Daily OM for November 13th – The Ecology Around You

The Ecology Around You
Finding Nature in Your Neighborhood

by Madisyn Taylor

Nature is all around us and there is a plethora in every neighborhood, one only needs to become still and watch.

Because both cities and tightly packed suburbs offer wildlife bountiful nooks and crannies in which to hide, it can be difficult to spot the animals that live in our midst. Many thrive among paved streets, sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, and high-ris

es. There are animals in abundance burrowing in the soil of center medians and tiny backyard gardens, making nests in the trees that line broad and busy avenues, and buzzing round the flowers that beautify our parks. To find these creatures, we only need to stop, look, and listen. Nature’s drama is continually playing out on the window ledges where weary birds stop to roost, in the shadowy places where cautious nocturnal mammals wait for night’s mantel to fall, and the fountains where playful waterfowl splash and frolic. In observing the animals that share our habitat, we become a part of their beautiful, complex, and exciting world.

Season by season, cities offer diverse ecosystems for you to explore. If your search for urban and suburban wildlife is challenging, try to look at your community with an animal’s eyes. Where there are shrubs and flowers, insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, beetles, and spiders can usually be found. The insects, in turn, attract the birds who feast upon them. Even the smallest green spaces are hosts to squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and moles. Decorative awnings offer falcons a place to raise their young. At night, a different community of animals wakens to the world. Raccoons, skunks, and possums emerge to examine our human leftovers for edibles. Even pets feel the call of the wild—it’s not uncommon for well-fed cats in colorful collars to stalk the streets in search of prey. Signs of habitation, like nests or hives, and audible evidence, like chirps, will help you find them.

Recognizing that you share your city with a wide range of animals can make you feel like a part of the grand circle of life and help you appreciate the importance of a healthy urban environment. You can admire the hardiness and adaptability of the urban animal while developing a sense of stewardship that inspires you to become their champion. The shrill calls of birds, the hum of bees, and the sweet squeaks of city-dwelling mammals can be a symphony that help you develop a deeper connection with the nature world.

The Daily OM

Your Animal Spirit for October 13th is Polar Bear

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 13, 2013


Polar Bear

Has Polar Bear lumbered into your reading? If so, he’s reminding you of the value of being flexible. Polar Bear instinctively knows how to conserve his energy and will observe a situation before he takes action. Once he decide it’s the appropriate time to move forward, however, he has the strength, energy, and fortitude to face whatever dangers lie ahead. Having problems making a change? Polar Bear is here to help, and his message to you is:  Take heart, have courage, build your strength, then MOVE!

Your Animal Spirit for October 2nd is

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 2, 2013


Bear represents a time of reflection and stillness—a time of entering the inner cave of  Self to contemplate life’s challenges. Bear often appears during times of confusion and unrest—those unsettling moments when you turn to everyone you know for answers—everyone except yourself. Go within, ask the hard questions—then listen.

Your Animal Spirit for August 6 is the Polar Bear

Your Animal Spirit for Today
August 6, 2013

Polar Bear

Has Polar Bear lumbered into your reading? If so, he’s reminding you of the value of being flexible. Polar Bear instinctively knows how to conserve his energy and will observe a situation before he takes action. Once he decide it’s the appropriate time to move forward, however, he has the strength, energy, and fortitude to face whatever dangers lie ahead. Having problems making a change? Polar Bear is here to help, and his message to you is:  Take heart, have courage, build your strength, then MOVE!

Good Blessed Tuesday Dear Friends!

momma cougar

Good morning friends! Lady A isn’t going to be able to be here today. She is chasing baby turkey vultures. In the meantime, she asked me if I would casually bring up that our feed and supplies for the animals is starting to run low. The above picture is of our mother cougar. She doesn’t look that happy does she. According to her diet requirements, she has to be fed red meat at least every other day. This is in order to maintain her health. We have had several local companies that dress out deer donate the parts they can’t use. Those parts are going to feed the cougar. Deer season is now on its way out and we are hoping the local cattle company has leftovers for us. All of them have been very generous because they know we have the cougar. But we are eventually going to have to start purchasing food for her and the other animals. Plus formula for the babies, hay, straw, tent tarping plus many other issues that come up. You cannot imagine what costs are incurred in caring for these animals.

