March 8 – Daily Feast

March 8 – Daily Feast

Nature has her indecisive moments. A ma ga nu go gv, the season when new life springs up, may come early with its wildflowers and blossoming trees. She is known for her adolescent behavior, all smiles and flowers in her hair, only to be in tears in a few minutes. We think, this is it, we will never change our opinion. No, we will not be moved, we will cling to this one idea and time cannot erode any part of it. There can be no parting with this idea, nothing and no one can make us think differently. Spring may hint that she is here – so we can relax. But she is never adamant that she will not change. It is only the human being that claims such powers. But the power that keeps us moving and changing and becoming better is not our power but Galun lati.

~ We will never let our hold to this land go for we say to you that our father who sits in heaven gave it to us. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler