was on the bed and she jumped up and down and did circles. She loves the snow. When we had the ice storm about four years ago, we had about 10 inches of snow plus the ice. We had no power or nothing and I was bored silly. So I finally got the front door open and Kiki was jumping up and down. I got my snow boots on and bundle up real good. I opened the door and before I could get outside, Kiki was out like a bullet. She popped in the snow and you couldn’t even see her. It was hilarious. She is a tiny thing and only weighs 5 lbs. so you can imagine how big she is. The only way you could tell where she was at, was by the snow shaking. I dug the little poop head out and stuck her back in the house to warm up. Then I made a trail with my boots and let her out. She stayed right in the trail I had made for her. I would take little dabs of snow and throw them up in the air. They would land on her and she would get some of the snow in her mouth and ate it. But we both had a good time. Now that I have lights, a computer, TV and everything is normal, I look outside and go, “Oh, its beautiful but I bet it is cold as Hades out there, lol!”

Well I have talked your ear off enough. When I am about half asleep, I tend to talk a lot (if you haven’t noticed!). Time to get busy and get everything done. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Saturday.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Lunar Almanac for Saturday, January 28th

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Lunar Almanac for Saturday, January 28th
Waxing, Crescent Moon Age: 5 ¾ days.
Ascending Node is at 11° Sagittarius.
Moon in 17th degree of the Sign Aries, the Ram;
also in 17th deg. of the Constellation Pisces, the Fishes.
Moonrise: 9:39 morn. Midheaven: 4:18 eve. Moonset: 11:10 eve.


GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

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Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Jan. 13th – 15th

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Dream a Little Dream

January 13 – 15

This Friday the 13th could be lucky for lovers and those seeking love. The fastidious Virgo Moon isn’t usually thought of as romantic, but amour’s leading lady Venus is running the show now, making this a day of delights wherever you go. She joins limitless Neptune in the morning to inspire dreams of boundless affection. This connection spurs fantasies that may be difficult to fulfill, but with some creativity and a dash of intuition, anyone in love can make this a magical time. Use your imagination to come up with special activities that go beyond the usual restraints of routine social events. Indulging in artistic endeavors such as music, poetry and film are ways to stimulate one’s appetite for love. Or dress up and go dancing to make ordinary life feel like a Hollywood movie.

Venus slips into surreal Pisces on Friday night, allowing dreams to overflow into the light of day for the next three weeks. The Moon’s move into harmonious Libra, the partnership sign, on Saturday morning keeps relationships and romance on the front burner. Treating others the way you want to be treated could be the key to the kingdom of contentment. Venus’ cooperative connection with expansive Jupiter favors generosity, yet the Moon’s stressful square with suspicious Pluto could darken moods with shadows of mistrust or jealousy. Gently addressing unpleasant feelings is healthier than burying them in quiet resentment.

Your Lunar Love Horoscopes for Dec. 30th – Jan. 1

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Sweet and Spicy

December 30 – 1

Feelings may be soft and tender on Friday with the Moon in surreal Pisces. This whimsical lunar transit is excellent for romantic escapes where practical matters and responsibilities give way to dreams and fantasies. Movies and music are wonderful for tapping into the soulful emotions embodied by this tender lunar placement. Gently going with the flow without overt ambition creates an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion that engenders trust and affection.

Feelings of safety and the soft edges of imagination are burnt off with a lunar shift into fiery Aries on Saturday morning. The call for immediate action is shouted out with a verbally assertive square between communicative Mercury and forceful Mars. Channeling some of this mental heat into games redirects competitive instincts in a socially acceptable direction. Wit and humor can be delicious by-products of this spicy planetary pair, but sharp words cut deeply if we don’t measure them carefully. This New Year’s Eve is more likely to spur loud talk and raucous behavior rather than the sentimental sounds of “Auld Lang Syne.” Slow down to avoid dangerous actions or incendiary speech.

Sunday may be slightly mellower even though there’s still a dash of impatience present with the impetuous Aries Moon ringing in the New Year.

Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for July 15 – 17

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Easy, Breezy

July 15 – 17

A Full Moon in hyper-responsible Capricorn late on Thursday night tends to place productivity above pleasure as you’re reminded of your worldly obligations. Happily, for lovers and those seeking romance, the Moon floats into airy Aquarius on Friday afternoon to blow away accumulated worries. This friendly sign sets the mood for the weekend, making it easy to connect with people as conversations flow freely.

A non-judgmental atmosphere opens minds to all different styles of dress and entertainment. A more tolerant environment is great for exploring unusual individuals and unfamiliar experiences. Experimenting within a current partnership or when seeking a new romance reduces the pressure and increases interest.

You are able to strike a healthy balance between your need for adventure and a more mature approach to your obligations as the Moon aligns favorably with reliable Saturn on Saturday morning and with passionate Mars that night. But all this activity occurs in air signs that are more comfortable with ideas than emotions.

People may appear to be open and accessible, which is true to a degree, but you could come away with the feeling that you haven�t connected in a deep way. If you try to crowd someone or feel like a person is invading your personal space, politely step away and explain your need for a little privacy.

The weekend works best for those who like romance on a non-committal level, as if it’s a chance encounter of two ships passing in the night. Deep feelings and intimate moments are still possible; just don’t expect most people to be in the mood to deal with the sticky details of complicated emotions.