We would appreciate any help that you can give to our animals at this time. It doesn’t take a lot to buy a bale of hay or straw. So any amount would be helpful. Thank you for your help.

Blessings to you this day,




Our new turkey vulture

Calendar of the Sun for September 21

Calendar of the Sun

21 Halegmonath

Mielikki’s Day

Color: Forest green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of dark green place a bowl of spring water surrounded by pine branches, and around this place the figures of many wild animals of the forest. Drums should surround the altar, with a hunting drum taking pride of place.
Offerings: Leave food out in the wild places for the creatures who live there.
Daily Meal: Wild game, if possible.

Invocation to Mielikki

Mistress of the forests,
Green mother of all the wild things,
Clear-skinned crone, fair to look upon,
Take the golden keys from the ring at your thigh
And unlock the storehouse of which you are the keeper,
The storehouse of Tapio, your husband.
Unlock the forests to the hunters,
Shift the forest stronghold
On the days of the prey-search!
Delicate forest maiden,
Mead-mouthed bride of Tapio,
Protect well your flocks and herds
Down to the least squirrel and bat,
For we know that you love them all well.
We will not steal from your pantry
Without your leave, without your blessing,
So send us that blessing when the winter comes
And our bellies are cold and empty.
Kindly forest mistress, honey-sweet crone,
With your fingers and hair adorned with gold,
Green-cloaked dame of the thicket,
Red-shoed lady of the swamp,
Bless us with your bounty
For we come always with respect.

(All should come forward and take the drums, and a drum circle should commence. Any who are moved to do so can dance, taking on the forms of wild animals, in honor of Mielikki.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

March 8 – Daily Feast

March 8 – Daily Feast

Nature has her indecisive moments. A ma ga nu go gv, the season when new life springs up, may come early with its wildflowers and blossoming trees. She is known for her adolescent behavior, all smiles and flowers in her hair, only to be in tears in a few minutes. We think, this is it, we will never change our opinion. No, we will not be moved, we will cling to this one idea and time cannot erode any part of it. There can be no parting with this idea, nothing and no one can make us think differently. Spring may hint that she is here – so we can relax. But she is never adamant that she will not change. It is only the human being that claims such powers. But the power that keeps us moving and changing and becoming better is not our power but Galun lati.

~ We will never let our hold to this land go for we say to you that our father who sits in heaven gave it to us. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler



Butterfly spends the first part of its life crawling the earth, before metamorphosis leads it to spin a home for stasis (known as a cocoon). After transforming, Butterfly is reborn as various beautiful colored winged creatures of the air.

This insect is extremely sensitive to the Harmony of Earth, and is the first creature to leave a damaged ecology. Butterfly’s graceful dancing-like appearance on flowers reminds us to find the joy in nature and make it a part of our life.

Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change. If it comes to us hurt or ill, Butterfly asks us to stop keeping our joy at bay. It may take some time being alone with ourselves to listen to Butterfly’s gentle requests that we allow the natural transformation of things in our lives.

TGIF! Thank Goddess Is Friday! Yahoo! TGIF!

Days Of The Week Comments
Hey there, dearies! I hope you are having a great Friday. Pardon me for going a little crazy in the title. I went to bed at 3 a.m., and got woke up at 6 a.m., by a baby wildcat that wanted breakfast. The pens that the wild animals stay in isn’t that far from my end of the house. When they wake up and are hungry, I get to hear them loud and clear. There are four little wildcats, three of them are eating great. But the runt of the bunch is having a hard time getting the hang of eating. So I bring him in the house and bottle feed him and then give him some food on my finger. Well about 8 o’clock, I got so sleepy I couldn’t stand it. The rest of the house animals were piled up in my bed, so I said what the heck. I brought the little kit in the bedroom. The blinds  I had already pulled up and the sun was shining on the bed. So I decided to teach the kit how to sun himself. I laid him on the bed and rubbed his stomach and he went right off to sleep. He enjoyed the sun, he would purr, stretch and roll around. I think he is getting a little spoiled, lol! It is amazing though my house babies don’t think a thing about him. Of course, I already have a wildcat kitten tamed and living in the house. My husband asked me why I didn’t go tame a bear and bring him in the house, lol! I can’t help it I love animals. But back to the story, we woke up or I should say I woke, the kit is still asleep. The kit woke up for a little bit and my house cat went over and gave him a bath, which blew my mind. But Stinky (house cat) did! 


