Good Blessed Monday Morning To All My Friends & Family!

It is indeed a very Blessed and Good Monday Morning to be here with you today!


I sincerely hope none of you thought we had just ship, lol! We are here still bobbling around in the waters.  One day we will quit bobbling and get our act together, maybe?

But this is a glorious day for many reasons today.  It is the official day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. It is also the day we celebrate our President starting his second term in office. May our prayers and good wishes go out to him and his family today. He is a good and decent man and he will lead our great country in the right directions. Some of the burdens that fall upon his shoulders, I would shutter to think about. So indeed ask the Goddess to bless him and guide him the next four years.

It is also a glorious day to celebrate being alive. Being in the presence of family and friends would love you and you love them. Life is precious. The Goddess grants us these precious moments we have on this plane. I had an experience over the weekend, I would like to share with you. Perhaps those visiting our site, it might touch your heart and see the Goddess in all Her Love and Glory…..

These past weeks have been very stressful for me as some of you know. It has been one thing right after another. I was tired, fed up and stressed beyond my limit. I had back surgery several years ago. I have a three level fusion in my back. All metal, cages, screws, wires, I am the bionic woman. It was a little bit after they did my surgery, they found out I had a bone chip in my back. It was just there beside my spine. It would move, they finally figured out why it moved. It was because I would get stressed. When you get stressed, your muscles contract and squeeze up into a ball. So I could have surgery again or be put on medication to keep me super relaxed. Last week, the medicine had no effect on my stress point. I awoke Saturday morning with my shoulders, neck and head killing me. My neck was swelled up about the size of two grapefruit. In the middle, I could feel a bulge in my neck. It was the bone fragment sitting right at the base of my skull. My husband immediately took me to the hospital. I was in such pain, I just wanted to die. At the hospital, the doctors took x-rays and saw the sharp bone chip pointed right at my brain. It was determined I had to have immediate surgery. I laid in the emergency room till I couldn’t stand the pain no more. I started praying for the Goddess to end my life. Take me home to the Summerlands and end my pain. All I remember is drifting off to a peaceful sleep. I thought this is it, I am going home, my pain is over.

From that point on, all I remember is drifting, calm all around me, a bright white light. I knew for sure I had pasted on. Peace at last, no more pain. Then in the distance, I could see a Lady. A beautiful Lady, her face was perfect and the word beauty does not describe her. As I drifted closer, I could see Her face more clearly. Her skin was perfect. Her face glowed with Light. I would feel Her Love and Comfort all around me. I could see Her hand gently point down to me. Even Her hand was perfect. I felt the warmth of Her Love and Her Embrace. I knew this Lady was my Almighty Goddess. I could feel Her Divine Love. It was Her. Then I drifted back to my hospital bed. I awoke and there was no pain. I felt my neck, it was normal. I couldn’t believe it. The surgery team came in to take me to surgery. I started screaming, “No, No, you must feel my neck. Please x-ray it again.” The doctor told me if I was moved to much, the chip of bone could go right straight to my neck and I would die instantly. I told him I wasn’t, please x-ray me again. To the disapproval of the doctor, I was x-rayed again. The doctors couldn’t explain it the bone chip was gone. The doctors wanted to know what I had done, what happened. I told them I had been praying to my Goddess to let my pain end and let me die. Apparently She had answered my prayers but not with death but with life.  The doctors saw no reason to keep me after doing a few more test they sent me home.

I have no bone chip in my neck, it simply disappeared. Some might call it a miracle. But I call it my Gracious Mother letting me have a second chance at life. I prayed and prayed so hard to die. She told me very clearly that my work and the WOTC is not done. It is not my time to leave this plane just yet. I have Her work to continue. My Goddess removed the bone chip, renewed my spirit, refreshed my soul and filled me with Her Goodness and Love.

We have work to do for OUR GODDESS IS ALIVE! She is Pure Love and Light. We have a responsibility to Her. To spread Her word and let Her Truth Be Told. I know I have a mission to do and I hope after hearing my story, you will feel the same way. We have work to do, ALL of us, not just me. Let’s join together and let the Goddess’ Truth Be Told throughout the world.



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A Little Humor – Fashion No-Nos

Fashion No-Nos


As we all get older in the Pagan Community, it is easy to get confused about how we should present ourselves. We’re unsure as we try to be nice and harmonize with the fashions that younger members of our community have adopted.

So I’ve made a sincere study of the situation and here are the results. Despite what you may have seen on the streets or at Pagan gatherings, the following combinations do not go together and thus should be avoided:

  1. A eyebrow piercing and bifocals
  2. Pony tails and bald spots
  3. A pierced tongue and dentures
  4. Ankle bracelets and corn pads
  5. Nipple jewelry and a gall bladder surgery scar
  6. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge
  7. Tattoos and liver spots or varicose veins
  8. Belly-button piercings and old pregnancy stretch marks
  9. Skyclad and Depends.

Please keep these basic guidelines foremost in your mind when you shop.


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Happy & Blessed Friday to all my special friends!

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I hope you are having a fantastic Friday. You should be, the weekend is almost here. I bet you are counting down the seconds, minutes and hours till the workday is over!

I wanted to mention something real quick. You probably see it everyday and just have got use to seeing the PayPal donation button. I know that is the way I am. I see things and see things and just think of them as normal. But I have changed the message on the button. I am a very proud witch but I desperately need your help. I have mentioned it before I am permanently disabled. I cannot hold down any job. In fact, it pains me to sit at the computer everyday. I get the laptop and move from one position to the next, just to get comfortable. I have had two back surgeries. The first one was a total screw-up. The second, the doctor was a miracle worker. He took out all three levels of my lower back on both sides. What I mean by this is, he took out every disc I had left from the first surgery. Then he took wire cages and screws and actually screwed my spine in the shape it should be. I thought he was kidding but he showed me the screwdriver afterwards with blood on it. Good Goddess! Then after he got all that in place, he took bone material and spread it over all the cages. This was to make me have a solid spine. Before I could feel bone rubbing on bone. Now, I feel nothing. The cages are holding the disc’s place apart and keeping that part of my spine from moving.

Recovery from that surgery was pure hell. The pain,I have never felt anything like it. It was undescribable. To top everything off, the doctor had nicked my spinal cord and they weren’t sure I would walk. Well I have an amazing Goddess, I am walking. After the pain went away and I went to my neurologist. He put me on medication (tons of it) to keep me pain-free. The medication I need to function as a human.

My problem is a very big one and I need your help. You know yourself, I never ask you for anything. I am a proud witch and person. But I need you now. My A/C unit is out. I turned it on the other day for a minute. I went outside to check on the animals. When I came back in the house was full of smoke. The A/C unit was about to burn the house down. It is 12 years old, so I guess it is time for it to go. I told you my life story were you would understand I cannot take the heat. I am not supposed to be out in the sun at all while taking my meds. When I do get in a hot situation, I get deathly ill.

I need your help because the A/C unit is out. I am desperate, depressed and to the point of tears. Will you please help get my A/C unit fixed or replaced?