The Gems of Yule, Alexandrite


Alexandrite is a centering stone. Use this stone for stress or in other situations requiring you to be calm. This stone will allow you to become centered and balanced and will bring together the important aspects of  your life. For healing, use this stone for the brain and central nervous       system. It can also help when in a rut for it provides higher self-esteem and gives a feeling of purpose. In conjunction, it will help you achieve your goals.


Happy & Blessed Friday to all my special friends!

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I hope you are having a fantastic Friday. You should be, the weekend is almost here. I bet you are counting down the seconds, minutes and hours till the workday is over!

I wanted to mention something real quick. You probably see it everyday and just have got use to seeing the PayPal donation button. I know that is the way I am. I see things and see things and just think of them as normal. But I have changed the message on the button. I am a very proud witch but I desperately need your help. I have mentioned it before I am permanently disabled. I cannot hold down any job. In fact, it pains me to sit at the computer everyday. I get the laptop and move from one position to the next, just to get comfortable. I have had two back surgeries. The first one was a total screw-up. The second, the doctor was a miracle worker. He took out all three levels of my lower back on both sides. What I mean by this is, he took out every disc I had left from the first surgery. Then he took wire cages and screws and actually screwed my spine in the shape it should be. I thought he was kidding but he showed me the screwdriver afterwards with blood on it. Good Goddess! Then after he got all that in place, he took bone material and spread it over all the cages. This was to make me have a solid spine. Before I could feel bone rubbing on bone. Now, I feel nothing. The cages are holding the disc’s place apart and keeping that part of my spine from moving.

Recovery from that surgery was pure hell. The pain,I have never felt anything like it. It was undescribable. To top everything off, the doctor had nicked my spinal cord and they weren’t sure I would walk. Well I have an amazing Goddess, I am walking. After the pain went away and I went to my neurologist. He put me on medication (tons of it) to keep me pain-free. The medication I need to function as a human.

My problem is a very big one and I need your help. You know yourself, I never ask you for anything. I am a proud witch and person. But I need you now. My A/C unit is out. I turned it on the other day for a minute. I went outside to check on the animals. When I came back in the house was full of smoke. The A/C unit was about to burn the house down. It is 12 years old, so I guess it is time for it to go. I told you my life story were you would understand I cannot take the heat. I am not supposed to be out in the sun at all while taking my meds. When I do get in a hot situation, I get deathly ill.

I need your help because the A/C unit is out. I am desperate, depressed and to the point of tears. Will you please help get my A/C unit fixed or replaced?




Use this to bind someone from hurting others and themselves. ONLY do
this if there are no other options available to you.
You need:
Black cord- long enough to tie 3 knots in, A photo of the person harming others
First of all sit and cast circle.
Explain to the universe what you are about to do and ask if it is the right thing.
Think about how the person is hurting others and let the anger build up.
Then all at once say loudly:
(person’s name) I bind you from hurting others!
Then quickly tie a knot tightly in the cord.
Repeat the process three times or as many times you feel necessary.
When done, say:
Three times three, I bind you (person’s name)!
Hide the cord and photo in a safe place where the knots won’t_come undone.
Or better still, burn the cord so the knots never_come undone.
(you don’t really need a photo, but it helps make the Magick stronger)