But between the animals and my late night hours, I am just a little goofy. I decided I wanted to change the look of the blog, if you haven’t noticed, lol! I was going for a wintery look and I couldn’t find any graphics I liked. So I gave up at 3 o’clock and went to bed. But I like the new look. The photo of the lady is another one of my favorites. I hope you like the look too. I try to keep the blog fresh and never boring. I do it for you to enjoy and also were you will come back and enjoy your visits here. I want this blog to be your first stop whenever you need anything regarding the Craft or if you are just curious and want to know more about us. All are welcome here and it will always be that way. Now……. 




Friday Is Ruled By Venus

 Archangel:  Anael 

Candle Colors:  Green or pink 

Incense:  Rose or geranium 

Crystals:  Jade or rose quartz 

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing, for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment. 


Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for example an herbal garden, a field, park or your own garden–or even in a circle of plants indoors.  

Magickal Graphics

How To Hold a Samhain Rite to Honor Animals

How To Hold a Samhain Rite to Honor Animals

By Patti Wigington, About.com Guide

Celebrate Samhain and honor the animals in your life.

This ceremony is designed to honor the spirits of the animals – both wild and domestic. Man’s relationship with animals goes back thousands and thousands of years. They have been a source of food and clothing. They have protected us from the things that lurk in the darkness. They have provided comfort and warmth. In some cases, they have even raised and nurtured our discarded children, as in the case of Romulus and Remus. If you have animals in your home — pets or livestock — this is their night. Feed them before you feed the humans in your family. Put some food out for any wild animals that may happen by as well.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varied
Here’s How:
  1. If you have a pet that has passed away during this last year, you may want to include a photo or keepsake of them on your table during this rite.

    Prepare a stew for your family that includes small amounts of as many different meats as you may have available — beef, pork, game, chicken, etc. If your family is vegetarian or vegan, designate a non-meat ingredient to represent each animal and adapt the ritual as needed, eliminating lines that reference the eating of animals. When your stew is ready, gather the family around the altar table you prepared during the previous night’s Harvest End Ritual.

  2. Place the stew pot in the center of the table, with a large serving spoon or ladle. Make sure you have some good dark bread to eat as well. Each member of the family should have a bowl and spoon handy. Say:

    Samhain has come, and it is the end of the Harvest.
    The crops are in from the fields,
    And the animals are preparing for the coming winter.
    Tonight, we honor the animals in our lives.
    Some have died that we may eat.
    Some have provided us with love.
    Some have protected us from that which would do us harm.
    Tonight, we thank them all.

  3. Go around the family in a circle. Each person should take a scoop of stew from the pot and place it in their bowl. Younger children may need an adult’s help with this. As each person gets their helping, say:

    Blessed are the animals,
    Those who die that we may eat.
    Blessed are the animals,
    Those we love and who love us in return.

    When every family member has their stew, each takes a piece of bread. As they do, say:

    As the Wheel of the Year continues to turn,
    The harvest has ended, and the grain has been threshed.
    The animals sleep for the winter.
    We thank them for their gifts.

  4. Take your time finishing your meal. If you have pets, don’t be surprised if they come visit while you’re eating your stew tonight — animals tend to be very aware of the spiritual plane! If there is any stew left over, leave some out for the spirits. Any extra bread can be thrown outside for the wild animals and birds.
  1. If you want to mix a bit of stew in with your pet’s everyday food, it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian first.
What You Need:
  • An altar table
  • A pot of stew
  • Some hearty dark bread

Your Animal Spirit for May 11th is The Polar Bear

Your Animal Spirit for Today
May 11, 2011 

your daily animal spirit for today

Polar Bear

Has Polar Bear lumbered into your reading? If so, he’s reminding you of the value of being flexible. Polar Bear instinctively knows how to conserve his energy and will observe a situation before he takes action. Once he decide it’s the appropriate time to move forward, however, he has the strength, energy, and fortitude to face whatever dangers lie ahead. Having problems making a change? Polar Bear is here to help, and his message to you is: Take heart, have courage, build your strength, then MOVE!